Top Ten Deaths that Most Changed History

Sometimes a very famous person dies at the height of their fame and it changes history. Some more than others. This list will go over deaths that changed history. Note this list is not famous people that have died. For example George Washington died, but he died at a relatively old age and he was retired. It didn't make that much of an impact. Take that into consideration when viewing this list.

Feel free to add anything you feel worthy to be on this list.
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1 The Death of Jesus

Hell is a real place. Jesus died on that cross so we could not go to hell. Hell is a lake of fire or melted sulphur. No matter what, one who denies that and says "I don't need him," will be in the lake of fire forever. Also will be tortured forever and sensory adaptation does not exist there in hell! He lived a life without any sin, but had to go through that excruciating death. He knew the price that had to be paid. He is the ONLY person who never sinned. God bless you guys! He saves you from sins. You may say "I'm a sinner!" I have sinned multiple times in my life too. Jesus died for sinners, for everybody!

I will be looking at Jesus from a non-religious standpoint for this list. You cannot deny he was a man that lived and died the brutal death of crucifixion. If you believe the account by the Bible, there was a lot more pain and suffering along with that. Both mental and physical. You also cannot deny his teachings created the largest religion in the world. His death most certainly changed history.

2 The Death of Abraham Lincoln

We have all heard about Lincoln's death. He was of course shot by John Wilkes Booth while watching a play. We have all heard the story. His death was pretty important because, after his death Andrew Johnson took over who is deemed one of the worst presidents ever. Lincoln had a good plan for Reconstruction and it would have been smooth. He didn't seek to damage the South, he seeked to welcome them back in, so they could sort out their differences. Johnson screwed that all up. Plus Lincoln had a plan to integrate African Americans into society. Johnson also screwed that up.

More important than the death of someone we don't even know exists...

Abraham was a great man.

3 The Death of Adolf Hitler

Heck yeah he is dead. If I was a judge I would give him the death penalty by beheading. He is the devil. He was so evil you can't give the Nazi salute and you will spend 5 years in prison if caught. If I was alive during his time I would set a nuke on this devil.

His death changed history in the sense that he probably would not have agreed to unconditional surrender.

Glad he died. If he didn't die, he would kill more Jews. I respect all religions.

4 The Death of John F. Kennedy

JFK's death was one of the most headlined events in history. It is one of the only assassinations we have on TV and it created huge amounts of conspiracy theories. Kennedy was a good president before he was shot, so that obviously hurt.

5 The Death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

There were multiple causes of World War One, but the assassination of Franz Ferdinand was the tipping point. His death is actually fascinating. Franz and his wife were going to the governor's palace and a bomb went off on one of the cars behind them. Franz demanded that they go see those that were injured. While the drivers were turning around the cars, Gavrilo Princip seized his oppurtunity and shot and killed both Franz and his wife. This event is one of the most important causes of WWI.

Should be #1. Lincoln only changed US history, and we can't be fully sure Jesus actually was real. This guy's death changed up the course for the entire 20th century.

Since it can't be unequivocably proven that Jesus existed, and since Abraham Lincoln's death changed only American history, this really ought to be #1.

6 The Death of Martin Luther King Jr.

The most famous and, in my opinion, the best civil rights icon by far. Martin Luther King stood for more than just black rights and that's what I think made him special. His assassination would send shockwaves that are still felt today. Hope you enjoyed the list. If you liked it you comment or share it. Thank you for sticking to the end.

Very sad and tragic. He was just a leader that stood up for black rights. #blacklivesmatter

I wish this didn't happen. My best friend Kaliq is black. Mlk was against racism.

7 The Death of Julius Caesar

One of the most famous deaths ever. The play we have all been forced to learn about in high school, even though I quite like the play. Regardless of whether the play is accurate, it is still true Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by a group known as "The Liberators" in 44 BC on the Ides of March. Plutarch and Suetonius, two of the most famous historians and two of the first historians, backs most of this up. His death would set in motion another Civil War and eventually bring the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire.

8 The Death of Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great's death isn't as famous as some of the others, but it is still pretty important. His death is clouded in mystery though. Every historical account says something different. He could have died because of either poisoning or fever. Nevertheless, he died and worst of all he died without naming an heir. This would plunge Greece into chaos and it effectively ended Greece's power.

