Full-fledged List Analysis: Worst Types of People

NuMetalManiak An overall look at a list about worst types of people.

1. Murderers: Yes, especially the ones who employ random violence.
2. Pedophiles: Creepy people.
3. Terrorists: Now these are probably my #1 here.
4. Rapists: Awful people who get others impregnated or killed.
5. Racists: Tend to be mild actually unless they actually commit hate crimes.
6. Bullies: You wonder why they do these things.
7. Cannibals: They would starve otherwise, but try to avoid them then.
8. Justin Bieber Lovers: What an awful image.
9. People Who Are Cruel to Animals: Definitely bad.
10. Hypocrites: Potentially combining all of these, the absolute worst people to exist.
11. Serial Killers: Murderers who murder more people than murderers.
12. Sexists: Where I come from sexism is pretty much a death sentence, regardless of your sex.
13. Bronies: Have pretty much stopped showing up.
14. Sadists: Only bad if they don't want help when offered it.
15. Ignorant People: Ties in with hypocrites.
16. Child Abusers: The worst kind of pedophile.
17. Social Justice Warriors: Social justice should never be a political thing, but these idiots have done that.
18. Back Stabbers: This is why I don't have friends.
19. Haters: What do they like?
20. Gangsters: They should be fine as long as they don't cause harm in your neighborhood.
21. Anybody That Says "Swag" or "Yolo": Not real words.
22. Homophobes: They say anti-gay things in middle school because of some things, I guess?
23. 9/11 Jokers: None of these jokes are funny and neither are the conspiracy theories.
24. Abusive Parents: Create abusive children. Also count as child abusers.
25. Psychopaths: Mental or not, don't make them snap.
26. School Shooters: A specific kind of murderer, although what they do has lots of publicity.
27. Criminals: Depends on the crime and the severity of it.
28. Adolf Hitler Fans: His fans should be dead.
29. Holocaust Masterminds: So basically Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, and whoever ran the death camps. Only those people.
30. Feminists: Modern-day feminism has turned into a female supremacist thing where the good feminists have low publicity.
31. Hipsters: Ugly people
32. Weeaboos: Awful group that are the feminists of anime fans, have no respect for popular anime or for western cartoons.
33. Mega Man Haters: This sure looks like a secluded group.
34. Spoiled Brats: Gee I wonder how many spoiled brats were some of the people above?
35. Mass Murderers: Ties in with serial killers and possibly terrorists.
36. Communists: Even if they aim for equality, there's gonna be whining where people want more than they should have.
37. Cyberbullies: Just another form of bully that is actually easier to ignore.
38. Nazis: They should be dead by now.
39. Popular Kids: The ones that shove their popularity in your faces are bad.
40. Fake People: What kind of person is a fake person anyways?
41. Directioners: Please don't put fanbases on this list.
42. Donald Trump Haters: They are actually the most obsessed people over Trump. His own supporters don't obsess over him.
43. People Who Think Climate Change Does Not Exist: I mean just because your president thinks it doesn't mean others do.
44. Animal Abuser: We already have this.
45. Poop Eaters: These are the kinds of people that really should not exist.
46. Thieves: If they steal something big, then yes.
47. Thugs: Come on, same definition as above.
48. People Who Enjoy Pissing Other People Off: Well, DUH.
49. Liberals: The worst ones tie in with social justice warriors.
50. Klansmen: A dying group.
51. Drug Dealers: Maybe don't go on the streets where they are.
52. People Who Think They Know Everything: Know-it-alls become hypocrites real fast.
53. People Who Never Stop Talking: My father in a nutshell.
54. Furries: Why don't you people stay away from groups you just hate?
55. Conservatives: A political party and a religion are two different things.
56. White Supremacists: Basically klansmen.
57. Donald Trump Protesters: Agree
58. Bioterrorists: The correct term is ecoterrorists.
59. Douchebags: Basically the term means everyman bully.
60. Poachers: Maybe they need to eat.
61. Dora Fans: They are 6 year olds. No one above that age should like this show or hate it.
62. Politically Correct People: Anyone who uses the term politically correct is bad.
63. Donald Trump Supporters: See, it's you haters who are more obsessed with Trump that put these guys on here.
64. People Who Put Good Items On Bad Lists: Yes, correct.
65. Torturers: Can potentially be worse than murderers.
66. People Who Think the Earth is Flat: These people flunked grade school.
67. People Who Can't Take a Joke: Poor little triggered people who can't reason with anyone.
