Bret Farve?

People are only talking with thier hearts not thier heads.look at Brets numbers for how long hes been on the field.They are crazy low.All the games hes played his QB rating is not where it should be.He only has one super bowl win.He isnt that good if you look at his numbers.No one can win that arguement because i just say stats speek for them self.If you take a QB like Jay Cutler,if he played just as many games as Bret he would most likely win a super bowl and his passing yards TD's and wins to losses would be at the same level as Farve.Hey they might be better.if a QB like Tom Brady were to play as long as Farve he would have him beat so bad he already has more super bowls.He made it to 100 wins way faster then Farve did he wasnt even in the top 5 in that list.I'll say he's a tuff football player but he isnt someone who I think of if I want to win the big game because he only won one.Even Dan M. in Miami cant be in the list were are the wins that matter.Come on people how can you win this arguement I'd love to see some numbers from Farve that are above average.Im some one who belives in numbers.So my deal is Bret Farve only has numbers because he has never missed a game in forever but he dont give you any better of a chance to win then say a QB like Mat Cassel.Sorry Fans of Bret just show me im wrong with numbers that dont come from plaing more games then any one else on the field.I would then put him in the top ten but not any where in the top five.


Shut your mouth Brett was entertaining to watch - visitor