Ht's NFL Power Rankings: Week III

With the first two weeks now officially over what teams made a dramatically change in over a week the strongest, and the hardest falls in the power rankings margin. The arrows even with the confusing layout indicates that yes the corresponding teams move up as seen, or move down, but in the opposite order due to the fact people read the top but never the bottom tier teams.

#32 Buffalo Bills -- (0-2):
Nothing changed towards the back end line considering yes technically speaking Buffalo put up more points than the team above them... however they still managed to look bad to try and rally at home no less against a Chargers crew that did not have Joey Bosa you had realistically a chance, and blew that up in smoke, and most likely fish food for two teams of the NFC North coming up.

#31 Arizona Cardinals -- (0-2):
On my god... there doing exactly what I said there tanking so hard to the point their loading up in the future well done keep it up because that offense is so bad that it needs total upgrades the next off-season.

#30 Oakland Raiders ↓ 4 (0-2):
Tough loss yes, but lessen learn Gruden there's always another day, and time I guess.

#29 Detroit Lions ↓ 6 (0-2):
Now granted much better played than the previous game, but they still fall short to the niners though, and if you think they'll come any where close to an enraged Pats team I think your seeing stars.

#28 Washington Redskins ↓ 3 (1-1):
Well they couldn't beat Indy, but is there any chance they come close to A Packers teams that tied 29 a piece with Minnesota?

#27 Cleveland Browns ↑ 3 (0-1-1):
Cleveland has come close twice, and a third is possible, but they way Jets looked against Miami should hold optimism this could their first win in a season, and a half.

#26 New York Jets ↓ 5 (1-1):
Jets came back to reality it was the Lions after all meanwhile the Dolphins were very prepared on the road hmm...

#25 Houston Texans ↓ 10 (0-2):
Speaking of unpreparedness Houston really screwed the pooched by not beating a team that's not even healthy on the offense no less. Instead they got beat by themselves in the foot, and also Bynard's trick play special teams took them out in the end. Is it possible to lose to the G-Man coming to town?

#24 Dallas Cowboys ↑ 4 (1-1):
A much needed win for Dallas I guess, but they have found there running game again, but frankly still are unsure who Dak's favorite weapon is to this point.

#23 Indianapolis Colts ↑ 6 (1-1):
After losing in the home opener they go on the road to avenge that loss by playing much better on defense, and never relenting on Redskins's offense from getting a touchdown I'd say i'm surprised for sure. Let's see if they can do that again with another NFC East team.

#22 Tennessee Titans -- (1-1):
Hard to believe they actually won that game with all the injuries they had. Its possible they could play Jacksonville close, but they have a ton of guys out again, and can safely say you are not walking out with that W.

#21 Miami Dolphins ↑ 5 (2-0):
I can't believe suddenly this team has a chance to go 3-0, and not the other way around how are they doing this? This squad to me feels so average that there's nothing to really go off of. Now you host a pitiful Raiders team that still can't find a win.

#20 New York Giants ↓ 3 (0-2):
The G-Man are in a heap of trouble right now in not getting a win on the road against a divisional foe. Going on the road again in the exact same state ironically is it possible they snap their losing streak to a very odd Texans teams right now?

#19 Seattle Seahawks ↓ (0-2):
Yes that offensive line has been garbage for three years now, but somehow Russell Wilson finds a way to keep the last two games as close as they were with such an average squad around him. Yes they lost, but they could of been winnable games if somebody could step up to the plate.

#18 San Francisco 49ers ↑ 1 (1-1):
Niners defiantly needed that one to get that off their back, and maybe build off that win somehow as the travel to the very red hot Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs house of horror arrowhead.

#17 Chicago Bears ↓ (1-1):
That defense is no pushover an absolute nightmare to deal with that's what led to them winning luckily because frankly we may need to reevaluate the playing ability of Mitchell Trubisky throwing two picks at the same corner Shaquill Griffin. DeShuan Watson while not having the fantastic start he had last year at least showed what he can be capable of, and Patrick Mahomes looks like a god on the field meanwhile i'm still waiting on Trubisky to use this offense effectively.

#16 Tampa Bay Buccaneers ↑ 5 (2-0):
Do you believe in Fitzmagic? Now I do, and its not crazy they might actually have enough to beat the Steelers on Monday Night Football. That would be 3 playoff teams from last year they defeat that is remarkable how this team is thriving off the swagger of Fitzpatrick right now.

#15 Pittsburgh Steelers ↓ 8 (0-1-1):
Now you rightfully deserve to drop down week 1 the defense was good the offense was bad, Week 2 the offense was great the defense was atrocious where's the balance, and consistency here? Frankly they need to find it soon with Fitzpatrick on the road.

#14 Carolina Panthers ↓ 1 (1-1):
Oh my that was a tough loss, but the next game is very crucial with a very intriguing Cincinnati team undefeated so far.

#13 Baltimore Ravens ↓ 4 (1-1):
They were not entirely right on cue on both sides of the field, and thus lose to a rival that lately has played better than the Steelers and Browns combined. This next match-up at home against Denevr is gonna be a very interesting one see who previal, and who continues to fall I guess.

#12 New Orleans Saints ↑ 2 (1-1):
A much needed win, but now you face anther divisional team who has played you tougher than the other two combined.

#11 Los Angeles Chargers -- (1-1):
Chargers needed that one, and no way were they gonna lose to a teams as bad as Buffalo. Next test is a battle on the Hollywood set in which the two LA squads go toe to toe this will not be easy.

#10 Cincinnati Bengals ↑ 14 (2-0):
Impressive work by this Bengals squad and next by beating the Panthers are the Bengals to the team of the AFC North to lookout for?

#9 Denver Broncos ↑ 3 (2-0):
Denver has shown to be good in their own turf now there test is on the road can they go to Baltimore and go off a surprising 3-0 start?

#8 Atlanta Falcons -- (1-1):
In their two games they have shown how they play tough in close situations, and with Saints coming on by anything can happen in this big showdown.

#7 New England Patriots ↓ 1 (1-1):
Bill Belichick's got his Palpatine smile on as he plans to absolutely humiliate his old coordinator Matt Patrica in his own turf, and frankly that would not surprise me one bit.

#6 Kansas City Chiefs ↑ 4 (2-0):
My god this is much different Chiefs team they are surpassing what I believed to see early on but two wins they needed on the road, and now the great chance of going 3-0 well done with that offense, but beware that defense has its holes shown.

#5 Green Bay Packers -- (1-0-1):
What was looking to be another classic in this historic rivalry the Packers were on their way to scoring a big win only for Mike Zimmer to call a timeout, and that saved them from losing the game in the end.

#4 Philadelphia Eagles ↓ 3 (1-1):
Awe man I can't believe they actually lost against the Buccaneers and all, but can they beat the next two opponents who reside from the AFC South division?

#3 Minnesota Vikings -- (1-0-1):
Minnesota was inches away in overtime to putting this away they kill off a lot of clock only to realize Daniel Carlson
is so bad he kept missing towards the end of the game. Luckily for them they get beat up on a soulless Bills team fighting for #1 pick in 2019 already that's terrible.

#2 Los Angeles Rams ↑ 2 (2-0):
While yes the two opponents they have defeated are non-greater in the top 20 however the biggest test will be the other counterpart LA team of the AFC West.

#1 Jacksonville Jaguars ↑ 1 (2-0):
Taking the top spot is the Jaguars who looked very good on offense and handled a limited Patriots team well done in your revenge for the AFC championship, and they did it without Leonard Fournette. They have to be careful though as they face a rival that has clean sweeped em last season.


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