Top 10 Best Male K-Pop Rappers

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1 Suga (BTS) Min Yoon-gi, better known by his stage names Suga and Agust D, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer.

Min Yoongi is a bad MF. Besides having that "tongue technology" his lyrics hold deep meaning and a few are just straight forward for the haters who think he's too "sweet" to be on this list, not knowing he can also be a pain in their ass cause he can also be too far from the "suga". His flow game and how he approaches different kinds of beats is one of best, not many rappers take the time to learn their craft and they just butcher the beat, either the flow is too fast for the beat or they just ride the beat just straight. But Yoongi has a gift and talent of knowing how to switch flows and the type of energy that should go a long with it, even live he would switch it up after feeling what mood is set with the crowd. He's undoubtedly a talented and gifted rapper in the game.

Min Yoongi. Suga. Agust D. Whatever you call him, he is amazing. All of these rappers are amazing, and I would choose the whole BTS tap line if I could, but Suga is unbelievably talented. His flow is amazing, his "tongue technology" gets me every time. He can rap fast, and with emotion in his voice, and the lyrics that he raps are so meaningful or just beautiful and perfect like poetry. He works hard and has lots of talent, as he also produces and co-writes many BTS songs and can play piano. Props to Suga. So admirable.

SUGA is my bias since I became an Army. He looks so angelic and cute on and off cam as Min Yoon-gi and SUGA but when he change his character as the most savage rapper which is AGUST-D, he would became really different. I do believe that he's not just the most fastest and savage rapper but also the best producer. All of his produced music and lines are really bop and significant. My kind of NATION'S RAPPER.

Min Yoongi. Suga. Agust D. Whatever you call him, he is amazing.SUGA is my bias since I became an Army. He looks so angelic and cute on and off cam as Min Yoon-gi and SUGA but when he change his character as the most savage rapper which is AGUST-D, he would became really different. I do believe that he's not just the most fastest and savage rapper but also the best producer. All of his produced music and lines are really bop and significant. My kind of NATION'S RAPPER.Suga BTS who is actually a rapper, when asked why he did not get tattoos on part or all of his body like other world famous rappers, he said that "I think if I get a tattoo I can no longer be a blood donor," said Suga, it makes me love more Suga..Besides that Suga rap is insane, interesting although not too fast, since I became Army, I listened to Daechwita and saw Suga's cute video I can't believe that he is the same person who created Daechwita's song..he is the King, Agust-D , cute lil meow meow .. I like him

2 Rap Monster (BTS)

Rap Monster is one of the best idol rappers, if not the best, in my opinion due to his high versatility and flow. His ability to deliver in both Korean and English is especially impressive and his high IQ definitely plays a role in his extensive and wide vocab. He can easily switch from a laid back and Drake-like flow to a fast-paced and passionate flow like Eminem's. Of course, Suga and Jhope are also very impressive rappers. I guess BTS was just blessed this time-round in their rap game.

He is one of best rapper I know from South Korea. I think even though he has shorter/less breath capacity compares to his fellow BTS rap line, he is good at managing his pace and presented a great rap. He has a monster level of writing skill, so his lyrics was deep and smart. His English pronunciations is also one of the best for non native speaker in South Korea.

Philosopher, deep, raw, honest lyrics, word- play in 3 languages, flow, tone, beats, art, passion, power, change-ups, true rapper of our times! Don't care much for the high voiced rappers...RM= TRUTH + HEARTā¤

Probably my personal favorite rapper from bts, and of all time. He has a distinct style that draws you to his music which sets him apart. The "philosopher who raps" is honestly the perfect way to describe this man, he truly is remarkable at what he does.

3 T.O.P (Bigbang)

Literally on TOP..the lyric he wrote is in another level. Just like his passion in art..he always put some related to art in his lyrics...My heart always on TOP. I hope he comeback with his masterpiece again soon.

T.O.P. of Bigbang is one of the only rappers who uses his regular voice while rapping.

Deep voice, powerful lyrics, and amazing visuals.

He has a low, satisfying tone when rapping.

