Top Ten Darkest Songs of 2017

Dark - that can mean sinister, terrifying, disturbing, apocalyptic, bleak, depressing,... basically anything full of heavy negative emotion.
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1 Sirenen - Casper

The darkest album of the year is most likely "Lang lebe der Tod" Casper. The genre bending German musician who is hailed as one of the greatest German poets and musicians of his time, has released an album that tries to capture the uncomfortable and stressed situation in Europe where everyone is afraid something terrible is about to happen, though their fear comes from different directions. Casper portrays highly different and contradicting characters on the album which has industrial, indie rock and hip hop songs that when put together perfectly capture the diversity of the people.
The industrial "Sirenen" is announcing the apocalypse in an almost euphoric tone. Someone is just waiting for the world to burn.

2 Sodom und Gomorrha - Bushido

I love this new Bushido album "Black Friday". Germany's biggest and most successful rapper has never sounded this great and energetic for years. There was a time when he was too poppy, then there was a time where he was way too forcefully controversial.
Now he has released a dark and atmospheric album full of sinister beats, fitting lyrics and a menacing vocal performance. "Sodom und Gomorrha", built around looping fragments of strings stitched together is the most apocalyptic track of the album.

3 Zombie - Apecrime

ApeCrime aren't great rappers. They try to be like DatAdam but they lack the lyrical talent and authentic and diverse emotion; that's why they don't get the same success and positive reception their idols get. It comes off as if they said "yeah, let's make hip hop criticizing modern day superficiality" but executed it very superficially themselves.
That being said... this "Zombie" song is beyond awesome. The one song on the album done absolutely right. It's about a girl who loses her naturalness for internet fame, and it has this macabre bittersweet violin sample looping throughout the verses.

4 Grabrede - JULIEN BOSS

JuliensBlog, host of the popular JuliensBlogBattle battle rap tournament that brought us SpongeBozz and Entetainment, raps again. Last time he made music was four years ago and brought us intentionally tasteless comedy rap combing long rhymes with dark humor - and people didn't like it. They wanted it in his videos, not in music. Probably to prove this phase is over, he changed his stage name and rapped as aggressively as possible over the most bombastic, thundering choir-and-orchestra beat out there. No more humor... this time he kills.

5 Morgellon - Casper

Even though I basically said everything about the album on the "Sirenen" item I wanted to explain this a bit. If you look at the lyrics to this song it would almost pass as a translation of B.O.B.'s "Flatlines". It's told from a conspiracy theorist's point of view, who is preparing for the apocalypse in his house. The thing is, even though Casper performs in-character as the theorist, he just characterizes him, as on the album he plays different roles that when put together form an overview of different archetypes found in times of a big crisis. Also, the song makes excessive mentioning of isolation and living in a bubble. Casper is highly intelligent and subtle, and left many clues that the man basically keeps on feeding his own paranoia by filtering out whatever fits his theories best.

6 The Invocation - Sinners Are Winners
7 Aokigahara Forest - IO Echo

I must say that I had great fun with this movie. It had some of the most beautiful aesthetics in the last few years, especially if you love cyberpunk as much as I do. There are way too little movies in this genre, especially on such a big scale. The story is different than the anime version, but it still has a very similar feel to it. American movies hardly capture the Asian vibe. Only Quentin Tarantino and the Wachowski sisters so far managed to do that. This movie does as well.

This song from the soundtrack sounds so oddly off and broken, it ends up being quite unsettling.

8 Roswell - Marteria
9 World War Now - Kreator

Kreator are a great thrash metal band from Germany.

10 Deborah - Casper
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11 How Could You Leave Us - NF
12 Geschlossene Gesellschaft - Bushido
13 Demon in Profile - The Afghan Whigs
15 I Don't Wanna Live Forever - Zayn & Taylor Swift
16 Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift
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