Top 10 Best Van Halen Songs

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1 Jump

No doubt jump is the best song. hagar sucks BADLY! They say jump is POP!?! Dang idiots have you listened to dlr compared to hagar! Energetic and best song!
1. Jump
2. Panama
3. ain't talking bout love
4. beautiful girls
5. pretty woman
6. runnin with the devil
7. Hot 4 teacher
8. ill wait
9. Unchained
10. dance the night away
11. Jamies crying
12. feel your love tonight
13. you really got me
14. and the cradle will rock
15. dancing in the streets
16. everybody want some!

This isn't there best song. I just wanted to comment. Saw then twice. With David Lee it was the worse show. He was so intoxicated he could not perform and it lasted 1/2 hour. With Sammy one of the Best shows ever. They played 21/2 hours. So who Sucks?

There should not even be a competition! The secret why jump is in the top is that it is the best song of van halen!
The keyboard play in this song is amazing!
Lets make a record: Vote it up over fifty%!

2 Hot for Teacher

The boyish naivity of lines like " I think of all the education that I missed, but yet my homework was never quite like this" just prove what van halen is all about, kickass guitars, charismatic vocals, unbelievably underrated harmonies, crazy drums, and all in the name of having a good time.

The amazing start at the drums - and then the following kickass guitar. The pioneers of Hard Rock. "I don't feel tardy! Class dismissed! I'm hot for teacher!

This should be number 2 and Panama should be at number 1 both are great tunes and a whole lot better than Jump.

3 Panama

Such a fun one to play on guitar. Hot For Teacher (which is probably my second favourite by them) and Jump are great songs. But come on if this doesn't get you playing air guitar what does. Eddie's pick sliding, shredding and signature tapping are all here in this song. Don't forget about David Lee Roth (Van Halen's best singer). His vocals are out of this world

Jump is not only not the best Van Halen song of all time it is one of the worst. It was written for the mainstream and is not classic Van Halen. Panama is literally twice as good as Jump and so is every other song on this list. It is a damn shame that Jump is number 1 on this list.

True Van Halen fans would pick this song over Jump.
Tsk. People who voted for jump probably never listened to the other Van Halen songs especially Panama.

4 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

This song made me fall in love with Van Halen (they are still my favorite band ever). I was OBSESSED with it for months! The guitar intro blew me away, the riff gave me goosebumps, and the lyrics made me feel like a badass for listening to them!

This is my favorite Van Halen riff, and the chorus is extremely catchy. While I love just about everything by VH (with Roth), this song just stands out a little more from the rest.

Hands down, this song rocks and is the song that really defines Eddie Van Halen's distinctive guitar sound.

5 Runnin' With the Devil

First Van Halen song I heard, which got me into VH. That riff is just mesmerizing. The vocals and lyrics, the short solos.. Everything's just so good. Just love this song. No reason for it.

Jump at number one? Really? This song is a masterpiece, Eddie Van Halen is incredible, and of course, would it really be a great song without David Lee Roth?

Jump is overrated, this should be number 1. It's easily one of the best Hard rock songs of all time.

6 Eruption

Why is this not number 1? I'm 10 and I play Van Halen all the time on the guitar. This one the most. Almost everyday I play this. An instant classic.

One of the greatest guitar solos by Eddie Van Halen, Eddie's skill's with guitar are amazing.

This song really shows what Eddie Van Halen is capable of doing... This guitar solo is pure magic

7 Dreams

Has everything: screaming innovative Eddie signature guitar work, gorgeous melody, killer Mike bass, excellent synthesizer, superb Sammy singing, profound meaningful lyrics which are extremely upbeat to the point of being spiritual and inspiring without being overly religious or dogmatic or pretentious, great hook with 'higher and higher'
Total masterpiece!

My favourite song of all time. This feels less like a piece of pop-metal and more like Sammy Hagar trying to convert an audience of Roth purists to the Hagar side. And with inspiring lyrics like these and an amazing energy that pulsates from every chord, he makes a brilliant case.

Sammy what made Van Halen! Where is "Why can't this be love" or "Best of Both Worlds" or "Finish what you started" or "When it's love" or "Poundcake" or "When love comes walking in" come on! This list is horrible and insult to Van Halen! "Right Now" is not a good a song at all for Sammy's Van Halen songs!

8 Why Cant This Be Love

I am surprised that Why Can't This Be Love is this high, but I'm glad. This is a very nice (also pretty catchy) song from Van Halen. Even though I love all their other songs as well, I always find myself coming back to this song.

The one that got me into Van Hale. This song is just epic.. The vocals are great and so is the music. I'm happy that this is in the top 10. For me, should be in the top 5.

Wow I'm not the only one. I mean I used to listen to Panama and Jump and to me they were just good songs but this one was the one that really got me in Van Halen and made love many others of their songs

9 Unchained

Jump will always win a popularity contest, and it IS a great pop song. But its not what VH are all about - raw, energetic and THAT guitar. Unchained is the perfect example.

Great Riff, best of the album, this band does not get credit, and gets branded as a pop band. This song ain't pop.

My favorite Van Halen song. Starts off with absolutely ripping guitar and DLR is at his finest on vocals and lyrics.

10 You Really Got Me

Tune is GREAT! Grew up with it! Saw V.H. perform at the Providence Civic Center in Rhode Island! Played this for my girl friend, Married shortly after! Still Love it AND my wife! So does she.

A classic for Halen. It really put them into mainstream radio and rock and it deserves it. This song is short, but it still packs a punch.