68. Teenyboppers: Their trendiness was cancerous.
69. Gypsies: They are ok.
70. Evil-Hearted People: Maybe they have ulterior motives.
71. Neo-Nazi Gang Member: Can we please stop being specific on things already on here.
72. Sluts / Studs: They somehow tie in with popular people.
73. Bad Parents: May not be abusive, but still bad.
74. Tattletales: Which is why you feel bad for the Tattletale Strangler.
75. Holocaust Jokers: Certain types of offensive jokes are bad.
76. Shallow People: Um, now you can be specific.
77. Perverts: I have an idea. How about not exposing yourself often.
78. Fanboys: What part of don't put fanbases on here did you not understand.
79. Necrophiles: There's nothing interesting about this.
80. Chavs: If it is a slang term, it's the same thing.
81. Neo-Nazis: See, these are the nazis that exist today.
82. Liars: They don't want to admit it.
84. AntiFa Members: Making leftists look bad.
85. Bigots: Hmm, okay.
86. Dictators: Do you live in a dictatorship?
87. People Who Laugh at Cancer: Gross.
88. Ebola Jokers: Some of these jokes aren't really things that should exist.
89. People Who Brag A Lot: Yeah this and that.
90. People Who Enjoy Making Someone Sad: It's the same thing as a bully.
91. Greedy People: I want these people to actually be charitable.
92. Braggers/Showoffs: Not even three items down and a duplicate again.
93. Anti-Immigration People: They afraid of criminal activity.
94. Americans: Every nationality has equally bad people. Americans being the first nation here means that the worst people are not from America.
95. BLM Protesters: The movement is defeating itself.
96. Scene Kids: All I see are terrible T-shirts.
97. Judgmental People: Are hypocrites.
98. People Who Like Unicorns: Oh get over it.
99. PETA's Nude Protesters: Okay this definitely shouldn't exist.
100. Gay Rights Supporters: Not necessarily wrong but those who bully heterosexuals are awful.
101. People Who Encourage Bad Behavior in Other People: I like to call them Palpatines.
102. Black Lives Matter Supporters: Supporters and protesters are the same thing here.
103. Socialists: End up wanting actual communism.
104. Lady Gaga Fans: Stop putting fanbases on this list.
105. Video Game Haters: Stop putting hatebases on this list. Also this is technically parents and news sources.
106. Feminazis: Correct
107. Time Wasters: They are trying not to lose their lives though.
108. Confederates: Aren't really bad. What's bad is getting rid of history by removing their monuments cause your offended.
109. Linkin Park Haters: Stop putting hatebases on this list.
110. Wildlife Destroyers: Awful villainous people.
111. Overly-Religious People: Are often the cause of hate.
112. People that Use "Autism" as an Insult: Are you losing a debate, shout "Autism" to make yourself automatically look cool!
113. Goanimate "Good Users": Who?
114. Irritating People: Everyone irritates everyone.
115. Trolls: Either funny or not funny.
116. People That Complain All the Time: They have their reasons. You don't complain about complainers.
117. Homosexual Supporters: Overly-religious homosexual supporters, in other words.
118. People Who Use the Word "Gay" as an Insult: Are still in middle school.
119. Child Haters: To be fair, some children do need education.
120. Bisexuals: Yes, people who added this should be ashamed at themselves.
121. Nintendrones: Stop putting up fanbases.
122. Preachers: Crazed, demonic individuals.
123. Posers: We find words and words.
124. Jocks: Often bully the nerds in PE class.
125. People With Mustaches: I hate mustaches too but unless it's a hipster I don't care.
126. The People Who Voted For Bronies On This List: HAHAHAHAHA
127. Hackers: Actually bad criminals.
128. Vegans: The anti-meat eaters are evil people.
129. Sword Art Online Haters: Stop.
130. Bionicle G2 Haters: Really?
131. Negative People: Of course.
132. Pie Haters: Good god, you people hate the weirdest things.
133. Extreme Trump Supporters: Again, super obsessive haters put this on.
134. Gays: Bah, homophobes.
135. Goths: Do they really bother you that much?
136. Left Wingers: Extreme ones.
137. People Who Hate Dogs: I hate dogs.
138. Obsessive Selfie Takers: Don't seem to acknowledge reality.
139. 90s Kids: Nostalgiatards.
140. Annoying Teenage Girls: Looks like all high school stereotypes are being put on this list.
141. Liv and Maddie Fans: Oh boy
142. People Who Make Fun Of Other People's Religion: Most of them are atheists.
143. Babies: Well I actually agree.
144. Bikies: What. If we are referring to cyclists who DON'T USE THE SIDEWALK, then yes.
145. Pop Music Fans: Oh shut up.
146. Anonymous TheTopTens Members: They're called visitors.
147. Kidnappers: Well they count as criminals.
148. People Who Add One Cent to the Previous Bid On The Price Is Right: $101! My bid for this will be $102!
