Top 10 Best NFL Teams of All Time

A list of the greatest teams when compared to their peers.
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1 1985 Chicago Bears

Honestly, the Dolphins were incredible. There is no denying it. But this team here, the 1985 Bears, is the only team I would ever want to be a part of. Not only did they come back from being terrible, but the heartbreaking story of the team bonding together and Buddy leaving also showcases the pure, raw power they produced as a team. It's beyond understanding. I still watch those games and reread those articles. Every time, I see more and more how amazing this team is.

I'll be honest, I'm not a man of religion. But if I were ever to believe in a god, it would be because of this story. I really hope others feel the same. This team deserves first place on this list and any other list when it comes to being the best. The chances of a team like this happening again will most likely never occur. This team is just beyond anyone's reach.

2 1972 Miami Dolphins

This should put the greatest team in perspective. The 1972 and 1973 team went 32-2 and won back-to-back Super Bowls. The '72 team was undefeated. No team in NFL history has had a better winning percentage and as many Super Bowl victories as the Dolphins.

Now, to add a little more clout to the argument, the 1971 Dolphins team went 12-4-1, losing to Dallas in Super Bowl VI. Looking for dominance? Do the math. The combined three-year record of the '71-'73 Miami Dolphins was an amazing 44-6-1, with three straight Super Bowl appearances!

No team in the NFL has even come close to that kind of dominance in modern pro football history. The closest may be the 1990s Buffalo Bills, who appeared in four straight Super Bowls. However, their winning percentage was much lower than Miami's, and they lost all four Super Bowls they played in.

So, when talking about the greatest team in pro football history, there is only one team with the winning percentage, back-to-back Super Bowl victories, and an undefeated season: The Miami Dolphins from 1971 to 1973.

3 2007 New England Patriots

There's going to be a lot of criticism about why this team shouldn't be on this list, mainly from Patriots haters. Most of it is because they didn't win the big one. But when it comes down to it, this team proved week in and week out that they were the best. Like someone already said, the Giants did get lucky. The Pats weren't the same team they were in the regular season when it came to the Super Bowl. But they still played tough.

There's never going to be a defense like the Patriots had that year, and the offense was already consistently strong, even stronger with Moss added. It's a definite shame they didn't finish, but that season still made them one of the best ever.

4 1989 San Francisco 49ers

George Seifert was the head coach of the 1989 49ers team. It was not Bill Walsh. Walsh built the team, but he retired after the '88 win. A lot of people forget how close this team came to a three-peat the next year when Montana got hurt and Craig fumbled. The Bills would have been a tough opponent, but the Bills also found a way to lose Super Bowls, so I doubt anyone would argue that had they beaten the Giants in 1990, they would have won three Super Bowls in a row. The incredible thing about this team is how deep the talent was. They had guys like Steve Young and Romanowski who were not even regulars. The '84 team had a better record, but this was Montana's most dominant year ever.

5 1992 Dallas Cowboys

It's hard to compare teams from different eras due to variations in size, speed, and coaching. However, we're considering these teams in a head-to-head matchup, so let's be honest.

When you think about the top five teams listed here against the '92 Cowboys, could the '85 Bears have beaten the '92 Cowboys in a Super Bowl? They might have had a puncher's chance if the ball had bounced the wrong way, but it's doubtful. The '72 Dolphins would not have stood a chance. They couldn't win one game against them even if they played ten times. The '07 Patriots were good, but not that good. The '89 49ers were great, but not great enough.

The '79 Steelers were even greater but only barely beat a lesser Dallas team twice in the Super Bowl. (The early '90s Cowboys would have easily beaten either of the two best '70s Cowboys teams.) Regardless of what Bradshaw says, the '90s Cowboys would have completely dominated their great Steelers team from the '70s, even in the first year without Jimmy Johnson when the Cowboys didn't make it to the Super Bowl.

Match them up any way you want. Ask yourself this question: "What would the odds makers in Vegas give you when matching up the top 10 teams on this list against each other?"

Honestly, the '92 Cowboys were the best team to ever suit up in any era. They were the complete package on offense, defense, and coaching. If Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson had not been at odds, there's no reason the '90s Cowboys couldn't have won four, five, or even six Super Bowls. They also would have dominated any of the recent Patriots Super Bowl teams, who did just enough to barely win their Super Bowls.

So, to sum it up, the '90s Cowboys were the Greatest Of All Time NFL team with Jimmy Johnson. They even claimed the #2 G.O.A.T. NFL team spot a couple of years later with Barry Switzer. Match these teams up without bias or emotion, and it won't take you long to come to the same conclusion.

6 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers

The best team in the NFL's history was undoubtedly this year's squad. This was when players like Bradshaw, Harris, Blount, Swann, Stallworth, Webster, Greene, Greenwood, White, Lambert, Ham, and others were at their best. They had the experience of winning a few Lombardis, and they had a skill level that is unparalleled.

