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While I know that this might be a terrifying and depressing topic for some, death has always fascinated me. Sure, it can be very frightening sometimes, believe me I know. I have panic attacks about it very often. But the one intriguing thing about death is the uncertainty about what happens after we die. Some say that there is a Heaven or a Hell, some say that we are reborn, some say that we are simply wiped from existence, and we finally get the rest that we deserve. These are my top ten songs about the subject, and I hope that you'll give them a listen.
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1 Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden

I've already talked about this song a thousand times, so I'll give you the short version. This song rocks. The main character of the story is on death row, and he's looking back on life, asking was what he had done worth it? Eventually, he has to go to the gallows pole and accept his fate.

Favorite lyric: "'Cause at 5 o'clock, they take me to the gallows pole. The sands of time for me are running low."

One of the greatest songs ever written and performed. All time favorite.

Love the song! I prefer Machine Head's version.

2 Fade to Black - Metallica

I strongly approve with the list maker's choices! I'd still put this at number one though

The solo makes me tear up every time.

3 Powerslave - Iron Maiden

Another Maiden track. It talks about an Egyptian who thinks that he is immortal, but, in the end, he is not. He begins to die, and he starts asking why, because he had proclaimed himself God, and a god could not die, obviously. Well, he does anyway.

Favorite lyric: "And in my last hour, I'm a slave to he power of death! "

4 The Show Must Go On - Queen

Freddie Mercury knew that he was dying, so he wrote this masterpiece. It explains that even with him gone, the "show must go on." Very sad knowing that he knew his own fate, but instead of complaining about it, he accepted it, and even spent his last moments in life contributing to what he loved most: music. It's sad, but also very inspiring.

Favorite lyric: "My makeup may be flaking, but my smile stays on."

Amazing song with amazing vocal of Freddie.

5 The Spirit Carries On - Dream Theater

I don't know many songs by Dream Theater, but what I have heard has impressed me. There are not many bands that are as good as them these days. I was bored one day, so I looked up the list "Top Ten Dream Theater Songs." Obviously, this song showed up. I listened to it, and, like their other songs, I was very impressed. Amazing song!

Favorite lyrics: "I used to be frightened of dying. I used to think death was the end. But that was before. I'm not scared anymore. I know that my soul will transcend! "

My favourite opening lines in a song ever.

6 Deathbed - Relient K

This has been the only song to make me cry. I'm not very religious, but this song really hit home with me. The whole song is about a guy who threw his life away by drinking, smoking, and divorcing his wife and giving up his kids. He finds out that he is quickly dying, and that he doesn't have much time. He lies in bed all alone, looking back on his life and the mistakes that he's made, and, eventually, he converts to Christianity. Now at peace with the world, he passes away with a smile on his face. This is one of my all time favorite songs, and I recommend it to everyone.

Favorite lyrics : "I can smell the death on the sheets covering me. I can't believe this is the end."

7 Would? - Alice In Chains

It's speculated among fans about what the meaning behind the song is, but most agree that it's about the death of Andrew Wood, but most fans listen to this song in remembrance of Layne Staley, who passed away.

Favorite lyric: "Into the flood again. Same old trip it was back then."

8 Beyond the Realms of Death - Judas Priest

It's a suicide song and the character is already in something like coma - "They washed and dressed him, fed him by hand". The title says it all - Beyond The Realms Of Death.

His thoughts come from this mysterious place between life and death. I guess he can still choose whether to live or die, and he chooses to die (he didn't want to be saved - "Yea, I will start again").

"Yea, I've left the world behind, I'm safe here in my mind

I am free to speak with my own kind

This is my life, this is my life, I'll decide not you".

Musically, this song is a masterpiece, including the first solo. However, the song message is controversial and I wanna tell the future listeners - don't kill yourself, don't even try. Never ever. This is a great song but don't take it literally. Just don't.

9 Jeremy - Pearl Jam

The song is based on a true story where a high schooler in Texas killed himself in front of his entire class. Obviously, this is a pretty sad song. This one of Pearl Jam's best, and one of history's best songs.

Favorite lyric: "King Jeremy the wicked ruled his world."

10 Fallen - Electus
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11 (Don't Fear) the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

Such a beautiful message... Soothing song. I wish I didn't fear the reaper.

Although I'm a metalhead, this is still my all time favorite song.

12 The End - The Doors
13 Lie Down In Darkness - Moby
14 Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
15 Running to the Sea - Royksopp
16 The God That Failed - Metallica

This song was written about the death of lead singer James Hetfield's mother. She was a Christian Scientist, who believed that medicine is useless. As long as she prayed, her sickness would go away. Obviously, that wasn't the case, and she passed away, and Hetfield was overcome with grief.

Favorite lyric: "The heeling hand held back by the deepened nail, follow the god that failed."

17 My Last Sunrise - Demons & Wizards

"These are my last words - I need to rest
In fear and anger, I'll lay down my head
A faithless spirit in a broken man
... The hope became another lie
Like the non-existing Father-God
I'll close my eyes, goodbye
Don't wait for me on the other side".

18 Almost Home - Moby
19 Dream On - Aerosmith
20 Let It Be - The Beatles

The song is about McCartney's dead mother. Most agree that it is one of the Beatles' best, me included.

Favorite lyric: "Mother Mary whispers, let it be."

21 Fiddler On the Green - Demons & Wizards

A sad and beautiful ballad about the enigmatic figure of Death and the process of dying. The singer is over the top and vocals alone make this song a must listen.

The song describes a car accident and how a girl dies - "Her face was pale, her body smashed, her beauty's gone". Before the guitar outro there's an insanely good scream - I think this is the last scream of the dying body. Then soul leaves the body and pain goes away. The Fiddler talked to the girl: "Take my hand, just hold my hand, I'll take you THERE. Your pain will go away".

"The poor old Fiddler" takes the girl's life because several days earlier the Fiddler took a boy's life by mistake but these two kids were soulmates in this life. "I took him too early. Would you mind if I take you to be with you? " "He is quite alone here and still waiting for you".

This song is based on a true story - the singer saw 2 car accidents in one week at the same place and 2 kids died. The album cover depicts this story.

22 Sleep Alone - Moby
23 Time - Pink Floyd
24 Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
25 Them Bones - Alice In Chains
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