149. Jealous People: It's natural and not bad. What caused them to be jealous is worse.
150. Seattle Seahawks Fans: I don't want to talk about sports.
151. 2010s Kids: Their parents don't teach them well.
152. Anti-Vaccine People: Okay tell us more when your own kid dies.
153. People Who Think Atheists Worship Satan: They don't, but their attitudes are generally bad.
154. Scorpios: Really? REALLY?
155. Singers Who Copy Classic Songs and Ruin Them: It's called cover songs.
156. People Who Like Fantastic Four (2015): How many people do you know who like them?
157. Soldiers: If this is actually a fanbase I swear.
158. Adulterers: What.
159. Classic Rock Snobs: Listen to the most overrated music imaginable.
160. Masochists: You can't change them.
161. People Who Make Fun of the Music You Listen To: Elitists.
162. Hero Factory Haters: Why is TheTopTens the only place I ever hear about Hero Factory.
163. Underage Kids Who Flirt with Older People: A reverse pedophile, if you will.
164. Normies: Boo.
165. Drag Queens: Are amazing people.
166. Asexual People: Um, no.
167. Kim Jong-Un Fans: Well these people should stay in North Korea.
168. City Boys: Very much spoiled brats.
170. Parasprites: Who are these.
171. Traitors: Backstabbers in other words.
172. Goody Two-Shoes: Basically the know-it-alls.
173. Rebels With No Point: Should've called them Rebels without a cause.
174. Bad Listeners: You have to shout at them and only then they listen to you but tell you to stop shouting.
175. Moms: There are many bad moms out there.
176. Lunch Ladies: Their school system is more to blame.
177. The Easily Offended: There you go.
178. People Who Comment On YouTube Videos to Create Unnecessary Trouble: If I had a dime for every comment...
179. People Who Hate On Religions: Religion does bad things.
180. Narcissists: Oh my dearest friends.
181. People Who Think You're Weird Just Because You Don't Like Something They Like: A minor version of an elitist.
182. People Who Think Metal Is Screaming and Satanic: These soccer moms are more satanic.
183. Idiots: Well, okay.
184. Short People: Why.
185. Rednecks: Move out of your area if you hate them.
186. Coprophiles: DISGUSTING.
187. Murderous Black Metal Musicians: Have you seen them murder anyone?
188. Police: They are trying to keep the public safe. You hate them, you hate safety and the public.
189. Toddlers: Real spoiled brats.
190. Extremists: Can encompass all of these.
191. Overprotective Parents: Don't let you do anything fun.
192. Mega Man Fans: Huh, the haters were well above on the list, now the fans show up.
193. ISIS Militants: Are thankfully dying.
194. FNaF Fans: Please stop putting fanbases on this list.
195. Pygophiles: What is this.
196. Disney Channel Actors: Are you people really this dense?
197. Cheaters: Worst are the female ones who get away with the double standard.
198. Undertale Haters: STOP.
199. Genwunners: A dumb fanbase name and shouldn't be on here.
200. Otherkin: Okay this is an sjw term for sure.
201. Kids Who Brag How They Only Listen to Classic Rock While Trashing Popular Music: Already on here.
202. People Who Eat Oysters: They are food.
203. Overprotective Boyfriends: To be fair, they would rather not be cheated on.
204. Chicago Blackhawks Fans: NHL worse than NFL
205. Snitches: TATTLETALES
206. Porn Stars: Well don't watch porn.
207. Special Snowflakes: A.k.a. triggered princesses.
208. Bernie Sanders Supporters: Get over it, he lost.
209. "Peaceful" Protesters: Yeah, the quotes are a dead giveaway they aren't peaceful.
210. People Who Don't Flush the Toilet After Going Number 2: No one wants to see that.
211. People Who Spam Messages: Why else do I block some annoying users?
212. Rainbow Dash Haters: Irrelevant.
213. Beybladers: Also irrelevant.
214. Islamophobes: All because the majority of terrorists are islamic religious nutjobs.
215. Non-Binary Gendered People: People with no logic in other words.
216. Mean Teachers: But why though.
217. Those Who Shame People Based on Their Zodiac Sign: Yes and somehow Scorpios are on here. NO ONE CARES
218. Cowards: They would rather not deal with the crap that could be spewn at them.
219. Those Who Hate Iowa: Is there ANY reason to hate a state like this? Or is this referring to Slipknot?
220. Anti-Furries: Another hatedom.
221. Ugly People: Who think they look good.
222. Transgenders: It is not a sexuality like LGB. It is a gender issue.
223. Japan Haters: No thanks to weeaboos, though.
224. Southerners: Thanks a lot, unilateral liberals.
225. Fetish Artists: Should keep to themselves. Stop looking at their art.
226. Kardashians: A very specific family.
227. Emos: Yeah, emo ended up being a closeted term when it didn't need to be.
228. Fat People: Tend to get in the way.
