Top 10 Worst Types of People

Everyone has a certain group of people who they strongly dislike.
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1 Murderers

Imagine hearing news that a dearly beloved one of yours has died. You would end up crying, only to hear that it's because a fellow killed that other person. I hate seeing reactions to people who were killed. That is the very reason I voted for this. Plus, no one wants to die.

Disgusting, sick people.

I recently fought with my ex-friend, who was a disgusting, sadistic, twisted-psychotic wacko. Honestly, she'd always send me knives and talk about how much she loves corpses and their dead eyes, and how blood dripping off people is beautiful. She told me she loves the sound of skin getting ripped off the human body. I wanted to throw up while typing that out.

She'd always tell me she'll turn me into a literal sandwich and sell me. I'm so scared. I'm so glad I blocked this disgusting person. I can't believe she knows where I live. Oh God.

2 Pedophiles

Pedophiles are absolute psychopaths who belong in insane asylums for what they do to innocent children living their best life. They take pleasure in knowing they can traumatize, manipulate, and torture young and inspiring kids of today - and they don't care about the outcome. All they want is to stick their willy into a 7-year-old girl's wonka, because "age doesn't matter." To anyone who believes that, here's a fun fact, explained in your logic: Prison is just a place, and the electric chair is just a place to sit.

3 Terrorists

The absolute pinnacle of human sins. These are the types of people who will gamble on the innocent lives of others for their own enjoyment, and they're capable of shattering the dreams of others by killing loved ones and whatnot. Terrorists belong in the absolute deepest layer of hell for everything they do.

Terrorists should be wiped off the face of this earth. They do nothing but contribute mass deaths to modern society. It's a shame to see the entire Muslim community, which is more than 2 billion people, being discriminated against because of these individuals. Especially when terrorists kill more Muslims than any other group. Disgusting.

4 Rapists

I hate rapists. They have sex with people who do not want anything to do with it! By the way, the guy in the picture looks sick and creepy.

These people are sick. They torture innocent people. If it is a man, they can get women pregnant, and they are absolute psychopaths. They deserve to burn in hell.

Rapists have a right to be attracted to people. That's fine, but I don't want people who run around impregnating women for cheap thrills running around ruining more women's lives. The sadistic person who does this should be hung by his genitals.

5 Racists

These are the worst types of people. I really wish I could travel back in time to either imprison racists or become president for just a few minutes and order their execution with a guillotine. Hating someone just because they are different or due to the way they were born is just about the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

I feel so bad for the four children who were killed in the bombing. It was satisfying to hear that the white, stupid, stereotypical, idiotic racists who bombed the church were finally locked up about 50 years later. I was hoping to hear that they were executed, but knowing they got locked behind bars is satisfying enough.

And while I was on Roblox last night, playing a game called Spray Paint (it's a game in Roblox), someone wrote a racial insult to black people. Don't even ask me what it was. Thankfully, he got kicked out. I just don't understand why people hate others just because of their skin color. I wish the first person born was black, so that white people could know how it feels to be treated that way.

Just like our hero Martin Luther King Jr. said, I have a dream to change the world so that black people have the same rights as white people. He didn't say, All white people should be imprisoned for life, except for those who are not racists and the kids who don't know what is going on yet. But I would say that! I'm just so glad that this whole racist thing is over, although there are still some racists in the world.

6 Bullies

I hate bullies. I do not care if they are jealous. They are fat little douchebags that get kids in trouble for no reason! Bullies from books or movies I know are Randy Bettancourt, Miller, Marcus, Draco Malfoy, and the Slytherins in Harry Potter. They are stupid gits.

I used to be bullied, but a month later, I got the courage to stand up for my rights, and I wasn't bullied anymore. It was horrible during just that one month, and I can't imagine what other victims go through. So, I would like to say, stand up for yourself. Hold your head up high and walk with a straight back, looking straight ahead. Most of all, be confident! Confidence is everything. If you are confident enough, the bully will be able to tell. If he knows that you are confident, he will back down. Even if you are half his size, if you act confidently, it will be alright. It might even be better if you are relatively weak compared to the bully because then he is going to get confused as to why you are so confident and be unsure.

In fact, after I stood up for my rights, the guy stopped being a bully and now we are friends. Just be confident.

7 Animal Abusers

Animals are like my favorite thing in the world, and I would hate to see them get hurt. It is just sad. Some animals are good for the world.

