Full-fledged List Analysis: Things Wrong With The United States

NuMetalManiak Oh look everyone, a new post series from me! Wonderful! You may be wondering why I do this, but time after time I look at lists that just scream controversial and want to just comment about everything. In other words, I look at every item on the list to see what to comment on and what not. So I decided, why not make it a post series where I offer my opinions on everything on a certain list. Notice the keyword, opinions. Yes, expect some opinions here you just might not like, and comment if you want. This will likely be a weekly ordeal or something along the lines. So what we will do first is the list known as Things Wrong With The United States. This should be fun, correct? After all, I am an American, haunted by things people say about my country and the future which is largely gonna be a stake soon.

1. Racism: Let's start with the racists. Yes, racism is clearly running about and this is certainly something wrong. The US has the most racism out of every country it seems, but this should not rule out other countries, where racism has in fact been much worse. Much of the racism here is combated with protests, most of which aren't entirely harmful.
2. Donald Trump: Glorious, the current president is #2 on the things wrong with the states. Honestly though, he is definitely not the best presidential candidate and ESPECIALLY not the best Republican candidate, but he won regardless. 11 months after he was elected and people seriously still are not over it. The worst part is, come the next election, media will continue to hate not just him (assuming he runs a second time) but basically any candidate they could. Honestly, I'd give it three more years before I start judging him right now.
3. Violence: Yep, agree with this one, again don't rule out other nations though. Apparently a Vietnam veteran commented on this one, although he missed the point when commenting on the item itself. As far as violence goes, it's a problem everywhere, but there are always safe places to avoid them when you can.
4. They Think They Are The Only Country On The Planet: As opposed to the other nations who were stronger than America at a certain time?
5. Lack of Respect: Happens everywhere, again America is hated for it because it is most frequent here, but again, there is a supreme amount of disrespect towards America by angry non-Americans.
6. Too Much Taxes for the Poor: The poor need to fend for their families so it would be wise for them not to go bankrupt because of taxes. I can agree on this.
7. Anti-government movements: Oh yes, if you don't like the government, you have to be a part of a movement against it. What concerns me is how much it all grows. I think a better option is to move to a different country if you don't like how the government plays things out.
8. R&B Hip Hop and Rap is More Popular Than Rock: THIS is a problem with the US? Really? So what? Is it NOT a problem if it happens in another nation? What a pathetic item.
9. The Current Economy: A hard subject, I for one know very little about the economy, but if it really is what we rely on the most, we need to focus on it.
10. 2016 Presidential Candidates: This is #10, after 11 months. Seriously, get over it.
Newcomers. CNN and Black Lives Matter: I can agree on BLM mostly because of how the most radical ones fight for black supremacy rather than racial equality. Not sure on CNN since I avoid watching news most of the time, but if they are as liberal as they are in this capitalist nation than clearly they are a socialist news network.
11. Too Many Liberals: The most liked comment here is right, it is actually too many progressive fools, also known as regressive progressives. These are the ones who want the US to change for their own selfish desires. In a way, the modern rightists are more like actual leftists, despite what the progressives think.
12. Fat People and McDonalds: An awful stereotype perpetrated mostly by non-Americans. Just because your country isn't the fattest doesn't mean everyone here is fat except you.
13. Political Correctness: Combine this with the progressives I mentioned in #11. Add to it a spice of people who think they know everything about the government and you have somebody you just cannot talk too, because they won't accept your viewpoint at all.
14. Sexism: I think the big issue is too many women complain of being treated wrong, even though a good amount of them up to that point lived their lives perfectly fine. And why do women not get a whole lot of positions in workplaces? Maybe they lack experience or something. The feminazis, in other words. Of course, there still do exist terrible groups, so this item is not entirely in the wrong.
15. Discrimination: Basically this is a combination of Sexism and Racism, with a dash of Religion and Political Correctness and a few other things.
16. Gay Marriage Not Legal In Most States: I though Obama already did something about it? I'm for the rights of course, but if it's a problem in your state, again, move to another one.
17. Troubled Youth: I like this item a lot, it could mean any number of things. Scared children? Delinquents?
18. Too Much Money Spent On Lobbying: What is lobbying?
19. Intolerant Religious Right: They exist but I think they don't actually control the Republican party at all. In fact, they are most likely a minority group, obviously for a good reason.
20. They Don't Respect Other's Beliefs and Cultures: Ugh, another terrible item, and one that actually reflects countries outside the US more than it does the US. This country is a melting pot full of people of many different backgrounds, most of the time we all get along. But if I were to move to another country, would I actually get that kind of treatment right away?
21. Barack Obama: One person is a thing wrong with the states, and it is a former president. Maybe he left a legacy or something, he had a number of successful things happen in his presidency. One of them was NOT Obamacare, however.
22. Lil Kids On Xbox Live Thinking They Have Skills: Another misconstrued item that would actually be more reflective on a global list instead of an anti-American one. Whoever put this item clearly thought this was something that is wrong with America as a whole, yep.
