Top 10 Most Dangerous Places in London

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1 Peckham

I was once in peckham with my two best friends, we were walking through the streets at night when we heard a loud bang. Two men in hoodies walked towards us from across the street and one of them pulled out something from their jacket, I didn't see what it was but I directly grabbed my friends hands and we started to run, we got away luckily enough. Another time I was just out shopping when I could see two guys handing each other what looked like drugs, I have seen drug dealers, murderers, and more here. I have lived here now sixteen years, born and raised, luckily I am alive but there is no way I'm raising my kids here. As soon as I'm old enough I'm moving.

Peckham? I lived there for 13 and a half years. Luckily, I know some members of peckham so they're kind to me. But get on their wrong side, and your one way ticket to hell is delivered. Drugs, knives, guns and murder was probably just the few things that peckham has to offer, almost every part of it is full of thugs, dealers or new bloods that are soon to be killers. Stay away because it's your best option for you and the people you love.

Hackney can't even compare to peckham, I hear all this about brixton and hackney but even the youths here that barely have an inch of hair on their face are killing each other. Peckham is called Pecknarm because just like the Vietnam war, there is blood, violence and death. I've even seen people carry machetes and guns, muggings happen on a daily basis and gangs most of peckham is populated by gangs and the unfortunate people that are there.

Lived in Pecknarm when the murder and shooting rates were sky high.
I'm an ex boxer and Thai boxer, I got set upon by a few PYG members and literally smashed ones teeth all over the pavement. The next day on the estate I was bricking it, however one of the elders came to me and apologized, dang was I happy. Plain sailing from then on, accept trying to get to work in the morning as there were always roads closed due to the shootings.
I hear it's gentrified a fair bit now, give me gangs over hipsters any day.

2 Brixton

Absolutely must be Brixton!

My father stayed outside the Brixton Academy (I was at a concert) and he's lucky he's a pretty big guy (6' 4", 360 lbs) so people didn't try to rob him or beat him up...there were constantly blacks asking him for change or drugs, or if he wants to "buy"...even after the concert, tons of blacks approaching me and others asking for something, probably trying to rip you off...stay out of there unless necessary.

London isn't safe anywhere! Sure, it's different in Brixton than Richmond, but I would avoid even going on Kensington High Street, etc. At night time. London is dangerous only at night, with some exceptions (Brixton, Tottenham, Edmonton, Hackney, Peckham). Also generally avoid exploring South of the River, you could enter some really bad area like Loughborough, you were warned.

I was walking down a road and almost got stabbed but luckily dodged and ran.
Another time, someone came up to me with a knife threatening me to kill me if I don't give him my watch and all the money I got. So I gave hike money and the watch, but I had a few hundreds in my socks just in case this happened and it did.
I also see drug dealers EVERYWHERE!

Gangs would always patrol the entrance of Brixton tube station between the hours of 12pm and 6am. I'm from Australia and even the taxi drivers would warn me not to go any where near the station at night. I lived in a gated estate and the taxi driver would always drive right up to the main entrance of the apartment block.

3 Tottenham

Rubbish crime-infested area (full of race baiting inbreds, townies and village idiots). that has never recovered (socially and economically) from the 2011 England Riots. Rubbish Football Club (I agree with Antonio Conte). Rubbish local MP who lives in a £2 million home in neighbouring Crouch End since 2009 for better schools for his children. And rubbish local Labour-run Haringey Council. This place needs to be nuked. Too many subhuman garbage destroying civilisation.

I live in Tottenham now and it is really bad here. Everyday when going back from school/work you have the worry of getting stabbed. Outside one of the secondary schools in Tottenham, one of my friends witnessed someone being stabbed. In some secondary schools, people were killed in the toilets. Avoid at all costs if you can

I lived in Tottenham for seven years. It was a horrible place then and it is still is now. No character, no life, no shops worth speaking off, no sense of community. It is a mono cultural area, rather than multi cultural. Apparently, even in better days Tottenham had no heart, largely because of the way it was built, all at once in instead of organically. I will never forget, just before I moved out, the Council taking over the house next door when my neighbour died. A man gleefully smashed in all the beautiful coloured glass that was an original feature and my neighbour had loved.

