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1 Russell Howard Russell Joseph Howard is an English comedian, television and radio presenter and actor, best known for his TV show Russell Howard's Good News and his appearances on the topical panel TV show Mock the Week.

I'm actually in love with him, he's perfect! He's absolutely hilarious I could watch him all day, He genuinely makes me laugh out loud and he's by far the best comedian ever! Russell Howard's good news is so funny, those little remarks he makes just crack me up. He's gorgeous as well, and so cute!

SO FUNNY! Pure British humour, Most of the time, talks about politics and crime, But it's so funny when he makes commercials and stupid cartoons, Then it's Mystery Guest *yawn* But just remember, You still got to watch the show.

The sketches he comes up with on Good News are just ingenious! I laughed for 10 minutes straight after the song about the papers claims of how you can get cancer. The lyrics were so simple but hilarious!

Absolutely hilarious. His good news show is so awesome. I reckon mock of the week isn't as good now that he's not in the show. Russell howard should do more shows. I'd watch every episode of every show.

2 Rowan Atkinson Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, is an English actor, comedian, and screenwriter best known for his work on the sitcoms Blackadder and Mr. Bean.

How is he not number 1, he can do stand up hilariously, he has played some of the most iconic comedy characters in history E.G. blackadder, Johnny English, Inspector Fowler and of course Mr Bean. How is a retard like Russell Howard above hilarious people like Rowan Atkinson, Ricky Gervais, Lee Mac and Lee Evans?

He has this amazing magical superpower to make you chuckle... Just by entering the room/stage. When he changes his facial expression it reduces most people to hysteria and when he opens his mouth to say something... There is a risk that your head will explode. Oh and "Pa Pa".

Rowan is definitely the best on this list, he is a comic genius, I'd choose a real comedic genius over the likes of that annoying 'schoolboy-like' Russell Howard and that helium inflated Michael McIntyre. Rowan is in a higher league to most comics out these days.

He is a stand up comedian, whose main ambition is to tell jokes and stories that make an audience laugh... Yet Rowan Atkinson can pull it off without making a sound! Definitely my favourite, keep voting!

3 Jimmy Carr James Anthony Patrick "Jimmy" Carr is an English stand-up comedian, television host and actor, known for his signature laugh, deadpan delivery, dark humour, and use of edgy one-liners.

Having a dark sense of humor is like a superpower, it comes with responsibility, the amazing ability that Jimmy has is, no matter how cruel or coarse the joke may be, he wants people to believe it's only a joke and that there's nothing they should be worried about. I like that. Beautifully emphasizing that he's there only to "release endorphins" and nothing else. Not only a master of the dark art, but an advertiser of its innocence.

This guy deserves to be in the top ten. He is hilarious. Every one of his shows is unbelievably funny.

Also, he doesn't go on big raves on stage that only feature about 5 or 6 jokes, he just tells funny jokes. One of his live shows is called nothing to pretentious it's just called 'Jimmy Carr Telling Jokes' that's it!

He's absolutely fabulous. The fact that his labor-sharp wit & dark, politically incorrect humor got the entire rabid ARMY fandom's panties in twist makes me love Jimmy Carr even more. There's nothing funnier than watching those thin-skinned, self-righteous BTS fans throw a mass hissy fit. Brilliant!

Not only are his rapid fire style jokes hilariously funny, his deeper understanding of comedy and the social reasons why we laugh add a dimension to his shows that no other comic has. A top class comedian.

4 Billy Connolly

Russell Howard number 1 and Billy Connolly being no. 5 are you taking the piss!? The Big Yin is Britain's best comic always have been. A true comic always funny with his stories and jokes well he could just open his mouth and you will piss yourself laughing a true great!

Very funny. Amazing life experiences, excellent story telling. Deserves way more recognition. Has been doing comedy way longer than almost anyone and still going. Surely he has influenced more people than anyone on these lists.

Billy has conquered so many countries around the world with his comedy where others have totally failed. I have watched Billy since I was about 9, and his comedy always has always adapted to the times. A living legend.

Best comedian I have ever seen. He cannot just be listened to, you have to watch him move around to really get what he is saying, he is very expressive and will keep you laughing throughout his entire standup.

5 Michael McIntyre Michael Hazen James McIntyre is an English comedian, actor and presenter. In 2012, he was reported to be the highest-grossing comedian in the world.