23. They still think Germans are Nazis, although there are more Nazis in the US than in Germany: The group is a minority, obviously for a good reason. But I do not think that every German is a Nazi. What about those German Jews in WWII that got put into camps like the others. The Americans who think that Germans are Nazis obviously do not study history, but most American school kids do and don't think Germans are all that bad, especially after the World Wars were over.
24. Complaining: happens everywhere, not just here. Although the anti-government movements here are the worst case.
25. They try to police the world: Only the government does. The people of this nation need to limit the government more.
26. Rock Stars Don't Ever Get On the Billboard Hot 100 Anymore: This is a problem?
27. Death Penalty: One commenter said that 30 other countries utilize it, so I don't see the problem. If a heinous individual commits a notoriously terrible crime, they deserve to be cut off from this mortal coil for what they did.
28. People are Easily Brainwashed by Politicians: I'd say people are easily brainwashed by their preferred media outlet, actually.
29. George Bush Was Elected President: Other than invade Iraq, what else has he done that is so heinous?
30. The Ku Klux Klan: Another minority group. They don't even hold political power from what I know, and if they did, they would be lamented into submission regardless.
31. Increasing Irreligion: I don't know how to interpret this. Intolerable religious people? Rise in atheists? We have a right to religious freedom anyways
32. Obamacare and Other Things That Rob the Middle Class: I am middle class and I didn't like Obamacare.
33. They Are the Most Popular In Everything But They Contribute Lame Ideas, Music, Etc: Other nations have contributed much of their fare share too. Britain? Japan? Lame things exist everywhere, not just in America. We are so populated, that's why we are popular (shades).
34. Abortion: This is certainly not the biggest issue with the states and I'm certain it is a lot worse elsewhere. Pro-life here, even if the baby comes out wrong there is a decent chance it can be taught right.
35. Poverty: It's bad in a lot of areas here, I agree.
36. Cussing: WHAT ABOUT EVERY OTHER NATION. Or what about the many people on the internet?
37. Not Enough Diversity: It's the other way around
38. People Being Negative About the United States: I'd definitely say this is one of the things wrong. Whether they are a foreigner always being hateful or a disgruntled American youth who wishes to be rebel. And there are the stupid memes that are completely anti-American and such. Please, if you have nothing good to say about the rest of us, refrain from saying it.
39. Ignorance: Applies everywhere, not just here.
40. High Taxes: This is basically #6.
41. They Don't Admit What They Had Done Wrong In the World: Already commented on this one, and my point still stands.
42. Government More Powerful Than People: Yeah, we should be LIMITING the government, not FEARING it. But of course, this country isn't actually a dictatorship unlike other countries, so it's less of a problem here.
43. Greed: One guy said it, it's a global problem.
44. No One Cares About Each Other: Right, just like the people who complain about the United States from inside and outside. All care only about themselves.
45. Hitchhicking: First of all, it's Hitchhiking. Second of all, this isn't even an issue
46. Nationalism: But how else are we to show we are Americans? Really, other nations nationalism is considerably worse.
47. They Have the Worst Kind of Video Games: This is a problem? And we have Valve, Rockstar, Naughty Dog, just to name a few.
48. Illegal Immigrants: My opinion is that immigrants should be naturalized citizens if they want to stay here, so yes, this is a problem.
49. The President: Amazing, this item is below two of the most recent presidents. Everyone just has to hate on whoever is president, shows the anti-American nationalism of some people.
50. Too Many Youtubers: Really?
51. Lack of Tolerance for Other's Opinions: I think I talked about this one in #5
52. Hillary Clinton: See #10.
53. Corruption: Agreed, especially with progressives running amok.
54. Too Much Fast Food: What is the deal with everyone hating fast food? If people want to have a quick bite to eat at such a restaurant, let them.
55. They Have Weird and Inappropriate Laws: I commented on this one. At least all 50 states allow you to chew gum.
56. Women Not Getting Paid As Much As Men: A lot of jobs, regardless of sex, have been having higher wages lately, and I think those who do a good job ought to get paid more. A sexist item.
57. Michael Moore: literally who?
58. Gun Control: Guns aren't the problem, the people using them are. Taking guns away will only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to keep themselves alive in the event of another crisis. For this issue, gun control really does have a no-end-all solution.
59. Indian Reservations: Already commented on this and it is seriously not an issue.
60. They Call You Dumb and Stupid If You Don't Understand Them: So do you non-Americans if we can't understand your viewpoints.
61. Lots of Hatred With Each Other: Yes
62. They Think That They Are a Good Country and Criticizes Other Countries For Being Bad: Uh no, most of us would agree to help other countries instead of criticize them.
63. Democrats: Not all are bad
64. Being Born As American Citizen But Your Parents Are Both From Other Countries: More of a personal problem than an actual problem with the states as a whole.