Says it all about Tottenham, a place where the residents have no connection with it, they just live there. Not much of a place for dog owners either, people used to shy away from my beautiful beagle as if she was a rabid wolf.

Tottenham is one of the poorest areas in London and it is a failed area, plagued with crime, unemployment, welfare dependency, race hustlers, gang/gun/drug culture and degenerate broken single mothers (with 3 or more kids from multiple fathers.

Tottenham is run by Labour's Haringey Council (the same council whose Social Services couldn't protect Baby Peter from his abusers or failed to improve the area since the riots in 2011. Mark Duggan is the idol for all the thugs and race hustlers in Tottenham.

If Tottenham was a country, it would be a failed state on par with Somalia.

4 Hackney

I've just passed by bus through Hackney and the scenery was horrible. The streets were very dirty, the buildings looked as if a war had happened there and every street corner was populated by groups of dangerous looking people that seemed to have been put there only to start a fight. And this was during the day.

I've been to many countries with many known bad neighborhoods, but Hackney gave me this feeling of unsafe that I haven't experienced anywhere else. Everything was so grim, it looked like one of those horror movies where someone is waiting for you around the corner with a knife.

Hackney is my definition of hole.

As far as zones 1, 2 and 3 go in London, Hackney is the most dangerous borough.
Forget "gentrification", most parts of the borough are more dangerous than ever. Muggings, stabbing even acid attacks are commonplace. In addition tot he local crooks add to the mixture the large amount of incomers on Fridays and Saturday who get drunk and get as anti-social as they an get. Hackney is a hole.
Lived there for a year. The happiest day of my life was when I was able to move to the neighbouring Islington which is 100 times safer, cleaner, more civilized and with better public services.

Hackney's gang violence is stupid. Every council estate In the borough has its own gang. Every estate in Hackney is at war with one another! I have lived here all my life and as bad as it was when I was a child I thought things were actually getting better over a period of time but it seems as it's gone out the window. I have lost friends and family due to the gang violence in Hackney. stabbings! Gun crime! I'm so immune to Police sirens. Friends that travel to visit me are considered about the environment I'm living in! I would never grow a child here! the more middle class people that move in the more the borough is disguised but believe me I see everything with my very own eyes. loose gun fires in an environment full of kids! Pft these youths are lost and clearly don't care about the welfare of others including kids! They just shoot to kill.

I've lived in Hackney for 17 years and there's only one thing you need to know about it... If you live in the mare street area, or the nightingale estate area or even Pembury estate and especially Clarence road, there's a high chance of something dangerous happening to you. In 2001 to 2002, there are 9 people shot dead on Clarence road, this doesn't include stabbing. Bare in mind that Clarence road is literally what it is a road, not a big one. Neither this road was given the name murder mile for a reason.

5 Croydon

Crime-infested, race-hustling suburban slum run by a bankrupt Labour-run Croydon Council. This cesspit is morally and financially bankrupt. And this cesspit, full of low IQ, race baiting inbreds, village idiots and townies needs to be nuked immediately. Good riddance to bad subhuman garbage ruining civilisation.

Absolutely horrifying in broad daylight I can't imagine this stinky hole full of radical muslims, drug dealers and gangs at night...

As a person who has been brought up in Croydon, I know where to go and what it's really like. People get mugged everyday and stabbed too often. Croydon is changing constantly and street wise is essential not to be robbed or stabbed. New gangs form up each year, and most of them are petty crimes, but the major ones get kids and young ages and I've seen boys get kicked out of school and fall into the gang cycle. Too many people are getting stepped in Croydon and it's not down to alcohol, it's about the clashes between gangs and honest people who are trying to get on with their own lives.