229. Wannabes: Bandwagoners.
230. Teachers: You need to be taught, or you'll end up a wannabe.
231. Megan Fox Haters: Just stop and get some help.
232. Republicans: I swear this used to be #1 on this list a long time ago thanks to crazed liberals.
233. Children: Some children don't feel like learning, so its justified.
234. Meddlers: This is why I keep to myself.
235. Left Handed People: Hey, what did we ever do to you.
236. Call Centre Operators: They aren't real people.
237. Necromancers: Okay, if these are not fantasy enemies, then it's quite suspicious.
238. Girls With Giant Egos: Correct.
239. Democrats: Everything is a problem! Or if it isn't, we'll make an excuse to make it a problem!
240. Ratchet Women: What is ratchet.
241. Girls Pretending to Be Nerdy: Girls who pretend to be nerdy are just annoying.
242. Good People: On worst types of people list? Some people are zombies.
243. Nerds: Yes, just unload every high school stereotype or fanbase, as if it enhances the list's overall quality.
244. Right Handed People: See you put us higher. Now look what you made us do.
245. Spitters: Stupid, disgusting individuals.
246. People With Unibrows: Why do you focus on such things?
247. People With Beards: You people are so DENSE.
248. People That Drink: The rest of this list is gonna be "People That"
249. People That Like Math: Uh huh.
250. People That Try Too Hard: Oh yeah, LIKE THE PEOPLE WHO PUT THESE ITEMS UP.
251. People That Don't Try Hard Enough: Sometimes, it's best not to try too hard.
252. People Who Laugh at Everything: Including offensive unfunny jokes.
253. Crabby People: Is this based off a South Park episode?
254. People That Like Country Music and Decide They Are Now a Cowboy: I associate cowboys with Bon Jovi.
255. People Who Think Cows Are Crazier Than Elmo: How about people who make dumb comparisons?
256. Principals: Do they always call people down?
257. Grammar Nazis: They focus too much on things that don't matter.
258. Religious Fundamentalists: I learned what a fundie is thanks to this.
259. PewDiePie Fans: The craziest fanbase ever.
260. Twihards: Wait, what did I say about fanbases?
261. People Who Can't See Quality In Their Face and Find Value In Crap: Possibly trolls.
262. Flirters: LEAVE ME ALONE.
263. Anti-Racists: Objectively worse than racists.
264. Brony Haters: You see more of them than actual bronies.
265. Dallas Cowboy Fans: Enough.
266. Karma Houdinis: Worst people ever.
267. People Who Like Big Brother: What is this show.
268. People Who Are On Big Brother: Why are people ON this show.
269. People Who Never Admit They're Wrong: KNOW-IT-ALLS
270. Bikers: Some of them are actually the nicest people around even if they look tough.
271. T-baggers in MW3: Nice comment.
272. Anime Fans: No.
273. Power Puff Girls Believers: Believers. BELIEVERS. Okay.
274. Juggalos: I never saw one in real life.
275. Adults: Let's just put Everyone on this list since you hate everyone anyways.
276. Canadians: It took awhile before another nationality showed up. Anyways, Canadians are awful.
277. Frozen Fans: This used to be near the top of the list if I recall too.
278. People who like Ross Lynch: Who is Ross Lynch.
279. Greenpeace People: Okay?
280. Conspiracy Theorists: They are the biggest idiots in the world.
281. Hoodrats: Reminds me of that one fat kid I saw.
282. Bitchy People: Maybe they complain for a reason, you ever thought about it?
283. Skater Boys: No you never saw one, you just hate on a non-existant stereotype because you thought a song was bad.
284. Gangster Wannabes: Combining two items!
285. Snobby School Girls: Boring, give me a unique item.
286. People Who Don't Care About Poor People: BUT THEY SHOULD.
287. Stupid People: Basically idiots.
288. Child Molesters: We already have child abusers and that counts.
289. Smokers: It's only bad if you are right next to them. If you deliberately inhale their fumes, you're technically a smoker too.
290. Lazy People: Only bad if the job needs them the most.
291. People Who Actually Know Everything: No one should be this.
292. Hillbillies: I'm just finding more synonyms.
293. People Who Harass Strangers: I had some personal experience with this kind of person.
294. People Who Say Rock and Metal Is the Devil's Music: Stupid soccer mom logic returns yet again!
295. People Who Aren't On Big Brother: Can we please stop talking about this Big Brother.
296. Nu Goth: Not even a specific kind of person.
297. Girls Who Cut Themselves: So emo girls.
298. Pewdiepie Haters: Fans, haters, this list is lost.
299. In-Laws: NOOO.
300. Pop Singers: I've had enough.
301. Rappers: It's just some kind of music, for crying out loud.
302. Copycats: Yes yes
303. People Who Live on a Double Standard: Ah yes, the group that always thinks their bad actions are normal.