65. Full of Idiots: But other nations have every single person as super smart?
66. They Think That They Are Great by Bombing Japan, Iraq, and Joining With Other Countries Like South Korea In a War: Bombing Japan in WWII happened at the tail end of the war as an ultimatum for them to surrender. Who started it? Obviously not us when Pearl Harbor itself got bombed.
67. Homophobia: Happens everywhere and is a bigger problem in other countries moreso than America.
68. Can't Control Obesity: This is a personal problem.
69. They Change the Name of Asian and Other Countries and Nations Into American Names: Would the same thing happen elsewhere?
70. Justin Bieber: I commented on this one already.
71. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals): Not only a US thing, yes.
72. Getting To Choose Which Gender Your Baby Is: This is a problem?
73. They Experiment With Their Own People: Isn't this what the Nazis did during the Holocaust?
74. Poor School System: This is a hard subject but I know that education isn't free here.
75. American Heroes Are Always Assassinated: One guy already commented on it but this is more of a problem with the assassins themselves.
76. Gay Marriage Legalized: Literally the opposite of #16 and not a problem for me.
77. Girl Got Pregnant At Minor Age: Is this really a problem with the US as a whole?
78. America Is Spoiled: No we share a lot of resources with others. We just have a lot, that's all.
79. The Republican Party: Stop hating on political parties. There's a reason they exist.
80. No Metric System: We still study it in schools anyways, so big deal.
81. United Nations Is In Their Country and It Favors United States In All Factors: Why the jealousy?
82. They Created Things That Can Make the World Worse: Well so have others. You can argue that anything made by anyone in this day and age is making the world worse. Old fart logic at its finest.
83. They Do Things Just to Be Known: See #78.
84. They Hate U2, Bono and Other Political Bands Because They Want to Do More Bad Things: Yet another stupid item. No, we do not hate all of these bands, just some of us. And we don't do bad things all the time.
85. It's Too Religious: As opposed to the more religious countries? Like the ones in the Middle East?
86. More Incarcerated People Than Anywhere Else: Alright this is true, because there's more crimes of course.
87. Different Spellings: Not even close to a problem.
88. Contemporary Music: Really?
89. They Want Everybody to Believe In Them As They Know the Best But Actually the Worst: This item has terrible grammar and doesn't even make much sense.
90. Too Much Commercialized But Generic Music: THIS IS A PROBLEM??
91. They Have the Worst Incidents of Riots, Accidents, Terrorist's Attacks, Etc.: We tend to have the worst PUBLICIZED attacks on our soil. We get coverage the most.
92. They Are Very Envious of Other Countries: More like other countries are so envious of the US, their people never leave social media to complain about it.
93. Democracy Used For Bad Purposes: To tell the truth, there's not a single nation that has a true democracy. Do we actually force people to do it though?
94. Their Music Channels Is Filled With Boring and Lame Bands and Artists: What is with these music items, seriously.
95. They Want Everybody to Learn English Language Even If the Person Doesnt Want To: If you really want to blame those who force English, blame England itself.
96. They Just Slap An American Flag On Everything and Call It Theirs: This comment says all I can say: " We did put a flag on the moon because we were the first ones there, be we said in writing that the moon would stay neutral with nobody owning it."
97: They Think If You Are a White Rich Conservative, You Are Better Than a Poor Black Liberal: I'm pretty certain it's the other way around now.
98. Too Much White Trash: Usually in certain particular areas. There are lots of black neighborhoods where I live and there's not much problem with that.
99. Too Much Gay Porn: Awful item and is more of a global thing (not even an actual problem either).
100. America Lied About 9/11: It was a terrible terrorist attack on US soil. That's all we really need to know.
101. Alabama: Great, a single state is what's wrong with all other 49 ones. I've been to Alabama before, and it's not a bad place at all. Maybe it used to be, but not anymore.
102. Always Trying to Police the World: See #25.
103. Andrew Jackson: And now another president, one from WAY long ago, is considered a problem today. I heard they might remove his face from the $20 and that would be wrong because he was the first true Democratic president and actually did quite a lot of good things in his time. Everyone just likes to focus on the bad.
104. America is turning away from God: Another not-problem
105. Transphobia: Usually because of a rise of transgender activism. Actually, another problem that is worse elsewhere.
106. Kim Kardashian: Clearly a celebrity that people watch at their leisure times is what's wrong with this country?
107. Somali Migrants: I don't see these at all.
108. They Think That They Are the Best and They Can Do Anything They Want: Wasn't this ALREADY on the list?
109. They Don't Give Chance to Asian Artists, Bands. etc.: We do actually. How did PSY get popular? Also a long time ago, this website used to have a lot of obsession towards X Japan, Dir En Gray, etc.
110. They Invent Things That Can Harm People: Basically #82.

Wow, there's 220 items in this list. I gotta stop here before I hit a character limit. This post will be continued soon.


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