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1 A Night at the Opera

I love how this album just flows so smoothly from start to finish, and there is so much variety in the types of songs which gives it such an epic feeling when you listen to it.

The album starts off with the Mysterious piano arpeggios of 'Death on two legs' and within 30 seconds into the first song, you instantly know that you're listening to an album that is really interesting, quirky, highly professional, and just generally beautiful.

Personally I love how the album contains a mixture of heavier, intense compositions, with Freddie's short campy songs such as "Lazing on a Sunday afternoon" thrown in between tracks which really provide it with a weird but enjoyable atmosphere.

I feel like some people only say this is their best album because it has the very well known Bohemian Rhapsody, along with You're My Best Friend. I'm not saying it's a bad album but there are others that I prefer. For those who only know those songs there are also songs on this album called I'm In Love With My Car, 39 and Love Of My Life. Listen to it from start to finish to see the real deal. There are so many different genres in this one album which is why it's the fan favourite. Its an awesome album but my personal favourite is The Game.

2 Queen II

Their best album by far. They would drop their more progressive leanings for a more streamlined sound by Sheer Heart Attack, which is a bloody shame because this is not only Queen at their finest musically but also some of the best prog that decade had to offer. They had refined their sound from their first album, creating something extremely fresh. Meanwhile, the songs mostly deliver in spades. Ogre Battle. Nevermore. The March Of The Black Queen. And who could forget the classic that is Seven Seas Of Rhye? The musicianship is tight and fantastic to listen to, and above all else, Mercury's vocals are sensational. It's a near perfect album, and I'm only disappointed that they didn't continue venturing down this style, outside of occasional albums (mainly the brilliant News Of The World). While they are still my favourite band, none of their other albums can touch this underrated gem. Top notch and one of my all time favourite albums.

3 Innuendo

At first I thought Innuendo was high because it was the last Queen album issued in Mercury's life. But when I heard it, it blew me away. This album is so great, and all the songs on the album are great. It was a return to Queen's roots, and their best album since A Night at the Opera. Some people say they feel sad and emotional when they listen to these songs and this album, but for me I feel joy and happiness. These songs are fantastic and I enjoy them immensely. That's part of the reason why Freddie didn't want to reveal his illness. He didn't want people to buy the album out of sympathy; he wanted people to buy the album to enjoy the music. I am glad that Freddie left on a high note. Personally, I think Sheer Heart Attack is the best Queen album, but I wanted to post this comment. If you think this album is high because of Freddie and his illness, think again. You want proof? Listen to the album. And it won't be the last time you listen to it.

4 Sheer Heart Attack

Quite simply Prog Rock at it's finest and most flamboyant. While Queen got grander and sillier with successive release @Opera' and 'Races' both being fine albums, this is to me their best, each song into the next one is just perfect. There's no filler on this record. Although what followed might have had better songs, Sheer Heart Attack as an album is without equal amongst Queen albums. To sum up, I always listen to this one from beginning to end, the rest I cherry pick tracks (well, apart from 'Races', I quite like that one all the way through as well, except 'White Man'. I don't think it's as good as this one though).

Tremendous album! As someone who has listened to all of Queen's albums at least twenty times, this is one of the two albums by the band in which there was not a weak track. Although I love the other album, Queen II, I have to vote for this one based on the versatility of the songs.

5 A Day At The Races

What a masterpiece. "A Night At the Opera" probably would be my #1 if it weren't for the dreadful "Sweet Lady". A Day At The Races, however, does not have any songs of such poor quality. While it does not have a "Bohemian Rhapsody" on it, it is still just as ambitious and bombastic as A Night At The Opera. Complete with such classics as "Tie Your Mother Down", "Somebody To Love", "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy", and one of Queen's all time best and underrated songs "Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)" Which ties the album together with a perfect close. Although no quite as popular as A Night At The Opera, it is still Queen's greatest release in my humble opinion.

Tie Your Mother Down is one of Queen's heaviest works, and it makes sense that this is the opening track.

