Top Ten Jack Johnson Songs

He might be done making music forever, so these are his top ten hits.
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1 Better Together

My all time favorite song. It's my family song. Each time it plays my entire family stops and listens and sing along. I have the Cuban version as well. Everything about this song makes us happy.

This is one of the best songs I have discovered in ages, every time I hear this song I want to sing it as loud as I can. It is one of the best feelgood songs ever made! Thank You Jack Johnson!

His voice is so beautiful on this song, and the lyric is great. I wish I could have his voice only for a day, I'm sure I would make success with everyone.

2 Banana Pancakes

Its just calming relaxing, just the true meaning that jack johnson brings to the world. You have to listen to this song! You'll feel better automatically, its whats amazing about jack johnson. He's like lays you can't just listen to just one!

This is just a great song, Jack Johnson has mellow and chill music that everybody should listen to when they are feeling down because it makes you feel really happy and in a great mood, I will always listen to his music.

This song is the kind of song that makes you want to lay on a hammock and forget about the world. Jack Johnson is so good at releasing great music, and this is him at his best

3 Flake

I feel like saying this is my favorite is kinda wrong, because I like all jack johnson's lyrics. But this rhythm is special anyways.

Amazing. Beautiful. There's no words to describe this song. This is definitely one of Jacky J's best songs.

The best! It is both sad and happy, energetic yet relaxed. It is awesome and great for any mood!

4 Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

This song is amazing... I just love it... The lyrics the melody the harmony all too glorious.

Jack I am just Sitting, Waiting and Wishing you would come to Holland, sooon Jack I can't be always Waiting...

Awesome song! Definitely one of my all time favourites. A must listen for any Jack Johnson fan!

5 Upside Down

This song is number one in MY opinion
I love it. Whenever I listen to it, it's like my escape from the world. I just forget about everything. Like dancing in the rain This song is an awesome song to just sit back and relax to; but you can also dance to it.

This song makes me want to dance, sing, laugh, and cry all at the same time. My whole day is happier after I listen to this song!

When I hear this song, I can't think. All I can think is the song, everything around me is frozen. It's just me and that song...

6 Breakdown

This song is awesome. One of Jack Johnson's greatest. It has a catchy rhythm that combines with some killer lyrics. Definitely 5 stars. I suggest it to any Jack Johnson Fans!

Awesome lyrics! One of my all time favorite song

7 Constellations

This song never fails to calm me down, Jack Johnson makes some of the best music I have ever heard!

It would have to be this or 'Crying Shame'.

8 Never Know

This song is amazing! This song is so relaxing. I certainly enjoy this song the most out of all his songs.

Such an amazing song so underrated. The vibe is chill and upbeat and the hook is 10/10

My favorite of his from the album In Between Dreams.

9 Bubble Toes

It's just such an original, fun song! I get so tired of the "canned" songs - the same stuff over and over again. NOT with J Johnson! He's right up there with Dave Matthews on creativity and amazing talent. While Dave is passionate in an intense way, Jack is as passionate but in a mellow, relaxing way. Stirs the heart! Love his music... and his personal style... I am so sad I missed him when he came to SD this year. But I'm gearing up for his next Hawaii concert God willing!

Just so much fun. Its said that he wrote this song just by taking up a guitar and singing first thing that came to his mind...
That's like Jack Johnson

Me and my dad share the same love for jack johnsons songs including bubble toes it is one of my favorites by far!

10 Good People

This is my favorite Jack Johnson song. I've noticed that there are less people that are interested in others not just themselves. I remember when I was little kid I asked my mom," Mommy? Why is the news always bad? " And my mom said, "because, there aren't a whole lot of good people anymore." I always wondered what she meant until I heard this song. Now I understand that our society is trying to shape us to be for only us. Not for others. And whenever I start to get self focused I listen to this song to try stay the course of being a "good person". That's just my two cents. Sorry if this was a waste of your time,

I get very frustrated with the world a lot of the time, with people and get caught up way too much in a lot of the bull in the world.
Sometimes it's hard to explain these feelings eloquently and to do so without confusing others. I feel this song accomplishes that admirably.
So whenever I'm feeling pressured or stressed or even just feeling a bit down and out because evrything's getting a bit too much, I either listen to this or another of Jack's songs which, I feel is discussing a similar if not identical topic in a slightly different manner and tone, and that's "On and On"...
Not only does this realise, everyone in the world is insane, or nasty, greedy or just out to get ahead by any means possible, with no regards for anyone else, and no thought for the future, and how they might be affecting it.
It reminds me that the world is going to crash and burn, but it isn't going to stop me from enjoying my life as well as I can and enjoy what I have with the people I love and cherish :)

Cheers Jack, your a legend.

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11 No Good with Faces
12 No Other Way

Hard to explain, the tone the feeling of this drifting is so good

13 Taylor

I think that this song is amazing, I have always liked it, not only is it the song which you can see ben stiller and jack Johnson together in it, it is catchy and relaxing, I have learnt every single lyric of by heart! The best thing was that he played this song in his concert at Birmingham! Great song!

I did not even know this song existed until a few weeks ago but now it is almost constantly playing in my room.

My absolute favourite.

14 Inaudible Melodies

Best JJ song ever in my humble opinion. It shows how he evolved as an artist over the years. Wish he could more of these type of songs.

Classic Jack Johnson, the perfect start to his best album!

No. 26? Should at least be in top 10

15 Gone
16 Cocoon

So deeply relaxing and peaceful for me. The way his voice ranges!

Beautifully heartbreaking lyrics. "I don't want to be your regret; I'd rather be your cocoon."

17 Broken

One of the most underrated Jack Johnson songs out there
One of the most smooth flowing songs I've ever heard.
Guitar, piano, drums, bass everything is balanced perfectly.

How isn't this one in the top 5? This is as classic a Jack Johnson song as gets.

18 If I Had Eyes

Best song off Sleep Through the Static. The song describes drifting apart from a loved one. Jack Johnson is an expert at expressing very real emotions with an almost antithetically pleasant sound.

Should be "same girl" off this album. But this is my favorite album.

Definitely deserves to be higher on this list!

19 Rodeo Clowns

Seriously, listen to this song. Just amazing! Love it!

Best Jack Johnson for me...

20 Do You Remember

Easy to listen to easy to sing to. Wonderful lyrics and wonderful meaning. I truthfully came here thinking this would be number one!

I LOVE this song.. It is exactly how my relationship with my ex went right till the end it was our song...

Really great song... This song makes me feel calm and cool. Should be at #1!

21 Losing Keys

This song inspires. They metaphor of losing keys, that everyone does from time to time, makes his ideas and thoughts easily accessible to every listener.

22 Sexy Plexi
23 Monsoon

Funny thing about this song is the more I listen to it, the more I realize how great it is. Really stands out among the other songs on the album it belongs to. Epitomizes the very best of Jack Johnson. I could listen to it all day, for real!

Greatest jack johnson song. Never gets old and you get to hear the range from Jack.

24 You and Your Heart

This song is really amazing it should have higher status concidering it was one of the major songs in the album to the sea this song is amazing and it needs more credit.

When I think of "To The Sea", this is the song that comes to mind.

One of my faves!

25 To the Sea

Voted this one just cause I feel like not enough people have and left a comment cause someone should.

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