I love this man! He can relate to stuff we all see and do everyday making he stuff halerious! In interviews and stuff he is shown to be a generally nice and funny guy. He's not cockey despite his huge success but has the confidence to explore new material and be comfortable on stage. It's a shame he hasn't done much lately and I hope this changes, I can't stop laughing when I listen to him!

That man makes me smile whenever I see his face! No doubt about it! I love him and he is so hilarious! He makes everyone laugh around him and whenever I see him do comedy he always makes me laugh to the extent that I can't breathe!

He has great humor. For example, he said his son was only allowed clean versions of Eminem's albums. Later that day, his son asked why Eminem was so obsessed with his mother as he kept on saying it! Timeless!

By far the funniest comedian! He makes everyday boring activities that we all do into something that has everybody crying with laughter. He is also a genuinely nice person who doesn't swear that much.

6 John Cleese John Marwood Cleese is an English actor, voice actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer. He achieved success at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and as a scriptwriter and performer on The Frost Report.

It was through Monty Python and specifically John Cleese that I learned the English language and how to use it as a tool and weapon as appropriate. By the time I was 14 I could recite the entire Dead Parrot routine in proper English in spite of heavy Ukrainian accent. He and Python are comedy icons.

For one of the Pythons and the co-writer of Fawlty Towers to be left out of the top 10 is truly scandalous. He is still, in his 70's, a comedic genius. I cannot pick my favorite moments of his, for it is all perfection. For Cleese to be at 21 is just bollocks.

What kind of a list is this without the star of monty Python and fawlty towers? He's so funny. I first heard of him at quite a young age and ever since then I still think he's amazing. In my opinion he's the best British comedian

He is absolutely amazing! He is responsible for both Monty Python and Fawlty Towers. Just to add to that, he has an incredibly memorable face and voice. What a pro!

7 Frankie Boyle Francis Martin Patrick "Frankie" Boyle is a Scottish comedian and writer, well known for his pessimistic and often controversial sense of humour.

He is (or at least was) the funniest man in Britain, in my opinion. Probably best on Mock The Week, where his irreverence was a welcome contrast to some of the more diluted humour of Russell Howard, Andy Parsons etc. One of the only comedians on MTW to make everybody on the panel laugh (albeit through gritted teeth)

Very funny, fast, great on the spot, very dark, controversial easily Britain's great dark comedian, possibly the world, and to me a great comedian in terms of world view.

Yep he's so good at what he does and can I just point out that loads of these comedians have been on Mock The Week?

Frankie Boyle is the funniest comedian out there without a doubt! He's so much better compared to Dara O'Briain and Russell Howard.

8 Ricky Gervais Ricky Dene Gervais is an English comedian, actor, director, producer, writer and former singer and manager.

A clever comedian who uses mis direction to take his audience on a journey then dumps them at the wrong stop half way through. he will always leave you crying with laughter and wanting to see him more and more. I recently saw him as alter ego David Brent live on stage as part of his Foregone Conclusion Band and it was the best night of entertainment I have ever had. Ricky Gervais is number one and the funniest man alive without doubt, Forget the rest, if you are a true comedy fan then you will agree that Ricky is the king

Should be number 1 in my eyes witty/fast/clever comedian and from working class background... And concurred america which not many other comedians can boast... Every thing he does turns to gold haha

Killer jokes without any compromises. Fat, ugly, man, woman, retarded,... you name it, he's making fun of it! Gotta love him!

Should be number one. He is a worldwide phenomenon and will be remembered long after the others on the list.

9 Sean Lock Sean Lock was an English comedian and actor. He began his comedy career as a stand-up comedian, and won the British Comedy Award in 2000 in the category of Best Live Comic, and was nominated for the Perrier Comedy Award.

Sean Lock was an unbelievable comedian. Should be way, way up this list, number 1 in my opinion. His stand up, cats does countdown, 8 out of 10 cats, he's brilliant on all of them. His mascots of cats does countdown are legendary

Everything about Sean Lock is brilliant... He creates movies in our heads...paints em, like a mile, my favourite...he's a comedian...Jimmy Carr and Michael McIntyre are comics... There's a difference...Really there should be two categories...Comics say funny things... Comedians say things funny, it's more spontaneous and more skilled... That's why Sean Lock is my number one...

