Top 10 Biggest Problems with America

Wow, where do we start? Drugs, violence, corruption, war, the Jonas Brothers... My fellow Americans, we find ourselves in a challenging spot.

What is our most significant issue today, and what can we do to solve it? We are facing a myriad of problems, so I would like to see an extensive list of issues discussed here as well!
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1 Racism

I am sick and tired of the racism. Every time they say, White people rule, white people rule. And they do not show respect to the Muslims, black people, Asians, and other ethnic groups.

Yeah, I hate racism in the USA. So what if you're black and I'm white? We're both humans but with different skin color. So what? I really don't see why one race should think they are better than the other race. I never understand white supremacy. It's stupid and illogical. The racists that really irk me are the Americans who are racist and then claim to be Christian. If they were true to their faith, they would see that God just wants us to all live as one. Jesus told us to love each other, not hate, criticize, or judge. He condemned all those things. The answer is to love each other always. We are all brothers and sisters in God's eyes, and we should all live in peace and unity regardless of skin color or ethnicity.

Equality is a right to be had for any man, woman, or child. If it had not been for diversity, had there ever been a diverse culture in the United States of America, the thought of living in a country where someone was judged solely on their differences, and not how they could change the world, it would be an atrocity. Losing diversity is as ignorant a choice as saying freedom shall no longer reign in America, and that the select few "Entitled People" have all rights while the segregated and unsupported man is left to be made a fool of. In my America, in every sane man, woman, and child's America, freedom reigns. Freedom Reigns! If we allow our nation's pride, arrogance, and unjust thoughts to run about, then we ourselves are the ones not fit to have the right to live in our great country. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, now is the time to let freedom reign.

2 Flaws in the Education System

I live in America and attended an advanced school. Still, I must admit that there's a lot I don't know about my own country, which people from other countries seem to be familiar with. I'm unclear about the details of many of our wars. Some individuals assume I'm uninformed, but the reality is, I was never taught these topics. What's even more concerning is that immigrants who come here to become legal citizens are expected to know intricate details about America, like the Bill of Rights. Most Americans wouldn't be familiar with that, nor could they name all of our presidents or the capitals of our states. One might question the importance of this knowledge, as it's not information we use daily. However, it highlights a significant issue. Besides lacking in-depth knowledge about other countries, our education system also fails to teach us adequately about our own history and nation. Every subject is merely touched upon without much depth.

Teachers aren't teaching us correctly. In my language arts class, all we do is write. There's no focus on grammar or vocabulary, which I believe is why people are using "slang." In my eighth-grade class, students asked how to spell the words "theory" and "multiplication." I'm not great at writing either, even though that's what we focus on constantly. The school has funds for dances, parties, and new computers, but they don't allocate that money to support after-school clubs and extracurricular activities. The content in my science, history, and math classes is basic, and they don't adjust to individual skill levels. I've started to think that school is a waste of time since I'm not learning anything new.

3 Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Donald J. Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, Donald Trump took charge of his family's real estate and construction firm, Elizabeth Trump... read more

Why do millions of people not hear the words that come from this man's mouth? He is not the problem. You are! One day when the cult dissolves and the scales have been lifted, there is going to be a profitable industry made providing excuses for why people were happy to have the wool pulled over their eyes.

The biggest and worst problem this country has faced in the past twenty years is Donald Trump. He is an embarrassment to the world. This clown should have never become the president of the U.S. Now, he is in so much legal trouble, and yet, he and his fans seem to want to wear that as a badge of honor. These are despicable people.

He was the worst president in at least the past sixty years. The election in 2024 will probably come down to Biden and Trump. The others don't have a chance. I don't want to hear about DeSantis. His priorities are banning books, disrespecting COVID and its after-effects, fighting against any laws that don't apply to him, and claiming to want to build a border wall. Haven't we heard this before? Trump made $250 million from donations for this, and Greg Abbott, the incompetent governor of Texas, is now trying to do the same. A litany of promises not kept.

