Top Ten Most Annoying Types of People at the Gym

I’ve been going to fitness gyms since I was 13. Over years more and more irritating people (thanks to cell phones) are showing up at the gym. These are the most annoying to me.
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1 Those who spend 5 to 10 minutes between each set staring at their phones while sitting on the machines or benches

These rude, oblivious people are basically hogging the machine. I don't care if you spend 2, 3 minutes between your sets but up to ten minutes? The whole time staring at their phones. They're always completely oblivious to people waiting for the machine. I don't play this anymore. If I see someone doing this for more then 3,4 minutes, I let them know I want to get on the machine. And it's always the same. Talking to them doesn't work because they always have both earphones in. So I usually have to physically get their attention by tapping them. They always react the same. They take out their headphones and stare at you blankly. I ask them if I can use the machine or at least work in with him. They usually let out a couple of incoherent short grunts then say, "Oh...Ok" all while still having that void look in their face.

2 The screamers

When I'm spotting I've motivated when they are challenged, but I never scream.

Usually associated with the "weight droppers". "UGH! YEAH! UGH! UGH! " or the spotter, "COME ON BABY! ONE MORE! YOU GOT IT! YOU GOT IT BABY! come on! PUSH! PUSH! THAT'S IT BABY! YEAH!" Look, I understand they're trying to motivate and push their partner, but come on. You don't need to shout it through the whole gym. Pretty sure part of reason they do this is they think they're badass and want people to look at them and think the same.

3 The sweaty, dripping non-wipers

Pretty gross getting on a sweat drenched bench or machine right? 50% of my gym is guilty of this.

4 People who go to the gym in large groups

For two reasons. 1. When people are in large groups they're usually loud and obnoxious. The gym isn't the place for that. 2. If they all do the same routine, they'll have four, five, six people rotating on one bench or machine. Good luck using that machine on that day.

5 The weight droppers

You know, the steroid monsters lifting crazy weight then dropping it to the ground when they're done with their set. Thundering boom through the gym, stops everybody in the whole gym in their tracks. Everyone looks in the direction of the crashing noise and the d-bag starts shouting, "YEAH BABY! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! " to let everybody know he was the one lifting all that weight. Sometimes I hope they lift too much and blow out their rectum.

6 The know-it-alls

I usually see one or two of these guys (they're always men) in every gym. They walk around "correcting" peoples form or techniques. They usually do this to women (trying to pick up). To be fair though, they're usually really buff or in great shape and know what they're talking about. Lol, can you imagine if some totally out of shape obese dude was doing this in the gym?

7 The "Hey, at least I'm at the gym" people

The people who are sitting on the exercise bikes, barely pedaling or not pedaling at all, staring at their phones the whole time. I guess to these people just getting to the gym is a workout or an accomplishment.

These are the same people who afterwards, get into their cars and drive a two minute walk to McDonalds for fries and burgers, and then drive the next five minutes home.

8 People who don't re-rack their weights

I would say 85% of my gym is guilty of this. I feel bad seeing women (sometimes elderly) struggling taking 5 or 6 "plates" off a machine just to use it. If your strong enough to work out with that weight your definitely strong enough to put it back on the racks.

9 The Instagram "fitness" followers

I'm talking about the people who get these crazy weird exercises/workout that will end up hurting or damaging themselves from idiots who don't know what they're talking about on instagram. Do yourself a favor, don't listen to random idiots on instagram on how to work out. Only listen to professionals or the "know it all" will come and lecture you.

A lot are attention seekers to be honest and are just there to flex.

10 Egolifters performing lame exercises

Egolifting in Deadlifts, Squats and Barbell Pressing movement is one thing. In the Leg Press, Cable Crossover, Lat Pulldown or any other machine that is not supposed to really test your strenght is something else entirely.

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11 The hoochie mamas

Not too many but every gym has a few. They're not there to workout. They're there to wear the skimpiest outfits, stick their asses in the air and have guys look at them.

12 The social media addicts

People filming their workout or taking pictures of themselves. The former are usually girls, asking a guy to film them, that aren't nearly as hot as they think they are while the ladder are usually juiced guys.

13 People using the wrong machines or bench
14 "Fitness" girls
15 People who don’t turn off the treadmill

VERY dangerous. People should look because if they don't they could die

16 The body-shamer
17 Treadmillers

I know you like to waste time but how about just staying at home altogether?

18 The supplements dealer
19 People who leave trash everywhere
20 The girls who accuse guys of staring at them
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