Most Controversial Issues in American Politics

Politics is for the most part a very controversial subject, especially if they involve any of these said issues on this list, so here's the Most Controversial Issues in American Politics.

And note, this is not to be confused with the list "Top 10 Biggest Issues that Divide American Politics" because this list is about controversial issues while the other one I mentioned is about big issues, NOT controversial issues, BIG issues.
The Top Ten
1 Abortion
2 Gun Control
3 LGBT Rights
4 Global Warming
5 The Death Penalty
6 Marijuana
7 Obesity
8 Animal Testing
9 Immigration
10 Bullying

Whoever said that fatherlessness causes bullying, you're wrong. One of my friends doesn't have a father and he doesn't bully.

The Contenders
11 Net Neutrality

This became controversial after Ajit Pai repealed it just to get richer.

12 Cancel Culture
13 Drag Shows
14 Corporal Punishment in Schools
15 Transgender People
16 Separation of Church and State
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