Top Ten Reasons Why Dogs are Better Than Cats

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1 Dogs can be trained better

I am more of a dog person, but cats can get trained. I have a cat myself, she only listens to my sister but still. But to be honest, dogs can probably get trained better than a cat. Well it is at least easier. My cat doesn't laze around, but she barely ever listens to me. If you want to train a cat, choose the right breed. AKA: ABYSSINIAN! that's my BFF's cat. I think she likes her cat more than her dog :( but only because her Abyssinian is so good at training. She can play fetch and (unbelievably) likes water and learnt how to swim(only just). I think that proves that cat scan be trained. But it is much easier to train a dog, so I guess the topic is right. Dogs can be trained to be in the military, herd sheep and sniff out bombs or drugs for police officers in the airports. But it's not that cats are more lazy and can't be trained, it's since dogs were MADE like that. It's hard to explain but, it's like dogs were made to sniff out things(not necessarily bombs or drugs, more like rats or mice) but they were trained and made to do that so that's why dogs SEEM more helpful, when really cats can be quite helpful. SOS long comment

2 Dogs care about you

What about tara the hero cat?! You guys just don't care about how hard tara even risk her life to save a four year old from a vicious dog that could've ripped them up both! So I feel like you're not even grateful for how fat cat worked so hard to save her best friend and I feel like you want
That poor little boy to get attacked by a vicious dog

I totally agree. Cats are heartless. I have a dog and a cat and I have experience of this. Just let me give you an example.
*Owner leaves the car for five seconds*
Dog (whining): noo please don't leave me I love you!
*Owner goes on a one year holiday and comes back to find the cat on the stair staring at them in irritation*
Literally my dog loves me. He will sit on the sofa with us and bangs on the kitchen door because he wants to be with us. If we are sick sometimes he will come and sit with us. Whereas that stupid cat woke me up at 8 today yowling really loudly at the door, cats don't care about you at all. They only want food. When they sit next to you it's only because your warm, and when they rub against your legs they're actually just trying to leave their horrible cat scent on you. Plus cats are unfriendly and will scratch you. Example:
*Person sees a dog and walks up to it*
Dog: hi there! How are you! Yes stroke me, I love it! In return I will lick you yes o thank you thank you
*Person sees a cat and walks up to it*
Cat: oi you! Stop stroking me! Stop it now! I'm warning you...
*Cat scratches person*
*Person runs away crying with a bleeding hand*
Cat: good riddance.
You see? Dogs love you so much more!

3 Dogs protect you better

Indeed! Well, a Golden Retriever would do a better job at it than, let's say, a shish tzu, but at least they'll try.

Dogs do protect more than cats, but sometimes cats can protect you.

Dogs could be aggressive. Once someone's dog got lose and was very aggressive

4 Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities

Cats do come in different breeds, but I do think dogs have a greater diversity. Some dogs are couch potatoes, while others are much more active. Dog breeds behave differently, but all cats pretty much act the same.

So does cats. I mean, tell me about it; Singapura are the smallest cat breeds, while Maine Coons are the largest. And Munchkins have tiny legs, so cats and dogs are exactly the same.

5 Dogs are cuter

I have a pug, (who can breathe perfectly fine thank you very much) and he is super cute. Cats, they are just ugly furballs. search ugly cats on google and you will see the truth. Dogs rule.

6 There is no such thing as a bad dog - only a bad owner

This is insanely true, but I hate the way dog people jump to defend a dog that bites a lot, saying this in it's defense (which is correct), but if another animal, for example a cat, does something remotely wrong we, the dog people, talk trash about it, and just completely ignore our own logic, saying the other animal is evil or something.

There are some bad dogs, though. But I do agree that it's the owner's fault for starting it. But it's not JUST the owner, some dogs might've been possessed to be like that, or being bit by some animal that causes rabies. (For example, in Old Yeller, a dog named Spike got bit by a wolf that had rabies)

7 Dogs love attention

Cats hate you. Period. Dogs like attention but won't bother you for it. Cats will hiss and scratch you if you try to hug them.