Love love love his humour. He is absolutely hilarious... Usually about everyday situations/interactions. His 'moth on a lightbulb' and 'careful what you say you like near your birthday/. Christmas' are two of the funniest sketches I have seen, hands down.

How can anyone think Russell Howard and Dara O'Briain are funnier than Sean Lock? Both talentless unfunny "comedians". Watch Sean's funniest moment compilations on YouTube to see some proper comedy.

10 David Mitchell David James Stuart Mitchell is a British comedian, actor and writer. He is half of the comedy duo Mitchell and Webb alongside Robert Webb.

Mitchell may not do stand-up comedy like most comedians, however his sharp wit, intellect, slightly withdrawn personality, pessimism and OCD tendencies more than qualify him for my personal #1 comedian.

Truly one of the quickest wits and sharpest minds working in comedy right now. I'm addicted to his style.

Absolutely adore him. I would watch a two-hour bonanza on shipping time-tables if he were presenting it.

We have only just started to get "Would I lie to you" here in Australia. Love it - David Mitchell is the best.

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11 Milton Jones Milton Hywel Jones is a Welsh comedian. His style of humour is based on one-liners involving puns delivered in a deadpan and slightly neurotic style.

There's something about Milton Jones, something I can't quite put my finger on, that always makes my head explode with laughter! Just listen to him for two minutes and you'll never forget any of it!

He's mad and funny. On mock the week it is funny that some of the other comedians here don't always appear to find him funny, but the audience tells the true story. Needs to also open a shirt shop

His act doesn't really change. The stupid look is only funny for a short time.

Best at one liners there has ever been.

12 Lee Mack Lee Gordon McKillop, known as Lee Mack, is an English stand-up comedian and actor best known for writing the sitcom Not Going Out and starring in it as the main character, also called Lee.

I first saw him on Not Going Out and thought he was so funny and I had a crush on him (still do have one) I also saw a DVD of him on tour which was hilarious, I too think he is not appreciated enough you can see how funny he is on Would I Lie To You, I only watch it because of him.
One of the best in my opinion.

Lee is so funny, so smart and so damn quick. He's also super sexy, making him the Number 1 British Comedian for me.
Would I Lie to You is the best show on television. Lee's flirtatious and hilarious sparring with David Mitchell is a dream to watch. Love him!

I'm so glad Lee is on here he is definitely one of the best comedians ever but I feel he is underrated.
You just have to watch not going out, would I lie to you or his tour DVDs to see he is on of the funniest men in comedy!

No gimmicks, no props, no music, just simply funny jokes. Exactly what I thought standup was all about. Absolutely the best comedian out there, anywhere!

13 Jack Whitehall Jack Peter Benedict Whitehall is an English comedian, television presenter, actor and writer. He is best known for his stand up comedy, and for starring as JP in the TV series Fresh Meat.

If you haven't heard him tell about his bathroom experience in a restaurant in a foreign country, then you must YouTube it. He tells it on the Graham Norton Show. I laughed until I had tears running down my face! But I also truly find everything he says funny. His stand up, hilarious! But he's just one of those ACTUAL funny people. He can just pop stuff off in the moment. He truly has a gift!

Jack is hilarious! Clever, innovative, and the only thing better than his never ending humor is his Great Looks! He's gorgeous and adorable. He is so handsome that he should be on the cover of Gentleman's Quarterly!
I wish he had a sitcom airing in the U.S. Or better yet a Movie!

Jack Whitehall is one comedian who is certainly not overrated! He is a cracking comedian and has me laughing all of the time! Really love him in Bad Education and A League of Their Own!

Considering the fact he doesn't even write his own stand up and any sitcoms are wrote for him, he really doesn't deserve any credit at all.

