Top 10 Quotes from Vocal Coach Reactions to Dimash Kudaibergen Vocal Performances

I know Dimash was spam voted on this site and this didn't do him a favor. I don't like spam voting either and knowing that Dimash was spam voted over here postponed my own willingness to give him a listen. I thought he was the next talentless local star that got spam voted... Now I know I was wrong but spam voting was the reason I was avoiding to give him a try.

That changed in March 2019 - one day I was bored and decided to have some fun, and to listen to some cringy singer... Oh, how wrong my expectations were! He was SO good that my jaw dropped, literally. At this point there aren't many things in music that can impress me but Dimash did. Yes, Dimash is an extraordinary singer and his vocal skills are mindblowing.

Dimash probably doesn't have many fans among the users of this site but I wanted to make this list because I have a point. I've noticed Dimash's been getting some unjustified hate on this site, maybe due to bandwagoning. Maybe the majority of his haters actually never heard a single song by him, or if they did, and still claim Dimash is a bad singer, those guys completely lack basic music judgement and basic vocal judgement in particular. There was even a comment that he's off-pitch. No, Dimash pitch is unbelievably perfect and the vocal coaches also underline it. Off-pitch are probably the favorite singers of the guys who wrote Dimash's off-pitch.

If you don't like his music or his voice, that's OK. But to say he's a bad singer and even the worst singer of all time... this makes you look musically ignorant and mean.

Spoiler alert: All vocal coaches I checked out (over 15) highly appreciate his vocal abilities. This list is about videos where vocal coaches react to Dimash vocal performances. In my original Top 10 I included only reactions to his live vocal performances because if a singer is absolutely awesome live, that singer might be even better in the studio. Also, in a live performance the singer can't change and replace a bad "blue" note.
The Top Ten
1 Oh my god! Did you hear that? Only dogs can hear that! I guess that was the D8 that you guys are talking about. I can't even test it - that's off the piano! Oh my god! - Emi Pellegrino

D8 is an insane whistle note he hit live in the 3rd part of the song Unforgettable Day, Gakku concert 2017.
It sounds like a whistling kettle. He held the note for whole 5 seconds and even added vibrato to it! Adding vibrato means he had full control over the madness that D8 is - its frequencies are ~4,700Hz and he was able modulate them! Oh, and the note matches the key of the song as well as the notes the band was playing when he did the whistle. Also, one second after that note he continued singing and because he was on his knees he was getting up at the same time. He made it look like nothing.

2 He is a great example of someone who sings with amazing technique and the emotion does not get lost within that perfect execution - Tara Simon

Tara Simon is one of the vocal coaches on youtube who provide the best explanations of what's going on vocally and her reactions are also very spontaneous. I would recommend to watch this entire video - you'll learn a lot from Tara. If you never heard of Dimash, this is also the video I think is good to start with.
Youtube video title: Vocal Coach Reacts to Dimash Kudaibergen - SOS (by Tara Simon from Tara Simon Studios).

3 No doubt, if I was there, I would be standing on my feet, screaming my lungs out. That is awesome! - Dr. Marc Reynolds

Dr. Marc Reynolds isn't a medical Dr. - Dr. is his academic degree, Doctor of Musical Arts (he was the teacher of some singers & vocal coaches on this list). He's expert in opera singing and opera stage directing. He's a professor at School of Music faculty, and Director of Opera Studies, at the College of Fine Arts and Communication (Texas State Uni).
This quote, coming from a person like Dr. Marc Reynolds is a HUGE HUGE compliment.
Youtube video title: Voice teacher reacts to Dimash performance of Sinful Passion in Sochi

4 That is mindblowing. It’s almost to the point where my brain can’t take it in. I’m thinking of all those sounds coming out of one person. [As a vocal coach] I’m trying to help you do that. Hahaha! - Christi Bovee

That was her spontaneous reaction after watching him for the first time (live performance) - she kinda admitted that training and practicing can't help people do everything Dimash does, "hahaha". He is "freakishly talented", she added. However, the vocal coach who admitted this thing after a deeper analysis is Dr. Marc Reynolds - Dimash vocal instrument has an extension that is "just his genes".
Youtube video title: Voice Coach Reacts | Dimash Kudaibergen | Love is Like A Dream | Christi Bovee

