Top 10 Best 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) Songs

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1 Amnesia

Amnesia probably contains the most searing lyrics on the album. It demonstrates 5SOS' versatility. It blends well with listeners of any age, relating with teenagers who might be fresh out of a relationship, as well as older listeners, by taking them back to memories of heartache of dissolving high school romance. Instruments are noticeably not as prominent in this song as others, with the drums and guitars and anything practically non-existent besides the synthesizer, but Amnesia provides a refreshing change. The vocal performance makes up for it however, with true, raw heartbreak evident in their singing, proving them to be as reliable sources as anyone, seeing as they are young men who have probably been through problems like these before in their lives. The vocals are smooth and clear, but still with some raw and gritty emotional spots where their voice cracks.

I feel like there's a deeper meaning to this song, than the already emotional meaning of this song. I don't think I will ever figure out what that deeper meaning is. My simple brain is not able enough to process the clever ideas of 5SOS.

Just Perfect! Relatable, emotional, and mesmerizingly beautiful. The song drowns me. Really. Even a single hopeless romantic individual can understand the grasped concept of this song. Truly a masterpiece that needs to be heard by most. Keep up the good work guys.

This song I like and why? Because these boys sing it and joel and benji madden wrote it, I watched the video clip and listen to the sound track they are an amazing band. To me 5 seconds of summer are number one! Always!

2 She Looks So Perfect

When it comes to music, I find it ridiculous that anyone would care whether a song is "mainstream" or not. I judge the song on whether I like it or not, and if it becomes popular or mainstream, then so be it. That shouldn't make a difference in the whole picture. You can like or dislike this song, but I love it for it's catchy beat and cuteness. I've heard a lot of people say there's not as much depth in the lyrics, but personally, I love the lyrics,
"Let's get out, let's get out
'Cause this deadbeat town's only here just to keep us down
While I was out, I found myself alone just thinking
If I showed up with a plane ticket
And a shiny diamond ring with your name on it
Would you wanna run away too? "
I can't explain it but that part gives me the feelings.

I really love this song and 5sos too. And the quote in it "If you don't swim you drown but don't move honey" is awesome Luke and Michael are so good and Ash and Calum are also good keep on going 5sos... and now the news of derp con with 5sos is also coming in LA...

Don't lie; regardless of whether or not it's "mainstream", it's catchy, fun, and a great song overall. It's certainly not their best, but it's not their worst either. Now stop trying to make yourself sound special by saying you don't like it.

It's like a musical anthem to me. The best song of this period. The lyrics are the best and very catchy and very attractive. I've also sung a cover of this song... I just love this song.

3 Jet Black Heart

Jet Black Heart is instrumentally and lyrically beautiful. It paves a pathway to 5 seconds of summer's more maturer sound, and reminds you that a pop-punk ballad can still be effectively emotional and heartfelt. Jet Black Heart diverges a bit from the other, I guess, more predictable songs such as Invisible. It keeps the tempo upbeat, but mellower and emotional. They're not writing/singing pre-produced cheesy love songs. They write straight from the heart, and manage to mix their experiences in. Jet Black Heart re-introduces mid '00s pop punk sounds into a new generation where it has long disappeared, being replaced by more generic electronic pop music. The instrumentation and production blends well with the vocals. Had this be the early 2000's, it'd be guaranteed that JBH would earn a top spot on alternative rock radio stations. It's sad to think that now, songs and sound like this are ignored, and get lost amidst of all the mainstream, generic and repetitive pop music. Jet Black ...more

This was a really hard decision because, lets be honest here, 5SOS has plenty of amazing songs. And while Amnesia, Heartbreak Girl, Airplanes, Beside You, She Looks So Perfect, etc. are among my very favorites, I don't know. Jet Black Heart just gets to me. Being a nerdy girl whose love life revolves around books and T.V. shows, I don't usually personally relate to a lot of love songs (although I do relate them to my ships (no, I don't mean actual boats)), but this one goes deeper than that. Mix the meaningfulness with an overall beautiful song and well, it's won me over.

Jet Black Heart is a tear-jerking song that reveals their struggles, and their problems. It is an anthem for anyone who suffers from depression, anxiety or any mental illness... Especially when that ruins a relationship. The song starts off very sad... But by the end, it gives us a reason to "start again" it gives us hope and shows us that we aren't alone in this struggle.