4 J-hope (BTS)

J-hope is one of the most underrated rappers in the game. The flow he has is undoubtedly one of the best in k-pop, not many people view him as one of the best but the reason they should is because his delivery is unique than most of the rappers on this list, just like T.O.P (Big Bang) who also has a unique voice that seperates himself from the rest and draws attention. J-hopes background is mainly dancing in hip-hop, which I also feel plays as an advantage to how he approaches lines and how he delivers. He's so entertaining in this rap game he'd have a chance in the U.S which I feel would accept him because of his uniqueness and talent in the rap game.

He didn't even come from a music background and held his own alongside two underground rappers who have already been honing their art since they were kids. J-Hope accomplished everything in just a few years from being just a street dancer to being an amazing rapper, producer, and song-writer with his own cool, funky style. Suga and RM are good rappers and producers, but J-Hope is much more well-rounded than they are. He's absolutely brilliant. Unacknowledged genius.

He was able to play with his voice tone and rhyme while rapping and almost all of his songs had positive message and are bright. He is also good in singing and has a unique style of music that is uncommon I'd say, but are great. Oh, he is also a great dancer, he is a all rounder.

J-Hope the most versatile, adventurous and experimental of the BTS Holy Trinity. He can go from Daydream to 1Verse in a drop of the hat, and from P.O.P to Cyphers in a heartbeat. I honestly can't see RM or Suga having that range in style.

5 G-Dragon (Bigbang)

G Dragon has been Rapping since he was a child of 6. His love of music and Rap is expressed in very piece of music he writes, arranges, and produces. Hid style, technique, and skill are unrivaled in the K music Industry. GD and TOP set the stage for modern K-Rappers! They created history with their style, flare and talent. When it comes to K Rappers there is no beating these legends. All other Kpop Rappers of the 3rd generation now enjoying popularity got their start because of this duo.

Him and top are the ultimate duo. bts are cool and all, I like them but big bang definitely have the stronger, more talented rappers. However, GD's devotion in particular is what makes me favour him over top, as mentioned in another comment he has written 2 songs everyday for 12 years and his songwriting skills are amazing. Big respect to GD.

Super talented person who can rap and compose his own music. A person who wrote 2 songs everyday since his 12 years. Who in their right mind can do that? He is Rap God.

Ji yong is a talented rapper who is a genius composer and everything! He is the perfect package when you say rapping needs good lyrics

6 Zico (Block B)

He has an amazing flow and comes up with his own music including his groups music and other groups music. Plus he's been around for a while and still owning it, all while acting like a complete cute dork.

I don't even know that much of his stuff, but I almost died from talent overdose whilst listening to Bermuda Triangle.

He has great pronunciation, great beat and one of the fastest rapper in South Korea.

Seriously, Why isn't he on the number 1 spot? He is so good.

7 Mino (WINNER)

He is the greatest artist with his lyrics, creativity and his definite style. he should be in top 5. unfortunately list not for real talents but for popularity by kids. even Gdragon is 11 unbelievable. Only one just watch him in SMTM or listen his XX and you will get just undoubtful pleasure from his rap. And also he is the best beatboxer in whole kpop.

As an underground rapper (HugeBoy) rapping alongside Zico, they trained together. His lyrics are top three the best and his rhythm is top tier. He is so versatile with his rapping. Keep at it Mino top three for sure

He was on Show Me the Money 4, where he won second place. He only lost because people were trying to support the underdog (competitor), Basick.

He isn't any worse than other YG rappers (CL, TOP, G-dragon, Jennie, Lisa) so I can't understand why his ranking is so low.

People vote be popularity. He is way better than Jungkook and Mark.

8 Tablo (Epik High)

One of the most underrated rappers in the rapping industry, please don't, he is the inspirations of the rappers in the top list. Believe me, Epik High holds the best rappers

I'm a born haters

9 Changbin (Stray Kids)

His flow and delivery is always outstanding. He tells a story when he raps. Rapping is poetry and Changbin is a poet. Not to mention he always gives us pure bars. He has the tone and energy rappers should have, he as his own style. He writes his raps, and works hard on them. He has a unique style when it comes to rapping, not to mention he has a beautiful way of demonstrating his style of rap. His transitions from rhyme to rhyme is effortlessly flawless. Changbin always delivers a message when rapping, instead of just rhyming on a beat. He sits and thinks about his raps. His voice suits literally any genre of music. Overall, Changbin is an excellent rapper. STAN SKZ! :)