5 That was crazy! The agility he has in his voice is unbelievable. He's just able to move all around his range, no break. - Adam Mishan

And Dimash range is 6 octaves and 3 notes!
Vocal coach Adam Mishan was wondering whether there was some digital effect in a section of the song and he eventually decided that there wasn't and Dimash most probably did that with his voice. Yes, correct - there was no digital effect: Dimash did that with his voice. It's a singing technique and style used in the Middle Eastern folk music (Asian Middle East).
Youtube video title: VOCAL COACH reacts to DIMASH singing SINFUL PASSION (by Adam Mishan)

6 A lot of these people, like Drew Barrymore, have never heard the amazingness of Dimash, so it’s kinda priceless to see their face, like, literally, [...] What is that thing? Extraterrestrial being? - Tara Simon
7 What was that high note? E6? Holy cow, I don't have a fret on my guitar for that one. E6 is high for a soprano! - Ken Tamplin

It was funny how Ken Tamplin was trying to find that note on his guitar only to find out he didn't have a fret for it, LOL.

Youtube video title: Vocal Coach Reaction to Dimash Kudaibergen - Sinful Passion (by Ken Tamplin from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy)

Again, seriously, who is this guy and why is he so beloved on the top tens?

8 This performance is so fun, so exciting, esp. as he keeps going up and up, and you think it’s his top and he just keeps going higher. Brilliant showmanship. Love it - Dr. Marc Reynolds

Youtube video title: Voice Teacher reacts to Dimash Opera 2 (by Dr. Marc Reynolds)

9 So precise. Wow! [10 seconds later] Wow! Effortless for him. Wow! Oh my gosh! Wonderful! All right. Wow! - Valerie White Williams

...and this wasn't the first time she saw Dimash live performance. Valerie White Williams is from Vocal Splendor Studios.

This is a comment on Dimash live version of Diva Dance from The Fifth Element movie. "What he did effortlessly in 2017 (Bastau Concert) is one of the hardest things in a soprano repertoire. The climax is only 1 minute long (Dimash sang that part) but it's a true headache even for the best sopranos (the soprano who did the original version never attempted it live). Dimash sings it only live and nails it. This part of the OST was digitally processed and the voice was modified to sound like alien talk and singing. Dimash imitates alien talk with his voice. LIVE."

YouTube video title: Voice Teacher Reaction to Dimash Kudaibergen - The Diva Dance - Bastau Concert 2017 (by Vocal Splendor Studios)

10 I think he's really an alien. In a world of autotune this guy is just killing it - Ken Tamplin

It sometimes amuses me to look at these lists and speculate whether there is actually a basis for people's obsessions with certain artists that are not well known outside the top tens such as him, Jackie Evancho and to a lesser extent Blind Guardian, Mount Eerie etc. Good to see that actual experts do praise this guy as well.

I apologize for the previous anonymous comment as it would suggest that Blind Guardian and Mt Eerie have also been spam voted. I did not intend to imply this only that they got more attention in the top tens than I would expect.

The Contenders
11 That is artistry. That's insane. Easily the best singer I've ever reviewed. Maybe the best singer I will ever review. Hands down. - Tara Simon
12 Spoiler alert: I was blown away by his vocal range and precision - Linor Oren

Well, I can relate to this: his range of over 6 octaves + his perfect pitch have blown me away, too.
Youtube video title: Opera singer reacts to Dimash: SOS - Linor Oren (voice teacher)

13 He's consistent, you never are questioning whether he's gonna hit a note - Sam Johnson
14 He’s definitely born with an incredible amount of talent, probably the talent of 3 or 4 people. But there’s a lot more going on there. - Christi Bovee

Besides that talent, there were 20 years of training and practicing - several hours a day, every day. That's why she also said "When you see someone of THIS caliber giving a performance like that... this boy has sacrificed to get into the vocal shape that he is in."
Youtube video title: Voice Coach Reacts | Dimash Kudaibergen | Love is Like A Dream | Christi Bovee

