Full-fledged List Analysis: Top 10 Most Annoying Kinds of People In the World

NuMetalManiak Well then, there are actually several lists on this particular subject. Worst types of People, Most Annoying Types of People, etc. This list has been made 4 years ago and has 102 items. How does it hold?

1. People Who Talk Too Much: Indeed, I could just hurt my own father for being this. Unfortunately these are the same kinds of people who abuse freedom of speech so not much can be said about them shutting up.
2. Parents Who Don't Discipline Their Kids: This ends up with spoiled children below, but seriously parents, it is YOUR fault for not punishing your kids for bad behavior. Then they grow up all entitled and that.
3. Animal Rights Activists: PETA isn't all that good, but these people are generally not annoying in the first place.
4. People Who Ask Stupid Questions: I don't mind any question, just as long as it's not repeated more than five times.
5. People Who Blame the Fast Food Industry: They should blame themselves for their unhealthy lifestyles. Yeah, blame the industry, and hate on America too, bonus points for that.
6. Spoiled Children: Almost everyone who believes in progressive politics acts like this. There's a reason certain types of "rights" are taken away.
7. People Who Blame TV and Video Games: Somehow, I feel this can coincide with #2. Also mental instability comes from more than just media.
8. Bullies: Yeah, they can go away.
9. Bad Drivers: I had an AMAZING comment on this one.
10. People Who Agree With Everything You Say Without Even Thinking: To be fair, maybe the person you are speaking to is getting confused with what you say.
11. Hypocrites: I wonder how many hypocrites are around.
12. Men Who Mistreat Women: Duh.
13. People Who Leave Shopping Carts Lying Around In the Parking Lot: You can, you know, get out of your car and move the cart away from your parking spot.
14. Peope Who Hate New Spongebob: This cartoon is just weird no matter which era it was in.
15. Special Snowflakes: Should be #1.
16. People Who Chew With Their Mouths Open: Do these people spit their food out?
17. Overly Religious People: This is #1 on another similar list. These people are actually only really annoying if they force religion. Seems most of them do.
18. Woman Who Blame Men for All Their Problems: Ah, we come full circle. I've seen more cases of women mistreating men and the worst part is these women do get away with it.
19. Smart Asses: Most know-it-alls on a forum are these.
20. Parents Who Are Nasty to Their Kids: Easy to misinterpret what this item is about. If it about parents being nasty as in gross towards their kids, yikes. Otherwise, lots of abuse towards a child will lead to them being just as abusive.
21. Republicans: No.
22. People Who Blame Everyone But Themselves for Their Own Problems: Pretty much a combination of many of the items here.
23. Bronies: They aren't really taking over the internet from what I know.
24. Internet Trolls: Yes.
25. Attention Whores: Oh definitely yes.
26. People Who Complain About Immigrants Stealing Their Jobs: People who are well-qualified get a position. That's that.
27. Liberal Extremists: Are essentially cultural marxist who dream of a utopia.
28. Homophobes: Should stop existing.
29. Airport Security Agents: Are paranoid about certain types of things, but not truly annoying unless you fly a lot.
30. Anime Fans: This is just fans and not specifically the weeaboos. Therefore I disagree with this item.
31. Kids: Only the good kids aren't bad.
32. Feminists: No, feminazis.
33. Five Nights at Freddy's Fanatics: So why is this relevant now?
34. People Who Hate Everything No Matter How Good It Is: If they hate everything they probably hate life, so why haven't they taken it?
35. Vegans: Offended over meat and get animal's rights activists in trouble.
36. Snobs: The one's who have the superiority complex, true.
37. Terrorists: Obviously.
38. Paparazzi: This is a singular term first off. Secondly, these annoy normal people?
39. People Who Borrow Money From You and Never Pay You Back: This is why I never help others.
40. Popular People: Are all of them really that annoying?
41. Old People Who Blame Everything On Today's Youth: SO TRUE IT HURTS.
42. People Who Say "Like" As a Slang Word: Can be really annoying too.
43. Racist People: Can be of any ethnicity.
44. People Who Hate People Who Hate New Spongebob: Haha, a reactionary item.
45. Beliebers: #1 on the Most Annoying Fan Bases list. Are they still relevant?
46. Gravity Falls Haters: Are we going to combine the fans and haters into this list now? I don't remember this item on Most Annoying Fan Bases either.
47. Narrow-Minded People: Alright.
48. Beybladers: How many do you see on a daily basis?
