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1 Kasane Teto Kasane Teto is a singing synthesizer and virtual star. She appeared as a prank "new vocaloid" companion to Hatsune Miku on April Fool's day 2008. Even though she wasn't a real Vocaloid, her character was so catchy her fans never forgot about her. So her prank creators gave her a complete voice, using the freeware singing synthesizer UTAU. Talented producers were able to create vocals ranging from cute and lively to sincere to distressed. more.

Twin tornado girl forever. I will say, not all her covers are all that good, and she is a bit overrated, yes, but when you get someone like Tanjiro Taidana or Teto-Chan! (Both on YT) who know what they're doing, Teto can be quite impressive.

Teto has a beautiful voice and an interesting personality.
I think everyone can relate to her, she was made as an april fools joke and nobody took her seriously at first and now she's in Vocaloid concerts and everything.
I cosplay as Teto and Run a Google+ blog for her too!

Kasane Teto is my favorite and all, but remember fellow fans, give attention t lesser known UTAUS as well.

I'm biased for her (Love you,Teto! ); there are so many better than her. She's just a favorite whose popularity is deserved.

2 Uta Utane Defoko/Uta Utane is a voicebank for the UTAU program. She comes pre-installed with all copies of UTAU or UTAU-Synth. She is created by 飴屋/菖蒲 and voiced by AquesTalk.

I like defoko. Even though it looks emotionless, she looks beautiful and cute.
As a robot, he looks cool with a beret hat and is identical to his purple appearance. The robot's voice looks sweet, not inferior to Teto and Momo.

Default. UTAU wouldn't be the same without it. Still, I find her a bit hard to bring some emotion to the songs.

I love how he sounds

She's so precious!

3 Sukone Tei Sukone Tei also known as Scottei (Sukottei) is a female Japanese voicebank for the UTAU program. She is created by ミナツキトーカ and voiced by Futaba Kako.

Tei is completely fantastic! Her voice is amazing, especially in duets with MAYU and in "Declare War on all Vocaloid" She just wants to have recognition for her voice (and Len lol) and should definitely be the leading Utauloid. She also has a really cool design and she deserves to be more popular.

I love Tei because she sings so well and she is also beautiful! Plus she's a yandere!

Yandere... but I still love her contrast of being cute/adorable and simply merciless

4 Ritsu Namine Namine Ritsu (波音リツ) is a voicebank for the UTAU program. He was created and voiced by カノン (Canon)

He is absolutely awesome! Ritsu's voice is on par with a Vocaloid and is so amazing to hear even when it's robotic. One of the best UTAU's there is.

What am I looking at? A Girl wait it's a man! What am I looking at? Well I guess my female theory was wrong O-O

His personality sucks, but the beautiful voice makes up for it.

I love when he goes into KIRE! His voice is 10/10 It sounds gorgeous! And so powerful!

5 Ruko Yokune Yokune Ruko (欲音ルコ) is a voicebank for the UTAU program. They are created by LongSleeper and voiced by 日勝ゆう (Yuu Hikachi) (female) and 雷地ゆう (Yuu Raichi) (male).

His voice is just so POWERFUL! Like have you heard his cover of "Rolling Girl" or "Heart Democracy"? He is probably one of the most unique and realistic UTAUs right now! I can't believe Teto is at the top with her squeaky miku voice (Although I kind of expected it), but I really wish Ruko was as well-known as she was! (He's still super popular, but I definitely haven't seen HIM in a concert or project DIVA game! ). He will always be my favourite, along with his many amazing voicebanks! (PS his Whisper append is SO underrated! )

OMG. Ruko totally slays. While I will say some of the choices made in his character design are interesting (12 years old?Really?) I will accept it because his VBs are so good. There's a really good Meltdown cover on YouTube by Pigeon- Would recommend any Ruko stans.

I just feel like their voice is a lot more powerful than other vocaloids and utaus. And besides the sudden cutting off of words that all utaus/vocaloids have, their male voice bank specifically sounds pretty close to human to me. But that might just be me. Their "The Lost One's Weeping" cover was a lot more better than the original in my opinion. So was the Ruko version of "Ievan Polkka" was better than Miku's I think. Their voice just sounds great to me.

They have both male and female voice banks, which is amazing! Both banks are very good, although I do prefer the make one, because it sounds more 'rocky' in my opinion.
And their design, gosh, it's so cool! Overall, I simply LOVE Yokune Ruko! xxx

6 Momo Momone Momone Momo (桃音モモ) is a voicebank for the UTAU program. She is created and voiced by Momoko Fujimoto (藤本萌々子)

A soft, sweet tone of voice that can be either comforting or haunting in the right contexts, Momo is an extremely accurate rendition of her provider's voice, and deserves her spot as one of the most famous UTAU voicebanks.

I really like Kasane Teto but I enjoy hearing Momo momone voice to! it's so soft and very chilling to!

She sang the nyan cat song, so she automatically gets my vote!

She looks so cute and her voice sound so good!

7 Gahata Meiji Gahata Meiji (歌幡メイジ) was a Japanese female voicebank for the UTAU program. She was a collaboration with the Lifulu shop. Despite being inactive, she is still one of the more popular voicebanks and is known for being of high quality.

Ohhh, Meiji. It makes me so sad that she's discontinued, because I'm a newer fan who totally loves her, so she might go out of popularity, which is sad to think about.

Has a beautiful append range to choose from, Power banks like -Hunter- Sound absolutely amazing! Pretty much has any tone of voice to be used in any kind of song.