People who say that animals have no souls or feelings really need to hear just how stupid and screwed up they sound. Yes, an animal isn't a human. So what? It's still a living, breathing creature, and it still has a soul and feelings, the same as a human. And it deserves just as much love as a human does. And if people are going to say that an animal is just an animal and has no soul or feelings, I think it's safe to say the same about a human - humans are just humans, with no soul, feelings, or conscience of any kind. Animals don't deserve to be mistreated, and those who do abuse animals should be treated the same way. It doesn't feel good, does it? Now think about how the poor animal feels. Honestly!

8 Nazis

I hate Nazis. They are way worse than Soviets. Good thing they are dead forever. Luckily, there are no Nazis anymore. Also, someone might be pretending to be a Nazi just to be edgy. They have committed war crimes, also killing innocents, and damaging buildings, houses, or even landmarks, and more. Also, they are all killed and dead forever and they will never come back to life ever again.

If you thought they don't exist in the modern world, you're wrong. There's literally a Nazi Party in America, which is already very disturbing. At least they aren't praised and don't have as much power as they used to.

9 Cannibals

I must wonder what drives these sick, sick monsters to devour the flesh of another human being. I have heard of so many cannibals in my short fifteen years of life so far, it's just... awful. In fact, when I was on vacation in Florida about four years ago, I was checking the news and found out that 80% of an innocent man's face was eaten off by a cannibal. When I heard the news of this, I was just horrified. It was so gruesome.

Guys, maybe it's part of their culture to commit cannibalism. Even though it is cruel, you can't get upset over other people's way of life. If you commit cannibalism for no reason, then it's bad. Like I said, sometimes it's a cultural thing.

10 Sadists

Someone asked what a sadist is. To answer your question, it's someone who enjoys or takes pleasure in the suffering of others.

My classmate is a sadist. She picks on me a lot, and she thinks it's funny. One time, she said her grandma fell down the stairs, and she admitted that she "died" laughing at that. Seriously?

Horrible people who like watching or doing horrible things. And only so they can enjoy it, too. No words need to be said.

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11 Dictators

Easy why I voted for this. People demand respect and the slightest criticism can get a person's life completely, yes, I mean completely, screwed. It can be a horror and a death sentence just for saying something bad about that person.

Probably should be number one, these people can kill millions and face nothing for it. All that power, just to use it for oppression and murder. Maybe 1-2% of dictators might be "good", but the other 98-99% are usually shooting, overworking, torturing, or starving their people to death.

Dictators such as Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot killed millions. They abuse their power, abusing their people just for their interests.

12 Justin Bieber Lovers

Who would love an underage, pot-smoking teenage singer? And for the girls who love Justin Bieber, you guys should at least stop putting his face on everything you touch. It's just a picture, and you will never touch his real face, unless you rip it off and post it on your bedroom wall, which I can see happening.

I used to get laughed at in school because I didn't like Justin Bieber. There may be sensible people here at TopTens who hate Justin Bieber, but there are a lot of crazy fangirls who think that Justin Bieber is one of the best singers on earth! I wonder why these girls still worship him after all the bad things he has done.

13 Serial Killers

These massive, total, 100% creeps are murderers who have killed over one person, usually ten or more. They keep the heads of the people they killed and even eat them! Uh, massively gross. Some serial killers include Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez (known as the Night Stalker), John Wayne Gacy, Elizabeth Bathory, and Charles Manson.

The only time this could ever be pardoned is if the victims are horrible people within themselves, but that, sadly, is not the case most of the time. These people just kill for the sake of killing, and that's it.

14 Sexists

Thank God that item is high on that list along with various kinds of killers, but speaking of sexism, please put "Prisses" on that list! Because looking all-around perfect is NOT everything!

Sexists are bad, and I'm completely against sexism of any form, but why are Beliebers higher than this? I mean, this shouldn't be number one (rapists and murderers should be), but still.

What's the deal with these losers? Men saying they do all the work! (In my class anyway). Not saying all men are like this, I know nice ones.

15 Zoophiles

Animal abuse taken to an entirely new level, in every single way. Engaging inappropriately with animals can also kill them, and it's incredibly cruel. Animals can't consent, and they aren't ok with it. Zoophiles are, I'd argue, worse than pedophiles because engaging inappropriately with animals can actually kill them.

These people are literally sexually attracted to animals. That's just gross, oh my god. They are probably even worse than pedophiles, if not just as bad.

Should be above Beliebers. Being a fan of Justin Bieber isn't a crime, while having sexual contact with animals is.

16 Hypocrites

"You can't boss me around!" What do they do? They boss people around. They say you can't do this or that, or wear that, but what do they do? They do it. It gets annoying if they make a crappy excuse like, "I can't leave the house without my phone!" Please, go to sleep and never wake up. It'll make the world a better place!

