room 101: "good people"

gemcloben Hello. Welcome to room 101! Today, I shall express my opinions on, well, good people. So, surely, all it takes is a little bit of common sense to realise that good people are obviously, good, or are they? I shall discuss why this certain type of people are fake, a waste of time, and an overrated personality. So, read on and you will know what I think about this. So, enjoy reading my newest episode of the most opinionated blog post series on thetoptens: room 101!

So, there are some obvious advantages of being a good person. They dedicate their lives to being decent human beings and it usually pays off in their advantage. They usually get noticed, and praised. And, they are the people who make the word a better place, and makes life a much more enjoyable place. If everyone in the world was like this, and we had no mean people, everything would be perfect! Or would it? Read the rest of this post and find out more about my opinion.

First of all, is all of this kindness and dedication really true? Or is just completely fake? Just an act? Well, I know some people in real life. There is a girl in my school who everyone loves. I tell everyone how I hate her, and they are confused. People tell me that she is right, and I am wrong, but she is so fake, she is nice to anyone, as long as she is treated like a queen and people think she is perfect. Can I name this girl? No. Because that description can refer to almost everyone I know. She just does it for the attention.

Next, is it really necessary? People daren't criticise others, but when it comes down to it, there is no such thing as "loving everyone". They say it is wrong to do that. In my opinion, this is a load of rubbish, we have an opinion, it is worth sharing! You can't like everyone. That is useless. We should all never be afraid of expressing an opinion. "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" is the worst quote ever. If an opinion need to be expressed, do it. If you don't like someone, don't try not to hurt their feelings. My friends say one of my flaws is that I am too brutally honest.

And now, these people are treated like kings and queens. If you need to change your personality to be liked, you aren't yourself, you are trying to be good. Out of everyone I know who is like that, there is only one person they hate, that is me. Because I speak the truth about them, and they know I am right. They are well liked for it, and the opinionated people get no credit. This world seriously confuses me at times.

So, that is it, this the end of the episode. I apologise, this episode was kind of short. Anyway, the point is still the same, these falsely kind people aren't as amazing as people make them seem to be, and they aren't exactly the greatest types of people. So, as always, write whether you agree, or disagree with this blog post, and as always, give reasons why! Hope you continue reading room 101. goodbye!


"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all".

You know what? Give a middle finger to this quote. - Delgia2k

That's always what people who always say "your a Hater" always do to people who always criticize. They are also insensitive. - visitor

Good post - visitor

Well once upon a time, I used to be a mean a-hole. I didn't change because people hated me, I changed because I hated myself. It may be true that goodness is somewhat selfish, because it feels good to do good things. But I don't think that's a bad thing either. However, with your statement on fake people, I feel pretty genuine, my sister on the other hand. Is just like the girl you mentioned. However her act becomes blatantly obvious once shes out of the public. - keycha1n

Sometimes, I feel loke cussing out half the people in my school, but don't because I'd get suspended... obviously. - Turkeyasylum

Me too.
Message to social studies teacher - Quit talking so fast that I have to write something down by using some other person's notes to copy!
Message to random person who's job in the school I don't know but think isn't a teacher- Quit ranting on the school bus about swearing and throwing paper.
Message to me - Make a rant about this stuff. - Skullkid755

I don't get suspended and I can do anything I want. Mostly because I know how to defend my ways. - visitor

Some people think they're good but they're not. - Delgia2k

Not every good person in the world is faking it for attention. - visitor