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1 Angel with a Shotgun

No wonder this is No. 1! This is the real definition of Nightcore. The meaning is beautiful too. "If love's a fight, then I shall die, with my heart on the trigger."

My favorite line is, "They say before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for. Well, baby, you are all that I adore, if love is what you need, a soldier I will be."

Very chilling and entertaining song. The beat is cool. The lyrics are cool. Even the cover is cool. Definitely deserves the number one spot.

Listening to this song as I vote for it! Angel with a Shotgun is my favorite Nightcore song.

2 Angel of Darkness

This one is one of the second ones that I can watch from this phone. I have all the songs from them on my Alexa. I love the music. It's so cool.

This is the second song to have gotten more than 10,000,000 views. This song should be higher rated, just like the "Angel with a Shotgun" lyric.

This song got more likes than Angel with a Shotgun if the number of views are the same.

3 Anima Libera
4 God Is a Girl

I mean, I'm somewhat religious, but musically-wise, this is pretty nice.

5 Dam Dadi Doo

This whole list is corrupt. How on Earth is this so far down? Some of the songs above aren't even Nightcore originals. This should be at least top 5.

Actually, I had to search this up before voting for this because the reviews seemed lit.

This is one of the best Nightcore songs. And it's only 1%? What the hell?

6 Poison
7 Everytime We Touch

Every time my best friend and I hear this song, we have to dance!

When your crush touches your hand...

8 Moonlight Shadow

I like listening to the song. It is the best song ever.

9 Monster

Works great if you're doing a video about Scorpion or Kratos. Oh yeah, and it sounds hype too.

The song that got me hooked on Nightcore!

Not a bad song. Not a bad song at all.

10 Second to None
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11 Demons

The music is really good, but my favorite part about it is the meaning. "When your dreams they fail, and the ones we hail, are the worst of all." That's my favorite line.

The chorus is basically, "No matter what we breed, we still are made of greed. This is my kingdom come, this is my kingdom come."

I have found this song inspirational, and a lot of couples can relate to it. The relationship I think it would go with is probably a good girl with a bad boy.

Reminds me of Natsu from Fairy Tail. Anyone agree?

12 This Little Girl

This Little Girl shows women to not be afraid to show their emotions. It also tells men to stay away if they know that they're going to hurt.

It's a really nice song about the power of girls. The beat is nice. "Don't you know you should never treat a girl like that? Cause the next one's gonna have a hammer pulled back."

This and Pretty Little Psycho, which is oddly not on the list.

13 Around the World
14 Heart Attack

Nobody could beat Heart Attack by Nightcore, not even the person who made it. So, it might be my first, but it will probably still be in third place for me. I love it.

Heart Attack is a typical love song about Demi Lovato and exes. It shows that even when you're heartbroken, you should still have hope to find a loved one.

A really good song, if you ask me! We can act like we don't care, but "When you come around, I get paralyzed."

15 Battlefield

Battlefield is a song of courage. It shows who is trustworthy and who is not. If you want to find out what I mean, listen to the song very carefully.

I love this song. You can almost feel the need to protect the person she is talking about.

This song is so emotional and inspirational. It's my favorite Nightcore song!

16 Dollhouse

Dollhouse explains that while some families and people may look perfect, they are actually terrible people. Just like most dolls, they look perfect but they have a really messed up backstory.

Nothing is what it seems. "Hah, you're blinded by her jewelry, but when you turn your back, she pulls out a flask."

This one has a really great beat plus it's really catchy.

17 I Don't Care
18 Bad Boy

One of my favorite Billie songs!

19 Like a Vampire

I've been listening to this song for years. Love it! What got me started on Nightcore.

Cool song. I would say it's a little dark, though.

20 Kiss My Eyes and Lay Me to Sleep
21 Because the Night
22 Ravers In the Uk
23 Clarity

Clarity is a song about love. When some people fall in love, they do not know whether they are in love or not. This song expresses those true feelings.

I literally can't stop listening to this song! I got the Musi app for iOS and I put it in every single one of my playlists. (If you have iOS, get Musi. It's free and better than Apple Music. #NotSponsored though). I'm really enjoying it.

24 Pumped Up Kicks
25 Forever Gamer

Anyone notice how it sounds like Craig from South Park?

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