304. Bitches: Can technically not refer to people but female dogs.
305. People Who Like Bubblegum Pop, Techno, and Dubstep: Stop being elitists on genres, please.
306. People Who Hate Children: And stop duplicating items.
307. People Who Exclude Others: In other words, elitists.
308. Creepers: Minecraft?
309. Doitsuists: What even is this?
310. People That Still Watch Kids Cartoons: Um, they are not problematic at all.
311. People Who Defend Miley Cyrus: Okay then.
312. Miley Cyrus Fans: Oh wow, back-to-back duplicates.
313. Con Artists: Now these are actually bad people.
314. Ke$ha Fans: Nothing wrong with a fanbase.
315. Sociopaths: Erm, okay.
316. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Haters: Please stop putting hatebases and fanbases on this list.
317. Frozen Haters: Frozen fans, Frozen haters, seriously wrong list people.
318. Neckbeards: Okay that's a good one.
319. People That Tell Other People to Get a Life: As if they have one themselves.
320. People That Hate Neon Genesis Evangelion: Haters do not belong on this list.
321. Demi Lovato Haters: I realize that I said haters don't belong. I was referring to haters like these. Not the item on #19.
322. Extremely Vain People: May actually be evil for all I care.
323. Juggies (McJuggerNuggets fans): I could confuse this with Juggalos.
324. Star Wars Nerds: Um, the Worst Fanbases list is that way, people.
325. Airheaded Morons: Gee, with all the bad items here, how many who added them here are airheaded morons?
326. People that Blast Music from Their Cars: You can hear the vibrations.
327. People That Blame Innocent People: Especially if innocents are white people.
328. Soccer Moms: Ah here it is.
329. Minion Haters: Minions was a fad that grew out of control. The hate here is justifiable.
330. Fishermen: There's always that one fisherman that has a full team of six Magikarp.
331. Drug Users: Avoid them.
332. Bible Thumpers: Also avoid them.
333. Stuck-Up People: They don't want to admit to any wrongdoing.
334. People Who Say Everything's For Babies: Are the real babies.
335. People Who Walk Really Slowly in Front of You: I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THIS ITEM.
336. Bandwagon Fans: The correct term is bandwagoners.
337. People Who Call Others the "N" Word: Are either racists or blacks themselves.
338. Stubborn People: Stuck-up, stubborn, you are running out of ideas, people.
339. 4Chan Users: What is 4Chan anyways?
340. Younger Siblings: Glad I have none.
341. Buzzkills: Winners of the Buzz Killington award.
342. People Who Think They Can Force Others To Love Them: SJWs in a nutshell.
343. Millennials: Huh, this is surprisingly low.
344. The Ones Who Hate Life for Dumb Reasons: Oh gee, I wonder who I am gonna refer to for this one.
345. People that complain about modern Spongebob: IT'S A CARTOON. DO SOMETHING ELSE BESIDES COMPLAIN.
346. Radical Islamists: The actual terrorists.
347. People that Capitalize the First Letter of Every Word: It's Called Titlecase And You Hating On It Shows Your Intelligence.
348. Undertale Fans: Wow, how low was this one?
349. People Who Comment "Like If You're Watching In..." Followed by a Year: NO ONE CARES.
350. Clowns: I swear Chevelle's music videos seem to have clowns in them often.
351. Barney & Friends Fans: Are actually little kids so leave them alone.
352. Anti Bronies: We already saw this one.
353. Inappropriate People: Gross and disgusting.
354. Vocaloid Haters: Really the one genre of music that freaks me out the most, so justifiable this one is.
355. Christian Haters: Mostly atheists.
356. Guilt Trippers: Awful people entirely.
357. Rioters: They might have a reason, but violence won't solve it.
358. Sarcastic People: Those who live by the sarcastic card deserve hatred.
359. Zoophiles: Um, okay?
360. Biphobes: Bisexual haters?
361. Conformists: Really are just special snowflakes.
362. Otakus: A very specific weeaboo term, this is.
363. Linux Fanboys: Does Linux even HAVE a fanbase?
364. "All Lives Matter" Racists: Maybe they are, but are counteracting the more vehement racism the other side employs.
365. The Ones Who Eat with Their Mouth Open: More like the ones who talk with their mouth open.
366. Politicians: There you go. Not Republicans. Not Democrats. ALL POLITICIANS.
367. Old People: Now this one I completely agree on as well.
368. Anarchists: They never got money.
369. Smartasses: Know-it-alls, know-it-alls everywhere.
370. Over Critical People: Nitpicking leads to flamewars.
371. Nickelback Haters: Boring people.
372. The Loud House Fans: Stop with the fanbases.
373. Pop Elitists: And elitists.
374. Metal Elitists: Count
375. Music Elitists: As fans.
376. People Who Type in All Caps: GEE DOES THIS ANNOY YOU? I SURE HOPE IT DOES!
377. AC/DC Haters: Stop.
378. Pink Floyd Haters: Alright I hate this band, but stop.
