Top 10 Tips for Learning to Play Guitar

The Top Ten
1 Learn to play your favorite songs
2 Practice every day

To a metronomo. Make yourself a routine. Just hold it for a month and see insane results.

3 Play it with your own ideas
4 Learn chords

For those of you who know that really talented guitarist Ashlee Juno who happens to play my favorite guitar brand, Fender, thanks to her I learned so many new chords when I was watching her tutorial on Ariana Grande's Right There ft. Big Sean and I'm learning and watching more of her guitar covers and I have to say, watching them looks a lot easier and easy to play. Like once, she played Luther Vandross's Always And Forever and I immediately knew most of the chords to play so I want to keep practicing guitar everyday so I can get a Fender of my own. When school starts back up again, one of my classes is guitar, so I'm super excited for grade 10! If you know Ashlee Juno, keep watching her covers and tutorials! She explains really well and has such talent in guitar playing!
Peace out!

Playing some chords may be harder. Especially if you play chords that having restricted strings. So you may want to mute some strings. I didn't know that technique. But when I saw some people doing it, then I realize how good it could be.

Just place a finger (especially thumb) on a string. It will mute the string. Even though its not a good thing. But it'll help you. Don't press too hard on the string when using this technique.

5 Watch lesson videos

Most impotent thing to expand your guitar style, very important

6 Watch playing & jamming videos

This is very important to see people just jamming,
If you keep watching, your influence your ideas will come together

7 Play scales

First time I heard about this it scares me of, it seems very complicated, I learn every thing but scales, but believe me they're easy
I start practicing scales after 5 months of playing guitar.
Learn one scale, any scale, it's gonna make you faster in guitar and more accurate.

8 Learn guitar theory

Start with knowing guitar notes in frets, start with the thickest string
If you finds it complicated start with chords

9 Listen to songs that have guitar
10 Go to a good teacher
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11 Practice in front of mirror
12 Create your own songs

This step should be after months of learning guitar
U can learn 2 or 3 chords & sing and make a song, but if you want to be a real guitarist add more, you can slide and bend and picking some suitable notes, try to solo
That's will improve every thing in your guitar learning

13 Download guitar ebooks
14 Choose your guitar pick

You want thin? , medium, heavy, extra heavy, extra thin?
Choose your style
For a beginner start with thin or medium because you wouldn't Solo and play scales from the beginning and that's require heavy picks

15 Increase your influences

Try to love all the rock bands and listen to them to increase you influence

Don't play pop music to much in guitar, they are only some chords and have little technique,you will find your self repeat what your doing guitar, but of course you should learn your favorite pop songs
Focus on high quality rock music with rich guitar playing

16 Focus on new things

Complicate your self, it may be ain't fun but it will make you better

17 Jam with someone

Very helpful, it's like doing home work with friends, sharing guitar theory and style is very helpful

18 Play all types of guitars

Electric, acoustic, bass, classic.
Try every thing

Playing bass and normal guitar (acoustic and electric) is quite different. in bass you will have problems with thicker and longer strings. but the bright side is it has only four strings.

19 Practice while standing

Pick a position when you are play. if you want to perform sitting then practice while you are sitting

20 Buy your favorite guitar

If you like ac/dc then buy gibson sg like angus young
If you like slash or jimmy page then buy gibson les paul

Or you can choose your taste by trying guitars
Gibson, fender, PRS, jackson, ibanez, Taylor all great

21 Work on your amplifier

If you play electric practice on the amplifier, try to get the best sound

22 Choose a genre
23 Rub your fingers on a table to avoid blisters
24 Study different guitarists
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