14 Lee Evans Lee John Martin Evans is a retired English stand-up comedian, actor, musician and writer from Avonmouth, England. He is a director of Little Mo Films, which he had co-directed with the late Addison Cresswell, who was also his agent prior to Cresswell's death in December 2013.

he is the only comedian I can have on the TV for hours, his jokes never get old and I will happily rewatch his standup, even tho I might know whats coming, it always makes me laugh. his jokes are timeless and his physicality is hilarious. he deserves higher than this. I grew up with him and still love him to this day, my little siblings even laugh at him. his stage presence is insane. sometimes you will see a comedian act stuck up on stage or you just wont get humble vibes, it's the complete opposite with lee. I've always gotten humble vibes from him and he just seems like he's such a greatful person. and you can see on stage, sometimes when a crowd laughs a lot he will just take it all in and express how thankful he is. even when he comes on stage he goes to all sides of the stage and bows, doesn't just wave like the average comedian. it's the little things that count

Number 12? That in itself is a joke! Lee should be riding high at the top of this list. He is the most brilliant comedian and his sublime physicality makes me weep with laughter. Such a talented man and he has heaps of charm to boot. Unlike many other comedians/stand-ups he doesn't grate or irritate, or ever look smug and self-satisfied. He's just up there having fun and working damn bloody hard to entertain the hoardes who come along to see him. I'll never tire of watching him. Love ya, Lee! My #1 for sure.

Deserves the number 1. Has always been a stand up and always will, not a sell out like Mcintyre or Peter Kay. This guy is the king of stand up comedy, just look at the arenas he has sold out. He is also a real nice guy but most importantly he makes me laugh and makes me laugh the hardest. The greatest stand up of all time.

Lee Evans would sell out Wembley again in a Second. He only need to pull a Face and you would be in Tears. My Wife have to drag me out of the Lounge every time I listen to him cause I get Black outs from Laughing. It is a pity he retired because he matured so much and would be at the number 1 list in my Book

15 Stephen Fry Stephen John Fry is an English comedian, actor, writer, presenter and activist. After a troubled childhood and adolescence, during which he was expelled from two schools and spent three months in prison for credit card fraud, Fry secured a place at Queens' College, Cambridge, where he studied English literature.

Far and away the most intelligent. Maybe people are still biased because of his sexual preferences which is bloody silly in these times.

I love David Mitchell, Bill Bailey, Eddie Izzard and Jimmy Carr but there can only be one which I choose. It has to be Stephen.

Stephen Fry is brilliant! I can't believe he is not in the top 10. Such a wise and funny man.

Easily the smartest guy on this list. Very heady comedy.

16 Peter Sellers Peter Sellers CBE (born Richard Henry Sellers; 8 September 1925 - 24 July 1980) was an English actor and comedian. He first came to prominence performing in the BBC Radio comedy series The Goon Show, featured on a number of hit comic songs and became known to a worldwide audience through his many film roles, among them Chief Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther series.

He was just a wonderful actor too, I can watch his films again again and still laugh at them, such a great entertainer!

17 Peter Kay Peter John Kay is an English comedian and actor. His 2010-11 stand-up comedy tour was officially inaugurated into the Guinness World Records as the most successful of all time, playing to over 1.2 million people.

I am visiting London from Australia and my friend had taped a show of Peter Kay, which we watched one evening. I have never laughed so much in all my life, and I am 54, with a great sense of humour. Absolutely a wonderful evening. I have become his biggest fan. I'm telling everyone to check him out. Thanks Peter, you make the world a better place.

He is so clever, I mean most things he says is what we do in life and we don't realise why do we do it, for example why do they call it the big light. laugh out loud

He starts off with simple jokes and then he does his thing, he should be in the top ten list.

How is he this low in the list, people don't know proper comedy any more, I mean Lee Mack, jack Whitehall and Michael McIntyre are alright but they're not laugh out loud. Peter kay is the most intelligent relatable comedian in history

Britain's best, good down to earth comedy, and great facial expressions. You can relate to some of the humour and in fact know people like the ones he talks about. Missing you Peter hurry up and come back.

18 Bill Bailey Mark Robert Bailey better known as Bill Bailey, is an English comedian, musician, singer, actor, TV and radio presenter and author. Bailey is well known for his role in Black Books and for his appearances on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Have I Got News for You and QI, as well as his extensive stand-up more.

"Part Troll" is undoubtedly the best stand-up show I have ever seen. It is not a random mix of funny bits. The pace, intelligence and variety of humour is incredible, coupled with some amazing songs. His later stuff can't quite match it, but Bill is still a genius.

A veteran who has earned the rightful position of funniest, cleverest and nicest man in comedy. Asked my son who he would like to live with if he didn't live with me - his answer: Bill Bailey.

