Top Ten Greatest Warriors In History

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1 Spartan

Spartans were the greatest in history. With their tactics, Alexander virtually conquered the world. Many of the groups on this list, are modeled after the Spartan way. Trained since a young age, to do NOTHING but fight, no others on this list, were trained in warfare for their entire lives.

What made them great is when 300 of them survived against a hundred thousand Persians and ultimately kicked their ass. They're strong too and could kill a samurai (as proven in Deadlist Warrior) No one can beat them.

Spartans are trained as a child. Navy seals can't touch them and guns are unfair to use against a sparan. The navy seal would get his head cut off in hand to hand combat

Absolutely NOTHING can beat these guys. This is actually a pretty good list though. Although ninja should be before Apache

2 US Navy SEAL

The US Navy SEALs are the most badass soldiers to ever live. They are the greatest handpicked warriors on the planet and it is proven every day that no one can take them down. Not even the great spartan with there shields and spears that people voted for could hold back one of these guys.

Any force that can be trusted on the top-secret mission of killing Osama Bin Laden is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Their courage, bravery and just hard-ass attitude is amazing.

These guys are practically superhuman by the time they complete training.

Wow no one can match the awesomeness the NAVY SEAL.
They kick ass and they do it right

3 Spetsnaz

The only recorded difficulty the Spetsnaz ever had was dealing with the Mujahadeen which are almost cleaned out. Spetsnaz don't need huge shields unlike those Spartan cowards.

Shields and Spears are fine but they are useless when there's bullets flying around. That's why the Spetsnaz are greater warriors than the Spartans.

These guys are ruthless and are practically Immortal. The Waffen SS would roast a Spartan, and Roman Centurion's armour with their flamethrowers.

Ruthless Russian professionals that deserve the top spot especially considering that those Greek brutes are ahead of these guys at the moment.

4 Mongol

A horde that let soil from mediterranean be left in pacific in 12 th century...

5 Royal Gurkha Rifles

No one can beat the Gurkhas, they have lots of blood pressure (due to where they are from) which means they are like super humans. A Gurkha in ww2 had his arm blown off and still kept on fighting (Lachhiman Gurung) who fought 200 Japanese with one arm. Or Dipprasad Pun who fought off 40 Taliban on his own.

Gurkha's are the most feared. They have scary knives and they would always have high morale.

Gurkha's are the bravest of the brave. Everyone fears them.

6 Mafia

If you guys think Roman Centurians are greater warriors than the Mafia, then you've been smoking something very strong.

If the 2 warriors met, the Mafia would just mow down the Centurians with Thompson SMGs, Blast through the armour with Sawn Off Shotguns and burn their capes/cloaks with Molotovs.

Back in the Prohibition-era, when gangsters were all the rage, the Mafia was a force to be rekoned with with the Sawn-off shotgun, the Colt 1911 handgun and the iconic Thompson Submachine Gun, commonly known as the Tommy Gun.

If you think Spartans are ore deadly than the Mafia, you couldn't be more wrong. The Mafia would mow down Spartans with their Tommy Guns and burn their capes with Molotovs.

The Mafia were greater warriors than Roman Centurians because the Mafia had the brains to create weapons out of anything. Case in point: Baseball bats.


Also knows as the Irish Republican Army.

8 Nazi Waffen SS

Great soldiers, fought hard on all fronts. They were kind off like NATO, since theer were soldiers from many Countries that joined to fight against the Soviet Union. They were elite soldiers, Hitlers, "Fire Brigades" as they were called. Their enemies feared and respected their military prowress. Most were decent men who treated enemy combatants with chivary. The ones who commited "war crimes" were few in numbers, and probably cowards. One example of a SS Panzer soldier was Franz Staudegger, who knocked out 25 T-34s with his lone Tiger in 20 minutes, during the Battle of Prokhorovka, July 12/43.

These guys made the Wehrmacht look like softies. While the Wehrmacht had extra military drills, Waffen SS recruits learned to box.

These guys were able to invade almost all of Europe and maybe russia

9 Viet Cong

Defeated a superpower during the cold war, and made the US pull out of Vietnam.
Just like when the russians invaded Afghanistan, and got their kicked out by the locals (Soviets own version of Vietnam)

These guys strapped bombs to children and women, and then sent them running toward American soldiers to be blown up. Eventually, the Americans had to start shooting the kids or else they'd be blown up too, which coined the hippy hate term "baby killer"

10 English Longbowmen
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11 Taliban
12 Waffen SS
13 Viking

Not only did their thirst for fortune, created a need to find distant lands and conquer.

Berserkers they worked themselves into a mad fury and became numb to pain

14 Samurai

Ruthless honour, dignity, tradition and downright badassery. Failure was not an option!

15 S.A.S.

Who cares if they're in Call of Duty 4? I wish people would actually search their real achievements, they are far better than in games.

How could not vote for them?

16 Green Berets

Green Berets are better than Navy SEALs. SEALs have 16 men in a single SEAL team, Green Berets only need 12 men in a single A-team. Plus, their weapons are better.

17 Roman Centurian

The Roman Centurian was an elite Roman warrior and commander. To say they couldn't fight without their men by their sides is ludicrous. They often found themself fighting alone by being cut off from their men or being surrounded. They had to be ready for anything. They carried with them the greatest one handed sword in history call the Gladius. They had the best javilin in history known as the pilum. Each Roman carries two pilea. They had a shelid that stood from the ground up to their shoulders, and Spanish Steel armor which could not be penitrated by swords or arrows. Along with the best equipment; they also had the best training. There is a reason they conquered most of the known world back in their time. They should be rank 2nd on this list because the Shaolin Monk and the Apache do not have armor or sheilds, which makes all the differece in a battle. Only the Spartan is greater on this list.

18 Saracens
19 French Foreign Legion
20 Apache
21 Ninja

I don't know about ninjas, but Ninjutsu is among the greatest fighting arts you can master. It is almost like wrestling, but unlike wrestling you can break someone's arm, and paralyze them in a matter of seconds, if you know what you are doing. Shame it only made 27, but you know this list is a joke when you see magfia, and the cowboys in the top 20. One Cowboys, don't exist as a warrior, and too mafia these days are just a bunch of idiots going around beating people to death, and ganging up on them, something only cowards do.

Egg rolls egg rolls, get your egg rolls! 20 dollar for 1 egg roll! Egg rolls, by egg rolls from random Chinese guy's egg rolls! You buy egg rolls or we hunt you down!

The funny part is... When the ninja was going against the spartan, all the ninja had to do while he was hiding in the tree was use a single blow dart...

Ninja is Japan clan, his mask jacket is black red white, his face is black mask, good fighter klan, and karate.

22 Israeli Commandos

Israeli commandos are very well trained and they employ krav maga to tear their enemies apart. Israel has the most efficient army in the world even if it is not a very large one. Krav maga is ruthless.

23 Celts
24 Yakuza
25 British SAS
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