I lived in Croydon all my life so I know first hand how ghetto and secret it is. West Croydon was probably the worst effected area in the Riots, guess why? Because the youths here have nothing to lose. They are violent and don't care. The thugs here are not all talk, they will kill, shoot or stab whenever they find fit. Be careful after dark in the hight street of West Croydon, London Road. Things could get serious.

6 Edmonton

I've lived in Edmonton for 16 years and I feel like the only Englishman living there. However, despite the crime rate and the eye sores and poor infrastructure, and yes it's full of strange characters and mouthy individuals and people who looked like they have escaped from prison. I can honestly say I've not meet any intimidating people or intimidating gangs, most are just low life... but having lived and been to parts of London like Brixton Haringey, Green Lanes and Kilburn Tottenham Croydon Burnt Oak where you find intimidating gangs and individuals where mugging is such a normal way of life... I would think nothing of walking up and down Edmonton Green all day long all night long and nothing would happen.

Knifeman who stabbed five in Edmonton detained at hospital (Edmonton Independent, 25/9/2020): Jason Kakaire, 31, stabbed four men and a woman in Edmonton, over three days in spring last year.

Four of his victims suffered life-threatening injuries, and one was left paralysed after being knifed in the back with such ferocity that the handle snapped and the blade was embedded in her.

The stabbings, in March and April last year, were all carried out near Kakaire's home in Cameron Close, Edmonton.

Kakaire, who had been held in Broadmoor Hospital, denied five counts of attempted murder.

A pre-sentence report noted Kakaire was "clearly unwell" and that his offending was "directly attributable to his mental illness", the court was told (sounds like an excuse for being a knife wielding ghetto thug).

I've lived in edmonton for 11 years, and I have seen many crimes taking place. Even in school, you need to make sure that you don't trust anyone. Just when you think they are your sisters, they snake you and stab your back. Also stuck in between tottenham and enfield, which are places with high poverty and unemployment. There was a time when a boy put a lot of weed in a cigarette and gave it to. A Muslim girl and the girl was so frass that they had to take her to the hospital. There are also a lot of squad hoes that will give anyone uck

Lived there for ten years before residing in Woolwich for the past ten years. I still have a lot of relatives and cousins living there, so I'm in Edmonton regularly and I still no not feel safe. Seems like the majority of killing happen right opposite the massive police station and yet no one is ever caught.

7 Stockwell

I've lived in Stockwell for 25 years and now I'm moving to crystal palace! Hallelujah! I just got screamed at in Natwest by a horrible rude man for absolutely no reason...there are crackheads, beggars, muggers, mentally ill, you name it, Stockwell has it! It's a shame because there are some lovely Victorian houses and nice quiet side roads and there are decent people in Stockwell hidden amongst the criminals! Do not come to Stockwell.

Jean Charles De Menezes was wrongly targeted as a terrorist and wrongly shot to death by under cover police officers inside Stockwell Tune Station. However no riots or angry protests were started unlike Mark Duggan, who symbolises the thuggish and violent community in Tottenham.

Stockwell is Divided with to turfs. Sw8(North Stockwell) home of the 031 blood/Piru Set gangs who share the same rivalry gang ABM 67 Broad Day (South Stockwell SW9). Stockwell has been given a nickname Shotwell (for the large numerous gun crime in the area.

I have seen 5 stabbings in person since I moved here a year ago. However it is full of fit boys so get over it.

8 Stonebridge Estate Harlesden

I live in Harlesden, down the road from Stonebridge, and I've lived here all my life. I'm 14. I'm not saying at all that Harlesden is any better than the way he described it, it's A PLACE but it also has a lot of characters and there are many people that will love you. The only reason there are a lot of shooting and stabbing is obviously to to with gangs OF ALL RACES smh and trappin and loosing drugs and not because it's a bad place like any other places it gas difficulties. However not all of Harlesden is like this so yeah. But is it weird that I'm proud Harlesden was on this list?

Stonebridge Estates don't exist anymore. Haven't for few years. They were knocked down and built into houses. So that "estate" problem no longer exists.

