Top 10 Best Songs on the Frozen Broadway Musical Soundtrack

The soundtrack for the Best Musical Tony nominee Frozen recently came out and I finally listened to the entire thing. Some of them are good and some of them are bad. The musical kept the songs from the movie but there are also new songs that were written for the musical. So let’s discuss the best songs from the Frozen Broadway Musical soundtrack.
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1 Dangerous to Dream - Caissie Levy & Original Broadway Cast of Frozen

You know how in Broadway musicals based on movies, there are sometimes songs written for the musical that you wish were in the movie? Dangerous to Dream is a song that should've been in the movie Frozen. It gives Elsa more development. We basically go deeper inside her inner thoughts. She's still thinking about what she did to Anna when they were kids, and she's afraid of going through that again.

She cares about her sister very much. All she wanted to do was spend time with her. It makes her a more interesting character. Caissie Levy's voice makes it even better than it needs to be. This is easily the best new song on the soundtrack. It really feels like something that would've been a great fit in the movie, unlike that terrible song called Monster, which doesn't feel like a Frozen song at all.

2 True Love - Patti Murin

I love True Love! This is a legitimately emotional song. Hans betrays Anna and locks her in a room to die. Anna regrets the decisions she made. She realizes that she shouldn't have trusted Hans. She has always dreamed about finding true love and thought she finally had. Unfortunately for her, it was all a ruse.

I already felt bad for her in the movie, but this song really puts more emphasis on how sad this scene is. I picture the scene happening as I listen to the song. Even without visuals, Patti's voice really sells it for me. I should start a petition to get Kristen Bell to sing this song. I really want to hear her sing it.

3 What Do You Know About Love? - Patti Murin & Jelani Alladin

This is the only good song that Kristoff sings. This takes place during the scene after Anna and Kristoff meet each other. She's telling Kristoff about how she's engaged to Hans despite not knowing much about him. I love the fast tempo of this song. It is so catchy.

It also can be seen as foreshadowing. Anna thinks she knows true love when she sees it, but of course, the audience knows that Hans isn't the kind of guy she thinks he is. One of the lyrics is, "I know danger when I see it. Just like I know love when I see it." Anna was totally wrong about both of those things.

A couple of months ago, they released a lyric video for this song. In that video, Kristoff asks, "What color eyes does he have?" Then Anna replies by saying, "Dreamy." I was disappointed that they took out Anna's response in the official soundtrack version. This is a very entertaining song. Definitely one of the more fun ones in the musical.

4 Finale / Let It Go - Original Broadway Cast of Frozen

"Let It Go" was one of the first songs I listened to on this soundtrack, and it sucked. It didn't have as much emotion as the original. Plus, that ending note felt really forced. Luckily, they made up for that by doing such an amazing reprise for the ending of the show.

Despite not having seen the show yet, I think I like this ending better than the movie's ending. The moment Anna said, "Elsa, you're free," I was immediately sold. While this isn't the best song on the soundtrack, it's the one that gave me the most chills. It starts out very calm, then the entire cast joins in, and it sounds beautiful. That was also a nice touch, adding the tune of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" at the very end.

When I say that "Let It Go" needs more emotion, this is what I'm talking about. You can hear each of the actors actually putting emotion into their vocals. It doesn't sound like they're just simply singing. This is a great way to end the show. It's very strong.

5 For the First Time in Forever - Patti Murin, Caissie Levy & Original Broadway Cast of Frozen

Everyone remembers this song in the movie. Aside from Let It Go, it's the most memorable one. Patti Murin is no Kristen Bell, but she's still kind of okay. I haven't seen her act yet. Maybe she does a great job in the show. From what I'm hearing in this song, they gave Anna a more quirky attitude. It makes sense since she's supposed to be a weird girl.

Just like in the movie, this song gives us an idea of the kind of character Anna is. This is the weakest version of the song, so the fact that I'm still calling it a great version is kind of impressive. The one heard in the movie can't be beat, and the one in Frozen Live at the Hyperion made some changes to the song that I really like. For example, they have the citizens of Arendelle joining in. The Broadway version also does this, but it's not done as well as the Hyperion show. It still sounds amazing, though.