He's definitely has a really great tone that truly separates them from all of these in the list. Lyrically, he's a genius that gives more feeling where it feels poetical many times in his songs. I know most of these in the list above him are voted by popularity but I'll put him in the top 5 myself for flow, lyrics, and power. But for a new names on this list, it's pretty good and he still has a long way to go anyway. Give him more years in experience and learning I think he would top his seniors. No hard feelings

He is the best rookie rapper by far, so just imagine him in a couple of years time - his flow is always amazing, he can rap fast and slow and make it sound great. You might know him to sound aggressive but listen to Streetlight and you will see the more emotional side of his rap.

Changbin's rap style is quite unique and in my opinion he seems to be far better than BTS (which only because of their popularity has put them on top of this). Not many people want to get out of their comfort zone to listen to other singers and Changbin with 2 other members produce music for their group which BTS doesn't really do

10 Chanyeol (EXO)

Honestly, he deserves better ranking. If you would hear his songs, you would realize that it is full of emotions. Making those songs a really touching one. And the song I'm specially referring to is Stay With Me from Goblin with Punch.

He should have ranked 3 at least . because I think his way better than j-hop. If someone is saying no to him I would say his probably dumb

Chaneyeol should be higher than 5 he has a good rapping voice and he has emotion and style while he raps he's the best I love him!

Really , Chanyeol's rap is the best .His recent song 'Tomorrow' is nice . He is even multi -talented . Chanyeol is the BEST..

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11 Kim Ji-won (Bobby)

He is beyond expectation when it comes to rap. He is all rounder, he can do vocals, he can dance, he is a producer, lyricist, and of course his rap is his masterpiece. He has a realistic and unique style when rapping. Still the best rapper.

We want rankings from the experts not from the fans. A lot of them don't know how to distinguish talent from one's being famous. This guy right here probably on the top when we talk about TALEN

Literally the best rapper. Lyrically the most skilled, closest to authentic hip hop and rap. His lyrics have differences and weight to it, other than the usual "I'm the best/we're the best". Underrated.

Most certainly a force to be reckoned with and he very well secures the top rank. His skills are beyond what I've seen any idol rapper possess and he's still so young. He's going places that's for sure.

12 Mark (NCT)

Mark is SM's best rapper. Before his debut, SM had been known for really bad rappers in their group, but Mark broke that rumor and is now the best rapper SM has. Especially being from another country originally, the fact that he can rap in another language is incredible. Mark isn't only SM's best rapper, but K-pop's best rapper. He seriously is the best, and if you don't believe it you're lying to yourself.

Hands down, the best rapper in SM and probably even all of kpop...this soon to be 20 year old raps, sings, and plays a significant roll in writing music. He is multi-talented and his flow is so good but underrated, Mark Lee needs to be recognized for his awesome ass raps.

Seriously mark in no 10? I'm not being biased but he really better than some people above his ranked including chanyeol,his rap is just fantastic, his voice is amazing for rapping

He deserves to be in the top 5 along with Yangyang and Taeyong. He has one of the best stage presence and I think he can really outdo BTS' main rapper.

13 Han Ji Sung (Stray Kids)

Han is definitely all rounder from his soft vocals to his rapping, I think that Han's vocals go great with his rapping because it's not so in your face. Especially when they are performing live because if you were a stay you would know that Han has really bad anxiety, if you have anxiety you know it is hard to talk or sing in front of large groups but he manages to to keep it together and does amazing.

Han really brings a fun side of rap, which is a nice contrast to Changbin's more aggressive style, but Han can also deliver emotion really well. Skz definitely have one of the best rap lines.

The glue that holds Stray Kids together. Both singer and rapper he can bridge the gap in any song.

Han can do freestyle rap really easily and he is very good at being an all-rounder. He can rap really fastly and hits high notes quite often

14 Jungkook (BTS) Jeon Jung kook was born in Busan, September 1 1997. His nationality is South Korean. HIs favorite number is 1. He is known as a South Korean idol singer, singer-songwriter, dancer, composer and producer. JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He think express color of Hip Hop is Black and Red. Jung kook's role model is G-Dragon. Favorite food is bread, pizza, and anything with flour, pork soup rice, sashimi, sea eel.

