Top 10 Greatest Continents on Earth (Past and Present)

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1 Europe

Note: This is just my opinion. Opinions on this topic will definitely differ.
I'm from Singapore (southeast Asia) and I think that Europe is the best continent in the world!
Two of my favorite countries, France and the UK, are in Europe, so yeah. Western Europe has the best cultures, cuisine, histories and landscapes, that's why many Western European countries are some of the most visited countries in the world.
Also, I don't think any country can match with Italy and France when it comes to having the best cuisine in the world.
French and Italian are also some of the world's most beautiful languages.
Unlike tropical Singapore, Western Europe has four seasons, which I love and envy since I can't stand tropical weather. There's also a variety of landscapes as well, from beautiful old cities and towns to villages in the countryside, unlike Singapore, where more than 90% of the country is urbanized and nearly all buildings look the same.
Here in Singapore, life for both ...more

Europe is by far the best continent, the fact that Scandinavia and the best country in the world Norway is in it makes it automatically the best. Europe is the cleanest and most beautiful place in the world, unlike the disgusting place Asia, which is mostly either a desert or a filthy pouted city. All other cultures and history pales in comparison with Europe. The weather is Europe is usually quite nice, except for places like Spain, it is nice a snowy in winter and not too hot in summer.
Asia, don't make me laugh. Right now, the majority of Asia is a disgusting polluted urban sprawl with bland and dull culture and a horribly corrupt government.
Africa? A poverty stricken wasteland full of terrorism, corruption and crime. Most of it is a foul desert and the weather is so bad that you will get roasted alive is you set foot outside.
North America is next best place, but it still sucks compared to Europe, half of it is a desert, and most of the USA people are idiots who are ...more

Currently more peaceful than most of the other continents.
Wealth is p. much on the level of the USA and sometimes it can even top the USA's. (true sometimes it can't)
True the two halves of Europe really differ. Western and Northern Europe is much richer than Eastern Europe and Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy) is rather in-between the two.
There is also a wider variety in culture and people are much nicer than US citizens. (true Canadians are nice I've gotta admit)

Definitely the best continent, Spain alone makes it the best lol, but seriously Europe is the most diverse in everything from landscapes to culture to people, on what other continent can you find one of the most beautiful mountain ranges (the Alps) within 3 hours driving distance from sub-tropical beach area? Where in North America can you find any city with massive 6-1000 year old cathedrals and other historical places like the Alhambra and the coliseum? Every European country has its own unique culture unlike in North America where we just steal cultures from around the World and try to claim it as our own, European countries also have the best food by far, especially in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Greece etc. Europe (the EU) also has by far the biggest and most important economy in the World with a GDP bigger than both the US and Canada combined, I'm North American and Europe gets my vote without a doubt

2 North America

Geographically speaking, North America has the most beautiful and diverse landscape on Earth. The Rocky Mountains, the great plains, the southwestern deserts, the beautiful rolling Appalachian mountains, Untouched wilderness of Northern Canada and Alaska. Not to mention the Caribbean and the gorgeous farmlands and beaches of Mexico and central america. North America is also home to the greatest country on Earth, the United States. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Washington DC--All unique and diverse in their own ways, and extremely powerful both economically and historically. Canada has a rich and plentiful history, and also feature some of the greatest cities on Earth (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver).

North America is so far ahead of other continents in every way it isn't even a contest. Europe is old and cramped and hasn't done anything new in over 2 centuries and is quite old news. They don't even have any substantial forests because of deforestation over hundreds of years. Try buying a large piece of land in Europe. Even people from Europe are banging down our doors to get in to North America now. Asia is second as it is an emerging and modern market with much more diverse landscape than Europe, Australia and New Zealand Id live in before anywhere in Europe or Asia. I like visiting Europe, but living there would be boring as hell after a while and I have grown accustomed to my 3500 sq foot home with 25 acres of land with a boat, 2 sea doos, ski doo, quad bike living on a lake overlooking the rockie mountains with wildlife all around me and new and exciting forests and lakes and river to explore for a lifetime. I'm fine thanks

North America is the most diverse and beatiful continent. You have the United States, a diverse beauty itself honestly. Probably one of the best climates on earth, California, borders it, with Hollywood in it and The Golden Gate Bridge. Then you have totally Wild West states like Wyoming with tons of wildlife. Then you have Louisiana with all the cool crocs and fried chicken. And don't doeget Canada, and amazing country too, or Alaska. With awesome wildlife and different people. And we also have all those tropical things. We have the carribian and Hawaii. So we pretty much have everything!