Everything, literally everything, in this song is so on point. I love the instruments, I love their voices, I love the lyrics, I love the meaning, I love everything about it. this song is the best song on the album. its sad that this song is a under appreciated lil bit. I think this song deserves to win a medal on the Music Industry Olympics.

4 Good Girls

This song is by far the best on the album, maybe the best by them. The lyrics are so catchy and genius really. I've been listening to these boys for almost 2 years and this has been my favorite song since it came out.

#5? This song deserves a place in top 3. It's just Perfect! I've been listening to them since last two weeks and I can't stop listening to this song over and over again!

In love with the tune and the empowering lyrics! Literally shove the lyrics to anyone's face who has ever told me to be just like one of those "Good girls" haha

This is the song that got me into 5sos, and is also true! I wasn't the biggest fan of SLSP when I first heard it and this song totally converted me to a 5sos fan, so I really feel it should be in the top 3

5 She's Kinda Hot

Once you get over the song name, She's Kinda Hot is a pleasant surprise. The first couple verse are verses that need more insight however, and can easily cause a first time listener to narrow their eyes with doubt, with lines like "my girlfriend's bitching cause I always sleep in. She's kinda hot though." These verses, surprisingly, are mocking how society acts, and is evidently telling you how NOT to be a human being. It proves not to be about hot controlling girlfriends after all. SKH is really an introduction to 5SOS' more maturer sound. Rebellious and quirky, it serves as a rally cry for disenfranchised kids, with the infamous "they say we're losers and we're alright with that. we are the leaders of the not coming backs, but we're alright though." Joining together misfits and outcasts and anyone who doubts themselves, it shows how everyone is linked together and worth it. Basically, it's telling anyone who says something along the lines of 'no, you can't make it'. The song brings ...more

This song is so original, and has a great sound! They brought back a older sounding rock, and I'm in love! The vocals are great and the lyrics are catchy!

It has a fantastic pop punk vibe and the way the song is put together is so much fun as opposed to verse chorus verse chorus etc.

Great lyrics that they wrote themselves. A rocky, punky feeling to it that really shows that they aren't a bubble gum boy band.

6 Beside You

I really can't even explain how good this song is. Every time I heard the intro I get emotional. The lyrics is so honest and the bass and drums are just perfection. I can't believe that the guys wrote this song long ago because it's my absolute favourite, and have been for at least 2 years.

I love the beat at the beginning. It's insanely creative and original. I love the feel of it. It feels very genuine and heartfelt. I love Jetblack heart. It is a beautiful, emotional and deep song but I prefer this one a bit more because of the beat and how vulnerable they sounded.

This song is so beautiful. A lot of people could relate to this song for so many different reasons, which I love. The words to this song along with the melody are just perfect. This song should by #1 for tons of reasons.

This song is so relatable- whether you are thinking of your crush, boyfriend or girlfriend, this song will comfort you; not to mention how amazing the boys singing is.

7 Heartbreak Girl

I feel like everyone can relate to this song, as everyone knows the feeling of the friendzone. At the same time it is catchy and one of those songs you can listen to repeat on ages and not get bored of.

Back when I was rejected by my crush, I was always hoping that some guy would sing this to me. Even though I'm dating now, I still love this song.

This song is my favorite because it is different than their other songs. It is relatable and fun to listen too. Overall, A great song!

It was the first song of 5sos I'd heard and I fell in love with this band. The lyrics are so relatable. I really enjoy singing the chorus.

8 Heartache On the Big Screen

The lyrics are quite poetic in its way, with a clever metaphor of love and relationships. The metaphor compares dating and relationships with movies and television. It shows heartbreak, true love and a relationship gone wrong through the lyrics describing a scene flubbed up in the acting world.

I'very been playing this song on repeat for 2 MONTHS now and I still can't get enough of it! I'm still waiting for 5sos to make a bad song but I guess that day will NEVER come

I don't know why I love it so much, but it's gotta be one of their best!

I love this song so so much! It's amazing, they're such good writers and singer :D and Luke said it was his favorite out of the album. Same Luke same

9 Don't Stop

Love this song, it's ridiculously catchy! Also love how the video doesn't really relate much to the song! It's super weird but cute and that's our boys!

Love this song, love there music it's amazing even the music video super heros keep up the good work!

I love this song so much! It's my favorite 5sos song! It just makes me happy when I'm upset.

