Top 10 Biggest Problems in the World Today

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1 Poverty

Yes, poverty is the main cause of world problems nowadays. People in Mozambique have the highest poverty rating around the world. Because of the pandemic, COVID-19, many essential things have increased in price, such as food and supplies, including women's pads. Organizations such as Oxfam can help alleviate poverty, but they need help from people who are willing to support the cause.

Due to an increase in prices because of COVID-19, people are not willing to give away their money. Money is the most important thing in the world, and because of this, people won't donate as they need to buy things for their own families.

Popular YouTubers such as MrBeast are donating and helping to alleviate poverty from country to country. This could help many impoverished countries, but not all.

2 Climate Change

It's 2020 now. Look what's happened because of humanity! Australia is on fire! The endangered list is now 41,416! You know how big that number is? That's a really big number! People think climate change doesn't exist, yeah, people only believe things when they cause problems.

Maybe people will believe climate change exists if every country is on fire. Australia is on fire. Something will be next if we don't stop it. It doesn't even have to be big, like not driving a car for Pete's sake! You want to die? Be my guest! But don't come crying to me when the world is on fire because you didn't care.

3 War and Terrorism

Terrorism is never appropriate, no matter what your political ideology is. Innocent people will always get hurt in the crossfire, or worse, killed.

What is the point of these wars? Can't we all respect each other's beliefs and live in one world peacefully?

Come on, we don't need any more lives lost by terrorists trying to achieve their goals through violence.

4 Disease

We should stay healthy and not get sick. A lot of kids pretend to be sick to get out of school, but if they actually get sick, everyone else could too, just because they wanted to avoid something they didn't want to do.

We already have enough diseases in the world. The last thing we need is diseases that emerged after the Coronavirus and people dying from them!

This is worse than racism, sexism, and dabbing.

5 Animal Abuse

Animals have feelings, not just humans! Animals feel pain, and domestic animals can't even take care of themselves. You know why? Because they need a human to take care of them. They're not wild animals! No animal deserves abuse, and if you think that's okay, go to hell.

I have to say, animals are way better than humans. They care for us, they don't cause problems, but look at us! We're the reason the earth is dying. We're the reason animals are going extinct. We're the reason murder exists. Do you abuse an animal? Go to hell, you disgusting, awful human.

Thank you to everyone who agrees that animals shouldn't be abused. You guys are angels, but sadly, not everyone is.

6 Pollution

If we don't save the environment, there will be no drugs to abuse as some drugs are made from plants. We will have to deal with no population, everyone will be in poverty, and all the other things on this list will get ten times worse. We will all die along with the other living things, and the Earth will become uninhabitable.

People make fun of this topic, but don't! It is a serious problem, and if we don't solve it, we all will suffer because of our actions. Do you want that to happen?

I think the pollution in this world is appalling, and it should be acted on fast as it could impact so much. Keep in mind when you're stuck in traffic, turn your engine off! Simple things like that can change this problem. Seriously.

7 Racism

My main question is, who decided that white people were better than black people? Just imagine, you are enjoying a delicious meal in your comfortable home with your family, talking and laughing. Days later, you find yourself on the lower deck of a filthy boat, crammed with hundreds of other people, just as you are. You get little food and water.

People around you are dying, and the conditions in which you live are so bad that you envy them. There are no bathrooms. You are chained to hundreds, maybe thousands, of people with little room to move. How would you feel?

And on the other side of the world, there are people, people just like you except that they have white skin instead of black. Those people are enjoying themselves as you suffer. And their excuse is that you are a different color than they are. I mean, get a grip, people!

8 Raping

It's a selfish and very disgusting act that offers nothing beneficial to anyone, except for a short period of personal pleasure for the abuser. It hurts everyone and eventually will hurt the abuser too. Badly.

I don't understand why people are so disgusting. I don't know why people enjoy hurting someone. It is so wrong. People just think they can walk around and say, Whoa, hot chick or a man, and walk up to them and hurt them or sneak up on them. Whatever it is, it is wrong.

It's one of the hardest things to live with after it happens to you. Knowing that the person who ruined your life is living as if nothing happened, while you try to figure out how to feel normal again, is devastating.

9 Drug Abuse

People always being out of homeostasis clouds our judgment. This applies to every drug, including coffee, prescriptions, and even herbs.

Nothing is wrong with taking it, but you will just get addicted, and you probably would go mad. It even makes your mental health really bad, so please don't take these drugs. Just waste a life that could be beautiful if you don't take them!

The idea of making drugs is just wrong! I don't understand why it's so popular even though it's bad!