While rapists, murderers, and cannibals are bad, hypocrites are stupid. The most annoying item on this list, they believe themselves to be a dictator of people that could fit into the same category as them.

17 Homophobes

Honestly, I am bisexual, but my whole life I have been afraid to tell anyone. At my school, a kid revealed on accident that he was gay, and his life became hell. He lost his friends, he was bullied, and even the teachers made a point to avoid him.

I can hardly believe that people don't have anything better to do than ramble on that men and women were meant to be together, and that homosexuality is a sin. That is not true. Everyone should have the right to like whatever gender they damn please. Nobody chose their sexual orientation, and being a homophobe is judging someone for something they had no say in.

18 Child Abusers

Child abuse is absolutely awful. The children of today are 100% of the future, and mentally damaging those children could screw us all over in the long run. Not to mention that child abusers prey on the weakness and submission of children to hurt them even further. Child abusers belong in hell.

Damaging or ruining a child's life in any way, shape, or form is never okay.

Child abusers are way, WAY worse than Beliebers.

19 Satanists

People who believe in and support a deity that wants nothing but hurt, sin, suffering, and death for all. Being a Satanist is basically saying you want humanity to fall.

These are without a doubt the worst "people" in the world. No humans will ever worship the Evil Satan. Only demons do. Satanists are not humans at all. They are depraved demons who love Satan and hate God. Satanists deserve zero love because they worship the Evil Satan. They deserve to be hated and ostracized forever. No smart human will ever love something as evil as Satan. Remember, Satanists are DEMONS, not people. And if a person is smart, they will never love a Satanist. Satanists should be treated like terrorists, murderers, pedophiles, and the like. They have no place in society other than proof that evil "people" exist. Down with Satanism!

20 Mass Murderers
21 Abusive Parents

The same thing with child abuse, the only reason this can be considered worse is because it's coming from the parents of the child, who the child has known (and has a natural attraction to), thus critically severing their trust in anybody. Abusive parents can perish.

These parents can lower their kids' self-esteem and literally make them suicidal. How are beliebers (Fans of Justin Bieber who didn't do anything wrong) higher on the list?

What's the point of having a child if you're just going to torture it? Childhood is something you need to cherish because it doesn't last long. Bad parents screw it up big time.

This is a true story:

There's a girl named Genie who had the worst childhood imaginable. Her godawful father kept her locked in her room, strapped to a toilet during the day, and strapped to her bed at night. She was fed very little and would be beaten physically if she made any sort of noise. She lived like this for thirteen years straight before her rescue.

22 Bronies A brony is an adult male fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

Bronies are like the Pyro from TF2. They think they're bringing joy and happiness wherever they go, when in reality, they're bringing anger and annoyance and are being plain destructive.

I don't care if you like a show, but people posting pornographic pictures of MLP is awful because kids might find it if they search for MLP. Also, you're going to have to expect to get made fun of if you are an adult and say you like MLP publicly. I agree that you shouldn't be, but you know some people will. - Unnamed Google User Remade

23 Social Justice Warriors

They think a movie or show is racist if it has no Black or Asian leads, depending on what it is. They also hate it when fictional characters are attractive. Or a movie or show is sexist because it involves a male superhero beating up a female villain. Why can't we just enjoy things instead of complaining about them?

They are braindead idiots who find ways to get offended over literally everything they don't like. They are also man-children who act all nice and peaceful on the outside, but once things don't go their way, their true colors show and they choose to riot in the streets and destroy property like little toddlers.

24 Gangsters

To me, it depends on the gangster and what you count as a gang. There are some gangs that aren't inherently that bad, like motorcycle gangs. If they count as gangs, the people in them would technically be gangsters, and they wouldn't be like murderers, rapists, torturers, sadists, etc.

The criminal gangsters who commit serious crimes are bad, though.

Gangsters and chavs have ruined countless British towns by creating unsafe and dangerous environments for people to live in.

Dead men, women, and children. Most aren't in a gang.

25 School Shooters

I used to feel that school was a beautiful, safe place, and that I could go there to learn safely. But after hearing about the Texas school shooting, even though I don't live anywhere near Texas, I always feel worried that this could happen to me.

These individuals are one of the only reasons why I think I have a good chance of dying before 18. Stripping innocent children of any kind of future and giving many people PTSD just because you wanted to play CoD in real life with weaponless opponents is just evil and heartless. To make it worse, in America, there is an entire faction that pretty much fights tooth and nail to keep this train running, even if the cost is many kids' lives and futures.

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