The competition level was also at its highest, with the Cowboys and Raiders in the same boat, and great teams like San Francisco and Chicago on the rise. Once the Steelers and Cowboys fell to the middle of the pack in the 80s, the competition level dropped. Teams like the Bears went 15-1. The '85 Bears, though one of the greatest ever, would lose to the '79 Steelers or the '77 Cowboys. The teams were better, and they lasted longer. More rings and more Hall of Famers make them the best team ever.

7 1998 Denver Broncos

The Broncos are my favorite team to watch on TV or at the Broncos' Mile High Stadium. But when the Broncos lose, I feel sad. When the Broncos win, I'm happy. When the Broncos are at a different stadium and they are not going to win, in the playoffs, Manning had a bad day.

The zone blocking scheme was tailor-made for T. Davis as they wore opponents down. The running game took the pressure off Elway, allowing him to play in his comfort zone. The underrated defense swarmed to the ball, and they came with vengeance. Some of the hardest-hitting DBs and LBs took many options away.

8 1984 San Francisco 49ers

The team was a missed field goal (Steelers) away from a perfect record. They were ranked number 1 on defense and number 2 in offense. Interestingly, the team did not have Jerry Rice. They rolled through the playoffs, including a 23-0 victory over the Chicago Bears (the same team that would win the next year's Super Bowl), and crushed the Dolphins in the Super Bowl.

To me, the best team of all time. If memory serves me correctly, this was the only game the great Lott, as cornerback, allowed one TD to his cover all year.

15-1. Great team before Rice. Not too many superstars, but definitely a complete team.

9 1999 St. Louis Rams

I was a season ticket holder during that year. I remember when Trent Green went down. We all tailgated, saying at best we'd go 8-8. There was not a fan during that time who ever expected more! To this day, I think it was one of the best seasons ever! I am now stuck in Houston, where I also have season tickets. I hope one day they will do the same!

The 1999 Rams helped mold what the NFL is about today. This type of aerial offense makes the game exciting to watch, and it's the only number-one offense to win the Super Bowl. I mean, this unit scored 500 points for three seasons. Wow!

10 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers

The '85 Bears as number one? Seriously? Let's break down how badly the '74, '75, '76, '79, or in this case, '78 Pittsburgh Steelers would beat them.

The '85 Bears struggled against the pass if they faced an o-line that could protect their QB. Reference Dan Marino taking it to them that year. Mike Webster and that Steelers O-line would have given Terry Bradshaw enough time to find open receivers. Those receivers were Swann and Stallworth, and they would have been wide open. Franco would have gotten his fair share on the ground too. The Steelers' offense would have scored a few times on the Bears' D.

'85 Bears offense vs. the Steel Curtain? Give me a break! Walter Payton might have gained a few yards against Mean Joe, Jack Ham, and Jack Lambert, but he wouldn't have broken 100 yards. The Bears would have to pass. Who do they have? Jim McMahon? Wide receivers nobody can remember? That's not going to work well against the Steelers' pass rush, Mel Blount, and Donnie Shell. The Bears would get into the red zone once or twice the whole game.

Final Score: Steelers 24-3

The Contenders
11 1962 Green Bay Packers

Bart Starr was so good he toyed with other teams. He simply does not get the credit he deserves because he played before most of today's fans were born. The best field general ever, he consistently beat Johnny Unitas and is as nice a person as Walter Payton or Wayne Gretzky - maybe even more so, if that were possible.

Never once did he choke in his whole career, and in his later years, he carried that Hall of Fame team with his arm. He is one of the finest people ever to hold such a high-profile position and was totally deserving of the gracious respect that Brett Favre showed him during his retirement ceremony at Lambeau Field.

The NFL's Bart Starr Award is given for a reason and serves as fitting recognition for the marvelous person that Bart is. As a child, he was my hero. As a very accomplished man who credits his influence as part of the reason for my success, he remains so. It was my dream to meet him one day. The closest I got was a football signed by him, sent to me through a friend. We will lose him soon, and I will shed a tear when that happens.

12 1976 Oakland Raiders

The 1976 Raiders were the number 2 team of all time. They would have easily disposed of the 1985 Bears, not to mention the quarterback difference, the offensive line difference, and the punishing defensive stars the Raiders had on this roster. The head coaching and ownership differences made this team number 2 on the all-time list. The only other team that could have beaten this squad in a Super Bowl would be the 1972 Dolphins, and that's it. Putting the Denver Broncos and other much less talented franchises ahead of this roster means this poll is badly flawed.

13 2013 Seattle Seahawks

From the standpoint of playing for the pure, unadulterated joy of football, these birds have got it in spades. Lynch triggered an earthquake with his legendary 67-yard run - a class act reminiscent of Shakespearean sonnets and Billie Holiday's smoky voice. How do you dissect heart? Cold stats and figures pale in comparison to outrageous energy. And I mean outrageous.

Where else are you going to find a cornerback with the audacity of Sherman, shaking his hips with the cheerleaders and volleying a football? Yes, for all you squares out there, a football can be volleyed. And what is Tate doing out there, gleefully waving a football in Tavon's face as he gallops 80-some yards? These Seahawks are young, hungry, wild, brilliant, and dedicated - working together as one and entertaining as all get out. Russell Wilson has a great arm, but more than that, he is capable of pulling off miracles. There are no seat belts. Only sky.

