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I've included all top 10 most selling singers from Turkey
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1 Ibrahim Tatlises

He is one of the best tenors in the world, but due to his mustache, his voice doesn't come out fully, so he isn't even aware of this.

2 Sezen Aksu

Sezen Aksu is an amazing singer with beautiful songs. She isn't very well known in America, but she's quite famous in Turkey.

For those born in the '80s, her songs evoke the love they experienced in the '90s.

Sezen Aksu is a great female artist.

3 Orhan Gencebay
4 Ahmet Kaya

One of the first names that come to mind. He was more often in the spotlight for his political identity than his artistry. At an awards ceremony, he declared that he would sing and film music videos in Kurdish. Following this, the guests at the event, followed by the media's lynching campaign, forced him into exile. He died abroad.

5 Ferdi Tayfur
6 Cem Karaca

Anatolian rock has a man who poured his heart into the genre. His voice is rich and soothing. Rest in peace.

Cem Karaca was an incredible singer. May God, the greatest artist, have mercy on his soul.

How is he this far behind? He should be in the first place! All of his songs are legendary.

7 Bülent Ersoy

There are two admirable traits in this woman. First, although she is overweight, she is unashamed of her size. Second, she easily finds lovers!

8 Tarkan Tarkan Tevetoğlu, known as Tarkan, is a Turkish pop singer. He was born in West Germany and raised in Turkey. Tarkan has been nicknamed the "Prince of Pop".

Since '94, he has continuously improved himself and learned how to use his voice. He has always been applauded for his clothing and stage presence. He never quarreled with anyone, maintained long-term relationships, and didn't bother with Mustafa Sandal, who made teasing him a hobby. His voice suited Turkish classical music and even caught the attention of Müzeyyen Senar, leading to a duet.

When his nude photos were published, he admitted he wasn't ashamed of them. Comparing Tarkan with Mustafa Sandal is an insult to Tarkan, as Tarkan's voice outshines Sandal's completely. I don't compare their looks because that's subjective, but I believe most will choose Tarkan. Although he has been criticized by many, he simply laughed and excelled in his work.

9 Barış Manço

Barış Manço achieved the following only in 1991:

- Honorary Doctorate in Art by Hacettepe University
- Medal of Honor in Japan
- Leopold II Knight Insignia from Belgium
- Title of Turkish citizenship by Turkmenistan
- Honorary Doctorate in Child Education by Pamukkale University

He was not only an artist but also a great intellectual.

10 Zeki Müre
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11 Neşet Ertaş

He has a very strong voice. His folk songs are indispensable.

12 Zeki Müren

I went to a diction course once, and to teach proper pronunciation, some words were emphasized either openly or subtly. We used to listen to interviews with the intelligent Müren.

He used the language so flawlessly that I would be mesmerized listening to him. Then there was his way with rhyme. He could sing rhymes effortlessly, without hesitation.

God rest his soul.

A few steps back from the generation where I was the clever Müren. He is an interesting man, held in high regard by those who knew him, and his genius was admired.

We do not know much about him, nor understand the reason why he deserves such attention. But his work resonates, and his presence in the "heart of trouble, my clever Müren," has been immortalized on the Internet. Everyone knows his highs and lows.

13 Erkin Koray
14 Sertab Erener
15 Aleyna Tilki

She's like a young Turkish Britney Spears. A very young version.

16 Hayko Cepkin

He's Armenian, but that doesn't stop him from being great. An excellent artist.

17 Gülsen
18 Gülden Karaböcek
19 Ceza
20 Alper Erözer
21 Hadise
22 Yıldız Tilbe
23 Haluk Levent
24 Kıraç
25 Güncel Gürsel Artıktay
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