Top Ten Eisbrecher Albums

Eisbrecher is a German Neue Deutsche Härte band that formed in 2003 when singer Alexander Wesselsky and guitarist Noel Pix departed from the NDH band Megaherz. Although other musicians temporarily performed in the band, the founding duo is the creative core of the group, with Wesselsky being mostly responsible for the lyrical and Pix for the musical content.

Eisbrecher released studio albums to big commercial success in Germany, with their 2017 record “Sturmfahrt” being their first number one hit. Before that, “Eiszeit” (2010), “Die Hölle muss warten” (2012) and “Schock” (2015) entered the top five, with the latter two having been certified gold. In that regard, they are far more successful and famous than their original group Megaherz.

As typical for their genre, the group mixes heavy rock guitar riffs with hard electronica and techno elements. The sound is often anthemic, martial and energetic, yet on a few tracks also melancholic and angsty.
Lyrically, the songs often involve around controversial issues such as gun violence, political indifference or corruption, but are just as often of self reflexive and psychological nature.

The group received positive reviews in the past, especially in Germany, where they have been repeatedly praised for their intense sound and high quality production. Internationally, the reviews were more mixed, although not bad either. However, most foreign critics seem to believe that the Neue Deutsche Härte genre is reserved for its most famous band, and that everyone who performs the same kind of music rips them off. That's simply not true: it's a full blown genre in Germany.
The Top Ten
1 Schock
2 Eisbrecher
3 Die Hölle muss warten
4 Sturmfahrt
5 Eiszeit
6 Antikörper
7 Sünde
8 Zehn Jahre kalt

This is neither a studio album nor a best of. It's a compilation of songs that were previously released as bonus tracks on limited editions and remixes.

It's a nice bonus for the fans.

9 Eiskalt: Best of
10 Schock Live
The Contenders
11 Liebe Macht Monster
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