The Stonebridge estate ward in Harlesden has recorded the highest number of gun discharges of wards in London. - December 2015. enough said.

This should definitely be in the top 5. Highest gun crime in the capital. One of the most hated ends in north-west London.

9 Tulse Hill

Kids Go to school with knives and hang about in groups teasing people if you know people your safe else there will be one or more incidents with you please stay safe but in general the gangs in tulse hill are kinder then other areas on of the most safe area in the whole list.

Full of youth crime youth violence and young gangs. Not a good environment for a young person to experience life!

I have almost been stabbed in Tulse Hill and I live here. my friends have been stabbed and shot. it's not a good place for teenagers to grow up in.

All I'm going to say is when you go to Tulse Hill, be very careful who you trust.

10 Custom House

This area is known for its violence & gang warfare that goes on between them & the rest of the newham borough. Young adults & young kids caught up in homicides, stabbings, shootings, kidnapping, and drug dealing. Seen a number of three people get shot on a main road the kids looked young as 14.

There's just gang wars in custom house, Forest Gate, Beckon, Stratford and Plaistow due to murders and stabbing. Newham has fallen apart through out the years; as people left schools, they just associated with individuals from their area in Newham.

It was 2014, I was going to a convention in ExCeL. I had to go through custom house and gangly looking people gave me looks. It was almost as if someone wanted me stabbed.

Dangerous! Most of the youths around here are convicted for numerous of murders & guns

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11 Grahame Park

Stabbings alone are high enough to make you want to relocate. With high tensions between rival gangs getting caught in the crossfire is a high possibility a lot of guns, drugs, gangs, and hitmen. Poverty creates crime and gp is just many products of our society most of these kids have great talents that get overlooked because of social bias.

I moved from Islington escaping violence and harassment to live 10 min walk from GP.
The only shops in the area are on the concourse where you will be met with drug dealing, junkies and alcholics. If you have children I do not advise you move here especially if they are vulnerable as they will be encourage to join the gang.
Take away the gang culture and the area is quite nice.

Lived on GP for 5 years...saw sooo many bad things. Moved 260 miles away for peace and serenity. I pity anyone that moves to this hell hole. I was burgled within months of moving there, had my house smashed up and my lip split open by a dodgy bloke. Can't pop to shop without being harassed by junkies begging for money. Bullet proof off licence...dealers police presence- lawless scum pit.

Gang and drug infested slum. I have seen the police running from 13 year-olds,daily stabbings and shooting,the lifts and corridors of the multiple brown block maze that is grahame smell like an unflushed toilet.

12 Forest Gate

Stayed with my partner here for just over a year now. In that time a 15 year old boy was shot to death and just last week a young man of 18 was stabbed to death. Prostitutes also stick their name and number on lamp posts and operate from the Hartley Hotel- opposite the police station funnily enough. Drugs are readily available and dealers will drop off what you want to your house. There are homeless people who will ask you for money when you go to the high street. There is also a mentally ill person who has keyed my partners parents car. He shouts abuse at us. The community is mostly Asian and I get blatant stares I assume because I am a white woman. On the positive side the high street has handy shops like co-op, Tesco and Poundland and lots of cashpoints. There is also a Forest Gate festival every year which isn't nice to attend. Wanstead flats and manor park cemetery are nice if you want to walk your dog or whatever. There's also Forest Gate station, Wanstead park station and ...more

I lived in forest gate for a few years back in the 70's & 80's. I met so many people who were plain nuts! There's a lot of domestic violence, & I saw plenty of women walking around with black eyes. I finally had the sense to get the hell out of there. Forest Gate is for losers!

I live in forest gate and it's very dangerous. There were 4 gang fights around the corner from my house in one week. It's run by Woodgrange man aka blue blocks or blue gang. I've been threatened by gang members holding me at knife point but luckily I know people so I feel safe. But in the end I've lived my whole life so I love forest gate E7

Lived there for only 3 months and was burgled, and surrounded by a group of teenagers at night in the town trying to intimidate me. I ended up moving enough said.

