10 Ten NFL teams list???

I have two arguments to make about this list(Top Ten NFL Teams). First of all the 1989 San Francisco 49ers had a more dominant playoff season than the 1985 Bears. Combined margin of victory for San Fran in '89 was 100 points, which far outweighs the Bears MOV of 82 points, not to mention that they capped the whole thing off with the most lop-sided victory in Super Bowl history. Also the combined total points that the '89 49ers two losses was 5 to teams that won a combined 21 games in the regular season. The bears did lose only one game in their '85 season but it was a two-touchdown loss to the Miami Dolphins. Which brings me to my second argument. Where are the 'Niners from '84??? This team had almost the exact same season as the '85 Bears. They dominated scoring offense and defense (finished second and first just as the 1985 Bears did), but they had a more balanced offensive attack. The Bears of '85 finished 22nd in passing TDs and 20th in yardage. The worst San Fran did in any category was 17th in def passing ydg, but they more than made up for it by allowing only 14 TDs through the air (ranked 1st in NFL) So basically a case can be made that there are two teams in history that hail from San Francisco that were better than the almighty Bears. -Also if you would like to check any of the statistics in this report i compiled them from "pro-football-reference.com"