Top 10 Cutest Vocaloid Pairings

Some of my classmates who was still new on this Vocaloid thing keeps asking me what are the Vocaloid pairings and I keep telling them they can pair anyone but then the questions transforms into what pairing I like and find the cutest. Though I included gender-bents and UTAUs here.
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1 Rin Kagamine and Len Kagamine

Rin and Len are one of my favorite pairings. I know it's just an opinion, but I truly love this pairing. It was my first ship. People complain about the ship because they are 'twins,' but technically all the Vocaloids are related as family, so any other ships would also count as incest. But I ship this strongly because of their relationship. Len's shy personality just goes perfectly with Rin's bubbly and fun personality. In my opinion, it's extremely cute when there is a cheerful girl pulling her shy boyfriend around and embarrassing him. It's just my opinion, but yes, I think it's the ultimate ship.

2 Miku Hatsune and Len Kagamine

I don't see Miku with anyone else really. She's good for Len, and Len looks like he's always had a crush on her or something. I don't know why people say it's "weird." What's wrong with it? They're only two years apart. People ship Kaito and Miku when Kaito is a freaking adult and Miku is 16. So it's not like that's any better. At least with Len x Miku, they're closer in age. So what if Miku is a little taller than Len? Even then, she's not THAT much taller than him, so I don't know why people hate on it because of the height difference. Like come on, guys, be real.

Also, why do people ship Len and Rin? I know there's a debate that they're not officially twins and are like a "gender-swap" version of each other, but come on, guys. They're clearly twins. Either way, this ship should stop getting hated on. It's fine if you don't ship them together because you have your own opinion and think they don't match. That's fine. But don't go hating on it just because of the 2-year age difference and the height difference that is only like an inch. Be real, people. There are worse ships. WAY worse ships than this one.

3 Piko and Len Kagamine
4 Miku Hatsune and Rin Kagamine

The first and only Vocaloid song I've heard with Rin and Miku is Reverse Rainbow. I love it, and it's just so adorable to see these kawaii girls sing together. While playing Project Mirai, it was so cute seeing chibi Miku and chibi Rin dance and sing. These girls are cute enough on their own, but together they're just irresistible!

Also, Luka and Gumi might be my favorite duo, but I really like Rin and Miku too.

I like this one because there are many songs with them that are joyful, carefree, and happy. In my opinion, they are both deredere types. It's my second favorite yuri ship and second favorite ship for both of them (first for Miku is with Luka and first for Rin is with Len).

5 Meiko and Kaito

I think Kaito and Meiko are foils in a sense, Meiko being somewhat of a tsundere who can let Kaito know when he becomes too doting, and Kaito being very affectionate all the time but knows when Meiko's had one too many glasses of sake.

As for Kaito and Miku... I mean, I've found some actual reasoning for it (how the release of Miku saved Kaito from obscurity), so I can't say I don't respect it, but I think they work better as friends. I see Miku as an innocent sweet person who is nice to everyone and needs someone to protect her from being taken advantage of. This is why I ship Mikupo. I really can't see Kaito as someone who could take up that responsibility. Of course, this is all based on how I characterize the Vocaloids. Don't take this as official.

6 Len Kagamine and Kaito

I know the age gap may be a little disturbing, but VOCALOID is versatile, and you can make a character older or younger by adjusting pitch. Besides, they sound really good together, with Len's voice complementing Kaito's, and they look cute as a couple. Some people say their personalities don't match, but even if there are base personalities most people use, the rest of the character is mainly up to your imagination. To sum this up, I ship it.

I find these two super cute together. I know there is an age difference, but come on, these people aren't real, so let's not get upset over the fact we ship something that in reality is not right. Personally, I think Kaito looks 16, so I feel in pictures the age difference isn't noticeable. I also would like to bring up that many people ship Levi and Eren from Attack on Titan, and they have a similar age difference. Yet not too many people go off saying it is wrong because, like Kaito, Levi looks younger than he really is.