Yes, we all love it when the boys rock it out, but I liked how they slowed it down a bit!

10 Wrapped Around Your Finger

Wrapped Around Your Finger is all around beautiful, vocally, instrumentals, and lyrically. While somewhat repetitive, the song is truly beautiful, slow and soft but still quite rocky. The hook is well written, pulling you in. The chorus is drawn out and lovely, with and equally as beautiful and strong guitar solo amidst the singing. The harmonies are beautiful, voices a topping each other with great balance. The songs outputs a story of young love, complete with the loving adventures and rendezvous.

Undoubtedly my favorite 5SOS song of them all, I love the melancholic vibe it has, the guitar solo is really catchy, Luke and Michael's vocals are beautiful on this track and the lyrics get me every time. It's just so underrated, I just wish WAYF would be better known. Even some 5SOS fans don't know the existence of this song, that's a pity.

Perfect. Absolutely perfect. One of Michael's favorites and one of mine too. The best thing about this song is seeing the emotion Michael puts into it live!

WHAT! How is this marked so low? I think this is one of 5sos' best songs, and it Michael's favorite as well. I think this song has a lot of meaning to it.

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11 18

18 stands out on their debut album, it debuts their style. It's lyrically witty and funny and shows 5SOS' own cheeky thoughts as teens themselves, a catchy ode that displays the frustration of waiting for adulthood, for full responsibility and independence, all in the p.o.v of any teenager. It shows the rally cry of children wanting to grow up, to leave their childhood behind, to go on adventures and have the chance to love and to dream and to experience life. The song is snappy and quick, full of snapshots of 5SOS' teen humor, with memorable, cheeky lines.

This song is amazing but it's a shame they can't play it now because Luke is 19. Oh the tears! A great and funny song which should be appreciated a little more.

I love this song so much! It's catchy and just makes me wish the boys were all 18 again. It's amazing, why its number nine? Don't know

This song takes the more comedic aspects of bands that 5sos look up to like certain ATL and blink songs, and is one you can get up and dance to! It's definitely one of my favourites, and a shame they won't be playing it at ROWYSO

12 Long Way Home

This song should definitely be in the top 3. absoultely love everything about this song! Its catchy, has a nice beat, the vocals are amazing and it has great lyrics as well. if anyone who has never listened to 5sos asked me to recommend a song, I'd choose this one.

This song is so perfect every time I listen to it I want to dance and to smile and to cry at the same time. And also I love 5sos

This song just.. Speaks to me! It has soulful, relatable lyrics, strong harmonies, and yeah!

This and Beside You are the most beautiful songs 5SOS has. Should be ranked higher.

13 What I Like About You

I feel like this song really doesn't get enough credit, I know 5sos didn't write it, but they're voices work really well with it and it fits in with their style beautifully. It's a great old classic that they revamped and made their own.

They play this song for ne every time I go to the local skating rink. All the younger kids know to get off the floor and its all the fast skaters while this is on.

This song is amazing. When it came out I must've listened to it on repeat for over 6 hours.

I love this version can't stop listening it! This cover will always be my favorite.

14 Disconnected

Disconnected basically shows 5SOS' frustration with the high-tech world, and telling users to take a break for a while. Countless conversations and relationships are interrupted, and time is wasted through technology. It's telling you to experience life in the present, not through any screen.

This should be at the top. The boys made numerous attempts at telling fans to put down their phones at concerts, and to just generally leave them at home. They want fans to enjoy the moment and that's why this song is special to hem too

This song should be WAY up at the top. It's lyrically unlike any other song they've made, and is one of the few songs that you don't get bored of when you listen over and over. The guitar sounds great too.

This song has definitely been my fave since day one. I've been in love with their music for about 2 1/2 years now and I still love this song and still I'm not over it.

15 Everything I Didn't Say

Honestly, I think this is one of the best songs EVER, not just the best 5SOS song. Man, the feels! Even though Wherever You Are is perfection itself, this will always be my 5SOS song, because the chorus is SO INCREDIBLY AMAZING, and this is the song that actually got me into them.
So I totally recommend that you give this one a try, because IT'S PERFECT!
#5SOSfam forever!

This song has a lot of meaning to me, it should be marked higher. It's such a beautiful song.

Wait, don't tell me heaven is a place on earth. But it surely is here, somewhere in the crowds of a 5sos concert

This song deserves a spot in the top 5. So underrated.

