Top Ten Delta Heavy Songs

DELTΔ HEΔVY are a relativity new London dubstep and drum n' bass duo, but in the time they've been around, they've made things that are both beautiful and incredible. They've made thrash electronic that is so heavy and so melodious at once that it throws you into a psychedelic rave of wonder, they've told a deep, dark tale in the form of a fantastic story-like album, and they've gone down as an icon in the electronic music scene. Here are their best works.
The Top Ten
1 Get By

This song has a lot of contrast. You start off with a funky, fresh progressive house beat, and then you get this sudden syncopation, something that doesn't usually apply to that genre, but gives it a unique melody. The dubstep drop comes in, the floor shakes, the basslines reform and the sequence repeats. In just a minute, Delta Heavy had shown the various things they're capable of, in the multiple expressions given by just one track, and that's barely the whole deal. There isn't really a song quite like Get By.

2 Event Horizon

One of the opening tracks of the fantastic album Paradise Lost, which, when pieced together, appears to tell a story - an apocalyptic science fiction epic with tension and emotion screaming from every part of it. The whole album is very surreal, but Event Horizon, with its dark spoken word interlude, sharp transitions between static and dynamic atmospheres, and intro and outro that signify the beginning and end of a chapter, is what I find to be one of the most evocative tracks they have made.

You begin with the briefing of a suicide mission, you get the feeling of standing adjacent to, and falling into a black hole, and you finish with the sound of the world ending. It's a sonic art form that rattles your bones.

3 Space Time

Now, here's something that perfects the notion of drumstep. The sudden jolts and fluctuative rhythms of dubstep, with the smooth and rapid beats of drum and bass, merged in perfect harmony. The screams and beats of this track are just astonishing!

4 Conquer the Galaxy

What happens when Delta Heavy take on electro house? They make something that isn't quite what electro house fans expect. A smooth but crazy, funky pulse that encourages the rave jump as much as the disco twist, and this is accompanied by the monologue of a sinister supervillain. This is the heavy electro equivalent of Michael Jackson's Thriller. It's quite a classic.

5 Reborn
6 End of Days

It's drumstep with elements of metal to back up the sheer insanity of this track. And they do that while making a strangely satisfying rhythm. Delta Heavy really prove here that they're capable of maintaining danceability with several things going on in the track, making a lot of perfectly interfering noise.

7 Demons
8 The World is Yours

A minimal bassline, which is unlike Delta Heavy, but this track shows that they don't need sound power to be cool. They've made something which is catchy and perfect for rocking out when you don't want to hurt your ears.

9 White Flag

Can't believe this isn't even on the list. Deserves to be at least top five.

10 Overkill
The Contenders
11 Must Be the Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix)

It's hard to be better than Nero at making post-apocalyptic tales from piecing their music together, like they have now done twice with a wonderful album, but when Delta Heavy must have heard Welcome Reality, they knew well what to do with it. I easily prefer this remix to the original. More sparse and psychedelic beat patterns, more balance between funk and thrash, and it would fit in perfectly in the place of the original in Welcome Reality's sequence of thrills.

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