7 Meiko and Luka Megurine

This is one of the best ships ever, in my opinion. They're both around the same age in my headcanons, and they're both gay, so it's perfect. They're like the moms of the group.

8 IA and Yuzuki Yukari

This is a pretty cute ship. They would sound and look really cute together!

9 Oliver and Rin Kagamine

AH I love this ship SOOO much! I know I'm freaking out, but still. It's been my OTP since I discovered it. (Actually, I thought I came up with it. It's such an underrated pairing.) On one hand, we have Rin, who has the fire and the "do first, ask questions later" kind of attitude on life. Then we have Oliver, who is actually kind of weak and needs someone like Rin so that he doesn't go to hurting himself again. It just works, in my mind.

Okay, I voted on another one that I thought was cuter for Rin, but I love this ship as well.

10 Luka Megurine and Kamui Gakupo

They look great together! They give off a similar vibe, they both sound good as altos, and their long pink and purple hair combination is perfect. Luka looks the most mature and beautiful among the girls, and Gakupo the sexiest (in my opinion) among the guys. We need more content for this ship!

Love the ship! I don't see Luka as tsundere - if anything, I see Gakupo as - but I imagine them both being bookish and reserved, meeting at a book club or something. Anyway, the voices mix, and purple and pink are just perfect. Plus, how cute would it be if Gakupo, Luka, Kaito, and Meiko were childhood friends?

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11 Gumi and Kamui Gakupo

I think this ship is just too cute.

12 Lily and Gumi

Lily and Gumi are similar ages, and green and yellow look cute together. Also, the voices. This ship is just so perfect, I'm out.

13 Miku Hatsune and Kaito

This has always been the original ship in my eyes. I think that Miku and Len wouldn't do too well together because of the age difference. Their voices do go together, don't get me wrong, but as a couple, it just won't work. Len and Rin can't be a couple because they are way too similar in physical appearance. Once again, their voices do sound good together. In fact, their voices together make probably the best duets out of all Vocaloids, but as a couple, it just can't work.

Both Miku and Kaito look great together. Plus, with Miku's high voice and Kaito's low voice, I think it adds just the right amount of difference to make their songs sound great.

14 Miku Hatsune and Luka Megurine

Miku and Luka sing well together, they look well together, and together, they make each other's singing better. Personally, I love them both, but Luka's deeper, feminine voice with Miku's higher one creates an amazing harmony, even between two voice synthesizers. I often look for duets and such because of this.

Besides, I love sushi, and their ship name is Negitoro (comprised of spring onions, Miku's character item, and tuna, Luka's)!

How is this not #1? In two manga, the authors have Negitoro moments! I have both of them, and I read them both over and over. KEI ships it! Magnet, Ai Dee, World's End Dancehall, and so many others dragged me over to this side. I thought Miku x Kaito was canon, but then I got to the better side. Come on, everyone. Gakupo is way too gay, and so is Luka. I have no feelings for 'go google it.' I don't think the song is catchy. People have different opinions. Also, in MIKUBON, Luka has a crush on Miku and kisses her cheek.

15 Mayu and Sukone Tei

This ship is so cute until one or the other stabs someone. But hey, a double yandere relationship basically means that they'd always be faithful to each other! The voices are not too bad together either.

People think that yanderes are dangerous together, but they're actually really loyal to one another.

Yes! They'd be great together unless one of them stabs the other.

16 Kamui Gakupo and Kaito

Almost all of their covers sound better than the original songs. Best pairing ever. Also, Gakupo is way too gay for Luka.

This is my second favorite ship after Kaito x Len. It is just a normal yaoi relationship, and their voices are totally cool together.

So cute! It was the pictures that won me over.

17 Kasane Teto and Miku Hatsune

Teto x Miku is number one. I love Teto-chan x Miku-chan!

