Top Ten Laws You Would Create If You Ruled the World

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1 Allow Freedom of Religion Worldwide

Everyone should have the right to believe in whatever they want - as long as it is done peacefully, respectfully, lovingly, and isn't enforced on other people.

I am Jewish. Anyone forcing you to follow certain unpleasant laws just because you are a certain religion is racist! Also, people killing you just because you are a certain religion, like Hitler and Donald Trump, are racist! It is like I'm the Martin Luther King for religion!

If a group of Christians were killed, the punishment would be crazy. However, if a group of Muslims or Jews were killed, the punishment would be far less severe. This is an example of systemic discrimination, and we need to have every religion respected, but not tolerated.

2 Ban Violence in Any Form, Punishable by Death

Especially murder, because killing someone is crossing the line!

Because a lot of innocent people are being killed when they are supposed to live their life.

3 Allow North Koreans to Have Basic Rights

"In January, it was reported that a mother faced jail for trying to save her children instead of former President Kim Il-sung's portrait in an inferno. Even failing to wipe off the dust from his portrait is enough to make one guilty. So every family is given a special duster." - It's outdated but...

Especially for women, because look how they are treated!

Every human being should have basic human rights.

4 Eliminate Nukes and Chemical Weapons

No chemical weapons, no risk of a maniac getting into power and deciding that a particular country would look great if blown into oblivion. Get rid of it all! Respect each other!

We can never find peace with the future of mankind's existence lying at the brink of disparity of another. If we all seek betterment for our world and people, we shall sit at the table with weapons of love, peace, and prosperity, not ones of destruction and death.

Well, if we don't vote this out, the whole world would be at war! Then the government would not be able to "evacuate" us, since really it's not like we don't need air to breathe.

5 Require The Same Education Everywhere in the World

Yes, and there should be no grades. Schools should be free, and there should be a school for everyone depending on how they need to be taught. If they need more one-on-one, then there is a school for that.

If people need a quiet school, there is one for that. If people need a fast pace, then there is a school for that, and more if people need it.

Education is power and key to survival. Where education is lacking, so is the growth and development of our people.

This is great, especially since some children don't have education at all!

6 Ban Sex/Gender-Based Discrimination

It is not for one to pass judgment on another's actions and decisions in life. It is our duty, for the love God showed us all, to be careful whom you turn away, for God won't remember you when you stand before him on judgment day.

Because people get really hurt by this, and they might even commit suicide.

This goes both ways. Just remember that.

7 A Group of People Check All Music to Make Sure It's Actually Good

I listen to both pop and rock music. Who cares if someone listens to metal, pop, or EDM? Just let people listen to whatever they want without interfering with their lives.

If someone hates metal, they hate metal. Simple as that.

It is illegal for bad singers to be played on the radio. The artist of Dance Monkey will be arrested for attempting to make people love to hear her screeching, and she gets pulled off the radio!

Nicki, Bieber, and Pitbull would be banned.

8 Legalize Marriage Equality

I mean, this is the USA. These laws are allowed in some states, but others? Come on, it should be the same.

9 Ban Religious Law
10 No Bullying

Bullying kills our younger youth mentally, physically, and spiritually. We cannot allow the future of our growing generation to be hindered by such a lack of parenting.

People can like a mixture of music if they want to. They can like pop, bubblegum pop, rock music, punk rock, classical, and relaxing sounds like the sea.

Bullying has taken many lives. I believe it should be banned, and anyone caught doing it should be sentenced.

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11 Death Penalty for Intentional Homicide

This would free up the prisons and would probably cause less crime. Also, we would pay less money to the prisons.

Yes, so many people get killed this way, but they just get imprisoned for a few years.

12 Tax the Rich to Pay for Universal Healthcare

Rich people and celebrities forget we are the people who make them rich. We listen to their songs, travel to concerts for them, and buy their merch, and we get zero recognition for it. But they get paid all our hard-earned money for a bunch of BS songs they put out there.

This should be higher than checking all music.

Tax the rich more. They can take it.

13 Ban Racism

Everyone should have the chance from birth to live their life and achieve what they want to achieve, as long as no one is hurting each other. Nobody should be judged before even taking their first steps.

You can't do this because of freedom of speech, but nice thought. If you can do this with big companies and stuff, that would be great.

14 Ban ISIS Flag, Confederate Flag and Nazi Flag

I mean, I get that it's history, but make it illegal to have those flags on your cars and crap. People that put it on their cars don't care about the history of the flag. They put it on everything because they are racists.

Nazis shouldn't be happy. They should be sad and miserable for what they did to those people.

15 End Discrimination Against Young People

Young people are the generation to change the world. All of the other generations above us do nothing but live off this whitewashed history. Generation Z is woke. Let's end this.

16 Make Europe Give Back the Wealth They Took from Africa During Imperialism

The things nations possessed through God's grace and mercy should not be taken by force. They were given unto them for keeping the love and commandments first! By what right or authority did you deprive them of God's number one principle and gift to his people?

This so needs to be done. We keep giving our money to them, and our soldiers get killed for their countries.

They took a lot from Africa, and they deserve their resources back.

17 Ban Stupid Taxes
18 Outlaw Guns
19 Tax Religious Organizations

Yes, the church makes all this money and they don't pay any tax. Then they ask for donations when they want to build stuff.

20 Tax Carbon and Ban Fossil Fuel Vehicles

If they can make everything electrical, can make electrical smoking devices, can make electrical virtual goggles, why can they not make electrical vehicles? Wake up, people!

The more fossil fuels we use, the less there will be when we need it the most.

21 Remove the Need for Passports

Don't track people just because all this causes is unnecessary complication.

22 Make Education Optional

High school was a waste of time for me. I have learned more and done more good in the two years I have been a machinist and in college to become an electrical engineer.

School is not for everyone. Some of the most successful people in the world dropped out of school. Everything is a system. Life is a system. There are 1 billion other galaxies out there, but you are worried about finishing a packet before 11:59? Focus on yourself.

I just don't think that high school needs to be four years long. All the required classes can be knocked out in the first two years. Then you can just use the other two for either going for higher education or use it to actually be taught something useful.

23 Free Speech Does Not Protect Symbols of Hate

I agree, definitely a lot of diversity goes into the freedom of speech right. And anyway, people today already think that their right isn't even a right anyway.

Freedom of speech represents a movement for equality and diversity. It cannot be obtained through the constitution protecting such acts.

24 Imprison Everyone Who's a Psychopath
25 Make All Drugs Legal
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