My Thoughts On Harambe's Inccident

Samoy While I think Harambe should have been shot with a tranquilizer instead of a gun, he needed to be shot. He roughly dragged the child around his enclosure, which injured the boy. The injuries may have been non life-threatening, but the child could have suffered much more serious injuries, and possibly could even have been killed if he was hit around hard enough. Of course, it was the mother's fault that Harambe got shot because she didn't keep a good enough eye on here child.

In no way was Harambe protecting the kid. Like I've said before, he roughly dragged him around. I don't see how anything he did were means of protection. It does not matter if it is natural for gorillas to drag their young around the kid like that. He was causing harm to him, and he had to be shot. He was not necessarily that much of a "well loved" gorilla. People generally did not think much of him until he was shot. That was when a huge deal was made out of him.

I personally did not care much about Harambe's death, even if it wasn't a fair thing to shoot him. I didn't make a big deal out of it when it happened. I never saw the point of everyone making an exaggerated deal out of his death to begin with.

Overall, this was a pretty ridiculous list. A lot of points were missed and hypocritical statements were made. Hypocrisy is one of the worse things to have in a TopTens list. There were some irrelevant items on this list, and the people who added them should have thought twice and not have added them to begin with.
On the subject of hypocrisy, I hope I didn't sound hypocritical anywhere on this list or post myself. I did what I could to word what I typed the best I can.