49. PETA Supporters: Okay now this is specific from Animal Rights Activists.
50. Disrespectful Customers: "The customer is always right" yeah I hate this mantra, especially if they intentionally are troublesome.
51. Media People: Misleading comment here. I think those who are completely absorbed by media are annoying.
52. Jealous People: They want it all for themselves.
53. Meddling In-Laws: Very nasty individuals. Leave the newlyweds alone for once.
54. Whiners: Yes, most of the time their reason for whining is bad.
55. People Who Fake Being Handicap: Being weak does not mean being disabled.
56. Freeloaders: Should we all have to pay?
57. Deadbeat Parents: They can be the reason kids get in trouble since they don't discipline them enough.
58. People Who Play Their Xboxes Too Loud: If you can't get them to turn down the volume, leave the area.
59. Bubsy Fans: Ah okay, now we are putting up fan bases now.
60. Sonic Fans: Yep, not gonna comment.
61. Boku No Pico Haters: Fans, haters, reserve those for the other lists.
62. People Who Are 100% Wrong and Yet Still Insist That They Are Right: HMM....
63. People Who Fake Diseases: Hate them so much.
64. Sexist People: There are actually more female sexists in this day and age now.
65. People Who Use Hashtags Outside of Twitter: The hashtag symbol is supposed to be a number sign.
66. People Who Say Everything is Gay: The traditional homophobe.
67. Radical Anti Theists: This term is incredibly confusing. Are these atheists? If so, they can just be as bad as the intolerant religious ones.
68. People Who Make Really Long Excuses: Not really, these are the ones who seem legitimate.
69. People Who Say that Rock and Metal are both the Devil's Music: Stupid old people.
70. People Who Make Lists Just to Insult the Same Thing Over and Over Again: Ohohohohoho, what about people who make comments on lists to insult them for insulting the same thing over and over again?
71. People Who Fake Being a Military Veteran: You would actually think people would fake getting OUT of the military.
72. Americans: I HATE EUROPHILES, as well as any other anti-American sentiments.
73. Man Haters: Correct.
74. Wolfaboos: Literally have no idea what this is.
75. Pokémon Genwunners: I see, now we are mixing the fanbases.
76. Call of Duty Fanboys: Should fan bases really be on here?
77. Neo Nazis: There's no way they can win any election at this rate.
78. Child Haters: Hah, they have forgotten their own childhood and want to be boring, miserable adults.
79. People Who Think They Are Better Than Everyone Else: I wonder how many times this has applied to everyone.
80. Rich Popular People: Always rubbing it in poor people's faces without being charitable.
81. Hunger Games Fangirls: Shouldn't be relevant anymore.
82. Rabid Fans and Rabid Haters: Fans AND haters on the same item? Wow.
83. People Who Sing or Hum All the Time: If they have terrible voices, you feel like shooting them.
84. People Who Can't Take Jokes: A.k.a. most offended people ever.
85. Politicians: Quite obviously the majority of them.
86. People Who Keep Saying Dweeb: This one seems to be in response to a certain commenter on this list. Also dweeb isn't even that bad of a word.
87. Anti-Bronies: With bronies well above this one, this one somehow still manages to be just as annoying.
88. Pink Floyd Fans Who Always Think What They Say Is The Truth: Pink Floyd is one of the most overrated bands of all time.
89. Bandwagon Fans: Well, duh.
90. Overprotective Parents: Are we gonna put all types of parents here?
91. People Who Call Others Gay to Insult Them: We already have homophobes and bullies on this list.
92. People Who Walk Really Slow in Front of You: Easily one of the worst.
93. Democrats: Why can't we lump this and Republicans together for item #85? Oh, right, because of party favoritism.
94. People Who Like Everything No Matter How Awful It Is: Can be just as bad as hating everything, but still better than that.
95. People Who Disagree with Everyone No Matter What: The same kinds of people who deliberately misconstrue arguments. They want to win.
96. Teachers: Well they think students are just as bad sometimes.
97. People Who Can't Take An Opinion: There sure are a lot of people online that can't.
98. America Haters: THANK YOU.
99. The Sin Squad Members: Who?
100. People Who Flush the Toilet After Only 1 Pee: Well if urine or other types of substances have been left in a toilet bowl for long, then the whole place smells.
101. People Who Say Rock and Metal Are Satanic: I think we have this one already.
102. People With Bad Grammar: If it's impossible to figure out, yes.

102 items. Not bad, only a few duplicates. There are plenty of lists like this though.


10/10 - Skullkid755

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