13 Harlesden

Harlesden looks like an third world African Refugee Camp inhabited by thugs, drug dealers, uncivilized people, closet racist, gangster wannabes, who are all recipient of and dependent on state welfare, free health care and housing. It is a crap place with shoddy council housing/blocks and dodgy people/shops.

The Labour Council of Brent keep depriving and decaying the areas they are meant to improve.

If Harlesden was a country, it would be a banana republic and a failed state.

Moved there for the low price, BIG MISTAKE. Commute into Central London takes ages on the Bakerloo line which seems to stop every 100 yards. The 18 bus is unreliable (two or three would come within a few minutes of one another and then none for the next 10 minutes, long waiting time for driver change on both direction near Willesden Junction station) Local high street looks like third world with rubbish lying around and smell of urine at every street corner. Loads of shops with signs that no one apart from their specific ethnic clientele can read (no problem with minorities but at least write your sign in English so everyone knows what you are selling). Rude people who have no idea how to live in a city, always blocking roads when they wait for buses, and mothers with millions of kids who they just let to run around like mad.

Can't think of a more depressing place to live in a great city like London - at least until I travelled past Church End just to the north. AVOID LIKE A ...more

We live here for the last 10 years with four children and despite the bad reputation it is a great place to live. Bakerloo and London overground are reliable. Bus 18 runs 24 h to central London. Community is rich and it feels great. Great neighbours who care for you when you care for them. Close to regents canal, 10min from Portobello road, Roundwoid park has a great cafe, Blue mountain peak fruit&avenge shop is a must. The new pub Old Oak on high street is great with gastro pub food. The student housing in Park Royal has brought new younger community into the area. Great nurseries and primary schools here. A lot of people say it's dangerous, most of them have never been to Harlesden. Yes community is diverse, yes there are a lot of different communities, yes it is colourful, but where else can you live in zone 2/3 for less money then elsewhere in London.

I worked in Harlesden for a little while and I didn't feel safe at all as I was working long hours and very frequently left my office after 6pm. Even at daytime, it is scary and I'm not the kind of person who is easily impressed. I don't know a lot about this area but I quit my job because of this location. I wouldn't recommend it at all!

14 Church Road

Never stop at the traffic lights, and if you do, don't look left. They're always posted at the traffic lights if you look left for too long or you're screwed and you're dead. Just look ahead & act normal from daytime to nighttime, they're always there, just don't make the mistake of looking left at the traffic lights. Trust me.

Luckily for me I know the people In church road, therefore I'm safe. However, if you don't know the youths there don't try screw face because you can get stabbed. It's not even the olders that have to put in work, even the youngers will stab just for clout/ratings.

If you are talking about the one in manor park then that place isn't too bad but there are a lot of stabbing and shooting and I got my bike mugged three times in there. Just don't go at night or with a bike or expensive items and you'll be fine

I went there, didn't come back. 0/10 IGN

15 South Kilburn

I've lived in Kilburn my whole life (1 year) so far. It gives off a tacky kind of feel (but I still love it). The high street is okay and nice but then you have South Kilburn. Kilburn Park station isn't too bad (for the majority of times you'll be fine - I pass here every day as a teenager and so far so good). And the schools near there are pretty safe. I think there's a prominent and growing problem of drugs and especially weed in the area. Recently stabbings/shootings in the area have increased. Vandalism on council estates is also a real problem. I've not experienced many violent people round here though myself, but it is a dangerous place if you don't know Kilburn that well. Steer clear of deeper parts of South Kilburn, especially at night or in the early hours of the morning (12am, 4am, etc.)

I lived in Kilburn and couldn't wait to move out as I child I was raised here but South Kilburn is a thiefdom all of its own. Growing up there didn't really think it was that bad but friends from school used to think it was like Gaza. There are still good people there but I personally know 6 alleged convicted murderers and 3 murder victims. Also, the majority of the people I grew up with are either in the prison system or in the process of doing something stupid to go back in. I now live in Brixton and would never move back as even my 6 year old son said the area made him scared. Go figure, but SK looks after its own.