Why are you callling USA the greatest? They are a country filled with hate greed and gluttony. What's so great about that country? I don't know. They try to keep the Stanley Cup from getting won by a Canadian NHL team they steal natural resources from the Middle East bombstrike women and children and torture people. Yeah Canada has problems too I know. But the USA is not a good country from what I studied. The USA likes to bombstrike middle eastern countries first world country home to most serial killers voted most dangerous country in North America and always need a little more. Yeah what a great country.

That FYI was sarcasm.

3 Asia

Europe might be in first place. But Asia has a more diverse culture then any other Continents. I also think that Asia has better cuisines Chinese, Japan, Philiphines, we have the most countries. I personally live in the Philiphines and I visited a lot of asian countries. Asia Is also the cheapest maybe not for a plane ticket across the world but shops and food isn't over one dollar.

Asia. I understand that Europe could be in competition for first place, but to put North America in front of Asia, you must have not been taught much of Asian history. Really Africa should come in close to top, but that's not the point right now. Now obviously there are much more diverse and beautiful things about my dear Asia, India, it's overflowing tradition, Korea and Japan, with their own unique style yet so similar, Mongolia, the land of the horses, wild and free, strong and proud. But allow me to talk about China. China is one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, and its traditions and cultures are beautiful, and missed. East Asia borrowed their traditions of this Ancient country, and I believe I am not wrong in saying that you would not find more extravagant clothing anywhere else. Traditionally they have always been respectful, proud and honourable, and they even try to kill the enemy as respectful as possible, to keep the body intact. Aside from that, they have always been ...more

From Third World to Newly Industrialized Economy to First world. Sweet, savoury and sour. Ancient, classical and new. Asia should be number one because we have it all.

From Angkor what to Singapore, Bali to Kuala Lumpur. Asia is a continent of contrast and true diversity no other continent has.

No European food can match Asian cuisine, no European city can be as clean as Singapore or Tokyo, no European mountain are as tall as Everest or Fuji, no European trees are beautiful as Sakura or Rafflesia. No European spices are as variety as Asian spices.

Asia is the best in the world. Still not convinced? We don't have tipping system.

Long live Asia! That's the continent with most beautiful women. I'm planning to marry a woman who was born and raised in Asia. I prefer ones who went to grade school for 12 straight years or spent majority of her childhood there (being abroad for few years then return to home country will still be accepted). Dating Thai women would be easier if I'm Buddhist. Dating Filipinas would be easier if I'm Catholic. Since Middle East, Malaysia and Indonesia are predominantly Muslim, I will experience tensions. I consider Indian women to be one of most difficult ones for me to marry because India is predominantly Hindu, and arranged marriages have been a common practice. If I have a Japanese wife, I'll have to convince her to have babies since Japan has low birth rate. I can't speak for every country because Asia is a big continent. I'm not trying to be racist, but I'll have to deal with the reality of these women.

4 Africa

1. Civilization started in Africa - Egypt and others as is referenced in many historical records

2. Which country on earth exist without taping or is still trying hard to get something worthwhile from Africa?

3. If any country or continent is claiming to be the best because it has colonized any country or continent, what is the purpose of colonization? To gain the good things of that land which the colonial master does not have or have but not enough to help it survival. So it have to wonder to other places to use force or whatever means available to gain from that land. Is that what make the colonial masters the best the best? Capital "NO". The person or persons I know starts things from what he or she has and help others through it. That is the best person. like Africans Who never wonder about in the name of colonizing or using force, destroyed humans and take away what they have to enrich themselves; "living life at the expense of another man's life or other peoples ...more

Of all the continents, this one grows fastest day by day. Remember that, mostly the Northern part of the continent, as well as the Sahel was involved with the Mediterranean world. Even with all that, it still managed to produce prospering civilizations. Today, Africa has all the knowledge and technology of Eurasia. It will definitely surpass it in the near future.

The fact that the modern continent of Africa seems astriad compared to other continents does not mean it has always been so. In the ancient times, civilization did emerge there as the oldest evidence of mathematics, farming, law, fishing, architecture, chariots (oldest wheeled transport device not the wheel itself), medicine, and many more come from Africa. I know what you are thinking, that these achievements were of North African Arab origin but no they belong to the black "dark skinned" Africans.

Historically, African civilizations were brilliant inventing steel, light bulbs, , science, mathematics and complex medicine which we use today. In our modern time, Africa outpaces the world in Economic growth. Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Angola are all countries that could very much turn the world around in a not so distant future. Obviously, if you ask me Africa should be at least 1-2 as it is the founder of civilization itself.