18 Oliver and Fukase

I find these two really cute, and it was actually my first-ever Vocaloid ship! I like the way their voices go together, with Oliver's soprano and Fukase's alto. I also like that they look almost like opposites but have a lot of similarities! Both of them have something covering or wrong with their left eye (Oliver: bandages and Fukase: some scar, I'm not sure).

It's too cute! The only ship I like more than this is Mikuo x Len, but this is a close second.

I find this ship adorable! This ship is also my first ship in the Vocaloid community!

19 Kiyoteru Hiyama and SF-A2 Miki

Come on, guys! They're the mommy and daddy of AH-S for crying out loud! Not to mention, it's like they have a cute little family with Kiyoteru as the daddy, Miki as the mommy, and Yuki as their daughter!

20 Rinto Kagamine and Lenka Kagamine

Those who like Rinto x Lenka probably like Rin x Len too. I mean, it's like Rin x Len, just with Len as a woman and Rin as a man. I like Rin x Len more, but I ship this pairing too. It's like the same pairing. It's my second Love-To-Death pairing. I'm glad to have found this pairing because I don't just want to ship one pairing. That's why I'm glad I found this pairing, that I ship this and like this.

I don't really know why, but I find this pairing really cute!

This pairing is as cute as Rin and Len to me, for the same reasons.

21 Luka Megurine and Kaito

This ship just makes perfect sense. It's blue and pink, guys. How can you say no to that? But not only that, their voices are good together. I don't know why some people say their voices don't go together, but they do. I wish this was more common.

Also, even though the Vocaloids don't really have canon personalities, I just look at them and think their personalities match. Also, I'm tired of everyone saying Luka is a lesbian. It's sickening. But anyway, this is one of my favorite Vocaloid pairings. I don't ship Luka with anyone else or Kaito with anyone else.

22 Len Kagamine and Gumi

After listening to Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life, Dragon Rising, and Arigatou, I can honestly say that their voices go well together. They both sound so powerful when singing. Plus, Gumi doesn't really have an official age, so no one can say anything about their age difference. I'm not sure why they're not popular because they are a likable couple!

I always loved this pairing, so it makes me sad not to see many songs or covers with them. If anyone makes Vocaloid covers and posts them on YouTube, can someone please do my OT3, Len/Gumi/Piko? Possibly with First Love Academy. Thank you.

23 Oliver and Len Kagamine

It's a ship me and my friend actually started supporting just for some giggles, and then we both fell in love with the ship. We think their voices sync rather well together, and the headcanons support this ship somewhat. We both see Oliver being shy, but once you get to know him, he is incredibly bubbly and adorable. Len, we see as the jealous type who doesn't like to apologize or admit any of his feelings. We just thought that they clicked, and we couldn't stop seeing the upsides of their relationship.

Of course, not all people agree with this. Some people think Oliver is a snob and hates Len, which is completely understandable. But I just can't stop seeing the upsides of the relationship. I still respect other ships, though, but this one must be my favorite.

24 VY2 Yuma and Gumi

YES! Their voices are perfect for each other. Both of them have incredibly clear and realistic voices that can sing pretty much anything. The roro design just looks insanely cute with any of gumi's. That plus, neither of them have a set age so we can literally do anything we want with the ship and not break canon. I wish more people would pay more attention to them!

One of my least fave ships. It makes me shudder thinking about it. I just generally dislike it. I'd rather ship Kaito x Yuma and Lily x Gumi

25 Gumi and Len Kagamine

Possibly the best Vocaloid ship the entire fandom has to offer of yuri. Gumi and Rin suit each other so well. No, they wouldn't be having sex all night, they'd be watching shoujo anime and snuggling, and kissing each other and the like. Also, so many great duets! Luvorty!, Invisible, Reincarnation, even an amazing magnet cover! I love Gumi and Rin together, I don't care if it's Yuri, I just think we should be ships by the actual ship and how they are together instead of what gender they are.

I always liked their voices together.

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