This estate is terrible! Drugs, drugs, shooting, stabbings, even the white kids are terrible here. I live in the upper side of Kilburn, but I have to get the Kilburn park station train to work and this is where I feel scared. Once I walked past a shop and saw a male laid out with ambulance aiding him.

I used to live here... Thank God I no longer do... Full of gangs, I've seen them beat up a child, and heard they've stabbed people, worse area I've ever lived in so far. It's full of chavs, not that chavs are bad people but in South Kilburn they have a bad reputation.

16 Lambeth

Lambeth is infested with crime, gang/gun/drug culture and degenerate broken single parent (no fathers, but 5-10 kids) in the Borough. The same applies to other London Borough like Brent, Hackney, Peckham, Lewisham, Newham, Haringey & Tower Hamlets.

All these are run by Labour (Socialist) Party, who give those thugs welfare money & council housing in exchange for votes.

Labour's Lambeth = Democrat's Detroit (both are failed areas).

There more hope restoring Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia & Iraq than failed London Boroughs like Lambeth, Ealing, Newham Hackney, Peckham, Brent, Haringey, Enfield or Lewisham.

I've lived & worked all over London. Actually reflecting & writing about it. London including Lambeth tends to be a mix of rich, poor, council housing etc. Obviously not Chelsea etc but does have beautiful areas. There are risks of all sorts everywhere it seems. However after a night in Stoke Newington/Hackney & felt very unsafe. Happy just up stay at home & look forward to new picture house promised for a year or so. Brilliant.

Another crap London Borough ruined by the Local Labour Party Council and its MPs. It's another crime infested hole with dodgy council homes, gang cultures, broken feckless families on welfare, crap schools, crap police, high unemployment and a local Race Hustler & Closet Racist Named Lee Jasper.

Lambeth isn't as dangerous as many people think. As long as you stay near a relatively 'nice' place like Lambeth North or Elephant&Castle you should be ok, don't wander around or you might walk into Brixton, Oval, Stockwell.

17 Mozart

If Musical Composer Mozart was alive today, he would request his name to be removed from this HELLHOLE place.

21 are you joking what is this doing below canning town too this place is a literal hell and an insult to Mozart himself. My dad even says mozart is bad

I was brought up in Mozart and now live Canning Town. How Mozart is 48 behind Canning Town is ridiulous! Mozart is 10 times worse then any East London town

Its crazy that this is so low down on the list considering all the gun/knife crime and all the drugdealing that goes on there its only a small estate as well.. easily one of the worst estates in London

18 East Ham

For the last 15 years East Ham has become a 3rd World Islamic Ghetto thanks to Labour Party-run Newham Council. Newham Council have abused, neglected, and financially exploited the area for their own personal gain, while its citizens have to look forward to the prospect of foreign neighborhoods, more poverty, higher unemployment, more crime, more welfare dependency, rise in broken families, gang culture and the disappearance of English Cockney.

East Ham High Street was once a pleasure to go shopping. Now, thanks to Newham Councils neglect it's become reminiscent of a Whitechapel back street back in Jack the Rippers time, only without the character. Avoid at all costs, especially after dark.

East Ham is indisputably the most disgusting place in London. I went there as a kid in the 80s and felt like I was seeing an integral part of our history. Now it is a no go zone for white people and is controlled by sharia law.

Live here but now it's a cess pit! Only plus is its good transport links. Look forward to the day when police purge the place.

19 Tower Hamlets

Islamist paradise, I was so unfortunate to go there almost everyday to attend classes at QMUL. Whitechapel is absolutely worst area in London. Very unsafe for everybody, you can see Islamist radicals, gang members walking around in daylight, blocked roads because of stabbings. Extremely unsafe for women. Keep pepper spray in your pocket as Islamists are chasing women, trying to steal their bags, trying to rob and assault. Stay away of this place if you can!

