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1 Ms. Jackson

It's got an alternative sound to it which is melodic and beautiful. This song puts me in the feels every time, and I think of all my ex's mothers. My one ex's parents still call me and ask how I am. It gets me so sad sometimes, but I play this song, and I feel better instantly.

This song will never fail to make you smile, and I find it quite kind how Andre would say sorry to the mother of his ex. Taylor Swift, watch and learn!

I swear, Andre and Big Boi literally KILLED this track. It's just that good. Also, you gotta love that beat that just ingrains itself in your head!

2 Hey Ya!

This is literally their signature song. By all means, it should be at number one, but because so many biased no-lifers run this website, it isn't.

Are you kidding me? How is this not number one? This is one of the greatest songs of all time. I remember as a little kid hearing this song played at fairs and on the radio. I love this song.

Absolute best song. Why is Ms. Jackson at #1? That's weird. I guess people wanted to vote their #2 song as #1. But this is the best, and one of the best rap songs ever too.

3 B.O.B

I can definitely picture this music being played in a Sonic the Hedgehog stage. Someone should mash up Final Rush or White Jungle with this theme. It would sound amazing. OutKast forever!

The best song of the decade! By the way, Hey Ya! isn't an OutKast song. It's an Andre 3000 song. It also predicted the future, which is pretty unique too.

Name one other hip hop song that has an awesome electric guitar solo and a choir chant.

4 Roses

Best song. Last true great song with Dre and Big Boi actually together. BB spits fire in his verse, and 3000 is of course amazing.

5 Da Art of Storytellin' (Pt. 1)

I find this to be the best OutKast song because it showcases storytelling rap at its best. Andre 3000 and Big Boi are great on this track. Rap songs that tell stories are great on their own, but no one can do it better than OutKast.

The creativity and excellent lyrics make it the best OutKast song in my opinion. Not to mention, the music video was incredibly dope and creative. No matter which version you prefer, whether it's the clean single version with Slick Rick or the dirty album version without Slick Rick, it's always amazing.

6 ATLiens

Best song off of the 1996 classic. The chorus is just so simple yet so genius at the same time. Big Boi spits hot fire, saying how he's cooler than a polar bear's toenails and giving a shoutout to his uncle in prison. 3 Stacks does his Andre thing.

The beat is so relaxing but crazy at the same time!

That beat was so out of this world.

7 Rosa Parks

This is a pretty good song with a mad beat from their most lyrical album. All their albums are good. The chorus for this song is catchy, and it is pretty good from OutKast, a great group of rappers.

The best chorus and the best beats, very catchy and one of their best songs. You can still hear the old school, but it is still very modern. Of course, this is the most underrated song of OutKast.

This song is bumpin'! It is seriously one of the most amazing songs OutKast has ever done.

8 Elevators

Chilled out, smooth, perfectly demonstrates 3K's smooth tone. Really shows off his impressive flow.

Andre's last verse is considered by some to be the best of ALL TIME.

9 So Fresh, So Clean

Dayum! This track was so fresh AND so clean back in the day. Not their best, but it's definitely up there.

The best song overall is So Fresh, So Clean. Big Boi takes over, and Andre chimes in.

10 Return of the "G"
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11 Aquemini
12 The Way You Move

Love this song! The chorus is one of the best!

I dance to it all the time. Love it.

13 Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
14 Gasoline Dreams

This tune is dope. Much better than Elevators. What muppets are voting for that nonsense?

15 The Whole World

This song has a poignant message and dope rapping from Andre 3000, Big Boi, and Killer Mike.

16 Wheelz of Steel
17 Git Up, Git Out

Come on, best song of OutKast. Most underrated track. Highly motivational.

18 Two Dope Boyz (In a Cadillac)
19 Liberation

Such a powerful and provocative song. Very chilling.

20 Skew It On the Bar-B

I think Skew It On the Bar-B should be in the top 3. There's some fast rapping, and it's not dumb stuff like up in the club, my hoes etc. B.O.B. is a great song to dance to, and the lyrics are meaningful.

Definitely my favorite off of Aquemini. Raekwon and Andre is a crazy combo.

21 13th Floor / Growing Old

The most beautiful OutKast track by far. The vibes are unreal.

22 Myintrotoletuknow

The beat is just amazing, overlooked because it's short but it's sick.

23 Ain't No Thang
24 Prototype

Man, this song is amazing! Such a baby-maker.

25 Last Call
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