Then there is Robert Kennedy, Jr. This guy is a total quack. He claims that vaccines cause autism, that COVID wasn't really that bad, and one cannot understand him because of that gravelly voice. He claims it is some condition, but it could be a result of all his substance abuse over the years. Think about it. If it's Biden vs. Trump, I'll take Biden any day, all day. Trump is a complete idiot.

4 Bullying

I think it's hard to understand what someone is going through unless you experience that yourself. I've never had those kinds of problems, but only because I go to a great school where bullying is practically nonexistent. I do know how it feels to just want to be normal so people stop treating you differently.

Bullies have a completely different mindset. There is a good chance they grew up in a bad home and developed such a weak mind that they use their physical strength to feel stronger. There is always a reason. That doesn't make it any better, but perhaps if more effort was put into trying to understand both the victims AND the bullies, a bridge could be built. Bullies want people to feel how they felt, longing for someone to understand, which is why they don't stop. Wanting someone to understand you is a human instinct everyone feels naturally. How can anyone be expected to fight against that?

5 Environmental Destruction

Both environmental destruction and the threat of nuclear war could have long-term impacts on Earth and us. While school bullying might persist, it's not necessarily a global issue. Destroying the environment means fewer resources to fuel technology and a less safe habitat. Some experts predict that, at our current rate, humans could become extinct within a century or so. We must protect the environment since Earth is the only location within light years capable of supporting human life. It's essential to consider the long-term implications as well.

People cut down forests and build on land that is home to plants, animals, bugs, and other organisms. Many in humankind believe they are more important nowadays. But are we? Consider an animal you particularly admire. Look at a photo of it. Do you genuinely believe you are significantly more important? Some might argue they aren't responsible for destruction, but what if they were the ones tearing down a forest?

6 Corruption

Corruption is the people's problem because you are the ones electing these corrupt politicians whose actions are controlled by their greed for big corporate money. Rich people pay politicians to do things to benefit themselves.

Although Americans understand most of the issues facing the country, they don't have a clear understanding of the costs. This refers to the monetary impact on their pockets and how it affects the choices they make daily. Candidates often fail to explain these costs and avoid discussing choices. This concern prompted me to write a book on the subject titled "Choices." The book describes the issues, discusses the monetary costs, and how they affect the daily decisions Americans need to make. It also sheds light on how many of those choices are becoming limited or taken away. Being ranked second in the world for ignorance is a troubling statement.

7 Biased Media

You cannot cancel people because you don't like what they said. It starts off as getting rid of some racist, and then it continues. This is exactly what dictators like Hitler did to control entire countries, and nearly the WORLD!

Legacy mainstream media is 90% left-biased and is controlled by big corporations that regurgitate the narrative. Everyone must seek alternative news sources, such as independent journalists and even many podcasters, and make them earn your trust.

No one notices how significantly the media impacts America. America would be amazing without the media, drugs, and shootings. However, the media often distorts things. I dislike Trump, but they portray Trump much worse than he actually is. The same goes for Hillary. We've all heard claims from both parties that weren't true.

The media is also run by foreign individuals and not Americans. It's sadly true, and unfortunately, it won't get any better. I can't assert that the media was the worst thing in America, but it does ignite a lot of hatred and contributes to shootings. Combine this with drugs and guns, and America could be great again.

8 Lack of Respect for the Rest of the World

Within the last few years, no one had the internet. No one could reach out if they could. Now we are everywhere. We can talk to many at one time. People do not have respect here in America. How can they have respect for anyone else?

Have you ever read an old social studies book from the 20's or 30's era? Things are passed down through generations, not just recipes. They pass down bias and hate, so each person teaches their generation the hate. If you were to ask why, they probably would not know. (It was passed down). My husband and I have an orphanage in Africa, which we run with my daughter Olivia. The love those people give is amazing. We must stop spreading hate and biased opinions about people, especially those of different colors. Sometimes, I can still see the lynch mobs, the ones that gathered a criminal in the middle of the square and hung him there. The way some people are treated, how quickly they can go from sweet to evil in one sentence, was not that long ago, but it happened. Have we only progressed in technology, leaving how we treat others behind?