I lived in tower hamlets all my life I used to live in Bromley by bow however their was gang wars and stabbings going on literally every day. I saw kids selling drugs and riding on mopeds creating a noise almost 24/7. Even when I used to go shops I used to see boys chasing people with very big knifes. Now I live in Canning Town which is a very quite place.

Jailed: Gang (of Muslims) who left US student too scared to leave the house alone after savage bottle attack in east London (Evening Standard, 2/2/2015:'The attack came as he walked home in Commercial Street after a night out with a friend in Brick Lane. He became aware the pair were being followed by a group of men who became threatening and aggressive.'

'One of the men grabbed the bottle Mr Hounye was drinking from and smashed it against his face.'

I used to live in tower hamlets when I was studying in London and I've never felt so threatened in my day to day life (I'm female and very small and frail). I got antagonizing glares while outside my halls from the women in Niqabs. I had men reach up my skirt. In the evenings I would have multiple people from the mosque harass me on the street trying to convince me to join Islam. Apart from the very extremist muslim population the area also has a rampant drug problem. Most of the addicts don't approach you but I've seen a few steal from the local Tesco. Some will come up to you and ask for money or to use your phone but will usually back off if you say no.

It may have improved since I left (I doubt it though) but overall the whole experience left me with a negative view of London so after that I would never live in London again

20 Catford

Absolute hole. Tesco car park had about 5 abandoned cars, homeless man and his poor dog living there, and shady characters hanging round. And the rest is miserable too.

Always armed police everywhere... shootings and stabbings are common here, one of the most dangerous areas in the most dangerous borough

A lot of crime. Notorious for mugging during the day. Groups of young thugs walking around. Avoid.

I love Catford it is a really nice place I find it really happy and safe

21 Newham

Schoolgirl, 14, sold bleach at shops in Newham dubbed 'UK's acid attack capital' (Evening Standard, 25.2.2018): BBC's 5 Live Investigates was present during an undercover sting led by (Labour-run) Newham Council and the Metropolitan Police this week, in which the teenage girl was able to buy bottles of household cleaning bleach from three out of five high street retailers in Newham.

I was brought up here. My parents taught me that everyone who lived here was dirty and dangerous. She was right. I'm glad when I was ten I moved to Essex.

That short dumb acid throwing midget set up chick lil zak has it coming for him, tell him watch his back hoe!

Filled with asians, no english about. Crime and drug ridden. Ruined by labour party

22 Lewisham

I remember this one birthday I got a new a bike, so I took it round the place for a test drive. Lewisham has a tonne of side alleys where there are no cameras. I literally saw this guy in BROAD daylight handing a pouch of cocaine to some other dude, shady (made sure not to stare).

This other time I got a new deck for my skateboard and went down to Ladywell park to try it out, on the way back I saw these three guys wearing gloves and black bandanas round their face. (Peckham boys? ) Literally around this same big ass tower as before. Just today some kid got arrested for some reason. He was walking down the road, feds speed up and almost crash into our wall, take the kid and then drive away.

Although, for the most part I like living here compared to almost anywhere in London. Also if your in Catford be sure to say hi to everyone's favourite crackhead, Fritz!

About thirty years ago I was taking out some money in a bank in Lewisham, when a young black girl started screaming abuse at me, because I would be carrying money around "without protection"... I presumed she was an avid church goer who was concerned about my safety and so I replied "Praise the Lord" and grinned at her.
The police were called.

It's a rough area but at the end of the day it's home and I can't complain. Although with all these young middle class families beginning to move in it guessing in a few years time Lewisham will be looking like Bromley, boring with no culture.

It was named the Least Peaceful Area in the UK last year and I'm not surprised because:

(1) It's run poorly by a Labour (socialist) Council since 1971 & Three Labour MPs (Jim Dowd, Heidi Alexander & Joan Ruddock).