So do cats. I mean, one of them will just go up to someone and put her paw up and ask for pets.

A little too much. And cats like attention too.

8 Dogs are smarter

Dogs can be trained to smell out people under rubble and even cancer, chase down criminals, hunt without endangering wildlife, assist the blind and those with epilepsy, and will always remain loyal to their owners. Cats on the other hand are selfish and lazy and can only be trained to do basic things like crapping in a box and jumping through tubes.

They say in cartoons that cats are smarter, but if you ask me dogs are smarter.

Basically, I think cats are smarter. But it really depends on the animal's brain cell.

9 Dogs are better at knowing when you are sad and comforting you

This sounds unlikely but I think it might be true. Cause when I'm crying my dog tilts his head to try to understand.

Almost every cat will ignore you. They don't care about you. A dog will always find a solution how to comfort you!

Cats don't care if you are sad, they only care about their food. When I'm sad my dog comes over to me and comforts me.

10 Dogs are better suited to lead you to a more active lifestyle

Cats just hunt. Dogs help the blind, sniff out drugs and bombs, get papers, and a million more ways.

If I had a dog-I'd be so much more active... And by active I mean I'd actually move sometimes.

Indeed. They have no happy, childish spirit, nor any kind of a sense of fun.

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11 Dogs help you exercise

Some just leave you there drowsing, which is kinda cute. By the way, I kinda agree with this.

Without dogs most people wouldn't be as active as they are today

12 Dogs protect your home better

A big dog maybe, but what about those really tiny light dogs?

Have you seen a cat saving someone's life? No.

Then... It's a watchdog! The one outside the home.

13 Dogs are much more fun to play with

Cats are lazy and boring to have. You have nothing to do with them. They just hunt which I don't exactly like. You don't want to see a dead rat in your house, don't you? Dogs like to play around, go outside, and all stuff like that.

Cats just... sit around. Dogs, on the other hand, play fetch, can be trained to play Hide and Seek, and they actually get along with other Dogs, unlike Cats with other Cats!

They are more active! And sociable! Perfect!

14 Dogs are man's best friend
15 Dogs are more domesticated

Cats are wild animals. If you feed wild birds, they will come back to get more food. It's the same with cats. THEY ARE WILD!

16 Dogs save more lives

Very, very true, but they also end more. Seriously, there's literally a list on Wikipedia of fatal dog attacks. have you ever heard of a (domestic) cat killing someone? No.

True. Dogs make sacrifices too! It is true! Cats just care about themselves and want to keep only them safe.

True. When there is danger, dogs try to help their owner the best they can. Cats just try to save them self.

17 Dogs deal with change better

Agreed. Cats would freak out if you move their litter box, but Dogs would see it as an adventure.

I mean one of my cats kinda likes change.

18 Dogs listen to you better

Uh-huh! That's true! I talk to Dogs and I can tell they're listening.

19 Dogs will wake you up if there is an emergency

Agreed. If you see the cats list it is so inaccurate. Cause most of the cats didn't save lives as heroic as dogs. Cause dogs can call for help and pull you out of the fire if fallen. I think...:

Dogs are used for rescues and haves saved many people.

20 Dogs can do jobs

Dogs are great. I have 2 Marama dogs who look after my alpacas so those wild animals don't kill them. A cat can't do that!

When was the last time you heard of a security cat? Or a service cat?

21 Dogs are more loyal
22 Dogs don't get lost as easily
23 Dogs don't cough up hairballs

Dogs don't eat their hair. And they don't lock themselves all over, covering themselves in their own saliva.

Cats cough up hairballs in annoying places just to make you grumpy. Dogs don't cover themselves in saliva.

But cats are less likely to pee and poop everywhere.

24 Dogs are happy, they think you are the best person in the world even if you are grumpy

OF Course they are! Who is with me?

25 Dogs don't scratch as much

Yes if you tease them. They are just animals duh! They need to protect themselves. What would you do if someone hugs you all the time when you don't like it?

Sure cats don't scratch as often but dogs have more of a good natured temperament

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