16 If You Don't Know

The best song they've ever made. The lyrics to this song is genius and it really shows how great their voices and ability to made great songs are. Should be number one.

This song is so heartfelt, and I bet we can all agree that Cal-pal has a perfect solo in this song. Even though not many fans know this song, those who do love it!

One of their best songs. Everything about this song gives me chills. Probably one of their best written lyrics are in this song.

This song is by far top 3. I love all of their songs but I could listen to this all day. the lyrics are beautiful and calum in the middle verse is amazing.

17 English Love Affair

I'm terrified to play this in front of my parents considering it's one of their most sexual songs, but I love it anyway. All of their songs have a different sound and they all sing in this one. Plus, Michael wrote it and Ashton has a bomb ass solo.

I LOVE this song! I played it in front of my parents and they did not like it. But of course I still love it!

ANother favorite of mine with innuendos in the lyrics and amazing lyrics.

I like this, but it's a little to dirty... Because if my parents saw this on my playlist I'd be dead

18 Lost Boy

I have loved this song since the first time I heard it on the album and immeadiatly crowned it as my fave! It shows the true pop-rock face of 5SOS! It and Rejects and Kiss Me Kiss Me should be WAAAY higher!

Best song ever it should definitely be higher!

Lost boy is so emotional I love it so much because Luke is the list boy he even said it himself

19 Social Casualty

This song reminds me of my life. I think most people can relate to this song. I feel almost sad this isn't popular. If it was popular it would be overplayed and ruin the meaning of the song to me.But, a song doesn't have to be popular to be amazing like this one. So for everyone out there that this song is their favorite 5sos song, they have really good taste. Also the guitar solo is amazing, and it's my favorite part!

I really love this song because the lyrics, the vocals, just everything. Especially since this song (and Rejects) stands out more to all their songs lyrically. Because the boys wanna be "punk rock" and although they are more pop punk, it really does bring out the whole punk-ish vibe that they tend to aim. Just proves that they're more than just some teenage boys who write cute songs about girls. Really great song along side all their other ones.

I absolutely love this song! It's one of my favorites by 5sos! It's really catchy!

You mean the song in which they stole the riff from sugar we're going down?

20 Try Hard

I love this song because it was one of their first and they sing about trying hard for a girl and I believe they did try hard cause Luke was and still is insecure, I don't know it just seems like they did. It's one of my favorite songs...

This is literally the best song by them! The lyrics are perfect, the drums and guitar are awesome, its not mainstream, and they all sound like angels! I love Luke's solo too! I mean, I can see how not true fans would pick amnesia or slsp but I'm a REAL fan

This is the song that made me start liking them! I love the lyrics and how Luke sings in this is amazing.

This is like their best ever song! Try hard deserves more than 8th.

21 Kiss Me Kiss Me

I used to listen to this song when I was like 6 & I still listen to it now. will always love this song.

I love this song~3 it should be higher it's so pretty and is the perfect teenage "summer love" song.

22 Voodoo Doll

!? Voodooo doll at 37... I can't believe... It's good enough to replace amnesia... This song has the best chorus turning
... The beast I've ever heard... This song has pain... Sadness... But it makes me feel so good... I'm addicted to it..

WHAT? This should at least be number 10! I don't like the album version, but the one mic one take on YouTube is the best EVER!

This song definitely deserves to be higher... At least in the top 5. It's so catchy, I'm totally obsessed!

Why is this song no. 30?!? This is one of the best songs it should at least be in the top 3!

23 Hey Everybody

It's great that they have a song different to what everyone else is writing about, also it's a good inspiration as they came from a small garage band.

It's so relatable and with an amazing band like this it's so hard to pick a favorite but this one I think out did itself!

Best song in the world should be number one 1, go away amnesia.

I dislike 5SOS. They are bascically if Green Day met One Direction, and I mean trilogy GD. But this is awesome. 5/5

24 I've Got This Friend

I have many favourite 5sos songs but this was one of the only ones I didn't see already on the list. Whenever I hear this song, I just burst into a smile. I always turn to this song when I'm having a bad day. So yeah...

This song is so sweet and I could see myself singing along to this every day. I wish they would release a studio version on SGFG.

This is such a cute song. I love it

25 Money

I love their new album! They've progressed so much in their song writing skills

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