You Take My Breath Away is one of the most beautiful Queen songs and one of the best from the album, but the ending is just a little creepy.

Long Away is great, although it's slightly overrated.

The Millionaire Waltz is almost as good as Bohemian Rhapsody and underrated because it comes after the latter.

You and I is a great song, but it just barely misses being filler.

Somebody to Love has some of Freddie Mercury's smoothest vocal harmonies to date and is altogether beautiful.

This may offend some of you, but I consider the heavy metal song White Man even better than Tie Your Mother Down.

Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy is another very pretty song.

Drowse is kind of like I'm in Love with My Car, just not as good, but still a great song.

Teo Torriatte (Let us Cling Together) is the tribute to Queen's Japanese fans, and it is underrated.

This is the best Queen album. Period.

P.S. The ending of the first and last songs segue into each other when the album is replayed.

6 News of The World

Always overshadowed by its two monster singles, the album cuts on the record are among the best Queen ever recorded. In typical queen style they vary widely in genre, from punk rock on Sheer Heart Attack all the way to jazz on My Melancholy Blues and everything in between. All four members are on fire here, bringing some of the strongest songwriting they ever did in the whole 1970's. Notable examples include Roger Taylor's funk rock piece "Fight From the Inside", years before the group would have a number one hit in the same genre, and John Deacons two cuts, "Spread Your Wings" and "Who Needs You" both criminally underrated, both absolutely spectacular. This album should definitely be number one on this list.

This album included some of Queens most underappreciated songs such as Spread Your wings and It's Late. It also includes two songs which you know you HAVE to hear one of them in any sports game. This album included songs for even not the most experienced fans. This album even got the jocks somewhat involved with Queen and their music.

7 Jazz

My favourite Queen album, just ahead of News of the World. Loved the songs, the artwork, the group's image, and the live performances during this era they were at their best.

Tonight, gonna have myself a real good time,
I feel alive and the world I'll turn it inside out, yeah,
Floating around in ecstasy,
So don't stop me now, don't stop me
Cause I'm having a good time, having a good time!

This Album Is tremendous from start to Finish, I would've placed it number 4 Instead, Obviously you can tell this album was created for Live performances and even in the legenday Punk outbreak of 77' This record ROCKS... a very Undderrated album

8 The Game

HEY! This album deserves to be higher! It is my favourite Queen album and every single song on it is fantastic.

I think this album is much better than most say. It is near the top of the list, for me!

This album had more great songs that were hits than any other.

9 Queen

A great album from Queen - includes a lot of my favourite songs by the band. It's a shame that 'Mad the Swine' was never one this album. It would have been the perfect fit between 'Great King Rat' and 'My Fairy King' where it was intended.

This album is still worth to listen to.

Keep Yourself Alive is a great song, and Roger had awesome falsettos in My Fairy King. This album is seriously underrated!

Great King Rat... Liar... Keep Yourself Alive... some of their best songs. If you only know the hits, you need to hear this.

10 The Works

A super strong album jam packed with hits, there really isn't a bad song on this album. One cool thing about this record is the fact that the four singles were written by the four different members of the band.

I think is where he had his vision... When the whole thing just fell together

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11 A Kind Of Magic

Looking back in the 80's and the late FM this album is amazing an truly individual, with a soul! One album - one prize, one soul, one goal. The best soundtrack for a Hollywood movie ever! Highlander is definitely a strong movie, but the music makes this brilliance that bring this fantasy action to the top ones. Just listen the beginning - powerful Princess of the Universe. The whole story follows the music themes and the music follows the story. And so many worldwide hits. I always watch this movie until the end of the inscriptions, until the end of the unique original "A kind of magic".
Great! In top 4!

Beautiful mix of strong compositions, Containing many great hits such as: A Kind of magic, one vision, who wants to live forever, friends will be friends and princess of the universe!...

