Top 10 Greatest Continents on Earth (Past and Present)

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1 Europe

Note: This is just my opinion. Opinions on this topic will definitely differ.

I'm from Singapore (Southeast Asia) and I think that Europe is the best continent in the world! Two of my favorite countries, France and the UK, are in Europe, so yeah. Western Europe has the best cultures, cuisine, histories, and landscapes. That's why many Western European countries are some of the most visited countries in the world.

Also, I don't think any country can match Italy and France when it comes to having the best cuisine in the world. French and Italian are also some of the world's most beautiful languages.

Unlike tropical Singapore, Western Europe has four seasons, which I love and envy since I can't stand tropical weather. There's also a variety of landscapes as well, from beautiful old cities and towns to villages in the countryside. Unlike Singapore, where more than 90% of the country is urbanized and nearly all buildings look the same.

Here in Singapore, life for both students and adults is stressful. I

2 North America

Geographically speaking, North America has the most beautiful and diverse landscape on Earth. The Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, the southwestern deserts, the beautiful rolling Appalachian Mountains, untouched wilderness of Northern Canada and Alaska. Not to mention the Caribbean and the gorgeous farmlands and beaches of Mexico and Central America. North America is also home to the greatest country on Earth, the United States.

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Washington DC - all unique and diverse in their own ways, and extremely powerful both economically and historically. Canada has a rich and plentiful history, and also features some of the greatest cities on Earth (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver).

3 Asia

Asia. I understand that Europe could be in competition for first place, but to put North America in front of Asia, you must not have been taught much of Asian history. Really, Africa should come close to the top, but that's not the point right now.

Now, obviously there are much more diverse and beautiful things about my dear Asia. India, with its overflowing tradition. Korea and Japan, with their own unique style yet so similar. Mongolia, the land of the horses - wild and free, strong and proud. But allow me to talk about China.

China is one of the oldest civilizations on Earth. Its traditions and cultures are beautiful and missed. East Asia borrowed their traditions from this ancient country, and I believe I am not wrong in saying that you would not find more extravagant clothing anywhere else. Traditionally, they have always been respectful, proud, and honorable. They even try to kill the enemy as respectfully as possible, to keep the body intact.

Aside from that, they have always been extremely intelligent, either strategically wise or related to science and/or math. Many things invented by China have been stolen by others. Some try to take advantage of China in whatever way they can in order to gain from China. China also has a beautiful landscape. These past centuries, due to Western influence and ideas, nature has been greatly impacted. However, it was once a country with large, winding rivers and too many species to count. The dragon and the phoenix, both of Chinese mythology, were born out of the landscape the Chinese saw.

I would also like to point out that in ancient China, homosexuality was a common norm. It was not as today, where you came out and people would be supportive. You did not need to be supportive because no one was going to criticize that individual in the first place. Only in the 17th century did Christian influence from Europe become so strong that the Chinese government felt they had to ban homosexuality.

4 Africa

1. Civilization started in Africa - Egypt and others, as is referenced in many historical records.

2. Which country on earth exists without tapping into Africa or is still trying hard to get something worthwhile from Africa?

3. If any country or continent is claiming to be the best because it has colonized any country or continent, what is the purpose of colonization? To gain the good things of that land which the colonial master does not have or has but not enough to help its survival. So, it has to wander to other places to use force or whatever means available to gain from that land. Is that what makes the colonial masters the best? Capital "NO." The person or persons I know start things from what he or she has and helps others through it. That is the best person, like Africans who never wander about in the name of colonizing or using force, destroying humans, and taking away what they have to enrich themselves; "living life at the expense of another man's life or other people's lives." Is that what makes you the best? People like Bill Gates are supposed to be called what then? If not the best, then others like the colonial master otherwise.

4. Many great men of old had to visit Africa for their survival.

To mention a few points because of time.

5 South America

South America has every landscape imaginable, from deserts to glaciers, forests to jungles, and ancient ruins to prairies, mountains, beaches, and access to Antarctica. The people are among the friendliest you can find, very welcoming. Most of the happiest countries on Earth are in South and lower Central America.

The standard of living varies from completely rural to as cosmopolitan as any major global metropolis. Furthermore, it's not as expensive as most other continents, so you can travel much more with your money.

6 Australia

The most beautiful, the most livable, the most peaceful. Fantastic cities and towns, fantastic wild country areas! What do you need more?

I can never just not plan to go to this continent. I mean, the accents, the temperature! I just can't wait to try the food.

Australia has some of the world's most unique animals, cultural, and environmental landmarks.

7 Antarctica

Well, it has the lowest population, coldest temperatures, highest penguin population, lowest crime rate, no education, no money (which is amazing!), highest unemployment rate, beautiful sights, and very long and very short days, depending on the time of year.

Is this a place you want to live? Well, if you like to be alone, don't mind the cold, love penguins, hate crime (I do), hate school, hate money, hate jobs, love beautiful sights, and love long and short days, this place is for you!

Should be number one as it is the last remaining continent not inhabited by us nasty humans. It does not have any man-made objects or buildings, not polluted by our garbage, and ruled by animals, not humans.

8 Oceania

This is an amazing continent. Australia and New Zealand are some of the safest, happiest, and most beautiful countries in the world. Also, the surrounding islands such as Papua New Guinea are culturally and naturally beautiful. This continent has everything.

Oceania is low in development. The islands are covered in lush green forests and surrounded by crystal clear seas and beautiful coral reefs. It doesn't get hot or cold, almost always in the 70s and 80s. What's not to love?

This is by far my favorite continent. There are so many beautiful places, like Niue, French Polynesia, Palau, and New Zealand. I have to say, I want and need to go here.

9 Pangaea

Europeans will try to convince you that Europe is the best continent past and present. This is called delusion. Pangea was in beast mode, imagine being able to drive from the bottom of the world to the top.

It's not the first continent but one of the older ones. Unless you are a Young Earth Creationist or maybe an Old Earth Creationist, there were no humans on Pangaea, but animals like dinosaurs instead. All seven continents plus India, which was a continent at one time.

The first continent. When the world had peace. No continents, no countries, just happiness. Well, at least before the plate movement.

10 Eurasia

Eurasia (Europe plus Asia) basically created the world we live in today. Civilization was born here. Eurasia gave us the most influential civilizations ever, including the USA because most Americans today are of Eurasian descent.

Eurasia gave us the civilizations of India, China, Mesopotamia, Greece, Persia, Rome, Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, and so many more highly influential nations. Eurasia built our world. Without Eurasians, we might still be living super primitive lives. Before contact with Eurasians, the indigenous Africans, Americans, and Australians were living simple, primitive lives. Basically, all modern science and technology is from Eurasian people.

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11 Laurasia

The Old Red Sandstone Continent! I wish this thing still existed. It's a real treat for me, liking my plate tectonics. If it still existed, we could see America bordering Britain.

Laurasia is far superior to Maryasia but not quite as pleasant as Annasia.

12 Gondwana

Because Pangaea was just too big.

13 Zealandia

This is a continent that is now mostly underwater. The only parts left are the land that makes up New Zealand.

14 Vaalbara
15 Rodinia
16 Columbia
17 Siberia
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