Top 10 Mistakes Fans Make Regarding Vocaloid

I do not mean to offend or make you sound "wrong" about VOCALOID, or anger you, I mean to point out these things but not in a bad way.

I made this list to be more informative, and ultimately let fans know more about VOCALOID.

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1 Thinking Rin and Len are twins or lovers

They're neither. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the concept of Rin and Len being twins was initially considered during their development but the idea was eventually scrapped. So they aren't twins, but they're not lovers either

When I first joined I thought they were twins for awhile until I found some videos. Turns out that their relationship is as much as a headcanon then Miku and Kaito's is.

They aren't lovers, but they are twins, it's just that they play different roles in different songs, so people may mistake them as lovers.

2 Mistaking a UTAU for a Vocaloid (Teto Kasane, Tei Sukone, etc)

This is understandable. There is barely any difference between Vocaloid and Utau. I love teto and it's great that she's a utau because it's free to use, so I could play with her voice bank. I've always wanted to

Someone should make a quiz of "Vocaloid vs Utau" Where you have to guess if its an unpopular vocaloid or a UTAU/Fanloid. I'd fail.

Teto being the CV04 Vocaloid started out as an April Fools joke, and then she got an Utau voicebank.

3 Pronouncing the names incorrectly

I used to think some of the names were pronounced with a silent E, until I learned how Japanese worked. When I first found out about VOCALOID I thought Miku's name was pronounced "Hat-soon Mike-OO" then my cousin told me the last part was "Meek-OO". THEN I learned how the Japanese language works. So when pronouncing the names, the I's are pronounced "ee" O's "Oh" and E's "eh" as in Bed. When a VOCALOID ends with "Ne" at the end you say "Nay".

OH MY GOD. There is nothing more frustrating than the fact that almost no one knows that it's pronounced REEN not RINN. Holy crap I cannot stress this enough. It sounds better with and ee sound and not a short vowel I. It pisses me off so much that almost no one knows this

4 Thinking the Vocaloid wrote a song instead of the producer

I wouldn't take this as an offense so please don't

People new to VOCALOID often don't realize that VOCALOID is a computer software and there are producers who write the songs.

I used to think that whoever created them wrote all their songs.

I was so stupid at the time. But I don't really blame myself as I had only heard the song "Miku" at the time.

This one is probably the most annoying, more annoying than the Teto one.

5 Taking common set personalities in fan fiction as how Vocaloid's personality is actually set

There's nothing wrong with using those personality's (I actually like it when KAITO is seen as dumb, but I see him as an awesome dancer because of all his fancy kicks and spins in PD) but some people take it as literate facts.

Nothing reaaally wrong with this one, but I guess if you want more accurate-ish personalities of some vocaloids, (like the crypton ones) look at like project diva X. because it's a game made by Sega, but I'm sure crypton pulls some strings to show off what they think everyone personality is

6 Thinking VY1 and VY2 have actual avatars set

VY1 and VY2's avatars that you see were winning entry's in a contest made by YAMAHA asking fans how they see VY1 and VY2 as human avatars.

7 Akidearist

Okay-here's a reason I put my ol' Aki on here.
I do like her, but here's ONE THING.
She's probably new to VOCALOID. Saying this because she thought that VY1v4(VOCALOID4 update of VY1) was an UTAU in her VOCALOIDvsUTAU video, even though she did already make a comment about apologizing for that mistake. You usually see Crypton Future Media's VOCA- actually, KAITO, Rin, Len, Miku and maybe Luka on her list and once or twice you'll see Gackpo or GUMI.
I'm not meaning to throw her name out, I do like her videos but I'm just saying, not everything she says about VOCALOID is true and you should take at least a little advice from her.
Otherwise, you should look at her channel!

8 Think Hatsune Miku is the first Vocaloid when Leon is

LOLA and LEON was first, Miriam was second, Meiko was 3rd, Kaito was 4th, Sweet ANN was 5th and Miku is 6/7th.

She's the first Vocaloid made by Crypton (Meiko and Kaito weren't always Cryptonloids), but the title for First Vocaloids goes to Leon and Lola.

I used to think she was the only vocaloid, so there really was no First and last for me

9 Mistaking Gackpo/Gackpoid's name as Gakupo

I still say Gakupo, but his actual software name is Gackpo or Gackpoid, which is derived(is that the word? ) from his voice provider Gackt. But there's nothing wrong about saying "Gakupo", I still do!

10 Seeing Neru as a Vocaloid

Before I say anything, Neru is accepted by Cryptin Future Media as a character, along with Haku.
Okei- Neru is a Derivative, just confirming that.
To see more Fanloids, go to Fanloid wiki

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11 Not realizing that Vocaloids are artificial voices

VOCALOID is a software used on computers, to make it sing. BUT, to provide that voice there's a voice provider. Example-Lily's voice provider is the lead singer of M.O.V.E, Yuri Masuda.

12 Think Hatsune Miku is the only Vocaloid

I used to think this until some dress up game I played did an event where you could earn Rin and Len outfits too.

It bothers me that no one knows about any of the others. I actually like Rin and Len more than Miku

13 Mistaken MMD Videos for Official Music Videos
14 Thinking that all Vocaloids are from the same company
15 Mistaking Zatsune Miku as Hatsune Miku's evil clone

Every Go! Animate user in a nutshell. She's just a fan-made voicebank edit of her. Nothing more, nothing less.

16 Thinking all Vocaloid are Japanese

While Japanese vocaloids make up the majority, there are Vocaloids for other languages too, such as Chinese, English, Spanish, and Catalan.

17 Not putting the names in proper capitalization

I don't really think this is much of a mistake. If you say "My favorite vocaloid is Kaito!" Everyone will know what you mean (That's in the fandom of course)

It's a stylization choice. It's not really a requirement when spelling their names.

You don't have to put their names in all caps, that's literally optional.

18 Calling Voicebanks "VOCALOIDs"

VOCALOID is the software you use voicebanks in. I never understood why people called voicebanks "VOCALOIDs" other than to refer to the character for the program.

19 Thinking VOCALOID is an anime

Now while some vocaloids do have short animations series (such as the vSinger vocaloids having 5 short animated episodes about them) Vocaloid is not an anime. It is a vocal synthesizer program.

Technically they're are VOCALOID anime. But they're mostly for the super obscure ones like Zunko. They're are also animated music videos such as Reboot by JimmyThumb-P which looks like an actual anime.

20 Saying Mew, Luka and Lily sound alike

Why is this even an option?
But is this seriously a thing? They don't sound alike at all.

21 Mistaking Fandloids (fanmade Vocaloids) as official Vocaloids
22 Saying Googoo888 made all the songs he/she posted

Every time I ask a Vocaloid fan who's their favorite Vocaloid producer they tell me Googoo888...Like whyy! that's stupid like everyone knows that those clips are from project diva *dreamy theater/arcade/arcade future tone/etc.* And plus it says in the beginning of the video who make it. - Umi

23 Thinking Len dies in all his songs
24 Calling Gumi “Megpoid”

Not really a misconception, it's an official nickname for her.

25 Giving KAITO the last name "Shion"

This is just a headcanon made up by fans because him and MEIKO are the only CRYPTON characters without surnames. He has no official surname.

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