(2) Lewisham is a gangster's paradise with guns/drugs/knives & gang culture.

(3) Lewisham has crime, high unemployment rate, welfare dependency, single mothers with 3 or more children, illiterate & degenerate gangster wannabe kids, poor schools, bad health services, ugly council blocks, and uglier people. Most people are uncivilized and will play the 'race card' to get their way.

The same problems applies to other London Borough like Brent, Hackney, Peckham, Lambeth, Newham, Haringey & Tower Hamlets.

There's more hope restoring and making Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria into stable, prosperous places to live than any of the failing third-world crap London Boroughs I've mentioned.

23 Barking

Might link my ting from barking...that song?

Seriously don't come here. I've lived here my whole life and I dream of a better life. I live in a nice 3 bed private owned home... but when I leave my comfy sofa and my anime series...

The outside is a ghetto reality. I never go out, I'm so horrified of gangs everywhere and the scariness of it. Don't come here.

Lived in Barking for over 30 years. It has got so bad over the years. It is mostly muslims and other Albanian gangs and blacks stabbing and robbing. There will be no go areas here soon. The police take 4 hours to respond to anything. Avoid Barking at all costs.

Be aware of Barking Library and Town Hall! Especially after 5 pm when all black scum of the Earth gathers there. It might sound surprisingly, but in fact young school people carrying knives, mocking strangers and police closing their eyes on it. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!

Barking is a crap place to live, filled with crime, thugs, ghettos, high welfare dependency and unemployment is at double-digits courtesy of the local Labour Party Council and its longest serving MP, Margaret Hodge.

24 Dagenham

Another Crime-infested, race-hustling suburban slum run by a bankrupt Labour-run Barking and Dagenham Council. This cesspit is morally and financially bankrupt. And this cesspit, full of low IQ, race baiting inbreds, village idiots and townies needs to be nuked immediately. Good riddance to bad subhuman garbage ruining civilisation.

The only good thing about Dagenham is Stacey Solomon. Other than that the area is crap ruined by the useless, self-serving, Local Labour Council. It has mediocre dodgy shops, ugly pigeon crap infrastructure, dodgy ugly looking Council Estates, overpopulation, high unemployment, broken uneducated families and 3rd public services.

I don't know why but in recent years Dagenham has been taking a turn for the worse.
I'm writing this in May 2016 and just 2 weeks ago someone was stabbed at heathway.
Last week there was a machete stabbing in Chadwell Heath by some youths and another stabbing near Oxlow Lane.
About a day before a man tried to stab a police officer with a machete while high on cocaine.
It's also the burglary hotspot of London with a string of armed robberies taking place in March alone.
Dagenham is definitely on par with Barking when it comes to crime and with the way things are looking, may even surpass it. Not as bad as some other areas, but definitely not safe.

Earlier a boy was stabbed around the Eastbrook area and on the same day a 9 year old boy was knocked down in a hit and run, luckily neither died, but it just goes to show the kind of area Dagenham is, the fact that crimes like these are the norm.

25 Enfield

Enfield is actually nice borough in London (if you don't live in Edmonton). Edmonton is crap area in Enfield run by Socialist Labour councillors, who have neglected the area for many years and have caused it to be overpopulated with people and council blocks.

Edmonton is infested with crime, gang culture, degenerate sub-human children born from out of wedlock Crack mothers dependent on welfare, corruption, bureaucracy, unemployment and crap public services. There are better communities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia & Libya than in soulless Edmonton.

If you have kids don't send them to a public school in Enfield, drugs are taken so lightly now it seems normal to smoke some weed before school isn't even bad now, this really depends on which school it is but if I was you I'd make sure your kids are smart so they can go to a selective school that's really your only chance trust me.

Enfield is lovely to live in. Easy to go into central London (two direct trains into town, Moorgate and Liverpool Street), rents are ok (compared to the crazy prices more central), shopping areas, big cineworld, parks, river, cafes. I will soon move out to live with my partner outside London, but I surely will be sad to leave.

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