Best Martin Garrix Songs

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1 Animals

Love this song. Every time I go play sports I listen to this song, Animals just keeps me going like the current of the vast ocean.

Best song of Martin.. Just listen this song.. It is only and only amazing, great, fantastic, I love it!..

Best electro house songs I've heard still now!

2 Don't Look Down

It has a great tune in it.. Martin and Usher are the great way of making emotional songs.. I love it..

It's a very emotional and a really good song! Martin garrix & usher have make a good pair

Amazing song different from his other songs..

3 Virus

The melody, the song, the style, the music, I believed now, Martin you are great, your songs I just die, but I will not forget you and your songs.. I love you..

Sickest melody... When he opened with the instrumental version at Ultra, it was fantastic. Best song

I love the melody so much. Martin Garrix Rocks

4 Now That I've Found You

This melody is so original! This deserves to be number one.

This song should be in top 5!

5 Gold Skies

The best song ever. I mean animals was good, but this is taking it to a whole new level.

This should definitely be in the tops! Beautifull voice and amazing trance beat! Love it!

Best +x song to date. By far.

6 Scared to Be Lonely

Amazing music is awesome

Its such a good song

7 The Only Way Is Up

Most amazing track Of Martin A mixture of every single effect and filter Super awesome!

Garrix's new style is too good... Hope he releases track like this in future...

This is the top 10!

8 Poison

This is one of the best songs produced by Martin which deserves a place in the top 10.

Just no words said... definitely the best song then Turn up the speakers

Woah! It takes you to heavens

9 In the Name of Love

With the popularity that this song is gaining, I'm surprised that it's in such a low position. Garrix's growth really stands out in this song.

He is getting better & better... Unique Garrix

Touching tone... Garrix is awesome

10 Waiting for Love

This is Martin Garrix uncredited work.

But this song not in sound cloud..

The Contenders
11 Forbidden Voices

This, I feel is the begging of the evolution of Martin Garrix. He has moved on from the loud Big Room "music" with heavy drops to actual music... Good on you Martin Garrix.

Forbidden voices is no doubt the best martin garrix work
Beautiful, you are just lost in infinity when you hear this
I bet that's what songs and musics are meant to do?

I listen many songs.. But, it is one of my favorite songs ever.. Martin's all songs are great.. This is the one of those..

12 Wizard

This is the best song from Martin Garrix. Period.

Really really good. Way better than Animals.

Awesome, Martin Garrix is already a legend!

13 Break Through the Silence
14 Oops

Love it's composition totally. Great work Martin

Really good song...

Oops is the best song ever ever it made me pass through hard times

15 Like I Do
16 Proxy

How is it not even in the top 5?! It's by far the best Martin Garrix song! It's even better than Animals!

It's the best martin garrix song ever! Better than animals...

This is his best! I love it!

17 Tremor

This song is amazing, and you should not judge a song by its ranking. This song NEEDS more recognition. But that's OK, I can keep this masterpiece to myself.

I like this one much more than Animals, how is it not top three?

Martin and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike has a great way of making like harmor songs... It is great..

18 So Far Away

I taught this will be at the top, common guy this is his best song. The song is amazing and the lyric is wonderful. It need to be number one now.

This is so good. Makes me think of my crush...

Should be in top 5

19 High on Life

Martin garrix is the best DJ in the world as rated by DJ Mag and this is my favourite song of his thefore you could argue that this is the the best song... in the world

Best song ever

20 Hurricane
21 Dragon

This is awesome song

Needs to be top 10

22 Ocean
23 Lions in the Wild

If your looking through this list and like most think "oh because its not in the top 10 it must be shiet" trust me, stop what your listening to and have a listen. Great for a party its not a hardcore banger

When I first heard this in ultra 2016, I just had to know the name of the song, I love it!

I am in love with this's full of energy.. I love to hear it whenever I need to lighten up my mood..

24 Helicopter

It should be way higher. It's even better than Animals.

Helicopter is my favourite song and Martin Garrix really outdone himself

How is it not even in the top 10? It's better than animals martin garrix & firebeatz have rocked the house

25 Can't Feel My Face

This remix is so crazy! Love it so much

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