379. Metal Haters: All haters matter.
380. Silento Fans: Hey christangrant, was this when you put up all of these items?
381. Katy Kats (Katy Perry Fans): Enough, stop, get some help.
382. Scammers: Are con aritists, for those that don't know.
383. Shippers: May or may not be bad.
384. People with Bad Posture: How about people who pay too much attention to bad posture? Is it really so noticeable?
385. The Young Turks Fans: Do not put anymore fanbases.
386. Blue Lives Matter Supporters: This isn't even a thing.
387. Cultists: Weird people but at least stay secluded.
388. Tech Support Scammers: Probably the most dangerous scammers out there.
389. Shoplifters: They don't got the money.
390. KotakuInAction Users: Way too specific.
391. Transphobes: Correct.
392. TERFs: An acronym that I know nothing about.
393. Anti-Semites: The Nazis are gone now, but these people do linger on.
394. Autistic People Who Use Autism as an Excuse: Make autism bad.
395. People Who Play Pokemon Go: The ones that don't watch where they are going I guess.
396. People Who are Demonically Possessed: Shouldn't ever leave their abodes.
397. Scouts: I, don't understand this one.
398. Wikipedia Vandals: Hehe, problem with that site, giving in to soccer mom logic saying Wikipedia is a bad source.
399. People Who Believe that There are More Than 2 Genders: There really are only two.
400. Misanthropes: Maybe they should actually die, since they hate their own kind.
401. Sexy Teenagers: Someone's jealous.
402. Those Who Call Random People Stupid: Are the stupidest people on earth.
403. Slaves to Society: Whoever was in charge of them is way worse.
404. People Who Believe Everything on the Internet: Definitely.
405. Dumb People: Um yeah, okay.
406. Philanthropes: RICH HOGS
407. Fascists: Basically the Nazis.
408. Robbers: Are just criminals.
409. Atheist Haters: There are actually reasons for that.
410. Eproctophiles: What is wrong with you sick people.
411. Alcoholics: Only if they drive drunk.
412. Holocaust Deniers: These people exist?
413. Hypersensitive People: Easily Triggered.
414. People Who Scream the Lyrics Instead of Singing: There's literally no one who does this.
415. Warlike People: These are the people who want to die the most.
416. Illegal Immigrants: They actually are taking jobs.
417. Prostitutes: Um, awful profession.
418. Cougars: Are not people.
419. Sugar Daddies: What are these?
420. Geeks: Some of the know-it-alls are the only bad ones.
421. Wimps: You don't have to look down on them.
422. Dank Memers: Annoying people.
423. Hobos: They unfortunately have lost everything and then they are STILL considered worst.
424. Losers: Okay, knock it off, people.
425. Bronsexuals: Shouldn't exist.
426. Fat Shamers: Bad, but not the worst thing ever.
427. Skinny Shamers: On the other hand these are bad.
428. Stalkers: Actually can be terrifying.
429. Melodramatic People: How many synonymous items have there been already?
430. Spongebob Haters: Not just modern Spongebob haters, all Spongebob haters.
431. Noobs: They are trying.
432. Abortionists: Can be bad, but this issue is impossible to have a good answer for.
433. People Who Try to Act Black: And are not?
434. People Who Hate Something Good Just Because It’s New: SOME OF THE WORST PEOPLE EVER.
435. People Who Teach Their Kids Religion: And not what they need.
436. Pie Fans: Just because you saw Pie Haters means you get to put this here?
437. Meat Eaters: And just because Vegans are more hated you put this here?
438. Minecraft Haters: The Worst Hatebases list is that way.
439. Autistic People: Offensive
440. Parents Who Brag About Their Children: Are the most embarrassing people to ever exist.
441. People Who Discriminate: Are the real -ists.
442. Fraudsters: Yes, this is synonymous with scammers.
443. Nationalists: Well that makes sense. Lump Americans and Canadians under this now.
444. Movie Spoilers: Thanks, now I know which Star Wars/Marvel character gets shafted.
445. Kardashian Fans: We had just the Kardashians earlier, now we have the fans!
446. People Who Cuss: Big deal, people always do it.
447. Celebrities: These rich celebrities always keep to themselves.
448. BDSM Fetishists: What, WHAT IS THIS.
449. Tyrants: Technically dictators.
450. Misandrists: Worse than misogynists because they actually employ double standards.
451. Religious Snowflakes: A very SPECIAL snowflake.
452. Arrogant People: Ignorant and arrogant.
453. Pseudo-Intellectuals: Know-it-alls.
454. Parents Who Let Their Kids Consume Inappropriate Media: And blame their behaviours for what they show them.
455. People Who Don't Know How to Respect Other People's Opinions: That's literally everyone.
456. People Who Think All Modern Music is Bad: Are perpetually stuck in a terrible past.