Tenth? This is my favorite...It has so many good songs. Who Wants To Live Forever, A Kind of Magic, One Vision, Princes of The Universe, Friends Will Be Friends, One Year Of Love...How is this tenth?

12 The Miracle

This is the most underrated album queen has ever made! Deserves to be higher! The amazing I Want It All, the beautiful song The Miracle, the underrated Scandal, and the showstopping performance of Was It All Worth It!

While it doesn't have any on those really, really orgasmic level good songs, it's brimming with tons of great ones!

Freddie Mercury went around the world and Bali, saw god and dali very mystic. Surrealistic.

13 Made in Heaven

How the heck this could be so low! This is the most compact and full with amazing songs album of Queen that ever existed!

Has two of the worst songs by Queen

First is Yeah. Listen to the song.
And the other one was the boring 20 minute song.

Could have only been made in heaven for it to be this great!

14 Hot Space

Obviously not their best album, in fact, probably their worst. However, it is a vastly underrated slump in the catalogue of a band who produced little trash for 15 albums straight. In my book, this is nearly as good as The Game, which harbors some of Queen's most astonishing highs, but also some unfortunately forgettable lows. Even without "Under Pressure," songs like "Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)," "Staying Power," and "Las Parablas Des Amor" rank among the most underrated gems of their career.

Come on, how can it be below literally everything on this list. It's not a great album, but deserves to be at least in top 13. Staying Power, Put Out the Fire, Action This Day, Back Chat, Dancer and for god's sake - Under Pressure. Sure there is a mediocre song - Calling All Girls and most horrible thing Queen ever made - Body Language. But mostly, it's still good.

I personally really like this album. I tend to really like songs that you can dance around to. Songs like "Staying Power" "Back Chat" "Action This Day" and "Put Out The Fire" you can easily dance along to. Yes, the album does have its downfalls, but I find this album quite enjoyable, overall.

15 A Night at the Odeon
16 Live at Wembley '86
17 Greatest Hits II

Better than any of the other greatest hits! Has every good song on there! Though I would think to replace The Invisible Man over Scandal. I just think Scandal would perform better on here than The Invisible Man. It's still good though!

18 Greatest Hits

Every song on greatest hits is a great piece of musical genius but isn't that true of anything Queen was involved with. Mr. Mercury's talent and creativity was so far beyond the times which is why people today still listen in awe to what he created.

Without Freddie, Queen would've never been this sucessful, But Brian, Roger and John are still good songwriters, singers and musicians.

This is a greatest hits album... Of curse every song on it is full of their greatest songs.

19 Live Magic

Some nice edits, some odd but peculiar cuts (Boh Rhap), some tracks from the very last concert of Queen with Freddie, but nothing more. It simply doesn't worth to be bought.

20 Queen Rocks
21 Absolute Greatest

Unfortunately there is the lack of "The march of the black queen", "Innuendo", "Love of my life", "Let me live", "I want it all (Album version)", "Liar", "Was it all worth it", etc.. Etc..
However it's far better than G.H.1, G.H.2, Classic Queen, A to Z, Stone cold classics, and any other standard compilation (but far worse than Radio sampler first & second & third).

22 Queen Forever
23 Rock Montreal
24 Greatest Hits IV

1 dead on time 2 khashoggis ship 3 tear it up 4 let me entertain you 5 scandal 6. Need your loving tonight 7 man on the prowl 8 if you can't beat them 9 hang on in there 10 the hitman

1. Keep yourself alive 2. Tie your mother down. 3. Let me entertain you. 4. Ogre battle. 5. We are the champions 6. Great king rat. 7. Dead on time. 8. The loser in the end. 9. Headlong. 10. It's late.

These are my tracks. 1. I want it all. 2. Keep yourself alive. 3. Don't stop me now. 4. Ogre Battle. 5. The hitman. 6. Jealousy. 7. Scandal. 8.hammer to fall. 9. Dead on time. 10. It's a hard life.

25 Live at the Rainbow '74

The band's finest hour finally released officially!

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