What does it mean to be an unique user?

cjWriter1997 It has seem that there lies a vague argument that new users have been considered less unique, simply of their tastes. As if the only contributing factor to being a good user is your opinionated preferences. A subjective personal value that isn't controlled by no one but the one who has said preference. And it really bothers me when I see a vast majority of users assume that any new user is simply another generic, cliché stereotype.

I am not sure if you realize this but users before your time felt the same way with you when you first joined. I am pretty sure that I, myself, was seen like that for awhile. Half the users who join the site use it maybe once or twice and never return. Many of the users who are still around are considered the unique ones but at the same time they were they very same users who were seen as generic too. Can you see my point I'm concluding too.

Basically, the reasons newer users seem less unique is because we don't grant them the time to get used to the site and enjoy it. Instead, we have this pressuring stigma that anyone who likes metal, video games anime or cartoons isn't unique and we only want unique users on this site. I'm pretty sure most of the users active on the site fall into at least one or even two of these categories. But it's okay that they like this stuff, but newer users can't for some reason. That doesn't seem legitimate to be honest. Actually, it seems very hypocritical.

I believe I said a similar word on a post by IronSabbathPriest. Why do we have to have this overwhelming set of guidelines to just be considered a unique user. Sounds like the older users just want something to complain about. Or they just don't like it when new users join the site because it gives them less attention. Or maybe the just want to be the elders of the site, acting like every new generation is worse than the previous. "Back in my day, we didn't have no world orders." Give me a break.

Can we all just agree that no complex mind of human being is anywhere close to being as flat as an overdone stereotype. It only alludes to that because we don't give the new users a chance to explore the site. We don't give them a chance to enjoy what they signed up to be a member for. Isn't it obvious? It takes some time to know people. Also who cares if a new user is a fan of metal, or anime or whatever. This site centers around opinions. Their are certain popular interests that revolve around those opinions. It only makes sense that new users who join would prefer these very popular interests. It's what attracts them. Common logic.

Many of the uniqueness we see in some users comes from time. The more time and less pressure we put on new users, the better the chance we see a more colorful variety. Give the new users a chance. Half of them aren't even as bad as people complain them to be. It's not like this site will just die off because of a few whiny users who don't like the newbies.

That's all I got to say honestly. I don't want to push aside new users simply from first impression. I believe others should do the same. So I'll continue accepting new users, making them feel welcomed, and you can do what you do. I can't control your actions. That's completely up to you. Have a good day everyone :)


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