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Fifth harmony is a girlgroup that came third place on the X factor USA. Originally the five girls Ally Brooke Hernandez, Karla Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Michelle Jauregui, and Normani Kordei Hamilton auditioned as solo artists but got put in a group (named LYLAS at the beginning) during boot camp and got through to the judges houses. They changed the name LYLAS to 1432 (I Love You Too) during to copyrights. Later Simon Cowell and LA Reid commented that they didn't like the name 1432 and made naming this girl group open to people and that's where they got the name fifth harmony.
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1 Miss Movin On

I love their new album, but Miss Movin' On is probably my favorite song they have done. Probably because it was the first song I ever heard by them, and it really got my attention and made me a Harmonizer.

I am not a Harmonizer, but to be honest, this song is really good. Also, this song is underrated in terms of popularity and views.

Most awesome song ever. It's totally epic and my favorite! Love you, girls. You are my favorite girl group ever!

2 Worth It

No matter how many times you listen to the song, it's definitely worth it. One of the catchiest songs of the decade. Worth It is surely worthy to be at the number one position.

It's their biggest song, peaking at 12 in the U.S. and 3 in the UK. It's gone platinum in the U.S. and is the biggest song from a girl group in the U.S. for about a decade!

I love this song! Can't stop listening to it. It has to be in the first place, not second!

3 Work from Home

It's definitely the best Fifth Harmony song because the vocals really complement the tune. Wonderful song in all aspects. The way TY Dolla Sign does his part adds an extra dimension to the song and sums it up as the best from the group. The video is also very attractive and charming. I don't understand why it is at number 4.

The best song from this group I've ever heard! Just can't stop listening to its beat! Fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. This should be at number one!

It has over a billion views and a music video filled with attractive girls and boys. It's their highest-charting single. I don't even know what Miss Movin' On is.

4 That's My Girl

I love this song! It starts with "That's my girl," then the music has a great beat. I love how Ally sings, and I think Lauren and Camila did great together. When Normani sings, she sounds great. Dinah sounds great like the others.

This is the best Fifth Harmony song. It's also the only song I like by them.

This is the one that made me notice them so much.

5 Sledgehammer

One day, I randomly decided to listen to Fifth Harmony's songs. When they were still a group, I was very young, so I didn't remember any of their songs except for Work From Home and Worth It. When I heard Sledgehammer, I recognized it. I knew some of the lyrics, and now it's stuck in my head!

This song brings back so many memories and reminds me of summertime when I was 7 or 8. One last thing: Camila and Ally were amazing in this song. Love ya, 5H! (Hope they put the band back together soon!) Who else here is a Camilizer?!

6 All in My Head (Flex)

Get this to number one. This is my favorite song, along with Work From Home and BO$$. Sure, it's about sex, but they are embracing their sexualities, and the lyrics are actually quite endearing. We notice that the girls themselves were songwriters for this.

The beach electro trap vibe was amazing, and it helped me rock my summer. Dinah and Normani slay as leaders in the song, and I love all their parts. Even Fetty Wap.

Basically, this song needs to be in the Top 3. This song is actually fun compared to the others, and while it isn't great, it's surely better than most of their songs. In fact, it's their best.

Also, the reason this is the best is because Fetty Wap saved it. 2.5/5

7 Bo$$

Given that He Like That is currently not on the list, I'll give this song my vote. I really like it!

I like this song because it has a great beat, and it talks about being a boss and being confident. That's me.

The best in their album. It reminds me of Destiny's Child music.

8 Who Are You

This song should be number one. I am totally surprised that it is not even in the top 10. This song is noted to perfection, especially Lauren and Ally did a great job. So guys, vote for this one. It's an incredible song with deep meanings.

This is one of their only emotional songs, and I really wish they had more music like it. Can't imagine why it's this far down, to be honest.

"Who Are You" and "We Know" are Fifth Harmony's best songs. Both of them are beyond good. They are excellent. It would be great if they could be known for this type of song that shows their vocals splendidly and that gathers a perfect combination of melody and well-written lyrics.

9 We Know

Pretty good song, for real. It's on another level.

10 Body Rock
The Contenders
11 Squeeze
12 Gonna Get Better
13 Anything Could Happen
14 Uptown Funk

This is a very good cover, in my opinion.

15 A Thousand Years
16 No Way

The vocals of this ballad are sensitive and show their soft side. I think it needs to be higher up, in my opinion. And their vocals are so angelic!

Beautiful vocals and great meaning. Why is this below Uptown Funk (not even a 5H song)?

How is this song so far down?! It's the most beautiful song lyrically.

17 Me & My Girls

It's really catchy and nice. My favorite line is "We get Britney, Demi, One Direction, Bieber on it."

I know, right? Why is this in 11th place? It's gotta be 2nd at least. Come on!

Come on, this is like the best song ever. They even use it on Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse.

18 Stand by You
19 Give Your Heart a Break

The Pepsi challenge. I love Dinah's voice in this, and when they sang it with Demi, I still cry.

20 I'm In Love With a Monster

This song is so underrated! When the song was made, Lauren was barely assigned solos, but she got to lead this song! I love it!

21 Top Down

This should be a lot further up the list. This needs to beat Me & My Girls, at least!

Such an underrated song! I love the lyric, "Passed out real and I woke up realer."

22 Brave Honest Beautiful

The chorus is so catchy and cute! I love this song the most out of the entire album! And Meghan Trainor's solo is a blessing!

Love this song! You are beautiful. Don't let anyone say you aren't.

23 Impossible

I loved this one from The X Factor. I cried when I heard the girls sing this song near the pool at Simon's house. I could tell Marc Anthony liked it too. The girls sing with "feeling." I sensed it, and I loved them. They got all my votes on the show!

One of their best covers. It took them to the live shows. The harmony was excellent, and the girl power was overwhelming. This song truly showcases their vocal abilities.

It's their start! They sang it twice at Simon's house, and then they made a Spanish version during the top 4 week, and they rocked it.

24 Reflection

This song and No Way deserve more than this!

25 Don't Wanna Dance Alone
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