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Skullkid755 It was a normal day on Saturday. I was at my grandparents house, I did two things a lot. I used to start making video games easily, and I played my electric guitar unplugged a lot. Some of the riffs I played included Smoke on the Water, Iron Man, Smells Like Teen Spirit, American Idiot, some improvised riffs and solos, and Back In Black. I also went on Instagram. I was scrolling through the latest posts by people I followed when I found a post by Disturbed. It was about Malcolm Young. That was when I found out about his passing. I wanted to see if it was real, and it was. Malcolm, you were a great and inspirational musician and person who will be missed. I had to do a tribute to you here, and I chose to do a concept album for you. Here it is people.

Track 1 : As Seasons Pass (Aetherian) - Yes, I know melodeath might be a weird and out of place genre to put in an AC/DC tribute, but this song kind of works. Malcolm Young had dementia, a mental disorder that causes loss of memory. I'm kind of thankful to have diabetes, because I know it could be worse. Instead of finding out I had diabetes more than 2 years ago, something could have happened to me to cause dementia. Malcolm was also a survivor of lung cancer, pushing the reason for this song being hear further. This song is about carrying on and making it through hard times in your life. No matter how dark it is, you'll always hold up a light bright enough to make it through. That's what Malcolm Young did. That's why this song is in the playlist.

Track 2 : Highway to Hell (AC/DC) - No, I don't believe Malcolm Young is going to Hell. One, I believe he was to good of a person to do so. Second, I don't believe in Hell. But this is an AC/DC song, and if you're gonna be making a tribute to an artist, in some way include their original music in the tribute. So all of the even numbers in this will be AC/DC s**t. And this is one of AC/DC's most legendary songs. Also, it involves the afterlife which makes it work too.

Track 3 : To Live Is To Die (Metallica) - An instrumental song. It has very minimal lyrics, but the instrument playing still expresses the meaning of the song amazingly. Angry electric guitars and sad acoustic guitars portray what it's like to go through grief after losing someone you love and care deeply about beautifully. This is my favorite Metallica instrumental because of that. This song is probably gonna portray how Malcolm's brother, Angus Young, is gonna feel for a while. That is why I'm including this song in the playlist.

Track 4 : Hell Aint a Bad Place To Be (AC/DC) - Same for Highway to Hell. I don't believe in Hell or that Malcolm Young is a bad person, so I don't believe he's going inside the fire like David Draiman wanted someone too. But like Highway to Hell and Afterlife, this song involves the afterlife because it's a Hell song. And also, like HtH and the other even number songs on this post, it's by AC/DC. This Hell song is here because of that.

Track 5 : Afterlife (Avenged Sevenfold) - To Live Is To Die by Metallica is meant to go with Angus's feelings about his brothers passing. Afterlife by A7X is meant to go with how Malcolm might feel. This song is about dying and going to the afterlife, and wishing you were still alive and not accepting that you are no longer living. Malcolm is probably accepting of his death though, as he probably knew it was coming. His family was with him when he died, so it was probably a peaceful death and a non sudden one for him and his family too.

Track 6 : Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (AC/DC) - Multiple reasons for me to put this song here. AC/DC made songs about dirty stuff. They didn't do it for the money. So, Malcolm Young will be remembered for the dirty deeds he did that were done dirt cheap. That's why this song is here.

Track 7 : School Days (Chuck Berry) - AC/DC was a band that was as hard as a rock (pun intended). But AC/DC was also a band that was as rolling as a rock (another pun intended). I chose to put this song in the playlist because of three reasons. One, AC/DC is a rock and roll band to the members (they're hard rock but they consider their music to be rock and roll). Two, Chuck Berry was one of AC/DC's biggest influences. Three, without rock and roll their would be no rock. School Days by Chuck Berry is on this playlist because of that.

Track 8 : TNT (AC/DC) - The reason this is here is because of my opinion on Malcolm Young. In my opinion, Malcolm young was a TNT rhythm guitarist. In my opinion, Malcolm Young was a dynamite song writer. In my opinion, Malcolm Young was TNT, he was a dynamite musician. No need to ask why TNT is here because I already answered the question.

Track 9 : Phtograph (Nippleback) - Yes, I put a Nickelback song here. I know Photograph is a pretty soft song to put on an AC/DC tribute, but this song works. The song is about remembering memories you care about greatly. Their is two reasons this is a good song for a Malcolm Young tribute. His family and friends will remember the good times they had with him. And Malcolm Young had memory problems but still remembered the important things. So Photograph by Nickleback is on this tribute.

Track 10 : Let There Be Rock (AC/DC) - And after a song by p*ssies for p*ssies, we have a song by the opposite-AC/DC. Every member of the band, including Malcolm, said the same thing throughout their whole music career, which was let there be rock. Malcolm Young didn't want the band to disband after he got dementia, he didn't want it to happen before his death. He said "let there be rock". That's why this song is the closing track of the tribute album.

That was my tribute playlist for Malcolm Young after his recent passing. It's half various artists, and half AC/DC. Every song has at least one good reason to be on the playlist. But not every song has to be in your version of this. I recommend you make your own version. Different order, different songs, different reasons for the songs to be there. Doesn't matter, I'd respect it as long as it's a tribute to one of hard rock's greatest riff masters in history.


Great tribute. - ProPanda

Lovely - DCfnaf

Good tribute. I wonder what he would think - visitor