15 He was sick during the performances that I'm watching. Man, if I could sound like that sick! - Emi Pellegrino
16 The amount of: a) talent, b) vocal control, and c) technique it takes to do that execution well and healthfully is immense, it's insane. This guy is... err... he's from Mars... - Tara Simon
17 Best singers in the world would struggle with doing that. Do you hear me? - Rebecca Vocal Athlete
18 That's out of this world...that's OUT of this world...I love that he was smiling just before that because he knows he's gonna kill everybody. Love that. - Chris (Anjocaine Music)

It was a live performance and Dimash mysteriously smiled before doing the next insane thing. That smile was like saying "You think I can't go higher than I just did? Umm, watch me." And he sang the chorus even higher. And killed it.
Youtube video title: Vocal Coach Reacts to Dimash Opera 2, by Chris (Anjocaine Music)

19 Not even glitches, nothing, he just has a very seamless, seamless voice from top to bottom. Unbelievable. - Adam Mishan
20 The high notes didn’t surprise me - I know he’s got super high notes, so precise. But that low range is incredible. I’ve heard a lot of tenors that have these really awesome high notes and whistle up to the top of the piano but not everybody has the

Here's the entire quote: "The high notes didn't surprise me - I know he's got super high notes, so precise. But that low range is incredible. I've heard a lot of tenors that have these really awesome high notes and whistle up to the top of the piano but not everybody has the low notes that he has." - Valerie White Williams from Vocal Splendor Studios.
Youtube video title: Voice Teacher Reaction to Dimash Kudaibergen - The Diva Dance - Bastau Concert 2017 (by Vocal Splendor Studios)

This is the entry where the last Metal_Treasure comment found.

21 I was contacted by Wikipedia people […] because I'm the only vocal coach with perfect pitch so they told me to analyse his range […] and Dimash's lowest note was A1 and his top note was D8 (so far) - fahimmuchi

My previous comment got too long but I want to add something: many Internet sources use outdated info about his range - they didn't include his newer songs. Sources usually mention E2 or F2 as his lowest notes. That was true in 2017. But he later made a song with C2 (Sinful Passion) and in 2019 - with A1 (Love is Like a Dream).
Also, some sources mention 4 octaves and a half, or 5 octaves. This is old school counting that doesn't include falsetto and whistle register - 4 octaves and a half is pretty impressive if you clarify that this is his range in the modal register only.

22 He is an innovator. He is a total innovator in vocals. […] He is in a class by himself. He really is. […] He is just so good you can’t ignore him. He is amazing. - Christi Bovee
23 Look at his posture! Look at the way he's standing! Look how he's owning the stage! That kind of confidence is very hard to teach. And he has that naturally, obviously. Amazing! That kind of commandment, that kind of authority - fahimmuchi
24 It would be fun to see him singing a whole opera on his own: duo, quartet, sextet, octet … on his own. I think that would be really cool. And I think he could to it! - Dr. Marc Reynolds

Yes! I thought the same after hearing his new song Ogni Pietra. Number of people singing in a: duo - 2, quartet - 4, sextet - 6, octet - 8. Dimash certainly has at least 8 different sounds in his voice, both male and female.
The new Dimash song is another thrill by him for the vocal coaches. Dimash has never moved onto "full on" opera before but he did it 3 days ago, on June 21, 2019.
Youtube video title: How to sing like Dimash Ogni Pietra: Voice Teacher & Opera Stage Director Reacts, Analyzes, Teaches (by Dr. Marc Reynolds)

25 18 second note! E5, bit-ches, E5! And it was sustained, too! He didn’t add vibrato until the end. It was a straight note! […] Gurrll, calm down! […] And that last note - perfect mix. Perfect.Even.Mix!!! - Emi Pellegrino

Emi is young but she's very competent AND entertaining - she explained and demonstrated many things (vocal fry, vocal cry) and I particularly appreciate that she got correctly what Dimash was doing in a section: it wasn't in falsetto like most people/teachers thought, it was masterfully used breathy chest voice. Like Emi said, "It's very hard to do and it just again proves how awesome he is. Yeah, I'm a Dimash cheerleader. I need to get a shirt". Another plus is that she can tell what notes Dimash hits and with what vocal technique. I also liked many funny things she said and demonstrated, such as "talking on a normal basis like a normal person", how some "basic" girls talk, and more.

YouTube video title: Voice Teacher Reacts To: Dimash Kudaibergen "Love Is Like A Dream" (by Emi Pellegrino)

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