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Germany has produced some of the most renowned composers, singers and bands over the years, which isn't surprising as the country is the largest music market in Europe, and third largest in the world. Now it's time to show some love to our favorite German artists and decide which German songs are the best. (I do want to note that a song does not have to be sung in German to be eligable for this list, what matters is that the artist is from Germany).
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1 Symphony No. 5 - Beethoven

Beethoven is widely regarded as the greatest composer of all time so it should come as no surprise that he is on this list. Symphony No. 5 is considered to be one of his best creations. Odds are you've already heard the first part of this symphony before.

Obviously a very important piece of music history, I've never listened to much classical music, but I've definitely heard this before.

2 Hungarian Dance No. 5 - Johannes Brahms

Another one of the greatest composers of all time, Johannes Brahms was especially influenced by classical composers such as Mozart and Haydn, among many others. Hungarian Dance No. 5 is one of his most popular and loved compositions. Brahms' Hungarian Dances are among the most popular compositions of light classical music.

3 Wind of Change - Scorpions

Scorpions are regarded as the most succesful German rock band, and with good reason as their songs simply rock. This song was about the fall of the Soviet Union, which is the change the song refers to in the title. When the Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989, the song became the unofficial anthem for the German Reunification. So not only is it a good song, but it's an important song as well.

4 I Want Out - Helloween

I Want Out is one of Helloween's most famous songs, written by then guitarist Kai Hansen. The song was about him actually wanting to leave the band, which he eventually did. The lyrics also resonate a lot with people as many people in their lives "want out" of something, whether it's something in their life or what society and the people around them dictate.

I love this song so much

5 Du Hast - Rammstein

When you think of German metal bands, you automatically think of Rammstein, Du Hast being their most well-known song. The song title "du hast" translates to "you have" in English, not to be confused with it's homophone "du hasst" which means "you hate". This song is based on the singer's vow not to get married to the woman he is apparently in a relationship with.

If you don't know this song, what are you even doing with your life?

6 The Bard's Song - Blind Guardian

This song is simply beautiful. It is from the album Somewhere Far Beyond from 1992. What's interesting is that each song in the album follows a different character and in The Bard's Song, all characters come together, just like on the album cover.

7 Für Elise - Beethoven

"Für Elise" means "For Elise" in English. Beethoven wrote it in 1810, but was never discovered and published until 1867, 40 years after his death. It is part of the Romantic music that developed in the late 18th and early 19th century in Europe.

8 Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions

One of Scorpions' most popular songs, chances are you've heard it on the radio a few times. Some say it's the perfect rock song as it's about rock n' roll and sexuality, the hurricane obviously referring to sexual prowess.

Dope song. Just one of them songs you don't get bored of hearing.

9 Sonne - Rammstein

One of Rammstein's more dramatic and heavier songs. It was originally made to be used by boxer Vitali Klitschko as his entrance song, but he didn't like it, saying it was too heavy. Fun fact about the music video: the band members we're watching the old Disney movie Snow White while listening to Sonne in the background and they apparently loved it and went with it.

While I obviously respect Vitali's opinion I kind of would imagine a boxing entrance would be the perfect time to play a really heavy song.

10 Ethereal Skies - Obscura
The Contenders
11 Hail to the Hordes - Kreator
12 Gods of Violence - Kreator
13 99 Luftballons - Nena
14 Lili Marlene - Marlene Dietrich
15 Agent Orange - Sodom
16 Mutter - Rammstein
17 Still Loving You - Scorpions
18 Virus - KMFDM

The song has been relevant a handful of times since its release, The current pandemic just being the latest example.

19 Labyrinth - Oomph!

A great song by an underrated band. This track has a really good refrain.

20 Balls to the Wall - Accept
21 The Seven Angels - Avantasia
22 The Sails of Charon - Scorpions
23 Arizona - Scorpions
24 Krähen der Nacht - Stahlmann
25 Riding the Storm - Running Wild
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