9 The Death of Joseph Stalin

The death is actually pretty funny. Stalin didn't trust anyone, not even his own doctors. He had a cerebral hemorrhage which could've been treated, but he didn't have any doctors around, so he kinda just died. His death would cause chaos, but it might have also prevented a third World War. Stalin was easily the most radical Communist leader and I think war would've happened.

10 The Death of Mahatma Gandhi
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11 The Death of John Lennon

Imagine (pun intended) what he could have written if he wasn't shot, what he could have done, what he could have said. A great loss to the world.

Lennon's death actually hastened an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.

12 The Death of Vladimir Lenin
13 The Death of Moctezuma II

Reigning over the Aztecs when they first encountered Europeans (the Spanish), it was Moctezuma's misfortune to rule at a time when Europeans finding the "New World" meant their lust for gold (particularly the Spanish) could be fully sated.
Moctezuma's capture and subsequent murder also seemed to fulfill an Aztec belief that their own destruction would come by the sea, and from the East. Sad really.

I can think of no other single death that had a more profound effect on history. His death marked the end of Mesoamerican rule in what is now Central America, and brought on the end of the Aztec Empire. Indeed, this single death also ushered in the era of European dominance of the entire Western Hemisphere.

Funny that the completely outnumbered Spanish could never have defeated him if he had not been so relentlessly brutal to neighboring rival tribes. Those tribes hated Moctezuma so much, they happily teamed up with Cortez, and helped him in his conquest. You might say Moctezuma brought it on himself, otherwise, the Spanish would have had zero chance.

14 The Death of Joan of Arc
15 The Death of Napoleon Bonaparte
16 The Death of George Floyd

Curse the bad cop who brutally killed this man. If I was the judge I would give the cops who killed Floyd the death penalty by firing squad of hanging though electric chair is more necessary.

If you say "all lives matter" when someone says "black lives matter" you are right, all lives do matter. But how often do you see a white guy under a cop's neck for 8 minutes after passing a counterfeit bill?

Everyone remember. BLM represents every race that has ever been mistreated for their skin color, ethnicity, hair, face, weight, or anything that can't necessarily change. We are all one race; The HUMAN RACE.

17 The Death of Princess Diana

An angel down to earth getting murdered, calling it off as an accident is enough to prove that in this cruel world if you go against some powerful alliance under the influence of "so called Royals" with breaking every kind of sterotypes, royal protocols & certain unwanted restrictions, standing up for the greatest causes around the world and believe in humanitarian spirit, the aftermath would be a tragic end for you getting assassinated or murdered (and innumerable inquests even if done afterwords, it would still be considered as an accident only). Period.

One of the most beautiful souls in the world. How can the paparazzi be this disrespectful of personal space that you kill someone. RIP Diana.

Her death actually didn't change a lot, but it did cause huge mourning around the world. Truly a tragic event.

18 The Death of Saddam Hussein
19 The Death of William Wallace

William Wallace suffered one of the most painful deaths ever and it was incredibly graphic. His death would result in a renewed demand of Scottish independence. While it was achieved then people screwed it up, it's the thought that counts. His death also inspired one of my favorite movies, Braveheart.

20 The Death of King Louis XVI of France
21 The Death of Stonewall Jackson
22 The Death of Osama bin Laden
23 The Death of Elizabeth of Russia

Elizabeth, the Empress of Russia, decided that Russia should join the Seven-Years War (1756–1763) as an ally of Austria. On August 12, 1759, Russians and Austrians defeated the Prussians under Frederick II near Kunersdorf, Prussia. In January 1762, Frederick II was prepared to surrender and sign a peace treaty with Russia. But surprisingly, Elizabeth died on January 5. Her successor, Peter III, a great admirer of Frederick II, returned to Prussia all the territories Russia had conquered.

After US President Franklin D. Roosevelt had died on April 12, 1945, Goebbels told Hitler this story to give him hope for a German victory.

24 The Death of Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun's deaths is one of the weirdest deaths. He legit died because of a nosebleed at a celebration. It could have been because of poisoning, internal bleeding caused by heavy drinking, or worst of all he simply had a bad nosebleed. After his death the Huns basically disappear from history. Would we see a more infamous Hun empire if he survived? We will never know for sure.

25 The Death of Malcolm X Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little and also known as el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, was an American Muslim minister and human rights activist.
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