This is actually a cover song, originally by The Kinks and known for its riff. So I guess The Kinks should get most of the credits.

The Contenders
11 Jamie's Cryin'

Underrated song from the band. Alongs in the top 10 and has a great chorus. DLR does great on this song and altogether, it is a slower, sadder Van Halen song.

Highly underrated song

Such a groovy song

12 I'll Wait

Not my favorite but should be in top 10. "I'll Wait" was a nice contrast to the quicker paced hits on 1984. "Why Can't This Be Love" and "Beautiful Girls" are my top 2.

It's my favorite song from Van Halen, the rhythm is so catchy and really gets me in a good mood that it's imposible not to sing it. It's just great.

One of my favorite songs of all time. Absolute masterpiece.

13 When It's Love

This song is amazing, not their best but easily in the top 5's... The tittle and the synth intro make you think it's going to be a ballad, but after the intro you hear those kickass guitar chords that you can "headbang" to... Then the singing starts and its still heavy, but then the chorus catches you by a surprise since it's so beautiful, emotional and it sounds like a ballad... Such a masterpiece! The guitar solo is also pretty good... Great song!

Reminds me the most beautiful moments of my life.

Truly great song better than Jump believe Me.. !

14 Mean Street

This is beyond me that any true fan who can really appreciate the best guitar playing of eddie van halen can not realize how "mean Streets" was Eddie at his peak. Mean Streets is the best song of fair warning and fair warning is the least in the top 3 of van halen's best albums so how on earth can it be ranked at 15. Jesus christ Eddie van halen genuis is his guitar playing and jump is his synthesizer. Where are the true fans of van halen.

People who listened to more than three Van Halen songs know the entire Fair Warning album is the best material the band has released so far. "Mean Street" is a song with actual meaning, made to express emotions and not necessarily appeal to the masses.

WHAT THE CRAP, GUYS! Mean Street should be number 1. That's for sure. Why is jump number 1? Jump is gay. Nobody here knows what they're talking about except the 1% that had common sense and voted Mean Street.

15 Right Now

Beautiful song that makes you think about all that happens while we are busy doing something else... Not their best from the musical perspective but sure shows their talent with lyrics.

Another great one from Hagar. Great power ballad with its guitars, piano and lyrics. Probably the best song from For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, up there with Poundcake.

My personal favorite. Don't see why Hagar gets so much hate. This is truly an iconic song.

16 Dance the Night Away

1.Dance the night away the best of van Halen yeah man good track of a great album and it is awesome I absolutely love this piece of amazing music
2. Jump up Jump down so close so yeah I gotta Jump
3. Why can't this be love is the best Sammy song and it is
4. Dreams is a great song that is really good
5. Love walks in is about a alien
6. Right now is AMAZING
7. Top of the world is so good
8. Pound cake is really good
9. When it is LOVE
10. Can't stop loving you

How is this so low?! Eddie's guitar sounds better that it ever has on this song. It has a different more sophisticated feel to it and its hands down the best song on the best Van Halen album.

This, Panama, Jamie's Cryin, Take Your Whiskey Home, and Runnin With The Devil should be the top 5, and anyone who has ears should know that Jump shouldn't even rank near the top 10.

17 And the Cradle Will Rock...

I feel like this should be higher, quite catchy, hard-rock themed song and can be relatable to everyday lives.

Have you seen Junior's Grades?

18 (Oh) Pretty Woman

More than solid cover. To me it's better than the original. I love the intro. And how could we forget that amazing music video?

Used to hate this song, but I enjoy it now. Short song, great beats from it and the lyrics are very relatable.

What a catchy tune. Definitely deserves to be in the top 10.

19 Beautiful Girls

What the heck is this?! Sure it's not the best but it sure needs to be higher! Really catchy song that really puts you in a positive mood. Van Halen for the win!

This song is energizing and fun. Should be higher.

20 Love Walks In

True ballad from 5150, and is a dreamy, powerful single. Not as good as Dreams, but might be better than Why Can't This Be Love.

It's a very inspiring song.

I love this song

21 I'm the One

This is my personal favorite, albeit maybe not the best, but I love the hard rock sound. Definitely their hardest and fastest song.

What? Why this is so low? Doesn't people notice the awesome guitar work that's going on here?

22 Ice Cream Man

Great song that highlights their debut album. A bit underrated, and deserves to be in the top 10, definitely.

Why is this song not in the top5?!.

23 Everybody Wants Some!!

This song is so much underrated! Definitely the best VH song ever!

24 Little Guitars

By far my favorite Van Halen song. The intro has a lot of emotion and I particularly enjoy the guitar in the outro. It also has some 7/8 in the chorus which makes it unique

This is slightly better than jump and Panama. I know all three songs but the intro in this song is the icing on the cake

This is top ten! Way better than Jump!

25 Humans Being

Should be top 20. Best VH song ever. Combines metal verses with a rock chorus and solo. Apparently it was supposed to be a double release with a ballad called "Between Us Two", which was never released (but will be in 2018! ). Between Us Two was supposedly Van Halen's Stairway, and Humans Being is VH's Smells Like Teen Spirit in my opinion--it would've made a killer release, and probably would've kept Sammy in the band.

This is the song that got me into Van Halen, and rock music in general! A wonderfully dark rocker which showcased the mature side of Van Hagar in the late 90s and put Eddie's intense guitar wizardry center-stage once again.

Dreams was the most inspirational song my H.S. football team used with the highlight tapes, and I love it along with all of the late 70's and all the 80's VH songs, but this is number one for sure.

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