10 Global Warming

Ice? What's that? Let it snow? I haven't seen a white Christmas in 13 years. The cold doesn't bother me anymore because there is no cold.

Is there such a thing as Global Cooling? Probably not, but I like the sound of it.

This is affecting the whole world.

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11 Totalitarianism
12 Violence

Anyone who thinks violence makes things better should not exist. Talking about violence in general, not just war and things like that.

Can't imagine that people like violence.

Violence needs silence!

Now someone go be the next Martin Luther King Jr. and turn that into a speech that the world will remember.

13 Sexism

Sexism is not just targeted at women, but at men too. I have recently watched a social experiment where a woman was abusing a man, and people just sat there, laughing. However, when the man stood up for himself, those same people who were previously laughing got up and started yelling at him for defending himself. It sickened me.

I do support equal rights for both genders, but the extreme feminists have pushed it too far. They have become pretty much a man-hating group at this point. There were videos of a woman accusing a man of sexual harassment simply because he said "hello". There was also another incident of a woman yelling "rape" after a police officer arrested her for refusing to get out of a car. Sexism affects both genders and it must stop.

14 Liberalism

Agreed. The extremists need to be called out by the mainstream media. Extremism is never good, whether left or right. But for some reason, the mainstream media almost never call out left-wing extremists, unless they have a very conservative bias like Fox News. As a moderate, this really frustrates me.

I am part liberal, but some people have just pushed it too far. All I want is peace across America, which, of course, is not possible.

Extreme liberalism. Most liberals aren't as bad as the stereotypes make them out to be.

15 Murder

Here are the examples:

December 10, 2019: Six people were killed in a hate crime shooting in Jersey City, New Jersey.

February 14, 2018: Seventeen people were shot dead by Nikolas Cruz in Parkland, Florida.

June 12, 2016: Omar Mateen shoots down 49 individuals at a Florida LGBT nightclub before the police shot him dead.

January 8, 2011: Six victims dead, including the judge, at a Safeway store in Tucson, Arizona.

Sexism hurts people verbally. Murder literally kills people, so murder should be above sexism.

If you manage to get away from this, there is still God watching. One thought I was crazy. I'm just telling what my mind tells me.

16 Pedophilia

The situation has worsened significantly since the advent of platforms like Facebook.

17 Zionism

Zionists make my blood boil. How could you support Israel when they're pushing Palestinians out of their homes, cutting food, electricity, and basic necessities? On top of that, they have the audacity to murder them, just so they can have the land.

Israel is the main reason, maybe the only one, for all the wars in the world right now!

18 Population Growth

It's sad, but I agree. There are too many people who don't and can't have enough, and it's detrimental to continue to add to the population so rapidly. Of course, if those who selfishly own so much for themselves or to save so future generations of their family will also be wealthy, would just share with those who are here and in need...

He sounds like a socialist or communist or something!

This is really the main, and by far the biggest problem in the world today. Many issues, like climate change, lack of food, polluted water, and resource depletion, would vanish almost overnight. Even many wars, which are about resources, would end immediately. If the earth's population were 2 billion instead of 7 billion, the overwhelming majority of today's issues would not exist.

19 Youth Oppression
20 Existentialism
21 Censorship
22 Feminism

Not to be rude, but most feminists are like, "Oh, we want the advantages men have but not the disadvantages." That itself is stupid.

Not all working women will become pregnant. There is a pay gap. You just want women to be lower class.

Modern feminists are just a bunch of ignorant misandrists who use feminine wiles to get away with everything.

23 Religious Fundamentalism

One day, in centuries to come (if we last that long), we will look back on religions and gods and see ourselves as the primitive species we are. It is true that people use religion to exert power, but while the rest don't look beyond their need for some magical power, we can never escape the bonds that hold us back.

Most religious fundamentalists don't even obey their scriptures completely. Otherwise, we would have hundreds of Jesuses, so they need to calm down and stop hating on people who are different. People don't know about every religion out there, so how is someone supposed to worship your god when they don't know of their existence?

24 Obesity

Want an easy solution? Eat healthy and exercise.

25 Political Correctness

Political correctness is so extreme that it's taken over society. We can't say anything without someone thinking of us as horrible people. In my opinion, it's one of the worst aspects of the world. What's next? Are they going to control the way we think too?

Whatever happened to our constitutional right to have a free opinion? We have that right, you know. It's constitutional. The teachers in school are failing us. The young and immigrant children need to be reminded of this so we can live in a free and equal rights society. I say call them out on it! It's called free speech!

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