9 Drug Abuse

If you go to California or Florida, they don't care if you do drugs. They don't care if you're selling it either. Most government officials in America probably do drugs too.

There are so many disgusting drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, meth, and others that I am sick and tired of. When people become obsessed with them, they lead to violence and crimes. People are also selling them, and I don't like it.

Cigarettes and alcohol cause many problems, including death and violence. However, making these drugs illegal would lead to issues similar to those experienced in the early 1900s with prohibition. The illegality of weed and others also results in death and violence, particularly in the form of gang violence and drug wars. This issue has a fine line that's easy to cross on either side, and neither option is truly beneficial. Marijuana should be legalized for medical reasons and also because the government shouldn't dictate what people do with their bodies. It's problematic.

10 Obesity

Many people consume excessive junk food from places like McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, and so on. They often avoid the gym, and some overweight individuals seem to be frequently upset.

This is a significant problem in the U.S. More and more people are gaining weight. Junk food is promoted constantly. I can't get through an hour without seeing a fast food commercial. I'm genuinely concerned for our American population. Over time, we might become so inactive and overweight that we face early deaths due to severe health problems resulting from excessive body fat. Exercise and healthy living are scarcely promoted in the U.S. It seems the country is ENCOURAGING laziness and supporting fast food industries for profit, not the health of its citizens. I don't want to sound hypocritical, as I eat junk food occasionally, but I'm cautious not to overindulge. Additionally, I'm bothered by how some obese individuals complain about being "fat-shamed" and assert that "they are happy the way they are." No, obesity and being overweight are issues that need addressing. They aren't necessarily points of pride. If you have a naturally large body frame or are an endomorph, then you're not considered overweight and should indeed be content with your body. But I can't understand why some overweight individuals complain about fat shaming when they don't acknowledge their health issues.

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11 Anti-Patriotism

We live in one of the freest, most wonderful, and diverse countries in the world. This diversity is the secret behind the greatness of the USA, but it's also the root of much division today. Until every citizen or visitor can put aside our differences and strive for common goals, supporting each other and placing our country and flag first, this nation will implode from within. We should take pride in our country and stand side by side as one united people. I aspire to be the first member of the No Race, Race! You are me, and I am you. We are all the same. If you don't love your country, then ask yourself why and consider what you can do to change that sentiment. God bless America and all its citizens.

Actually, now that I think about it, this is the biggest issue. We can love our country, and those who outright hate it can just move out or something. However, instead, we get people complaining about the negative aspects of America non-stop (like this list). Those who don't care are fine, as long as their attitudes are not openly hostile. But the number of people, especially concerning the removal of statues that are part of America's history, shows just how much anti-patriotism might lead to the downfall of this nation. These individuals are attempting to erase history, and that could harm future generations.

12 Unnecessary Involvement in Foreign Wars

To be honest, like most Americans, we don't really care, as sad as that is. As long as we have our lives, we would rather just have funds to spread elsewhere. The amount of economic damage that is dealt every time we go into a war is just far too much.

The US is often entangled in the dirty work of the UN and NATO. Most of the conflicts don't directly harm or impact the US, and their intervention is sometimes beneficial (i.e., World Wars, Yugoslavian Wars) and sometimes controversial (i.e., Those Middle Eastern Crusade Things).

It's true. We do not have to get into conflicts and wars that we have no business being in. We should only engage if it directly threatens the US.

13 Partisanship
14 School Shootings

We have become so accustomed to this that America, as a whole, has become numb to it. Case in point, why is it ranked at 31? This problem in our society is directly correlated with bullying, depression, terrible home environments, and inadequate healthcare for those in need of psychiatric help. Drugs and alcohol also play a significant role, as does domestic violence. The list goes on and on, and incidents like school and workplace shootings are the devastating and life-ending outcomes.

