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This is a list of the greatest songs of the Japanese Rock-Band "One OK Rock".
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1 The Beginning

This is the first song I ever heard from them because of Rurouni Kenshin Live Action film. And up until now, it is still my all time favorite. There is something in its lyrics and melody that really makes it stand out for me among their songs. I always have this unexplainable feeling whenever I listen to this one. It is different, and I never heard any of their songs similar to this. The way Taka's voice, Toru's guitar, Ryota's bass and Tomoya's drums harmoniously played together in this song makes my heart flutter all the time.

The best song ever! And the best J-Rockers ever, ONE OK ROCK! Thank you so much for making this song!

2 Never Let This Go

I think this is the most powerful song of One OK Rock. The combination of scream and clean vocals with these variety of guitar riffs are incredible! Sometimes soft parts between the heavier ones make the song balanced and really diversified. Perfect!

My first song of ONE OK ROCK and the best too!... Perfect combo of all elements

3 Mighty Long Fall

This song is simply great (of course the rest of their songs is great too). But there's something, the little something, that makes this song so overwhelmingly beautiful, esp. that bridgepart, the 'get up, get up, Time to make amends for what you did'-part, that's arrg just perfection.

11? are you kidding me? it definitely number 1 because hey this song deserve everything. Always give me a goosebumps listening to this. And that breakdown in the last part on every single live concert. just damn WOW!

The sound in the bridge and in the end always runs in my head... And the song is just so good overall. Totally worth having LSS even during exams.

4 Karasu

The chorus is a typical amazing work of One OK Rock, but the guitar in the intro and verse gives "Karasu" an alternative and catchy touch! Really love this piece of them.

The lyrics, the sound, and Taka's voice!

5 Clock Strikes

The best, simply the best. The live performance at Yokohama Stadium is one of the most powerful in history

Probably this one should be in number one.. since I'm not a fans of rock music, but I fall for One Ok Rock because of this song

This is the prefect song for outdoor concert. It's so exciting.

6 Liar

This song helps me deal with my anxiety disorder, since I know that what my brain is worrying about and saying are all lies. Since simple relaxation or meditation didn't work with me, this song was a perfect way to help me fight against the anxiety, instead of just letting it 'float on by' like most people say I should be dealing with it. This song helps me get control of my life and my thoughts back. Definitely number 1!

It should be at number 1 for sure. Just exceptional.

I've always loved the drums on this one...

7 Cry Out

This song makes me so much emotional, I just want to cry every time I listen to it. It's not sad or whatever, but the vibes are real. This song is so good!

8 Re:make

Such a great song to rock out to in the car! I love belting the chorus out when I'm alone at home! Such an awesome song!


Why is this song in the 14th place? This is my favourite songs of all songs in the world!

My favorite for all the time. Always reminds me why I love One Ok Rock

9 Nobody's Home

Although I can't relate to what Taka has been through, this makes me love him and One Ok Rock as a whole even more. It's an emotional, moving and truly beautiful song, the best in my opinion!

As a musician, this is slightly superior from the rest in terms of of melody, arrangements, emotional build-up, skills & satisfaction.

10 Wherever You Are

The first time I heard this song I immediately broke down in tears. It was an emotional reaction the likes of which I've never felt from a song. It still hits hard every time.

His vocals are amazing in this one. Truly a beautiful song.

Such a beautiful song, sung buy Taka's warm voice...

The Contenders
11 Et cetera

This song is perfect in every way. Meaningful and emotional lyrics with beautiful instrumentation.
The song starts with a beautiful and relaxing intro and then goes into the first verse, which is also as calming and gorgeous, as the music reaches its peak at the chorus. I also love how they have 3 different versions of the chorus, showing the passion and hard-work that these guys put on the making of this outstanding song.
As per usual, Taka's poweful vocals just add a little something to the song.
I believe this song should be at least top 10, but in my opinion it's definitely one of their best songs ever!

12 Jibun Rock

Best song of One OK Rock hands down; amazing gutar riffs and drumming along with Taka's piercing vocals - how could this not be #1?

Should definitely be in the top 2 in my opinion, puts the rock in the bands namesake for sure!

The lyrics are awesome, this song deserves to be on the top 5.

13 Keep It Real

Gives me a really chilly kind of feeling. The fast rap between truly catchy and awesome choruses!
The melody of this chorus is in my opinion something really special.

This song is so catchy
I love it when the chorus of any song is catchy

14 No Scared

This is my number one song of one ok rock in my song list..
But, why doesn't in top ten?

15 Kaimu

Philosophy lesson from One OK Rock :P
Also one of One OK Rocks most powerful songs! Heavy Guitars, Bass and Drum and a beautiful voice in between. :D

16 Mikansei Koukyoukyoku

This is my favorite song from One Ok Rock! It's such an amazingly catchy song with incredible instrumentals, vocals, and lyrics as always. It's so outrageously good, I can't help but just sing my lungs out with this one! So good!

17 Deeper Deeper

I don't know what makes this song so much better in my opinion, this is one that offers a nice break from the style of some of the others, and keeps itself fresh all the time.

I personally thinks that deeper deeper should be in top 3!

Catchy as all get out chorus! Super fun to sing!

18 Answer is Near

No.13? You gotta be kidding' me! This is by far my favourite song and it definitely deerves more than this!

I always scream this song driving in the car. Much higher than 10 in my opinion

19 The Same As...

This is an incredible song for the music and the lyrics. It's fun and meaningful all at once. One of my favorites!

This song make me deep feeling about heart!

Why this song is in seventh?
This's very impressive song, arigatou...

20 Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer

This upbeat song always lifts my mood. I first fell in love with One Ok Rock thanks to the video music of this song. I love almost every other song of them, but this is still THE one for me.

Nothing gets me as hyped as this song! one of the first songs that I've listened to by them, and it's easily one of my favorites!

This song inspired me to write a story I LOVE IT!

21 Heartache

It's an amazing song. It might not be the best but all the feels it gives...

This song is LOVE! Should be top 1... Just saying

22 C.H.A.O.S.M.Y.T.H.

I love The Beginning, clock strikes, karasu, Jibun rock, no scared, and all their upbeat songs. I know, they are Rock band. But, why is this not in top 10?

Dream as if you will live forever and live as if you will die today

23 Living Dolls
24 Yokubou Ni Michita Seinendan
25 Pierce

This song pierces my heart. This song describes my love story lol.
Love that part

Will I ever love again? Will I then really be able to express the happiness in my heart?

This song is definitely one of my favorites. Heartache , their new song is super awesome too by the way.

I love this song but not only this every song of one ok rock is awesome!

Even better than some famous piercing ballads out there!

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