Also, this one adds an unnecessary fourth chorus. I don't really get what the point of that was. And why did they take out the eight thousand salad plates line? This song isn't as good as the movie version, but it's still great.

6 A Little Bit of You - Brooklyn Nelson & Audrey Bennett

I like that they let both of the actresses that play Young Anna be in the soundtrack. This song is cute. One of my hopes was that they would give Young Anna and Elsa a song to sing together, and they totally did. It starts out with them building Olaf and discussing his personalities, stating that he will have similar personalities to them. By the way, Young Anna's voice is adorable. I just melt whenever I hear it. Pun intended.

The song is written in a way to remind us that they are children. The lyrics do sound like things that children would say. This song is very cute. The little girls playing the characters do an excellent job.

7 Vuelie / Let the Sun Shine On - Original Broadway Cast of Frozen

Vuelie is the chant heard at the beginning of the movie. It's still in this musical but at a lower pitch. Then after that, a lyrical song happens. It's basically narration and a way to introduce the characters. In the song, we hear Anna and Elsa as kids. As for the rest of the song, I don't know who those people are who are singing. This song was kind of a pointless addition, but it just sounds so good!

Also, there's this one line that came out of nowhere that just made me burst out laughing. My biggest issue with the song is the fact that it basically replaces Frozen Heart. That song had great foreshadowing, whereas this one just tells us what we should already know. Still a good song to listen to, though.

8 Hans of the Southern Isles - John Riddle

Hey! They actually gave Hans a song this time! I don't have a lot to say about it. It just has a nice tune.

Sounds very relaxing. He's singing this to Anna when they first meet each other. He's explaining to Anna who he is. At this point, he hasn't revealed himself to be the villain yet, so he's acting like a nice guy. The music makes it sound like he's a guy we should trust, even though anyone who saw the movie knows he's going to turn later on.

Still, it does sound really nice. It makes sense why Anna would trust him.

9 Do You Want to Build a Snowman? - Mattea Conforti, Patti Murin, Caissie Levy & Ayla Schwartz

Papa, can you hear me? This is a good song, both in the movie and in the Broadway musical. However, I'm not a fan of how they changed it. First of all, Anna and Elsa's parents die while the daughters are still children, meaning that Arendelle has no ruler until Elsa is of age. They even changed the lyrics of the last verse.

The reason why the last verse was so emotional is because it happened right after the funeral. So Anna and Elsa are realizing that they don't have anyone else other than each other. That leaves more of an impact than how they changed it here. Now it's just Anna checking on Elsa years later and still being upset, which doesn't make sense to me. This is still a good song. I just prefer the original version. It was more impactful and more emotional.

10 Monster - Cassie Levy
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11 Fixer Upper - Olivia Phillip, Timothy Hughes, Greg Hildreth & Original Broadway Cast of Frozen

Fixer Upper was my least favorite song in the movie, but the Broadway version actually sounds tolerable. I love the change in the instrumental background. It actually sounds pretty catchy. The singers really do a great job. When the voices come together, it actually sounds like one voice. That's how great of a job these singers do. They also changed the ending and added a whole instrumental portion. I was actually bobbing my head up and down during that part.

With that being said, I still think this is only an okay song. It still involves the trolls, or in this case, mountain people, forcefully trying to get Anna and Kristoff together. It still ends up coming off as irritating and makes them unlikeable. I haven't seen the Broadway show yet, but I'm pretty sure this song still doesn't add anything to the movie whatsoever. I'm glad they made it a somewhat tolerable song, but it should've just been cut out entirely.

12 Hygge - Kevin Del Aguila, Jelani Alladin, Patti Murin, Greg Hildreth & Original Broadway Cast of Frozen
13 I Can't Lose You - Caroline Bowman & Caroline Innerbichler
14 Colder by the Minute - Patti Murin, Jelani Alladin, Caissie Levy, John Riddle & Original Broadway Cast of Frozen
15 Hans of the Southern Isles (Reprise) - John Riddle, Robert Creighton & Original Broadway Cast of Frozen
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