Top 10 Vigilante Murderers of All Time

Vigilante justice has long held a certain allure in popular culture. It's a narrative as old as time: the lone hero taking the law into their own hands, driven by a sense of duty, vengeance, or moral clarity that the traditional legal system fails to deliver.

From the pages of comic books to the gritty frames of cinema, the idea of the vigilante has always sparked debate and fascination. But behind the fictionalized glamour lies a darker reality - real-life individuals who have crossed the line from justice-seekers to murderers, often leaving chaos and controversy in their wake.

Regardless, this list is never intended to celebrate violence against criminals or vigilantism in general. Depriving someone's life over nothing makes the individual lower than both their victims and dirt.
The Top Ten
1 Jack Ruby Jack Ruby was an American nightclub owner who shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy, on November 24, 1963. Ruby's act of murder occurred while Oswald was in police custody, being transferred from the city jail to the county jail.
2 Gary Plauché Gary Plauché was an American known for killing Jeff Doucet, the man who had kidnapped and sexually assaulted his son, Jody Plauché. The murder took place on March 16, 1984, at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, and was captured on live television.
3 Pedro Rodrigues Filho Pedro Rodrigues Filho, a Brazilian serial killer, is known for murdering other criminals while imprisoned, earning him the nickname "Pedrinho Matador" or "Killer Petey." His criminal activities began in adolescence, and he claims to have killed over 100 people.

This dude is the ultimate vigilante. He is like the criminal version of Dexter.

We need more people like him too!

4 Ellie Nesler Ellie Nesler gained notoriety in 1993 for fatally shooting Daniel Driver, a man accused of molesting her son, in a courtroom in Jamestown, California. Her actions sparked a national debate about vigilante justice and the protection of children from sexual predators.
5 Marianne Bachmeier Marianne Bachmeier, a German mother, shot and killed Klaus Grabowski, the man who had murdered her seven-year-old daughter, Anna. The shooting occurred during Grabowski's trial in a courtroom in Lübeck, West Germany, on March 6, 1981.
6 Florisvaldo de Oliveira Florisvaldo de Oliveira, known as "Cabo Bruno," was a Brazilian military police officer who became infamous for his role as a vigilante, killing criminals in São Paulo during the 1980s. He was convicted of multiple murders and served time in prison before being released.
7 Stephen Marshall Stephen Marshall was an American who tracked down and killed two convicted sex offenders in Maine on April 16, 2006. He located his victims through the state's sex offender registry before committing the murders.
8 Vitaly Kaloyev Vitaly Kaloyev, a Russian architect, murdered air traffic controller Peter Nielsen in 2004, whom he held responsible for the mid-air collision that killed his wife and children. Kaloyev confronted Nielsen at his home in Switzerland and fatally stabbed him.
9 Hélio José Muniz Filho Hélio José Muniz Filho, a Brazilian police officer, became known for killing individuals he identified as criminals while serving in the police force. His vigilante actions were part of a broader pattern of extrajudicial killings in Brazil.
10 Alan Kats
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11 Jason Vukovich
12 James Fairbanks James Fairbanks, a former school teacher in Nebraska, was charged with the murder of convicted sex offender Mattieo Condoluci in May 2020. Fairbanks claimed his actions were to protect children from potential harm.
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