My bias is the golden maknae. He's really good at everything, and that includes rapping. Even though now he is known as a vocalist, there are some older songs that show off his rap skills.

Jungkook has very good vocals which makes his rapping soothing and not in your face.

Jungkook deserves to be placed higher..although he is the main vocalist with a beautiful voice his rap is no joke either..he is better than Sehun

Even Jungkook should've placed higher than Oh Sehun...

15 Jackson (GOT7)

I'd see him on the top 10 honestly. Yeah he's not korean but this man sounds fluent! Not only that but he can also rap in English. And that voice of his.. damn, love him!

Jackson should be in the top 10 list. I mean, cmmon, he's a non-korean idol, yet he raps fluently both in korean and in english.

Worth the top 10 vote

16 Jooheon (Monsta X)

Jooheon is a beast, he really deserves to be listed on here! His rap might not be that fast, but it's filled with energy and charisma, you could also describe it as aggressive. Overall, he's a really impressive rapper, please stop sleeping on him!

I honestly don't know why he isn't number one on the list he is literally the best I got attracted to monsta x cos of his unque skills. A true Legend I stan.

Jooheon is the most charismatic rapper, he always delivers a great performance and has great stage presence.

For me, jooheon's rapping style is the best. Why people out there sleep on his talent? I thought he is the best rapper among all of them

17 V (BTS)

The person that said "I see V I vote" is clearly biasing V, I understand that V is probably your bias but come on? He's not even a rapper.. gosh ARMYs step up your game. No hate to V but he's not even a rapper.

Not sure why he is on the list. But I see V and I vote. I'm assuming He's here because he's cute. Not much a of a Rapper yet but enjoys rapping.

I love himmm and also he is my first male favorite artist and I love you more any thing love you.

V has a very nice rapper,he is not only good at vocal but also good at rapping he also covered cypher pt.3.I think he should also counted at best rapper

18 Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

He's got his own style which can be distinguished from others and he stands out a lot He's got a great flow too..I find his rap very fun to listen to.

I haven't heard him rap a lot but I have heard some songs where he raps.. he is incredibly underrated as a rapper

He have good rap

19 Sehun (EXO) Oh Se-hun, better known mononymously as Sehun, is a South Korean dancer, rapper, singer, model and actor. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo and its sub-group Exo-K.

Look at every number after 11 on the list everyone under Oh Sehun is way more talented in the area of rapping.

I love Sehun! He is part of the detective team from the Netflix series busted!

Sehun... Is a great rapper... He is going great

20 I.M (Monsta X)

A style and voice like no other.

21 Ilhoon (BTOB)

An underrated rapper. His flow is amazing. Even with ballads his rap is so wonderful. H e truly deserves more.

Best Rapper with a true talent in composing.

His rap is really good, and I really like his solo debut song, he also can sing along with btob's vocal line

His voice is very unique

22 Kim HanBin (iKON)

Lyrical genius and storyteller. Even in his pre-debut days, he reached the final 8 of Show Me the Money-Season 3, a show wherein 1000+ rappers all over the Korea competed and it is a highly respected competition for all types of rappers. Is also the first contestant from the show to have topped the charts from his self composed and self produced song. Respected by YG producers for his producing talent, rapping skills, and showmanship. His rap itself is unique and his voice has tenacity.

Versatility at it's best. BI just knows how to switch flows and make them work with any instrumental given to him

23 Bang Yong Guk (B.A.P)

Yongguk has amazing talents not only in rapping but also in writing. He pours his entire heart and all his beliefs into B.A.P 's songs. He also has an amazing voice. The bass rapping is pretty special!

TOP was 1 in the other list though...

I think the fact that he was an underground rapper says enough

24 Key (Shinee)

Extremely talented and underrated. The strength behind Shinee.

A literal legend.

He is the best

25 Eunhyuk (Super Junior) Lee Hyuk-jae, better known by his stage name Eunhyuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer and actor.

He is too much good at rap.

He is a great rapper, better than those who people just think can rap

I miss you oppa

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