Top 10 Best Helker Songs

Helker are a metal band from Argentina, formed in 1998. They are considered Argentina’s leading metal act. They sing in Spanish and English.

Subgenres: heavy metal, power metal. These styles are somewhat overplayed but I don’t mind listening to metal at its core from time to time.

The most impressive member in this band is the singer - Diego Valdez. His voice is extremely powerful and sounds like a blend of Dio and Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens. The guy is really talented and his vocal skills are amazing - he reaches almost operatic power at times. Interestingly, Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens himself and Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear sang as guest musicians for Helker (one song on their 2013 album).

Helker released four full length albums - the first three in Spanish, the 4th one in English, marking their international expansion (“Somewhere In the Circle” was one of the featured albums of 2013 by underground metal bands).

Compilation appearances:
- "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner", Piece of Madness - En Honor a Iron Maiden (Blackstar Crosses Productions, 2003).
- "Jawbreaker", A Tribute to the Priest (NEMS Enterprises, 2005).
The Top Ten
1 Resistir
2 ¿Dónde Estarás?
3 Wake Up
4 Buscando Una Ilusion

2014 version (they re-recorded some songs).

This song is pure power metal and is probably their fastest song. This is also my favorite fast song by Helker. Diego totally owns the Helker songs, but the drummer is very good, too. It doesn't mean the other band members aren't good - these two just stand out.

This morning I listened to this song 3 times in a row. So energetic and enjoyable.

5 Flying

Spanish version: Volar.

I absolutely love this ballad. Diego knows how to create emotional intensity, and here he really sounds like Dio (Diego's dubbed the Argentinean Ronnie James Dio). Maybe I prefer the Spanish version, though.

6 Begging for Forgiveness

A deep and emotional song that sends chills down my spine. It features Tim 'Ripper' Owens and Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear as guest musicians (additional vocals). This is a highly recommended epic vocal performance by 3 powerhouse singers. You will hear that the voices of Diego and Tim 'Ripper' are incredibly similar. Ralf's voice is easily recognizable because it's higher, and he really belts out in the skies at 3:00-3:25 after the solo.

This song is probably my favorite on the 2013 album - it's progressive and different from the other songs. I put it at #6 only because there are guest musicians. Lyrics are very good, too.

"You abuse your power
And you used all the others
But your tyranny will fall today
I can see you beg, for the peace you had forgotten
Because you are alone, beg for mercy from us all"

7 Nunca Mas
8 No Chance to Be Reborn
9 Modern Roman Circus

The singer's voice alone is enough to make me listen to this song - he sounds just like Dio, and I actually like it. I love Dio so much, and I miss him (R.I.P. Dio).

10 Ghosts from the Past
The Contenders
11 Inside of Me
12 Just Be Yourself
13 Igual Que a Vos
14 Push

Dio cover. You know you have to hear that from the Argentinean Dio, eh?

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