Issues On TheTopTens : Self Deprecation

I have noticed a lot of self deprecation on this website. Even I have self deprecated myself ( for fun, though). But most of the self deprecations aren't fun at all. In fact, there is a disturbing trend on this. How come there are lists like " Why ( insert TheTopTenner) Is The Worst User"? Some of them might be sarcastic, but some of them are serious. It really makes me sad when I see that some users feel like they are not special enough, and their self esteem decreases. Some people even want to leave, but thankfully, most of them don't. However, one of them is leaving for real- SevenLizards. He said that he is tired of being known as the guy who hates Arthur. Well, he's not! In fact, he is a great friend of mine. It may be his best intentions, but seeing one of the most popular users leave really leaves an impact. So, you are special. You will eventually get known, and you are no different from some really famous user. I went from 112 users to 40 ( by accident) and I'm ok with it: I just said that I will get 100 followers again. So, let's hope that we can get 100 followers some day.


There's a difference between modesty and just straight up insulting... Yourself. I don't like how its been used on TTT and I makes me feel obligated to console them or ignore feeble attempts to gain attention. It makes me personally very conflicted, sad, and troubled. Please stop. - keycha1n

I hate myself and every day I try to commit suicide. I'm just afraid of death. That's the only thing that's saving my life. - RockFashionista

Personally I enjoy life and I have no problem with myself and who I am. - Therandom

same, - purpleyoshi98