Not sure he is my absolute favourite comedian, but then I'm not sure I have one. He needs to be higher though.

19 Rik Mayall

My hero. VERY, VERY funny. Original. The Young Ones and Bottom... Genius! I suffer from depression, just thinking about him make me either chuckle or wet myself depending on my state of mind. You are missed.

Watched Drop Dead Fred like 3 times the past 2/3 weeks. Love Bottom too, my favourite show. Rik's a legend

The Young Ones was genius and Bottom was legendary. Rik deserves to be higher

"But I don't know Vanessa Redgrave!"
Our PRick is pure genius and wit.

20 Rhod Gilbert Rhodri "Rhod" Paul Gilbert is a Welsh comedian who was nominated in 2005 for the Perrier Best Newcomer Award.

Easily my number 1 British comedian. I saw him live a couple of years ago when he came to the Princess Theatre (Torquay) with his "The Man with the Flaming Battenburg Tattoo" show and it was easily the best comedy show I have ever seen. Hilariously funny, well written material, brilliant storytelling, and I loved the story of the show from the beginning when he started 'Anger Management Classes', right through to the New York holiday photos at the end. Great stuff!

Rhod Gilbert is fantastic. I went to see him on tour and I laughed continuously helplessly joyously from beginning to end. It was a fantastic night. He is the best his stuff on you tube is hilarious too. He doesn't rely on swearing like some to get a laugh. He is just great! Britain's best comedian definitely!

This man is one of Britain's funniest comedians and I am utterly surprised at his low place on this list. All of his sketches have me on the floor trying to breathe, and he is always consistent. Totally deserves to be above the "funniest" comedian Russel Howard.

Rhod is highly intelligent he is very fast in his humour yes I was gasping for breath because I was laughing so hard. He should be at the top of this list, miles better than Russell Howard. Rhod needs more T.V. coverage of his stand up.

21 Graham Chapman Graham Arthur Chapman was an English comedian, writer, actor, and one of the six members of the surreal comedy group Monty Python.

It might just be that Jesus Christ missed out on something here. Christianity might have caught on a little more if there had been a few funny sketches in the Bible. But Graham was, and is the World's funniest Messiah. And I should know. I've followed a few! (Not much of a willy though)

He was great. A plea for sanity from the reverend Arthur Pews, up the cream bun and jam. Throat wobbler mangrove and fly to the moon. Oh and I like a joke as much as anybody else, apart from my wife and some of my friends...etc.

Genius, the python who gets the least credit but deserves the most.

22 Tommy Cooper

Tommy Cooper should be in top ten at least. The man was hilarious and I totally agree with the comment about how bland today's comedy must be, no1 I can think of has the comic timing Tommy Cooper had.

I don't know why Tommy Cooper isn't in the top ten! He is so funny and it is good to see a comedian that doesn't always swear or use crude humour all of the time. The tricks he did were very smart and funny. Just like that

Even when he said nothing he was hilarious. The master of timing. A true comic genius. Watch his handkerchief with dots sketch to put a smile on your face. Immense.

My first thought for funniest of all time. To see him is to laugh, and rlthe one liners and rubbish magic kept you on stitches.

23 Nick Frost

Doh! Nick frost is an actor

He's not funny

24 Josh Widdicombe Joshua Michael "Josh" Widdicombe is an English comedian and radio and television presenter, best known for his appearances on The Last Leg, Fighting Talk, Insert Name Here and his BBC Three sitcom Josh.

So funny and underrated! The best comedian working now by a mile. He makes me laugh every single time.

Great to see such a funny young guy coming up in comedy. Like Russell howard

We saw him in Dunfermline, laughed so much it was unbeleivable. Well worth seeing live!

25 Simon Pegg Simon John Pegg is an English actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer. Pegg came to public prominence in Britain as the co-creator of the Channel 4 sitcom Spaced, directed by Edgar Wright.

Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Paul, Spaced, Big Train, etc. Simon Pegg is one of my favorite comedians ever! Him and Nock Frost are the dynamic duo!

Best comedian alive! Funny bloke, great accent and so ' nerdy! Love all his stuff.

Spaced one of the funniest, and original comedy shows ever made. And Nick Frost is an excellent co-pilot laugh out loud.

So funny. Great writer and one half of possibly the greatest comedy duos of now

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