There's a reason everyone was sad when she was discontinued! Meiji's voice is smooth, high-quality and pleasant, along with her great design. and for those who are bummed about her, her voice lives on in Bibi Jyougasaki and Toujoh Wistaria!

Meiji's voice is just so interesting to listen to, especially her hunter voicebank.

8 Matsudappoiyo Matsudappoiyo (松田っぽいよ) is a Japanese male voicebank for the UTAU program. He is voiced and created by Matsuda Toki (松田トキ).

His voice is so special and realistic. I really like his design, especially blue painted nails. Properly my favorite UTAU ever! XD

I like him voice

He is adorable

Love that lad

9 Aline Enbukyoku
10 Komi Natsume
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11 Yamine Renri

Sweet voice, when I first heard someone's patchwork staccato's cover with her voice and, I genuinely thought it was a real person! Amazing voice.

Her voicebank is so far the best one I've ever heard. Even better than a lot of other VOCALOIDs, since she can sing so fluently, so realistic, so touching. Her voice is powerful, and I cannot understand why she is so underrated. If you're new to UTAUloid and want a good start, Renri is the choice.

The most realistic, beautiful voicebank. She has a calming, soothing touch to her voice. If you want to feel as if you're listening to a comforting Onee-san, Renri is the ONLY ONE to go.

I don't understand why she is higher. She sounds so beautiful and realistic,

12 Mawarine Shuu

Where do I start?!?! He sounds very realistic, and his voice holds so much emotion (especially in rolling girl). He can sing extremely high without squealing as well as sing like an octave lower. Shuu's voice slowed sounds amazing (refer to liar dance). In my opinion, his covers far surpass many of the vocaloids' covers because of how clear, beautiful, and realistic it sounds. Last but not least, he's really hot. Listening to "Villainous Self Riser" right now... I think I'm in love with his voice.

Kudos to the people who edit his voice into songs. Y'all rock!

Very powerful voice and his falsetto is great. I like his fluffy red hair and glasses.

Just listen to his cover of Rolling Girl and you will understand.

13 Rook
14 Macne Nana Macne Nana is a vocal developed for Mac computers for Reason and GarageBand. Her Garageband and Reason voicebanks were able to be ported over into UTAU, and later on, she was released for Vocaloid 3.

Macne Nana is the 2nd best Macne Family Member, making Petit Macne the first.

Well,I LOVE HER,she's pretty cartoony and has a touch of french style,also,she has her OWN series, no other utau or vocaloid has one,my favorite from the series is coco white and coco black! Their vocals are sweet and strangely remind me of chocolate! Macne Nana has a cute vocal too!,one of my favorites

15 Aiko Kikyuune

I personally love Aiko. She is like my idol, being the first UTAU I've ever heard. In some songs she's not very well tuned, but Studio VOXYZ is amazing at tuning her voice and I recommend checking out Coward's Waltz, Biohazard, Breaking Point and many more!

I love this one, even though she is made in USA, but I still love her voicebank!

Her voice is powerful.

She is best girl

16 Kazehiki Kazehiki (カゼヒキ) was a Japanese male voicebank for the UTAU program. He is voiced by くるくる数字. He is created by くるくる数字 and 心汰(m(shintaemu).
17 Hakaine Maiko

Maiko is an absolute g o d e s s and probably my favorite loid of all time. Her voice is really unique and also really realistic. Unluckily a lot of people try to make her cover normal vocaloid songs which doesn't work at all because she was made to do screamos.

As I metal lover I say HELL YEAH YA ROCK! Absolute number 1! Her voice is realistic and powerful, never enough of her screams! And her design is great too! Although she looks cute she still got those devil horns wich work great with her screamo voice! Too bad people use her in wrong genre most of the time which made her really underrated. Damn girl why are ya number 35?

I love Hakaine Maiko her voice is so strong and super hard core!you should really listen to Hakaine if you really love hard metal music! Another cool song that I'm sharing is a song song called Silver Shirley [SHEBA]the song is really Awesome and you should watch it!

Although she's a screamo, I love her!

18 Haruka Nana Haruka Nanase (春歌ナナ) is a Japanese female voicebank for the UTAU program. She is voiced by Nanahira.

I will admit I'm a shameless Nanahira fan, and hardware limitations aside, Nana delivers on the same loud, childish hype-y voice that her provider does. she's also just so darn cute..

I love nanahira, so the fact that she has an utau is just amazing! Her energy really shines through, and she's absolutely adorable!

Her voice is very cute.

19 Kai Kim

Kai Kim has one of the best voices for Utau I've ever heard! (Besides Ruko, dude he rocks) Kai Kim has such a neat design and personality!

Completely underrated; sounds gorgeous.

Favourite utauloid of all time, he is the best!
I wish he would a vocaloid and more famous

20 Karasu Yuusutkoe

I loved his Error cover, good tuners who know what they're doing can make masterpieces with his vbs. His English is also fine, in my opinion.

His voice isn't half bad, he honestly deserves to be up higher on the list.

21 Gekiyaku
22 Ooka Miko

She's good for background vocal.

23 Kasane Ted

A very good boi

24 Mine Laru

Wait a lizard! Ok we thought Kasane Teto was weird enough but now we get a lizard that learned to be a human and is now singing what this has no logic to it O-O

He is underrated. Just because his appearance is a furry (or maybe a scalie in this case?) doesn't mean he is a bad UTAU. I recommend giving a chance to RenjiTakuma's covers of him on YouTube.

25 Ama Shiine

She has a very wide range when it comes to singing high and low notes!

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