It's more likely to die in a school shooting than to die in the military. We need to prioritize protecting our children over giving more money to the greedy NRA and its manipulative propaganda. The 2nd Amendment states that we have the right to an organized armed militia. It is being stretched out of context to pit the American people against each other for the profit of the greedy capitalists.

15 Terrorism

Every time terrorism takes lives, it's heartbreaking, such as the 9/11 attacks, shootings, bombings, and so on. It's no wonder they plan so many attacks, and I'm tired of it.

Terrorism is a huge problem not just in the world, but within the US as well. And it isn't just people who identify themselves as a member of ISIS. It's also people who shoot up schools, airports, and people of different races, including white people. It is a terrible problem that must be solved, but continues because we let it. We identify a group of people as terrorists and those who minutely relate to them are grouped with the insane and violent terrorists too. Then come problems with discrimination, racism, sexism, etc. If we solve one of these problems, it may solve them all. If we are united, like those years fighting alongside each other against the British who practiced tyranny during the Revolution, if we devote our time and our hearts into restoring or making our home a better place, then join arms with your white, black, and brown brothers and sisters, and show what the American Dream actually meant to us! If I can believe in you, try to believe in yourself.

16 Global Warming

The Earth is dying. What is worse than this? If there is no Earth, there are no people. There is no you or me or anyone. Simple as that. Why isn't this the #1 problem? Why is this considered a "belief" in America but a fact in all others? If people don't believe the scientists that this is a big issue, then why don't they become scientists themselves and try to disprove that this isn't real instead of sitting back and making illogical statements?

We can't just escape to another planet. We won't get the technology on time, and no other planet is as habitable as Earth. We will have to wear gas masks and buy air. This is ridiculous. The first step in fixing this problem is fixing people's mindsets. If we have that, everyone will start putting effort to put out the flames of our burning home. People have to stop destroying the planet for economic benefit. They will actually gain more economic profits in the long run if they stop for a second and help the planet.

Everyone has the power to help save the planet. When I say everyone, I do mean every single human being on this Earth. All you have to do is stop consuming animals and animal products. If everyone did that, if you did that, our planet will be in better shape than it is right now. It's either you give up something that tastes good or give up any chances of survival on Earth and watch humans go extinct by dying the painful way. Going vegan will also save all the hundreds of millions of animals that are born to die and be slaughtered. You won't contribute to this unethical and cruel practice, and animals don't have to be in pain for human benefit. This is a win-win. Go vegan now. There is no time left.

Do you want to live and help put out the flames of our house, or do you want to sit back and watch it burn and be devoured by the flames?

17 Income Inequality

It's obvious to all, but while people aspire to be on the other side of the gap, we have no hope. Religions will die, and it will be centuries yet before we address this.

"Income inequality" doesn't necessarily mean sexism. It gets my vote, but the inequality I'm talking about is the huge wealth disparity between blue-collar workers and primarily shareholders of various companies.

Women should be more respected since we are the ones who give life to people.

18 Disrespect for Elders

I am a 16-year-old girl. I navigate drama and I disrespect my elders constantly. I disrespect people constantly. I have the courage to admit it and I'm not making small remarks trying to defend myself.

This is a problem because no matter how much the world changes, our elders still possess more knowledge than we do. The core issues remain consistent. They have experienced war, witnessed frequent deaths, felt happiness, understood life, accumulated wealth, incurred debt, and so on. The sooner we learn to respect our elders, the better off we'll be. Many prosperous Asian countries have cultures where children respect their elders.

People often argue that everyone should be treated with the same level of respect. If we adhere to that, we might end up respecting no one. Our generation, the millennials and Generation Z, are arguably the most disrespectful generations to date. We come across as entitled, demanding respect without offering it in return. We're seen as hypocritical. In the future, we might lament the disrespect shown by upcoming generations, but in reality, we are initiating this cycle. Yes, everyone deserves respect, but our elders, above all, deserve it. They possess invaluable wisdom, including even those elders some label as rude.

19 Obsession with Guns

So many shootings and so much killing. A lot of violence, gang problems. No wonder why they just love guns and shooting. They think it's the Wild West.