5 South America

South America has every landscape imaginable, from deserts, to glaciers, to forests, to jungles, to ancient ruins, prairies, mountains, beaches, access to Antarctica,etc. The people are among the friendliest you can find, very welcoming. Most of the happiest countries on Earth are in South and lower Central America. The standard of living varies from completely rural to as cosmopolitan as any major global metropolis. Furthermore, it's not as expensive as most other continents so you can travel much more with your money.

Guatemala is also a beautiful place and when you go there you would see how poor they live but being poor doesn't matter to them all they care about is family. When they are with family they smile so big because happiness is all that matters to them. They might be poor but they have really good hearts and they know how to have fun without having as much money. They know how to stay happy and how to celebrate with not just family but basically with all the neigh and people around.

South America is for far the most diverse continent, from cold mountains, to swampy rainforests to the snowy freezing Patagonia, the people are amazing as well as the biodiversity. in my opinion South America should be in first place.

Who ever said South America is better than North America better stfu. South America has a terrible standard of living and government, and all you kids worry about is the beaches and food

6 Australia

The most beautiful, the most liveable, the most peaceful, fantastic cities and towns, fantastic wild country areas! What do you need more?

I can never just not plan to go to this continent. I mean, accents, temperature, I just can't wait to try the food.

Australia have some of the world most unique animals, cultural and environmental landmarks.

This should be third, after Europe and North America. You just can't get enough of this continent.

7 Antarctica

Well, it has the lowest population, coldest temperatures, highest penguin population, lowest crime rate, no education, no money (which is amazing!) highest unemployment rate, beautiful sights, and very long and very short days, depending on the time of year.
Is this a place you want to live?
Well if you like to be alone, don't mind the cold, love penguins, hate crime (I do), hate school, hate money, hate jobs, love beautiful sights, and love long and short days, this place is for you!

Should be #1 as it is the last remaining continent not inhabited by us nasty humans, does not have any man made objects or buildings, not polluted by our garbage, and ruled by animals, not humans.

The only people who live here are scientists who study the geography and wildlife of this icy world. Too bad human activity is causing this fascinating land to melt away into the sea.

It's the cleanest, calmest continent there is. Also the coldest, but who cares? Still a cool place.

8 Oceania

This is an amazing continent. Australia and New Zealand are some of the safest, happiest and most beautiful countries in the world. Also the surrounding islands such as Papua New Guinea are culturaly and naturally beautiful. This continent has everything.

Oceania is low in development. The islands are covered in lush green forests and surrounded by crystal clear seas and beautiful coral reefs. It doesn't get hot or cold. Almost always 70's and 80's. What's not to love?

This is by far my favorite continent. There are so much beautiful places, like Niue, French Polynesia, Palau, New Zealand, everything. I have to say, I want and need to go here.

Oceania is a region and Australia is an island continent within that region. I should know - I live there! I suggest a number of people here go back to school.

9 Pangaea

Stinky europeans will try and convince you that Europe is the best continent past and present, this is called delusion. Pangea was beastmode, imagine being able to drive from the bottom of the world to the top

It's not the first continent but one of the older ones. Unless you are a YEC/maybe old earth creationist then there were no humans on Pangaea but animals like dinosaurs instead. All 7 continents plus India which was a continent at one time.

The first continent. When the world had peace. No continents, no countries just happiness, well, at least before the plate movement.

You can't live in there. Pangaea is not a continents now. But millions of years Pangaea exist sombody thinks Pangaea is the oldest continent in the world.

10 Eurasia

Eurasia (Europe plus Asia) basically created the world we live in today. Civilization was born here. Eurasia gave us the most influential civilizations ever, including the USA because most Americans today are of Eurasian descent. Eurasia gave us the civilizations of India, China, Mesopotamia, Greece, Persia, Rome, Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, and so many more highly influential nations. Eurasia built our world. Without Eurasians we might still be living super primitive lives. Before contact with Eurasians the indigenous Africans, Americans, and Australians were living simple primitive lives. Basically all modern science/technology is from Eurasian people.

It will use Euro single currency.

It's Europe+Asia the two most beautiful cont nents with rich culture, art and architecture
and exotic food...heavenly

Europe+Asia makes most beautiful place on earth in every term.Both have rich history

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11 Laurasia

The Old Red Sandstone Continent! I wish this thing still existed. It's a real treat for me, liking my plate tectonics. If it still existed we could see America bordering Britain

Laurasia is far superior to Maryasia but not quite as pleasant as Annasia.

12 Gondwana

Because Pangaea was just too big.

13 Zealandia

This is a continent that is now mostly underwater. The only parts left is the land the land that makes up New Zealand.

What this, is this suppose to be a thing with New Zealand or Denmark or something?

14 Vaalbara
15 Rodinia
16 Columbia
17 Siberia

It is not a continent

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