A Dog's Life: Cars

Puga I wander in the house with the large male. My ears pick up a strange sound and my nose picks up a strange smell. It is lovely on both ears and nose. I peek out the window and find a large device about to plummet into house. I dash to the back door, unopened. I'm done for. I wait for over a minute and the house has not collapsed yet. I bravely proceed to the window again. The device as stopped. The large male must've used his magic to end it's reign. The female and small human slice up the device's sides and climb out. The device eats people! No wonder it's so fat. Suddenly Purrball pulls at my tail. I growl heavily and note her of the importance of this situation. She obviously doesn't realise it and continues to scratch me. The door opens and I dash to the humans for my jumping ritual. I note them of the dangers of the monster device. As usual the human ignores my vocabulary. But I'm not done yet. I'll do an investigation.

I wait and wait and wait for the device to take it's next victim. I fall asleep and wake to the sound of a door opening. All three humans step outside. Before the door can close I follow the moving device. It ate them again! I follow the device desperately and the humans notice. The large one escapes the device and picks me up. We get sucked in together. I may be going down, but I'll take this fecker down with me. I sit on the device's tongue and have it's uvula wrapped around me. It clicks, like a noise of eating. I hold my breath. The device moves. It goes as fast as the greyhound down the street. I hear a sound of blowing from an open tooth. Could this be an escape route. I stick my head out and get a tingly feeling. It feels satisfying. Dare I call it better than a bellyrub? I open my mouth. Oh yeah, that's the ticket! I do this for ten minutes before falling asleep. I wake up on the couch after a good night's sleep. I learned something today; never judge a book by it's cover.


Didn't this get cancelled,in the cancel thing?
Oh f**k it I'm gonna roll with it. - DapperPickle

Me and some friends once got in trouble for standing at the road and yelling at passing cars - bobbythebrony

I love this series a lot so far. - Skullkid755