14 1991 Washington Redskins

They had a 14-2 regular season with a dominating Super Bowl win over the Bills. They boasted the best offensive line of all time, allowing only 9 sacks all season. (Though the Raiders' early-seventies line must not be ignored. They were amazing. The debate over whose line was better continues to this day.)

Darrell Green and Charles Mann ran the second-best defense in the league that year. Joe Gibbs is one of the greatest coaches and game planners ever, a fact that is common knowledge as he is almost always listed in the top 5 best head coaches ever.

Four Hall of Famers were on this team: Monk, Green, Grimm, and Gibbs. They were the backbone of a very talented team. The team had the #1 offense and #2 defense for that year. This team dominated all opposition. Definitely one of the all-time greatest teams. Hail!

15 2000 Baltimore Ravens

With the defense this team had, it could have beaten ANY of the teams listed above. You can't run on them, and their secondary will create turnovers like crazy. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning would have gone home and cried in the fetal position after playing these guys.

Best defense ever, crushed the NY Giants 34-7 in the Super Bowl, with Jonathan Ogden, Ray Lewis, Jamal Lewis, and Rod Woodson. Even though the Giants had Herschel Walker, Kerry Collins, and Tiki Barber, this team had the most points scored by a defense that year and had a 12-4 record!

16 1994 San Francisco 49ers

Wow, the 2007 Oakland Raiders are ahead of the 1994 San Francisco 49ers. Why are the 2007 New England Patriots number two? They didn't win the Super Bowl, so they can't be one of the greatest teams ever. The greatest teams finish the deal, and they couldn't. Why are the 1984 San Francisco 49ers so low as well? I have three 49er teams in my top ten, yet I only see the 1989 squad.

This team had the best talent ever assembled since the 1974 Steelers draft. With players like Deion Sanders, Ricky Jackson, Richard Dent, and Ken Norton, this team ranked number one in both defense and offense.

That Young-led team would have beaten every other Niners Super Bowl team. They were that dominant. Balanced offense, stout defense - they were unstoppable.

17 2003 New England Patriots

This is the greatest NFL team of all time because they are the best. Anyone who says that this team is bad doesn't know what the NFL is. The New England Patriots are certainly the greatest. Beat that.

Only two teams have a perfect, undefeated score, and yes, the Patriots are one of them! We will make it to Super Bowl 50! Let's go!

How about Malcolm Butler, though! Pete Carroll is dumb. Beast Mode was in the backfield and they threw the pass. Wow. But we won! Fierro.

18 2007 New Orleans Saints

The Saints are amazing. I mean, they have Drew Brees, how amazing is that? They also have great courage and try hard every year, no matter what they are up against, and they don't cheat (cough, cough, Patriots).

This is a team with no big names but big hearts. They should be up there with all the past greats, even if they lost.

19 1996 Green Bay Packers

Reggie White is the best defensive player of all time. He was a monster on the field, and not even Erik Williams could beat him. He had 198 sacks throughout his career, the second most in history. Brett Favre has the most passing yards and passing touchdowns, and was the toughest player ever. He holds the record for the most consecutive starts in a row. You might say the reason he had so many yards and touchdowns is that he played for so long, but he broke both records long before he retired.

No doubt. Reggie White, Brett Favre, you name it! Reggie White had more sacks than games played. That just proves that he is the greatest defensive player of all time.

20 1986 New York Giants

There's no way they are number 20. This is crazy. They are top 10 all day. I would love to put this team up against the 1985 Bears. Look at their road to the Super Bowl and the games they played against top-tier teams during the regular season. They dominated the whole year, beginning to end. I would love to be able to go up against the '85 Bears, man.

This team should be ranked in the top 5. Look at how they dominated on both sides of the ball. I will give you the '85 Bears, the '72 Dolphins, the '71 Cowboys, and the '62 Packers. That is it. Remember, this team beat a great 49ers team 49-3 and, during their march, knocked countless QBs out of games.

21 1994 Philadelphia Eagles

What are they doing here? They should be in 1st place.

22 2013 Denver Broncos

You have an offensive powerhouse and good defense. It's a shame they lost a Super Bowl.

Look at how many records Peyton Manning broke in just this season!

They should be much higher on the list. Manning broke so many records that season.

23 2004 New England Patriots

Okay, this list must be an April Fool's joke. The 2004 Patriots are easily in the top 10 of all time. They obviously destroyed the 2004 Colts, so this list is null and void right there.

24 2014 Denver Broncos
25 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers

This team is always voted as the best in NFL history by people old enough to have seen the Packers of the '60s and still alive to have seen the 49ers of the '80s and the Cowboys of the '90s. This team was 12-2 in a division that also had an 11-3 team and a 10-4 team. The only teams that can come close to this one are the 1978 Steelers, 1973 Dolphins, and maybe the 1984 49ers. The 1985 Bears can't be considered in the conversation. As a top-ten team of all time, sure, but not as the best team of all time. No team past the year 2000 can be considered, even as a top 10 team.

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