Top Ten Reasons Why Pop Music is Great

I know this is my third list in four trying to defend pop music, and I've made five detailed posts about it, but I'm sick of the elitism and given recent lists, it doesn't look like it's gonna stop.
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1 It makes people smile
2 Instruments, as a matter of fact, are used

Even if instruments aren't used, it doesn't make a song horrible. It takes years to train an ear for EQ and compression when producing as well.

3 While there are bad fans, these are often not very vocal or insulting of other fanbases

The only point on this list that I can slightly agree with. However, it's still bad. Every genre has its equivalent of a metalhead elitist. Ever heard of Cardi B fans?

4 The singers have good voices

Adele, Lady Gaga, Zayn, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Little Mix have excellent voices. And this isn't even a quarter of all of the singers.

Yeah, Justin Bieber Rules! Sarcasm, Queen is the best. Pop artists that actually have good voices are Prince and Michael Jackson.

Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Adele, Demi Lavato, Jessie J, The girls of Fifth Harmony (Even though their live performances can be bad) and the girls of Little Mix

5 The lyrics are often harmless

EXACTLY. I'm not sure if Fifth Harmony's Work From Home is exactly harmful. Sure there's the whole meaning of "get boyfriend fired to have sex," but the girls even said that it's not too in-your-face. And what makes you beautiful by One Direction is not harmful, it's EMPOWERING which is the exact opposite of harmful.

Even though I don't like pop so much (I prefer rock), I have to agree with this. Pop songs have lyrics that are harmless, and sometimes meaningful (I'm talking about your songs, Michael Jackson).

Exactly. People hate it when they sing about 53X and partying, but they'll STILL hate it if it's a song about an innocent schoolyard crush. There's just no pleasing these people.

6 Lesser known pop is significantly better than mainstream pop

All pop music that is popular seems to be about either sex, drugs or money. On the other hand, lesser known bands sometimes have lyrics that are really meaningful. Those are the ones that should be supported more. Then pop music wouldn't suck.

I used to only like popular music. Now I like singers such as Melanie Martinez, Brittany Spears and Halsey. They're not as well known but they're great singers.

This is the only part of this list I agree with.

7 Many artists write their own songs
8 Autotune is well-used, if used at all

I think it's fine unless people (fans) are like "oh yeah they're a amazing group, they are such amazing singers." Well if it's covered in autotune, it really isn't their real voice. If it's a stylistic choice that's a whole different story. (Although I think that is cool).

Am I the only one who doesn't find anything wrong with autotune? I literally don't care if it has autotune or not as long as it's a good song.

If autotune didn't exist, Kanye West would seem less emotional and Fetty Wap would be boring. Autotune depends on the artist.

9 Production is often more melodic and easier to access than instrumentation used in other genres

I like pop. It's an unpopular opinion. But I like it. Metalheads and Rockheads may say "It's autotune! The singers are mean! " But, most of the time, autotune is used as an art, like giving it special effects ( robotic voice etc.) and are played only a few times. And most pop artists are pretty kind, not like Mother Teresa kind or anything, but average. And even if they were 'mean' music is like food. What you like in taste is all up to you. It doesn't matter if who made that food abandoned his child or anything. It just matters of the taste for you to really like it. Even if the food was made by a machine, it'll still taste good to you. And the fanbase is easier. The rock/metal fanbase is annoying and will attack you for just listening to pop. Heck, you could still like rock AND pop, but they shall still hate you. Rock/metal fanbase is made to hate other genres of music, and will force you to like what they like. Pop fanbase doesn't care. They don't spread hate nor do they care about what you listen to as long as you don't hate on them. Example, this list is called "Why pop music is great" Not "Why pop music is better then rock" unlike most rock/metal lists.

10 Pop has a lot of musical variety

Don't forget dream pop, indie pop, and more!

Well, any kind of music can be pop if it's a top single in the radio

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11 The tunes are usually catchy and fun
12 Most pop songs are catchy

In a very annoying way, of course.

13 Pop is good stress relief

If anything, pop music has the exact opposite effect and induces anger in me. I get very angry when I hear stupid pop songs by people who sound like dying whales (which explains most pop artists nowadays).

Look what you made me do on the other hand?

14 Not always about sex, drugs, or partying

Like Scars to Your Beautiful is about trying to defy the unrealistic standards of beauty, and that's very important, considering how unfortunately society still holds unrealistic expectations. Besides, they're ALLOWED to sing about sex, what's so bad about sex? They can embrace it if they want. Who are you to judge? NO ONE! Let them be provocative if they feel like it.

People always say pop is all about sex, drugs, or partying.
How about rock fans that supported sex and drugs and rock and roll, you are big controdictors.

15 The singers are nice to fans

Fifth Harmony are VERY kind to their fans. They literally even retweet them.

With the exception of... YOU know who is.

Ariana Grande is VERY polite to her fans. Her saying she wanted her fans to die was just a rumor. She helped pay for their funeral. I can tell u she loves her fans. She didn't want them to die

16 The singers don't rely on masks of makeup
17 Passion is indeed involved

Camila Cabello, for example, quit Fifth Harmony, the group that made her famous and earned her money, so that she could express herself. Her upcoming solo album, "The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving," is about her journey from darkness to light. She is writing and co-writing almost every song on it. The two singles from it that she's released, "Crying In The Club" and "I Have Questions," all have a story behind them. CITC is about the healing, and IHQ is about the hurting. You can hear the emotion and passion in her voice when she sings it. If she didn't have passion, she would have stayed in 5H. If she only cared about the money, but she wants to make music, not money. So don't you dare say that pop has no passion. -TheProfessionalCamilizer

18 Most of it is empowering
19 A good mixture of calm, emotional music, and loud, intense music

One of the main artist that come to my mind is Taylor Swift. She has experimented in Indie, Pop, and Country. She has a song like Wildest Dreams and Bad Blood on the same album. That is one of the reasons why I love her music.

Going back to Spice Girls times.
Calm, emotional - 2 become 1.
Loud, intense - Spice Up Your Life.

20 The underrated artists are amazing
21 Healthy for the brain
22 Pop music is a crowd pleaser
23 Pop artists are complete artists with cool videos, style, clothes, etc.

This list has to be a complete joke. Nothing will ever be better than the music video for Welcome to the Black Parade. Seriously, you should go listen to it.

24 There are good pop artists

Lorde is great. Alessia Cara is great. Sia is great. Katy Perry is great. The Vamps are OK. Adele is great. Ed Sheeran is great.

25 Because of the guitar riffs
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