Protecting yourself from people who are protecting themselves from people like you is a vicious cycle. It's akin to a feedback loop - painful but can be swiftly halted.

Considering only 28% of the country has a bachelor's degree or higher, I'd argue that many people - especially police officers, whose minimum job requirement is a high school diploma - might be too uneducated to responsibly handle firearms. But then again, we are a warring society that occupies other countries and extracts their resources. So, our populace having access to powerful weapons seems consistent with our broader societal behavior.

By the way, there were studies that showed police officers with a bachelor's degree or higher resorted to violence roughly 50% less than officers without any college education. The only officers without degrees who rivaled the performance of those with degrees were ones with over 20 years of experience in law enforcement. I believe that police officers should have at least a bachelor's degree, which would potentially equip them to rely more on their cognitive skills than physical force.

20 Alt-Right and SJW Extremism

Simple notions appeal to 'me first' people. Education and travel are important medicines on the road to curing this sickness.

Race doesn't exist, and yet every race needs equity. We're all special, even though we're all the same. Victims are heroes. I have the right of free speech (assaulting you violently), but you have no right to offend me. I live in America, but he's not my President. Women are a social construct, yet obesity is genetics. I have no sources, no statistics, no study results, but I have feelings. I love diversity, so let's have people (who are all the same, remember), mix together...but only in white countries.

American society was founded on the principles of free thought and free speech. Social Justice Warriors are the pinnacle of everything the founding fathers wanted to avoid. They believe entirely in "unified thought" and consistently disrespect and spit on dissenting opinions, even within their own ranks. It is a cannibalistic ideology that seeks only to control the thoughts and emotions of everyone.

21 Violence

Violence is the reason many people are afraid to walk the streets they call home. Feeling uneasy is not the way to live when all you want is to live life the way YOU choose.

I have a brother who becomes quite violent when he doesn't get what he wants. He is older than me, and it's disheartening to witness the increasing violence in our world.

We're killing each other without a second thought. Video games have desensitized an entire generation.

22 Joe Biden Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (born November 20, 1942) is an American politician who is the 46th and current president of the United States. A member of the Democratic Party, he served as the 47th vice president from 2009 to 2017 under Barack Obama and represented Delaware in the United States Senate from 1973 to 2009... read more

If you look up the word corruption in the dictionary, there's a picture of him.

23 Feminism

I'm a woman, and I think feminism is completely misguided. Instead of constantly complaining, we should face challenges head-on, understanding that everyone is fundamentally equal. I recognize that some men might believe they are superior, but instead of lamenting, we should stand up and assert our equality. We were all created in God's image, and no one's words can change that.

Women in America have more privileges than men. If a woman falsely accuses a man of rape, even with no evidence, he can be sent to prison for life. Even if they're proven wrong, the charges will still apply. My point is, we need evidence before sending someone to jail, which is something feminists often claim isn't necessary, asserting that a mere accusation is evidence enough. Also, in America, a woman can repeatedly stab a man, but the moment he defends himself? That is suddenly crossing a line! And even if she was arrested, she'd likely receive less jail time than a man would. I also believe that the man would be sent to jail for defending himself.

24 National Debt

If the USA can't repay China (China owns most of the USA's debt), then China could take land and infrastructure. That's how China obtained Sri Lanka's port and 15,000 acres of land after India couldn't repay a 300 million dollar loan. Currently, China owns 1.3 trillion dollars of US debt (4,333 times 300 million). If China made the US pay up, they could potentially take 65 million acres or 1/35th of the USA's land from the USA. That's why eliminating national debt is a worthwhile goal.

We are technically bankrupt, and despite the fact that our dollar makes up the world economy, meaning other countries don't want to ask for their money, who needs that much debt?

I don't think India's land is captured due to loans.

25 Homophobia

Being against homophobia is a perfectly respectable thing, but being toxic about it is a whole different story. I say this as an LGBTQ+ supporter and ally.

Just stop making a big deal out of it.

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