Remember, this is worst types of people. Fanbases and hatebases have their own list.


Us hipsters are not ugly u take that back - djpenquin999

Imagine if someone puts numetalmaniak hater on the list. - Skullkid755

To answer your question since you mentioned me in this post I don't think I was the one who added those items, but who knows I could've done it but that was back when I was an uneducated moron I certainly wouldn't do that now, I try not to look back at my past history on this site, it makes me cringe.

and yes I do look at these (with Microsoft Sam reading these posts) - visitor

I thought you added #373 to #380 because I knew you were against the elitists a long time ago, and mentioned stuff about Silento and Pink Floyd and such.

Not that fanbases really belong on this list when there's another one there already. - NuMetalManiak

Can you explain 12? - TwilightKitsune

132 is a VERY good point - iliekpiez

Yes and quite frankly it makes NO SENSE to just hate these things. If you hate pies, you hate basically anything, even you're own existence. - NuMetalManiak

I meant that pie haters are very evil.
Its quite easy to tell who added the item - iliekpiez

"42. Donald Trump Haters: They are actually the most obsessed people over Trump. His own supporters don't obsess over him."

That is why I do not care if somone hate Trump. - BorisRule

Holocaust deniers are extremely hypocritical people. They refer to freedom to speech but on their own forums they censor inconvenient opinions. For example CODOH. Holocaust deniers on Goodreads also often delete inconvenient comments from their reviews of books. Based on my experiences. - Ann21